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Published at 15th of August 2019 05:45:27 AM
Chapter 84.2

Chapter 84 Pointing out the Syllabus! (II)

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After saying this, Sun Li, the class leader in the front row, turned her head and said exasperatedly, “Idiot, don’t you know that you have missed more than 50 classes? There will be eight final exams for this semester and you can only take one, because you have been disqualified from the other seven! If you fail the exam, you will be deducted credits in all subjects for this semester . In that case, even if you can get all the credit for all subjects in the next two years, you can’t graduate!”

Li Yundong almost fainted . He stood still there and could not speak for a while .

Upon seeing Li Yundong’s appearance, all the people suddenly laughed . Some of them felt that the unattainable hero had entered the mortal world, and the illusory hero image had become real .

“Yeah, even though Superman is awesome, he wears his underwear on the outside! Lin Daiyu was free from vulgarity, but she also ate whole grains and had to pee! I own great strength, but I cannot leave this society! I have to buy a house, have to eat, have to get a car, and have to raise a girl with a bottomless pit for a stomach! I need money!” Li Yundong frowned, thinking in his heart .

At this time, a boy in the front row turned his head and whispered, “It doesn’t matter, hero Li, I will give you the answers when we take the exam!”

Li Yundong was much moved . “You are my brother! By the way, what is your name?”

The boy looked sorrowful . “Are you kidding me? We have been classmates for two years, and you don’t know my name? Boss, are you too self-centered?”

Li Yundong smiled with a blush and said, “I am just very low-key!”

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The boy fawned on him and said, “It doesn’t matter, boss, my name is Zhang Qian . I will make sure that you can pass the exam, but can you teach me some Kung Fu?”

Li Yundong was confused . “Ah?”

Seeing that the boy was so shameless, a girl immediately turned around and shouted, “Zhang Qian, you are too disappointing, how can you take advantage of his perilous state? And, how can you know where we will take the exam? If you are assigned to the first floor, how can you pass the answers to the second floor?”

Li Yundong nodded hard and added, “Yeah, she is right!”

The girl turned her face and smiled at Li Yundong . The rate at which she changed her facial features shocked him . She flirted with a smile and said, “Handsome boy, if I sit next to you during the exam, I will definitely offer my paper without asking for a reward . ”

Before she finished talking, another girl interrupted her with a weird voice, “…and your body . ”

The girl suddenly blushed and turned to hit her .

All the nearby students laughed happily .

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Li Yundong felt ridiculous and didn’t know what to say .

The teacher on the podium couldn’t allow it anymore . He coughed and tapped the blackboard with an eraser, “Hey, do you think you’re in a sitcom or something? Do you want to pass this subject or not?”

These students had to sit still . They opened their textbooks, picked up a pen, looked at the teacher, and waited for him to start .

Teacher Ma nodded and said with satisfaction, “Rest assured, this time I will not make trouble for you . The key points are very simple and clear, so listen up!”

Li Yundong also opened the textbook and waited for Teacher Ma’s instruction .

Feng Na whispered, “Hey, have you missed that many classes?”

Li Yundong rolled his eyes at her and said, “Can you not mention that?”

She looked at Li Yundong with a sigh, “Maybe I will not be able to see you next semester . However, you can rest assured that I will miss you . ”

Cheng Cheng added, “And we will build you a monument somewhere in the school!”

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Feng Na grinned and said, “Every year on this day, we will leave incense sticks . ”

Cheng Cheng immediately said again, “What else could you want? We will burn them for you!”

Li Yundong angered . “Hey, are you trying to be funny? Say one more word and I will throw you out!”

Feng Na and Cheng Cheng looked at each other and smiled at the same time . Feng Na comforted him and said, “Don’t worry, the teacher said that review would be very simple which means the scope of the test will not be very wide, and it will be easy to pass . We believe that you can do it!”

Li Yundong said, “Sounds fair!”

On the podium, Teacher Ma said, “Everyone, please turn to the table of contents of your textbooks . ”

The students looked at each other for a while . “The table of contents? I have never seen somebody review this way!”

Li Yundong opened the thick textbook and saw a lot of black letters on it . He suddenly felt a headache . Fortunately, what the teacher said made him feel relieved, “The Southern and Northern Dynasties… Please highlight it . ”

Li Yundong made a mark on the line of the Southern and Northern Dynasties in the table of contents, and then he heard Teacher Ma say, “The period of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, please highlight it as well . That’s it!”

The whole class was suddenly shocked and excited .

“Wow, is that all? Just these two chapters?”

“Good, the content of this exam is very limited . It’s easy to remember!”

“Yeah and there are not many key figures in this period and with the exception for the Seven Writers of the Chien-an Period and Tao Yuanming, there is nothing important!”

“We are so lucky to have such a narrow range of questions . The exam will be so easy to pass!” Li Yundong looked relieved . Feng Na pointed to him and smiled . “Feel good now? It’s only a little bit of content and you can easily remember them . ”

After the students talked excitedly for a while, Teacher Ma said something in a slow voice and instantly shattered their hopes, “The content you marked will not be questioned . The rest will be tested so let’s call it a day . You should use the rest of your time to study…”

After that, he took the textbook on the podium and left .

The classroom was dead silent and all the students were collectively petrified .

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