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Published at 15th of August 2019 05:46:12 AM
Chapter 85.1

Chapter 85 Impulsive Confession (I)

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“OMG! The teacher is playing us!”

“How could he do this?”

“Yeah, it’s too irresponsible! How could he finish in just two minutes?”

“Oh, at the very least, we know we don’t have to prepare for the Southern and Northern Dynasties and the Five Dynasties and Ten States.”

“Honestly, I think he was fooling us. He is very likely to put them in the test!”

“Oh… what you said makes sense, this teacher is too slippery!”

In the classroom, the students were all complaining, and Li Yundong couldn’t help getting angry, “F*ck. He didn’t want me to pass the exam at all.”

Feng Na and Cheng Cheng looked at each other. Feng Na said very sympathetically, “Be calm, at least you still have half a month to remember these things.”

Li Yundong picked up the thick textbook and said angrily. “It’s too thick. I would rather recite the Kangxi Dictionary! At least it is much thinner than this textbook!”

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Cheng Cheng said, “Are you sure that you don’t need me to burn something for you? As far as I know, there has been discounts for funerals lately!”

Li Yundong threw the textbook at Cheng Cheng and said, “Shut up!”

Cheng Cheng laughed while avoiding the textbook.

Su Chan, who had been silent for a while, looked at Li Yundong with a blank look. “What are you laughing at?”

Li Yundong turned his head and looked at her with an ugly smile. “Nothing!”

Feng Na secretly stuck out her tongue and said to Li Yundong, “Okay, we are leaving. You should work hard. There is still half a month, and maybe you can make it.”

After that, she ran out of the classroom with Cheng Cheng. Their laughter was echoing down the hall the minute they disappeared from sight.

“They are really cruel, too unsympathetic!” Li Yundong could not help complaining.

Su Chan took Li Yundong’s arm and asked with her eyes blinking, “What happened?”

Li Yundong sighed and pointed at the book. “The teacher made up his mind to fail me! How can I remember all the things in this thick book in two weeks?”

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Su Chan said confusedly, “It is not difficult!”

Li Yundong put his hand down and stared at Su Chan, “Not difficult? Can you recite it? Show me.”

Su Chan turned to the first page and swiftly glanced at it for a few seconds, muttering. Then she closed the textbook and handed it to Li Yundong. “I only saw the first page, listen.”

Then, Su Chan began to recite it.

At first, Li Yundong looked at Su Chan with a funny smile, waiting for her to be embarrassed, but after a while, when Su Chan finished the first three paragraphs without any mistakes and although she paused in the middle, Li Yundong was shocked.

“Are you kidding me? You have a beautiful face and a good memory! Are you a child prodigy?” Li Yundong pulled Su Chan into his arms and kissed her.

“Oh, unfortunately, I cannot bring you into the examination room when I take the exam. If I could, this would be too easy!” Li Yundong was happy until he could not help, but sigh.

Su Chan chuckled. “You can do it as well. Why don’t you try?”

“Me?” Li Yundong shook his head with a smile. “I can’t. I couldn’t do these things when I was a kid. I will get dizzy upon seeing so many words!”

Su Chan pushed him, “Just have a try!”

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Li Yundong could not stand Su Chan’s begging, so he raised his hands. “Ok, I will try it! You are so stubborn!”

He opened the book and read a page in a low voice, trying to remember the contents of the book. After a while, he closed the book and suddenly found he had remembered what he saw before.

Li Yundong was very happy. He quickly handed the textbook to Su Chan and turned to the page he read before. “I will recite it and you can help me see if I am right.”

Then, he began to recite it fluently without any pauses.

After he recited all the content he had seen, Li Yundong looked at Su Chan with big eyes and asked, “How am I doing?”

Su Chan looked at Li Yundong quietly and said nothing.

Li Yundong was confused. “Am I wrong?”

Seeing Li Yundong get nervous, Su Chan smiled and threw herself at him to kiss him. “You made no mistakes at all!”

Li Yundong was overjoyed. “Really?” He took the textbook and checked it. He had actually remembered it all!

Li Yundong laughed and looked proud. “I am a genius!”

Li Yundong’s happiness affected Su Chan, and she also showed a happy smile.

Li Yundong smiled for a while and suddenly thought of something. He asked, “How could my memory suddenly become so good? Is it because I refined Qi?”

Su Chan smiled. “Of course!”

Li Yundong asked inexplicably, “Why?”

Su Chan explained, “Peng Zu (Jian Keng)[1] lived from the Xia Dynasty to the Zhou Dynasty which was more than 800 years in length. When he was 767 years old, he still looked young, and could speak and remember a lot of things because he was good at refining Qi…”

Li Yundong was surprised and interrupted her, “What? There are people in this world who can live more than eight hundred years?”

Su Chan blinked her eyes and said, “Is that strange? There are still people who can live forever!”

Li Yundong laughed happily. “You have heard too many stories…”


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