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Chapter 84.1

Chapter 84 Pointing out the Syllabus! (I)

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Fortunately, Li Yundong helped her out . He smiled and asked, “What hero?”

Seeing Feng Na’s ears turn red, Cheng Cheng knew that she was in a panic and immediately handed him a notebook . She said with a smile, “You are a hero now . Come on, sign it for us! I am now officially your second hardcore fan!”

Li Yundong took the book, glanced at it, and said with a smile, “You want me to sign the economic textbook? That’s not very sincere!”

Cheng Cheng stuck out her tongue and said, “I don’t mind, just sign!”

Li Yundong no longer refused . He smiled and picked up a pen . He opened the book and wrote his name on the title page . Feng Na, who watched Li Yundong’s every move, suddenly felt that the boy was more mature and had become more of a stranger .

When Li Yundong handed the textbook back to Cheng Cheng, Feng Na suddenly grabbed it, closed the textbook, and put it in front of Li Yundong’s mouth . She said seriously, “Li Yundong, what were you thinking when you saved those people?”

Li Yundong could not help laughing . “What else could I think about? Nothing!”

Feng Na hit Li Yundong with the book and said with anger, “As a hero of Tiannan University, how could you think of nothing? Try again!”

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Although Li Yundong had experienced a lot and became mature, his temper didn’t change . Seeing this, he deliberately straightened his face and said very seriously, “At that moment, I thought of my country, the party, and the people…”

Before he could finish, Feng Na and Cheng Cheng failed to remain cool and burst into laughter .

Feng Na smiled and said to Li Yundong, “Thank God, you are still the guy I am familiar with!”

Li Yundong touched his cheek and asked, smiling, “Did I change a lot?”

Feng Na looked at Li Yundong very carefully . “Since I first met you, you have changed a lot and very quickly! However, I still like the person you used to be . At that time, you were straightforward and humorous, playing by heart . ”

Li Yundong was confused . “Isn’t that what I’m doing?”

They talked and laughed until class started, and Feng Na and Cheng Cheng did not want to leave . He curiously asked, “You are not having going to class today?”

Feng Na knew that the class was going to start and she should leave, but she felt that her feet didn’t want to move .

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Cheng Cheng once again helped her and answered, “It’s the self-study class, so we came to the sophomore class to review the previous lesson!”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “Seriously? But I think you can be a reporter, Feng Na . You can consider this in the future!”

When Feng Na heard this, her face showed a pleasant look . “Really? Do you think so? I was really thinking about this!”

Li Yundong looked at Feng Na very sincerely . He said earnestly, “I am kidding, don’t take it seriously!”

Feng Na’s face fell . “Damn you . You are making fun of me!”

Li Yundong laughed happily . “You played me first . ”

While they were talking, the class bell rang and several students came into the classroom .

Ding Nan entered the room first . She stepped in with high heels and was still dressed fashionably and sexy while looking like nothing had happened to her . When she saw Li Yundong, she was stunned and then smiled and nodded at him .

Cheng Cheng, sitting next to Li Yundong, hit Feng Na with her elbow and whispered, “Well, you have one more competitior!”

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Ding Nan didn’t come with Zhou Qin this time . Li Yundong could not help, but wonder . “Where is Zhou Qin? Aren’t she and Ding Nan inseparable?”

As he thought this, Zhou Qin stepped into the classroom not long after Ding Nan .

This beautiful girl entered the classroom with books in her hands . She searched the entire room for a vacant seat when she found Ding Nan’s hostile and provocative eyes . She paused and then turned her eyes away as if nothing happened . However, when she saw Li Yundong, she showed a complex look and sat down in panic .

The teacher of the history of ancient Chinese literature walked into the classroom at last . He glanced at the students in the classroom and then said suddenly, “The final exam is coming and there are only a few classes left so let me outline the key points for everyone . ”

The classroom suddenly fell into an uproar!

“Wow, teacher, are you serious? The final exam? This is still in June, isn’t there another month?”

“Yeah, it’s too early . ”

“Teacher, give us the questions directly!”

The teacher glanced at the students, and said very harshly, “There was a very serious violent incident and the school committee decided to move the final exam up so its not at the latest in mid-June . So you should pay attention to every word I say from now on because it will decide your final grades and credits!”

Then, the teacher asked, “Is Li Yundong here?”

Li Yundong had been a name that everyone in Tiannan University knew . Although the students of the whole class had known that this boy was their classmate, they were still excited and turned their heads to look at Li Yundong .

Li Yundong raised a hand and said without hesitation, “I am here, teacher . ”

The teacher’s surname was Ma and he was an old man with thick reading glasses on his nose . He bowed his head slightly and looked at Li Yundong through the reading glasses . He said slowly, “How could a big hero sit in the back? Can you hear me clearly?”

All the classmates snickered .

It was totally different than when he rediculed the students . Li Yundong felt his cheeks burning . He said, biting the bullet, “I can hear you fine, teacher!”

The teacher nodded and said, “Good . If you fail the exam because you can’t hear clearly, then you will become the first hero who is advised to quit Tiannan University because of poor grades and inadequate credits . ”

Hearing this, Li Yundong could not help stuttering, “Ah? No…”

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