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Chapter 72

Chapter 72 Smiles Belong to me

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Li Yundong and the little fox always frolicked like this . He stuffed his mouth with a lot of food while laughing and muttering, “Crap, so many people are looking at me . Why did you say I was eating alone?”

Su Chan reached out and grabbed a roast chicken . She took a bite when she heard Li Yundong say, “Are you a pig? I told you to put them on the plate . Look around, so many people are watching you . Don’t you feel ashamed?”

Su Chan was chewing the chest of the roast chicken . She rolled her eyes to look around . Sure enough, many people were staring at her .

She blushed and put the roast chicken back on the table with a pout .

Li Yundong almost fell over . He tried to swallow the food in his mouth and patted his chest . He said with a smile, “Please, you have taken a bite . Would anyone like to eat it?”

Su Chan was embarrassed since she didn’t know whether to eat or not when Li Yundong picked the whole roast chicken onto his plate with a serious face as if he was helping Su Chan . He said, “It doesn’t matter . I don’t mind it!”

At first, Su Chan really thought that Li Yundong was helping her . She was grateful to look at him with wet eyes just as the believers were watching the their savior . However, a moment later, when she found Li Yundong was eating while half laughing, she became gradually aware that something was wrong, but she just couldn’t name it .

When Li Yundong quickly ate up the chicken leg and threw the bone on one side of the plate, Su Chan finally figured it out, so she waved her arms toward him and shouted, “I hate you! You stole my food!”

Li Yundong laughed . He turned his back to Su Chan and kept her away with his ass, protecting the food and accelerating the elimination of the food . “You always took my food before, remember?”

The boy and girl were laughing and joking around at the banquet which shocked the people around them who were all upper-class people . They were still speculating about who they were as they saw them having fun like kids .

Feng Na covered her eyes with the hand and complained to Cheng Cheng with a disappointed look . “Don’t tell people that I know them!”

Cheng Cheng looked at them with envy and said, “This is the true temperament a couple should have which is lovelier than those who are pretending! I am wondering how happy I would be if I had such a boyfriend!”

Feng Na pointed at her and said with a smile, “Are you crazy? It is true that love is blind!”

Cheng Cheng looked at Feng Na with a strange look and asked, “Na Na, if you had such a boyfriend, even if you can’t marry him or have a child in the future, when you are no longer beautiful, when you are lonely, when you think of these happy bits and pieces with him, even if this happiness is superficial, ridiculous, childish, wouldn’t you be tempted in your heart, and laugh from deep within your heart?”

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She turned around and looked at Su Chan and Li Yundong enviously and added, “I don’t believe that there is eternal love in this world, so I don’t care if love can exist forever . I do care that it had come and I have enjoyed it . That is the true meaning of love . If you ever have had the most sincere love, even if it is short, you are much more happy than the couples who are strange bedfellows!

Hearing Cheng Cheng’s remarks, Feng Na was stunned on the spot . She smiled bitterly and said, “There are so many mistresses in this world, all of whom are cultivated by your thinking!”

Cheng Cheng lifted her head and proudly said, “I don’t worship money! So, I can straighten my spine and despise them!”

Feng Na smiled while revealing a thoughtful look . She said faintly, “But if one day, you lose that sincere feeling . When you recall it, how will you handle the pain and hurt?”

Cheng Cheng said with a smile, “How can people not die in the world; how can one’s love last forever? Sooner or later, it will disappear . Why do you care about when it will happen?”

Feng Na smiled and said, “Only today did I find out you are a love philosopher!”

Cheng Cheng smiled with a sigh, “I was inspired upon seeing them . ”

Then, they both turned their eyes to Li Yundong and Su Chan invariably .

Su Chan fought for the roast chicken against Li Yundong for a while and she was taken advantage of several times . She was angry and hungry and when she wanted to get another roast chicken, she was sad to find that there were no roast chicken on the table . It was the only one!

In fact, the roast chicken on this banquet table was most likely a decoration, and there was one and only one . So were most of the dishes here . Only the starving people would take something to eat, and no one would be like Li Yundong and Su Chan, who were really eating them as dinner .

Seeing no chicken on the table, Su Chan pouted, feeling that she had been badly bullied by Li Yundong, tears accumulated in her eyes .

Li Yundong laughed so hard that his bowels hurt . He quickly coaxed, “Stupid girl, besides the roast chicken, there are many more delicious things than roast chicken! You can eat them with your plate as much as you can . I will never tease you!”

Su Chan looked at Li Yundong suspiciously, as if she was going to possess all the food on the table to stop people from eating . “Really?”

Li Yundong extended his little finger . “Sure . Deal?”

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Su Chan was puzzled, but she still extended her little finger as Li Yundong did . “For what?”

Li Yundong hooked Su Chan’s little finger with his and said, “Let’s pinky wear!”

After that, Li Yundong smiled and said, “Okay, go eat!”

Seeing that Li Yundong indeed stopped fighting against her, Su Chan suddenly smiled and let go of the matter that Li Yundong had bullied her . She giggled . “You are so nice to spare so much food for me!”

Looking at Su Chan cheering and rushing to the table, Li Yundong shook his head and said, “How do you look like a five- or six-year-old child! This dress was a waste . I thought she could grow up!”

Then he ate a little more roast chicken until he didn’t felt hungry . He put down the plate and wiped his mouth with a napkin located at the corner of the dining table .

Just as he cleaned his mouth, Zhou Qin walked over and looked at him with a smile . “Full?”

Li Yundong laughed and didn’t feel embarrassed . “Yes, you must be ashamed of me, I’m sorry . ”

Zhou Qin showed a look of appreciation in her eyes . “It’s good to show who you are and the heart of a child is the most valuable! The man who always has a dark face may not be a decent one . ”

After Li Yundong confessed to Zhou Qin, he always felt that she was a cold person in his previous interactions with her . She liked to calculate and was difficult to get close to .

However, Zhou Qin’s remarks this time changed Li Yundong’s impression . He smiled and said, “Are you talking about yourself? You know, when you smile, you are ten thousand times more beautiful than when you keep a straight face!”

Zhou Qin was stunned . There were too many people that had praised her beauty and she had grown tired of it, but she felt Li Yundong’s complement which sounded unlike praise was the best one she had heard .

She glanced at Li Yundong’s face and her ears became slightly red . “Really?”

Even though Zhou Qin was not a simple person, she was still a 19-year-old girl . At this time, she was shy and blushing which shocked Li Yundong . He felt he was tempted .

Zhou Qin tucked the strands behind her ear and pointed to the balcony next to the banquet hall . “Do you mind if we have a conversation there?”

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Li Yundong nodded, “Of course . ”

They walked to the balcony, away from the hustle and bustle of the hall . Zhou Qin leaned against the railings leisurely without the coldness of the past that she used to keep people away . She smiled and said to Li Yundong, “You said of course, but do you mean of course you mind, or of course you don’t mind?”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “Of course I don’t mind . Chatting with beautiful women like you should be a happy thing for a man . ”

Zhou Qin slightly tilted her head and looked at Li Yundong’s eyes carefully, as if she was trying to figure out if he told the truth . “You have had a girlfriend like Su Chan . You can’t have both of us . ”

Li Yundong was amused . “They are two different things . I have a girlfriend like Su Chan, but I can’t cut my tongue and dig out my eyes . Besides, we’re just talking . ”

Zhou Qin smiled, and then suddenly fell into silence . After a while, for some unknown reason, she felt impulsive . Her ears were as red as blood, and she asked with courage, “If I accepted your confession to me the last time, would you still be with Su Chan?”

Li Yundong looked at Zhou Qin with a rarely serious face . “Can people step into the same river twice in their lifetime?”

Zhou Qin’s face became somewhat unnatural . At this moment, the girl’s mind and camouflage were crushed by Li Yundong .

She tried to protect herself by smiling, but her heart felt sad which made her exhausted and stopped her from doing that .

In the past, this was something she was very good at, but today, the trick was not working .

Li Yundong looked at Zhou Qin and smiled . “You are a very beautiful girl . You can find a better man than me, but I think you should smile more, really . ”

Then, Li Yundong was going to leave .

Looking at Li Yundong’s back, Zhou Qin suddenly said, “What if I only want to laugh at you?”

This calm girl had lost her mind . Li Yundong turned back and took a deep look at her with pity and sorry in his eyes . “It is not the smile that belongs to me . Mine is over there . ”

Li Yundong pointed in the direction of the food table .

Zhou Qin looked past Li Yundong’s hand, and suddenly her face looked weird as if she tried not to laugh out even though she was failing . After trying so hard not to, she burst into laughter and turned her face .

Li Yundong saw her laugh and felt a little surprised in the heart . Then he turned back and said inwardly, “What is Zhou Qin laughing at?”

As he turned his head, he was astonished!

Su Chan was holding a plate in her hand which was full of food as tall as half a person high . Every time she took a step, the food inside the plate swayed as if it would fall down . The surrounding guests were all shocked and tried to avoid her, afraid of being implicated .

Yet Su Chan seemed not aware of it . She held the plate, keep looking around to find a table .

How could this kind of banquet have dinner tables! Most of the people here would put the desserts on small plates and stand while eating!

Su Chan looked for a while until a waiter passed by, pushing a dining trolley with a variety of drinks . She was overjoyed and slammed the plate onto the dining trolley, and then naturally took over the trolley with a smile . “Thank you, I was looking for it!”

This waiter had never encountered such a thing! He was stunned and just stared, not knowing what to do!

Zhou Qin on the balcony looked at Li Yundong rush to Su Chan anxiously, smile at the waiter while pulling the little girl aside and whispering something .

Su Chan could not lift her head during Li Yundong’s scolding, but her eyes were rolling, sticking to the dining trolley not far away . It seemed that she was afraid that others would take her food .

Zhou Qin was really amused by Su Chan’s funny expression . She finally couldn’t help laughing heartily, but after a while, she suddenly stopped and the smile slowly became full of sadness .

As she watched, Li Yundong was telling Su Chan about something, and finally, she iggled at Li Yundong flatteringly . Her smile was pure and lovely .

Zhou Qin knew that this was a smile that belonged only to Li Yundong . Even though her smile was bright and beautiful, it only belonged to herself .

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