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Chapter 73

Chapter 73 The Highest Stage of Refining Qi

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It was late at night, Zhou Qin sat on the balcony, with an easel in front of her . Under the moonlight and the lights shining in the house, she was painting in a concentrated manner .

When she got home, she took off the luxurious dress from the banquet and wore a casual gown at home . The long dress hung down to her waist and thighs, only covering her hips . Her long white legs were stacked with a paint tray on them .

The girl was drawing a painting in which a boy and a girl were chasing two butterflies on the grass . In this painting, the butterflies were the foreground and the young boy and girl were the background . The picture was almost finished and Zhou Qin was tinkering with the left pigment .

Zhou Qin preferred painting among so many specialties and talents of hers, because only when painting, she could be absorbed and forget all the unhappiness that has happened to her .

But in this world, no painting could never be finished, unless the painter didn’t want to .

When Zhou Qin finished the last stroke, she seemed to return to the real world from another world . The massive sense of loss and emptiness suddenly struck her .

She looked at the painting in front of her with a blank face, and couldn’t help, but think of that unforgettable scene at the banquet .

“Why did I say it impulsively at that time?” Zhou Qin bit her red lips with her white teeth and frowned .

Why was it?

Was it because this boy was too good? Or because he was too unique?

In terms of ability, Zhou Qin had met many men who were 100 times better than Li Yundong . At a young age, they had created a great foundation . In term of uniqueness, she also had seen special men who not only had personality, but were more talented than Li Yundong .

But why was she so impulsive?

Zhou Qin suddenly felt an upset . If she was not so impulsive, she would not have been rejected . If she was not rejected, she would not feel so humiliated .

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Did he retaliate against her because of being refused by her before?

Thinking of this, Zhou Qin thought it was possible since men were keen on face-saving .

Was there any other reason besides this?

Zhou Qin thought harder, but in addition to these problems that entangled her, there was another horrible problem: What kind of boy did she like?

Was it because of the impulse of hormones in girls? Or something else?

Zhou Qin became more annoyed and suddenly stood up, walking inside from the balcony . As soon as she entered the room, she saw a middle-aged man standing in the room, watching her quietly .

“Are you back?” Zhou Qin was a bit stunned, but she quickly said calmly, “Have you finished?”

The middle-aged man nodded and turned his eyes from his daughter to the painting, and then said with an appreciative look, “The painting is good . ”

Zhou Qin had already grabbed a paper cutter at this time . She removed the canvas and then tore it in half .

The middle-aged man asked with surprise, “Why did you tear it? Isn’t a good painting? The butterflies were very expressive!”

Zhou Qin said coldly, “It is impossible for the butterflies to fly out of this frame even if they more vivid!”

The middle-aged man smiled bitterly, “Are you blaming me? You should know better than me the benefits of the alliance with the He family . You are smart and sensible from an early age and should know that it is inevitable since you were born in such a rich family . I heard that you had driven away Young master He today . Hey, girl, I thought you were very mature, and I didn’t expect that you would do such a childish thing . ”

Zhou Qin looked up at the middle-aged man not far away as if she was seeing a stranger . She stopped talking, but threw the canvas in her hand out of the balcony .

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Almost at the same time, after Li Yundong returned home with Su Chan, he closed the door and looked at her speechlessly .

Su Chan lowered her head and made a pout . From time to time, she tried to peek at Li Yundong .

“Okay, I won’t do that again in the future…” Su Chan was unbearable under Li Yundong’s staring . She grabbed Li Yundong’s hand and said in a spoiled manner . “It’s your fault . You made me starve for so long!”

Li Yundong felt helpless and said, “How could you pile so much food on a plate . What were you thinking? I can’t understand . There was no one robbing you!”

Su Chan immediately shouted, “There was, you!”

Li Yundong glanced at her . “Do you dare to talk back?”

Su Chan immediately bowed her head and said in a low voice, “I am telling the truth!”

Li Yundong couldn’t help, but smile . “Well, you became famous by dressing like a princess, but you acted like a starving ghost!”

Seeing Li Yundong smile, Su Chan took the opportunity to echo, “I don’t want to be a princess . I want to be your girl!”

Facing such a sly girl, Li Yundong couldn’t stay angry . He pointed his finger at Su Chan’s nose . “You, you, you . I have nothing to say . You can’t do it anymore, do you know that? It was shameful!”

Su Chan wrinkled her nose and made a face . “The pot calls the kettle black!”

They laughed for a while and Li Yundong went to take a shower, changed into his pajamas, sat in the living room and enjoyed the cool air .

The new living room and dining room were connected . There were a total of three balconies: one was next to the living room and one was next to the dining room . So when the windows on both sides of the balconies opened, the room was very airy, especially at night . The wind was blowing through the room, which was cool without turning on the air conditioner .

Li Yundong took a shower and sat in the spacious living room . He felt the night wind and couldn’t help, but cross his legs, sitting like Su Chan’s previous posture and thinking of what happened today .

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“I will be a card slave in the future…” Li Yundong remembered that he owed a lot of money to the bank now . He couldn’t help, but smile . “It seems that I have to find a job in the summer . Fortunately, final exams are coming soon and after that, it will be vacation . It won’t take long . ”

Li Yundong was a very casual person . Su Chan had a mysterious origin, and so was her behavior . He could hold back not to ask, which had proved that . So this time, even though he had run into debt, he was not anxious about if he could pay off .

But that was why he was very suitable for cultivation which needed him to calm down . People would be anxious and fretful if they owed so much money to a bank . How could they continue cultivation?

Li Yundong felt nonchalant about it and entered the small circulation involuntarily . It had become his daily homework . Without being reminded by the little girl, Li Yundong would consciously proceed when he was at home .

The running state of the small circulation could make people sleep easily . After a short while, Li Yundong fell asleep in a tired way, and the Qi in his body kept automatically flowing .

After quite a while, Li Yundong suddenly woke up from his sleep . Just as he was going to open his eyes, he heard Su Chan’s voice ringing in his ear, “Don’t open your eyes, continue running the Qi . Try to observe and feel it running in your internal organs . ”

Li Yundong was puzzled, but he still maintained his absolute trust in Su Chan and immediately did what she said .

He didn’t know how to observe his own breath, but when he focused his attention on the flowing of the Qi in his body, he suddenly felt a wonderful realm and state .

As if he was in a huge container and surrounded by a variety of rolling air masses, he could walk back and forth inside these air masses .

The feeling was extremely mysterious . Li Yundong even felt that his body was empty as if he didn’t exist and he was floating .

He opened his eyes abruptly and said with surprise, “What is going on?”

Su Chan was scared by his sudden interruption of breath, and immediately checked the flow of Li Yundong’s body . Fortunately, he had refined the Qi and nothing happened . If some other cultivators did this, they would have been immediately injured .

Su Chan couldn’t help, but get angry . “Are you crazy? How could you suddenly speak in this way?”

Li Yundong rarely saw Su Chan lose her temper, so he said embarrassedly, “How should I talk?”

Su Chan pointed at Li Yundong’s dantian under the lower abdomen and said, “Although the middle dantian is in charge of a human’s Qi, there is much Qi hiding in the other parts of your body . One of the main containers is your lower dantian . Most of your breath comes out from it and then flows to different meridians . You have to lead the Qi to return to dantian so that you can finish the cultivation before you speak . ” Su Chan said very seriously, and Li Yundong also nodded seriously . Although he had always been skeptical about refining Qi and associating these kinds of things with feudal superstitions in the depths of his heart .

There were too many Qigong masters who used to swindle people in the past .

However, since Su Chan taught him how to practice, Li Yundong followed and slowly found fun from it .

Li Yundong answered, “I know . I will pay attention to it . But I just felt that I disappeared . I only saw the air of different colors around . What happened? Was I having an illusion?” Li Yundong had both a worried and excited look on his face .

Su Chan explained, “This is the highest stage of refining Qi . Zhang Sanfeng once said that both martial arts and refining Qi processed essence into Qi, then Qi turned into spirit, and at last, spirit becomes void .

Li Yundong looked at her in amazement . “Zhang Sanfeng said these kinds of words? What do the words mean?”

Su Chan said, “Processing essence to Qi is the main lesson of practicing Qi . It refers to turning the essence of your body into the Qi, then Qi into the spirit, spirit into the void, in which your spirit will transfer into Vital Essence . ”

Li Yundong was confused, “What is an essence, spirit, and Vital Essence? Are you playing too many online games, or reading more novels? Aren’t they the same thing?”

Su Chan was childish and impatient . Hearing this, she felt like she was going mad . She said with patience, “Refining Qi is the process of turning essence into Qi . The colorful air you just saw is your internal organs after reaching the highest level . ”

Li Yundong was taken aback . “What, I saw my internal organs? But they are in different colors . ”

Su Chan said, “That’s right . Zhang Zhongjing put forward in the ‘The theory of diseases of the five internal organs’ for the first time . He pointed out the belongings and colors of the five internal organs in the human body . The kidney is black, the heart is red, the liver and gallbladder is green, the lungs are white, and the spleen is yellow . So the colorful air masses you see are your heart, liver, spleen, and lungs in your body!”

Li Yundong was shocked . He looked at Su Chan blankly . The little girl in front of him could speak by the book as if she was very familiar with kind of things . She was a totally different person from the silly one at the banquet .

“How did her master teach her these things instead of common sense in daily life?” Li Yundong could not help raising such a thought, “Can she be a disciple of a Buddhist or Taoist Sect?”

Thinking of this, Li Yundong couldn’t help, but scream out, and his heart was tumbling .  “If he were right, the little girl would become a Buddhist nun or a Taoist nun . OMG, would I become a monk or a Daoists?”

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