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Chapter 71

Chapter 71 A Perfect Counterattack

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Everyone looked at the door in shock .   A handsome boy was standing there dressed in a fitted suit and looked imposing . Beside him, a girl was wearing a long strapless skirt that looked beautiful with noble temperament as well as gave off the vibe of being atmospheric and sexy, cute and pure . With such various characteristics, the girl suddenly stunned the audience!

All the men in the hall were shocked, and their eyes were widely open no matter how gentle they used to be . They couldn’t help forgetting themselves . The waiter who was pouring the wine spilled the wine with the male guest who did not feel it because his eyes were staring at Su Chan as if he couldn’t wait to swallow the girl into his stomach .

The women looked at Li Yundong with their eyes open and sighed .  How rare such a handsome and masculine boy was! Who was he? Hey, if I were the female partner around him, it would be awesome!

Under these gazes, Su Chan was a bit timid, and subconsciously tried to hide behind Li Yundong, who pinched her arm and whispered, “Don’t be afraid!”

Su Chan whispered back, “Their eyes are terrible… it’s as if they are going to eat me . ”

Li Yundong smiled . “It’s okay, don’t worry!”

Hearing Li Yundong’s warm and persuasive words, Su Chan felt relieved and smiled at Li Yundong . At this time, the little fox seemed to have forgotten her true identity and even forgot her power as a cultivator . She appeared to be a delicate and powerless, noble and beautiful lady .

Zhou Qin and Ding Nan were also staring at Su Chan . Zhou Qin’s mind couldn’t stop the resounding words that she subconsciously whispered out, “Even I cannot help loving her upon seeing her . ”

Ding Nan heard her when looked at Su Chan with straight eyes . She echoed, “Yes…”

During the Northern and Southern Dynasties, a bureaucrat married a woman named Li as his concubine . His wife, who was a county princess, heard it . She took a knife and planned to destroy the face of the concubine, but when she came to the concubine’s home and saw the woman combing her hair on the mirror she saw that her appearance was so beautiful and her voice sounded so gentle that the angry wife suddenly felt soft . She threw away the sharp knife in her hand and held the concubine, leaving a famous saying that had been passed down through the ages: Even I cannot help loving her upon seeing her .

The jealous wife felt soft when she saw a tender woman, not to mention those stinky men? Her beauty had gone beyond imagination .

In the eyes of everyone, this girl now looked girlish since there was natural tenderness and purity in her eyes . When she grew up, she would be the most beautiful woman in the world .

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Zhou Qin, who was supposed to be the glorious princess at this party, turned gloomy after Su Chan’s appearance .

Young Master He, who humiliated Li Yundong before, also widened his eyes . He couldn’t believe his eyes . Zhou Qin glanced at him and said faintly, “Young Master He, if I were you, even if no one drove me away, I would not have stayed here anymore . Are you waiting for him to get revenge?”

Young Master He was angry and ashamed . He said with an ugly face, “Who the hell doe she think he is for him to dare to come and humiliate me?”

He thought he was a bureaucratic child and ordinary people had to be respectful to him . They even didn’t dare to raise their voices when talking to him, let alone take the initiative to challenge him .

But he didn’t expect that Li Yundong had never harbored bitter resentment because when he was humiliated, he would take revenge for himself on the spot . Li Yundong looked at the scene and saw Zhou Qin and Young Master He standing together . He immediately took Su Chan and walked over . He was going to get his revenge now .

Young Master He watched as Li Yundong came over with Su Chan and became uneasy like a cat on hot bricks . He wanted to leave, but what he had said kept him from leaving .

Li Yundong nodded at Zhou Qin with a smile, then turned his head and said to Young Master He, “What do you want to say this time?”

Young Master He suddenly blushed and was speechless .

Li Yundong looked up and down at Young Master He before he pulled Su Chan to his side and said, “The reason why Su Chan didn’t dress up is that some people always judge people by appearance and clothes! It is not because she can’t, but rather because she doesn’t want to . Do you understand? Do you need me to translate it more bluntly?”

In a competition between men, the heaviest blow didn’t hurt the most . The strike in front of a beautiful girl, even if it were gentle, would be a huge humiliation .

That was what Li Yundong was doing now . At this time, Young Master He’s face turned as purple as a pig liver .

Li Yundong made Young Master He speechless and he finally vented his anger . He turned to Zhou Qin and said apologetically, “I am sorry, I am not referring to you . However, today, when Su Chan and I came here excitedly, I did not expect that I would encounter such a thing . It was really disappointing . The reason why I brought Su Chan back was to let some people know that he should not judge people that way . ”

Young Master He was furious, pointed at Li Yundong, and said, “You…”

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Zhou Qin coldly interrupted him, “Young Master He, don’t bring contempt upon yourself . This is what you asked for . What did I tell you before?”

Young Master He glanced at Li Yundong with a fierce and sinister look .

Li Yundong had the gold pill in his body, and was incredibly lusty . Plus, he was young and proud . How could he take a person like Young Master He seriously?

So he immediately stared back .

Li Yundong’s eyesight was so sharp that even the people who had been practicing martial arts couldn’t stand it . How could a dude like Young Master He take it?

Young Master He immediately evaded his gaze and took a step back in fear, but he quickly reacted . Finally, he looked at Zhou Qin with an ashamed and angry face and gritted his teeth before quickly leaving .

Li Yundong glanced at his back and smiled coldly before he turned around and said to Zhou Qin, “I’m sorry to have embarrassed you . I think I should not stay at the banquet anymore . ”

Zhou Qin slightly frowned . When Ding Nan saw it, she smiled immediately, “Li Yundong, that’s not kind of you . Zhou Qin has offended Young Master He for you, how could you leave like this? Even if we are willing to let you go, see, the people here won’t agree!”

Li Yundong turned around to have a look at the people in this hall . The young men all glanced at Su Chan, while the women and older men looked at him, itching to come up and talk with him .

Li Yundong hesitated for a moment and was about to speak when he heard a familiar voice coming from the side .

“Li Yundong, you finally came!” Li Yundong turned his head and saw Feng Na and Cheng Cheng walking over with smiles .

Seeing these two girls, Li Yundong suddenly smiled, “Nice to see you . ”

Feng Na and Zhou Qin nodded and then smiled . “Not only us . Zhou Qin also invited Kris and her group . ”

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Then, Feng Na pointed to a corner of the hall where Li Yundong saw the foreigners of the University of Pennsylvania gathered together, drinking, and talking .

Obviously, these foreigners had been used to a communicative reception, so they looked relaxed, and from time to time, were able to laugh loudly .

When Li Yundong looked at them, Kris, Tom, and others were also keenly aware of it and looked back . When their gazes made contact, Kris snorted and turned around, not looking at Li Yundong while Tom raised the glass of wine and paid respect to Li Yundong .

Li Yundong secretly laughed in his heart .  “Still, Tom was kinder . Given this, Kris wanted to learn from him? It was a dream!”

Zhou Qin found Li Yundong had no intention to leave at this time, so she stopped frowning and smiled at Li Yundong and said, “Li Yundong, have a good time and take what you want at the main table . ”

Then she nodded to Su Chan, who was next to Li Yundong before she left .

Li Yundong looked at Zhou Qin elegantly leave, and secretly muttered, “Why doesn’t this girl look like an average person? She is like an older adult who has lived for decades! I can’t see the real her at all! The person who marries such a woman will be taken too seriously . He must be the most unlucky person in the world .

Feng Na went to Li Yundong and touched him with her elbow . She whispered, “How is it? Do you know what a daughter of an eminent family looks like now?”

Seeing Zhou Qin’s freely walked among and communicated with the guests, he could not help, but sigh, “Yes, who is she exactly?”

Feng Na whispered, “I just inquired about it . I heard that she is the daughter of a deputy governor . ”

Li Yundong was shocked . “With such a deep background, why is she studying at our university?”

Feng Na shrugged her shoulders . “Who knows? Maybe the princess has her own plan . ”

Li Yundong suddenly recalled, “In that way, the person I just offended must be a prince . ”

Feng Na laughed and said, “Are you afraid?”

Li Yundong also laughed and said nothing . Su Chan pulled Li Yundong’s sleeves and looked at him pitifully . “Master, don’t talk all the time, your little girl is hungry!”

Li Yundong remembered that he and Su Chan had not had dinner yet . He slapped his head . “I have forgotten it!”

He said to Feng Na with a smile . “I will go to have something with Su Chan first . Let’s talk later . ”

Feng Na smiled and said, “You haven’t eaten yet? You didn’t deliberately wait to eat a big dinner tonight, do you?”

Li Yundong smiled and gave her a thumbs up, “You really know me!”

Li Yundong and Su Chan went to the main table and saw that it was a rectangular dining table with a length of more than ten meters . It was filled with a variety of delicious dishes: cake desserts, chicken, duck, fish, stir-fried dishes, and delicious soup .

Su Chan was dizzy and almost drooled . She reached out and took a roast chicken when Li Yundong quickly patted her hand . “Stupid, take a plate first, then take the food on your plate with the clamps next to it . ”

Looking at the table full of food, Su Chan felt she was cheated, and said with disappointment, “Don’t you say that I can eat what I want?”

Li Yundong could not help smiling . “Idiot! What you put on your plate will be yours and you can take as much as you want!”

Su Chan reenergized with her two eyes shining . “Really?”

Li Yundong had already put a chicken leg on the plate by that time and ate it while saying vaguely, “No, I lied to you . These things are poisoned, you stand there and watch me eat!”

Seeing Li Yundong’s mouth full of oil, Su Chan was so angry and shouted, “You’re a big liar! I am pissed . How dare you eat by yourself!”

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