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Chapter 70

Chapter 70 Making an Entrance

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Li Yundong and Su Chan stopped a taxi . The driver glanced at Su Chan from the rearview mirror and suddenly turned around to stare at her in shock . “Oh my god, are you a movie star?”

As a college student who didn’t work, Li Yundong knew nothing about how difficult it was to make money, so he didn’t care about the 70,000 yuan at all . After hearing the driver say this, he was so delighted that his every pore was laughing . He was one hundred times happier than when he was praised .

“Do not talk nonsense . Drive to Hongsheng New District!” Li Yundong proudly waved his hand .

Until they left by taxi, the shopping guide at the door took back her gaze and sighed . “Alas, if I had such a rich and handsome boyfriend, I would die happy . ”

The receptionist on the side ambiguously smiled and said, “What about a man who would die with you in bed?”

The shopping guide smiled and said, “Nowadays, it is easy to find a man who is willing to sleep with you . Men are all fickle! As long as you are beautiful, they will follow you! A man who will do anything for you is indeed rare!”

The receptionist snorted said, “If a man went broke for you, would you marry him?”

The shopping guide raised an eyebrow and said without hesitation, “Yes, I will . Why not? Do I look like a person with no conscience? I believe he will stage a comeback!”

The receptionist said, “Are you willing to eat pickles, drink cold water, and live in a rented room without air conditioning in a smoky neighborhood every day? Will you go to work by bus and have to do a lot of housework after work every day?”

Hearing this, the shopping guide was covered in goosebumps . “Hey, is it so horrible?”

The receptionist asked, “If it was so horrible, would you marry him?”

The shopping guide was silent, and her raised eyebrows gradually fell . Eventually, she showed a sad look .

The two women looked at each other . When they were going to complain about why a good man was so hard to find, suddenly, they heard Shen Hui who had been staying on the side say with hatred, “What kind of man is good? I will expose his evil side sooner or later . ”

After that, she rushed out in anger .

Li Yundong originally wanted to take Su Chan directly to Shengyuan Hotel, but they had so many bags in their hands that it would be inappropriate . What would they look like if they wore dazzling clothes while holding various bags like migrant workers?

Therefore, they returned home and threw the bags in their hands onto the sofa, and immediately rushed to Shengyuan Hotel .

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Su Chan sat in the car and the driver in the front row acted the same as the former driver who kept peeking at her from the rearview mirror . Li Yundong was impatient, knocking on the front seat and said, “Hey, look at the road . What if you have a car accident?”

This driver had to return his gaze reluctantly .

Su Chan pulled Li Yundong’s arm and complained, “Yundong, I am starving!”

Li Yundong looked at his watch and saw that it was almost eight o’clock . It was already late . He and Su Chan had spent nearly three hours outside, and even an iron man would be hungry .

Li Yundong smiled at Su Chan, “When we arrive at the party, you can eat whatever you want until you are full!”

Su Chan was suddenly wild with joy and said, “Really? You won’t say that I overeat, will you?”

Li Yundong laughed happily, “I didn’t cook or pay for them . You can have as much as you want . ”

Su Chan’s eyes became bright and the saliva almost flew out from her mouth .

When they finally reached Shengyuan Hotel and got out of the car, the waiter who opened the door for them stared at Su Chan . Su Chan felt a little weird, so she took Li Yundong’s hand and asked, “What if they kick us out again?”

Li Yundong laughed, “I want to see who can drive us out!”

Then he walked inside with Su Chan . When they passed through the lobby, a foreigner who was dragging his suitcase and heading outside glanced at Su Chan . His eyes suddenly got big as he continued to walk and kept turning around until he hit the glass door at the entrance . He had to squat while covering his nose .

Li Yundong felt happy . “You deserve it! Who allowed you to look at her?”

Before he finished complaining inwardly, several people around him collided with each other and caused a lot of trouble .

Li Yundong looked around in a small manner and reached out to let the little girl take his arm . He said in a low voice, “See? They are watching you!”

Su Chan giggled, feeling both excited and afraid . “I’m nervous!”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “Don’t be afraid . I’m here with you! You will not be nervous when you see the food!”

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Hearing that she could have food soon, Su Chan’s stomach rang suddenly . She pulled Li Yundong’s arm and said, “Come on, I’m very hungry!”

Li Yundong derided her, “Once I talk about food, you get excited . Are you a pig?”

They entered the elevator and when the elevator door closed, whispers sounded in the lobby .

“Which family do they belong to?”

“I don’t know . I have never seen them before!”

“Why do I feel that they look a little familiar?”

“I want to say, with this temperament and attitude, they look like the son and daughter of the Shen family!”

“Well, it is possible, it is very possible! Only the Shen family can raise such talents!”

Just as Li Yundong and Su Chan were taking the elevator upstairs, at the corner of the dinner hall, Ding Nan was arguing with a boy, “Young Master He, how could you drive out the guests invited by Zhou Qin?”

Young Master He was the boy who had quarreled with Li Yundong at the door . He said with indifference, “Who are you talking about? How can I not understand you?”

Ding Nan said with anger, “I’m talking about the two beggars that you mentioned before . I have inquired the waiters on this floor! They are friends invited by Zhou Qin!”

Young Master He curled his lip and said, “Zhou Qin’s vision is getting more and more vulgar . How could she play with these people and invite beggars to the dinner party? Is she not afraid to shame the Zhou family!”

If this was the past, Ding Nan would agree with him very much, but in recent times, Li Yundong seemed to have changed into another person . The former Li Yundong was bleak and would disappear immediately when he was thrown in a crowd .

But now Li Yundong was outstanding . No matter where he went, he could become the focus of everyone! How could they see him like they used to?

“You…” Ding Nan slammed her feet and was about to say something when Zhou Qin, who was nearby, came over with a smile on her face . “What are you talking about here?”

Ding Nan glanced at Young Master He mercilessly, “You ask him yourself!”

Zhou Qin smiled and looked at Young Master He . She didn’t speak, but her quiet eyes and smile could shock people .

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Young Master He felt uncomfortable under Zhou Qin’s gaze, so he subconsciously avoided it and smiled . “Qinqin, you look beautiful today!”

Zhou Qin was wearing a red cheongsam today . Two white, long thighs were looming in the opening of the dress, which were extremely attractive . She held a transparent crystal cup as if she didn’t hear the praise of Young Master He . She took a small sip and turned to Ding Nan . “You tell me . ”

While Zhou Qin and Young Master He talked, many graceful gentlemen came up to toast her from time to time, praising her beauty and temperament .

Zhou Qin treated everyone politely and compatibly . Although she looked relaxed, she was looking for something and her eyes seemed unfocused .

Ding Nan snorted, “Didn’t you ask me why Li Yundong hasn’t come yet?”

Upon hearing the name Li Yundong, Zhou Qin immediately became attentive, and her gaze condensed . “Yeah . Why?”

Ding Nan glanced at Young Master He and said coldly, “Are you sure that it is appropriate that I tell her?”

Young Master He snorted, “Hey, Zhou Qin, you should choose qualified people to be your friends! How could they come here dressed like farmers?”

Zhou Qin’s gaze gradually became cold . “Did you drive him away?”

Young Master He said coldly, “I didn’t drive him away . I just told him that he was such a poor boy and this place was not the place that people like him could enter so casually!”

Zhou Qin’s face darkened like water without any expression of anger or joy . Although she was only 19, her mind was as mature as a forty years old adult . She was just staring at Young Master He and said nothing for quite a while .

This kind of gaze was just like ice . Under her eyesight, not only Young Master He, but also Ding Nan, who knew Zhou Qin best, felt creeped out .

After a while, Zhou Qin suddenly smiled, and she snapped at a nearby waiter to get his attention .

“Is there anything I can do for you?” The waiter certainly knew that Zhou Qin was the protagonist today, so he spoke with respect .

Zhou Qin pointed to the wine glass in Young Master He’s hand and said, “Collect the glass in his hand and then send him away . ”

Young Master He was shocked and angry . “Zhou Qin, are you crazy?”

Ding Nan also widened her eyes, as if she couldn’t believe her ears . She pulled the arm of Zhou Qin with a look of horror . “Zhou Qin, you don’t have to make things so troublesome! How will you explain this to Old Master He?”

Zhou Qin sneered and glanced at Ding Nan, who was scared, and took back her hand . Then Zhou Qin looked at Young Master He coldly . “Did you hear what I said?”

Young Master He and Zhou Qin were both born in bureaucratic families . He grew up with Zhou Qin . Their families were very close . When did Zhou Qin shame him in front of outsiders?

He was shy and angry and his face turned purple . His hand holding the glass was shaking . “Fine . Good! Zhou Qin, you dare to humiliate me for a dirty punk!”

Zhou Qin said coldly, “Whoever disrespects my friend is not respectful to me . Whoever disrespects me, they don’t deserve my respect . Young master He, please leave! I will not see you off!”

Young Master He subconsciously wanted to drop the cup, but Zhou Qin’s eyes suddenly became sharp . “You dare to try to drop the cup and stir up my birthday banquet?”

Young Master He trembled, but he could not put down the hand holding the glass .

Ding Nan quickly helped him and said, “Young Master He, please, Zhou Qin is angry . When she…”

Before she could finish, Zhou Qin said, “Ding Nan, do you want to go with him?”

Ding Nan suddenly stopped and looked at Young Master He helplessly .

Young Master He’s face turned from red to white . He emptied the glass in his hand and then threw it into the waiter’s arms, who had been sweating and waiting nearby . He gnashed and said, “Zhou Qin, you humiliate me because of a punk! I will remember that, but what I want to tell you is that a man like him will always be a low-class person!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a sudden crash was heard in the banquet hall .

Ding Nan’s heart trembled, “Who did this? Who broke a cup at this time?”

This sound attracted everyone’s eyes to look toward its origin . A waiter was staring at the doorway while the tray in his hand unconsciously tilted little by little until the cups above slowly slipped down…

“Crash!” Another series of sounds of smashing glass sounded .

The sound was extremely harsh in the banquet, but no one was paying attention to it . They were all staring at the doorway . For a time, the banquet hall was so silent that you could hear a pin drop .

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