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Chapter 69

Chapter 69 A Diamond Will Bankrupt Him

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After the girl yelled provocatively, the side door of the store suddenly opened with a jingle sound .

Li Yundong and the girl turned their heads and saw the shopping guide come in with a girl wearing a purple long skirt following . She was Su Chan .

Su Chan’s two sleek, white shoulders and white clavicles were exposed, which looked very sexy . There was a sexy cleavage that made the shape of her chest look full and perfect .

A crystal diamond necklace hung on her white chest, which looked luxurious and extravagant .

The waist part of the long skirt had a hand-stitched waistline, so the girl’s slim waist looked very fair, and the close-fitting design made her good figure unobstructed .

Li Yundong looked at Su Chan’s perfect curves for a long time . When he looked down, he saw the lower part of the purple skirt under her feet pile up like clouds . She was like a fairy on a colorful cloud .

Su Chan perfectly showed the sexy, dignified, and elegant characters of this purple dress . For a time, the store was silent, whether the receptionist who was seeing the fun, Li Yundong who was irritated, or the girl who was so irritated and noisy, all looked at Su Chan silently . They were shocked by her beauty .

Li Yundong noticed that in addition to this purple dress, she also had her hair done .

Su Chan’s long, black hair had been made into a bun, which perfectly echoed the noble character of this dress . Moreover, she was wearing a pair of black open-toe high heels, which highlighted the girl’s beauty and the fair shape of the body .

Li Yundong was shocked and forgot to show off to the girl who had quarreled with him before . He said, “You…”

The shopping guide on the side quickly came over and apologized, “I’m sorry . We waited for you for a long time, but you didn’t come back . So I took the lady to try a pair of high-heeled shoes in the store next over . When we tried high-heeled shoes, the beauty salon next to it offered a free appointment for the lady, and they only asked for a promotional photo . The lady agreed, so…”

Li Yundong realized that the beautiful girl had caused a small commotion, and the beauty salon wanted her to be a live advertisement . He pointed to the high heels and asked, “What about this?”

The shopping guide glanced at Su Chan with envy and said, “The owner of the shoe store wants the lady to be their spokesperson, so she gave her a pair of shoes for free…”

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Li Yundong said with amazement . “You promised them?”

Su Chan said with a smile, “No!”

Li Yundong was more surprised . “Then you didn’t pay them?”

The shopping guide next to him explained, “It is not completely free . The store owner only requested when someone asks about these shoes, the lady tells them about their store . Of course, if the lady is willing to be a spokesperson or a model, then shoes like these will be free in the future . ”

Li Yundong pointed at the gem necklace of Su Chan’s chest . “And this?”

The guide explained, “This is the accessory that our store specialized for this dress . If you don’t like it, you don’t need to buy it . ”

Li Yundong was shocked . They only wanted to buy a set of clothes, and Su Chan changed all of her clothes from head to toe .

The girl who argued with Li Yundong was already shocked . She stared at Su Chan, as if she couldn’t believe her eyes .

“Is there really such a beautiful woman in this world?” The girl herself was also a rare beauty . She had been proud of her own beauty from a young age . When she saw such a beautiful person, she couldn’t help, but feel shocked!

Su Chan’s designer clothes and jewelry were not particularly beautiful . The key point was that she could not only easily control this set of noble and luxurious dresses, shoes and necklaces, but also gave them a new feeling with her own charm!

A beautiful woman could show the characteristics and temperament of clothes and jewelry, was already a supermodel, and if she could improve these clothes with her charm, she was more than a model!

Who was this woman? It seemed that she was the voyeur’s girlfriend .

No way . It was absolutely impossible!

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How could such a shameless man have a beautiful girlfriend like her?

The girl shook her head and couldn’t believe the facts in front of her .

Su Chan saw Li Yundong staring at her, shook her hand in front of Li Yundong’s face, and sighed, “What’s wrong with you? Don’t you recognize your little girl?”

Li Yundong tried to swallow his saliva and asked, “You are so beautiful that I can’t believe my eyes!”

Su Chan blinked at him and giggled, “I am pretty, but I’m still your little girl!”

Li Yundong laughed, only then did he remember the girl who had quarreled with him before . He turned around, one hand holding Su Chan’s waist, and then looked at her provocatively .

The girl was very angry . She wished she could separate the two and get this pure, beautiful girl out of the claws of this satyr!

“It’s too irritating . How can I, Shen Hui, be so humiliated!” Shen Hui was so angry .  “If things go like this, the humiliation I suffered will be in vain . No, it can’t be . I can’t let go of this big satyr so easily! Well, he must be a big satyr!”

The shopping guide glanced at Su Chan and turned to look at Li Yundong . Suddenly she said, “Sir, since your girlfriend is so beautiful, do you want to buy a new suit too?”

Li Yundong thought about it and knew she was right . It wouldn’t be right if Su Chan looked like a fairy and he looked like a beggar .

He thought about it and nodded . “Do you have men’s clothes here?”

At this point, the shopping guide looked at Li Yundong as if he was a gold ingot that could walk . She smiled and said, “The east side of the store is the men’s clothes . Do you need me to help you pick one?”

Li Yundong rarely bought clothes himself, and he was happy that someone would help him, so he nodded .

After a while, the shopping guide picked a black suit and handed it to Li Yundong .

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Li Yundong took it and went into the locker room to change . When he came out, everyone’s eyes suddenly brightened .

Li Yundong looked very masculine and handsome . In this suit, he seemed mature and prudent . When standing next to Su Chan, they looked like a perfect couple .

Even the angry Shen Hui was shocked upon looking at him . She thought inwardly, “He is quite handsome! No, even though he is wearing in a suit, he is still a brute!”

Li Yundong looked at the mirror carefully, and Su Chan smiled . He said, “Well, we look like a perfect match . You and I are meant to be!”

Su Chan smiled proudly . “Of course!”

Then they looked at each other and laughed together .

The guide and receptionist couldn’t help, but grin and looked at Su Chan with envy .

Li Yundong said to the shopping guide, “Well, how much is all this in total? Can I pay by card?” After that, he took out the bank card from his pocket, and muttered, “My wallet will bleed . How much will they cost? 20,000 or more?

The receptionist quickly calculated it and said with a smile, “Sir, your total is 78,300…”

Li Yundong’s hand trembled and almost dropped the bank card on the ground . “How… how much?”

The receptionist went on to say, “It’s 78,300, and we are giving you a discount so the total is 70,000 . ”

Li Yundong took a deep breath . God . “I have worked hard to save money for several years, and I am going to spend it all! There will be a fiscal deficit, and I will go bankrupt!”

“Are you kidding me?”

Li Yundong was shocked and asked, “That’s too much . ”

Shen Hui finally got a chance to ridicule Li Yundong . She sneered, “Ha, only the necklace is more than 50,000!”

Hearing this, Li Yundong subconsciously didn’t want to buy this necklace when Shen Hui added, “If you don’t have the money, don’t come to such a place . People like you can only buy cheap clothes!”

Li Yundong was young and easy to anger . Hearing this, he suddenly became furious, and his face turned red . He yelled, “Who told you that I couldn’t afford it!”

Then, he threw the card on the front desk, “Use this card!”

Su Chan pulled Li Yundong’s hand and whispered, “I don’t want this necklace . I really don’t want it . If we buy it, we won’t have any money . ”

Although Su Chan sounded reasonable, Li Yundong saw that she was touching the necklace on her neck carefully . He smiled and said, “We have bought a horse, how can we not buy a saddle? We can afford it!”

Li Yundong’s heart was bleeding . A diamond would bankrupt him!!!

“I’m so thankful that my card can overdraw, or I would be embarrassed today . ”

Su Chan bit her lip and shook her head . “No, if we have no money, we will live on the streets…”

The unhappiness in Li Yundong’s heart suddenly disappeared . He laughed and went to pat the head of the little girl when he saw the little girl’s beautiful hair . If he touched it, it would be in a mess . He had to take back his hand and waved instead . He said, “It doesn’t matter . As a man, I will do anything for you . ”

Hearing this, all the people in the store all laughed .

After Li Yundong paid with his card, he and Su Chan went out of the Chanel store with bags in their hands like generals who had won a battle .

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