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Published at 6th of June 2019 12:24:23 AM
Chapter 68

Chapter 68 You Can Try to Shout!

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This Chanel flagship store was indeed decent, it didn’t only have a large storefront, but also numerous styles of clothing for normal girls and white-collar women . It even had sexy and fashionable clothes .

When Su Chan began to try on various styles of dresses, Li Yundong obviously felt that he was going to struggle .

No matter what kind of clothes she wore, Su Chan could vividly display the style and characteristics of this set of outfit perfectly . When she was wearing a cute dress, Su Chan was so lovely that Li Yundong couldn’t wait to put this girl in his arms and love her . When she put on a business suit, she looked shrewd and capable .

Especially when the little girl wore a sexy dress with her navel and shoulders revealing, Li Yundong felt that he was undergoing a test and was tortured with desire .

Li Yundong liked every set of clothes the little girl had put on . Not only did women love to dress up and be beautiful, but men also enjoyed their own women being beautiful every day .

In addition, some of the customers in the store who were buying clothes had turned their eyes to Su Chan, and they praised her ceaselessly .

Naturally, Li Yundong said “very good” and “buy it” as Su Chan dressed up . When he collected himself, there had been dozens of bags on the counter .

Li Yundong was shocked . He secretly sneaked a glimpse at the tags of the clothes on these shelves when the shopping guide was helping others and found that these clothes were all worth a few hundred yuan!

“God…” Li Yundong did the math in his heart, and noticed that it would cost him thousands of yuan!

Li Yundong was secretly surprised, but when he saw the little girl who smiled like a flower and thought of what snobby people had said before, he suddenly made up his mind, “It is not a big deal to buy them all! I can afford it!”

When the little girl came out with another change of clothes, Li Yundong suddenly realized that she had been trying on casual clothes . Since they would attend Zhou Qin’s birthday party, she needed a beautiful dress to surprise everyone!

Li Yundong asked the shopping guide, “Do you have any dresses to attend a grand occasion? Take some to her . ”

As soon as the shopping guide heard this, she was very excited . As a member of the clothing industry, she certainly knew that this kind of dress was a real profit . She endured the surprise and asked, “Excuse me, what kind of a grand occasion is it?”

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Li Yundong said, “A very important birthday party . ” He thought and was afraid that the costumes introduced by the guide were not shocking enough, so he added, “A large birthday party . ”

Listening to Li Yundong’s words, the shopping guide immediately understood . She narrowed her eyes and laughed . While leading Su Chan to another area, she pointed to a model who was in a purple dress and said, “How about this set?”

Li Yundong fixed his eyes at it and was shocked .

It was a very fascinating deep purple strapless silk dress . The hand-made skirts underneath were like layers of clouds, which looked very luxurious .

Li Yundong could not imagine what she would look like when Su Chan put on this elegant dress . He touched the long skirt with his hand and felt it was smooth and cold . He looked at the price of the long skirt which scared him: 13 thousand!

“Hiss!” Li Yundong took a deep breath . This dress was clearly overpriced .

The guide immediately smiled and said, “This luxurious purple dress is the current main product of our Chanel flagship store . You can let her try it on first . It doesn’t matter if you don’t buy it . ”

Li Yundong thought about it for a while . He glanced at Su Chan and made up his mind . He said, “Well, let her try it on first!”

Su Chan could not remove her sight from the dress ever since she saw it, but she glanced at the price and also felt shocked . She didn’t dare to think more about it anymore until Li Yundong let her go have a try . She couldn’t believe her ears . She was surprised and happy . “Can I really try it?”

Seeing that she became very excited, Li Yundong suddenly smiled and said, “Go ahead!”

He said inwardly, “Today, I will disregard everything to satisfy my little girl . ”

Su Chan smiled and took the clothes handed over by the shopping guide and rushed into the locker room . Li Yundong found that he had been waiting for so long that he felt thirsty . He stopped her and said, “You try clothes here . I will go out and buy some drinks for you . ”

At this time, the other female guests in the store who tried clothes on were envious and embarrassed while looking at Su Chan . They said to their male partners, “Look at him who buys everything his girlfriend wants and knows to buy a drink for his girlfriend in case she is thirsty! You don’t even want to buy me a single piece of clothes!”

The male companions were helpless and had to say, “Well, what do you want? I will buy it for you!”

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Li Yundong went out and thought of the words that the woman had just said . He felt proud . It was not a bad thing to have vanity . “The little girl has beautiful clothes, and I have the honor of being her boyfriend . ”

At the entrance to the commercial street was a series of shops . Besides clothing, purses, and shoes, there were some specialty stores of internationally renowned brands such as Psychic, Chow Tai Fook, and Swarovski .

Li Yundong didn’t expect that he had to walk a long way before he found a coco tea shop, and the line in front was very long!

He didn’t like carbonated drinks . He only drank milk tea, so he had to wait in line . After he bought two cups of milk tea and went back, forty minutes had passed!

When he returned to the store, the guests who were looking at the clothes almost walked away .

The receptionist smiled politely at him, and Li Yundong also smiled at her . Then he went straight to the locker room where Su Chan changed clothes .

He came to the locker room and said, “Hey, I bought you a drink!”

No one answered in the locker room . Li Yundong thought that it was a bit strange there was a squeaky voice coming from inside the locker room, and the door was half open .

Li Yundong suddenly thought of something . Since the little girl was changing clothes, if he sneaked a look, she would not be angry, would she?

Li Yundong hesitated, “We have a close relationship and it doesn’t matter to look at her for once!”

He made up his mind and suddenly smiled . He opened the door of the locker room with the hand holding the cup and shouted, “Surprise!”

However, when he opened the door, he was indeed surprised!

There was a girl about 160cm tall in the dressing room . She was naked from the waist up, holding a dress in her hand, and staring at Li Yundong blankly .

The girl looked beautiful and sweet at a young age . She had a baby face, but her chest was indeed majestic .

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“How is it not Su Chan?” Li Yundong was dumbfounded and his eyes fixed on the girl’s upper body . He could not help squeezing the cup of milk tea in his hand unconsciously as he felt nervous and the milk tea sprayed on the girl’s face and chest through the straw .

This picture… was too evil!

Li Yundong’s head suddenly exploded . He recalled the porns that he had seen before . The pictures of all the actresses flashed across Li Yundong’s mind like a tidal wave .

Li Yundong had never experienced such a thing in front of him so that he stood there, stunned . The girl in the locker room obviously had never had such an experience either . She stood there blankly and even forgot to put her clothes on .

The two people stared at each other for a long time until Li Yundong gathered his wits . He said in a panic, “I’m sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean it!”

After that, he wanted to reach out and tried to wipe the drink off the girl’s face and chest with his sleeves .

However, before he reached out, the girl suddenly uttered a scream which must have been over two hundred decibels, “Ah!!!!”

Li Yundong was scared and trembled . He took his hands back and covered his ears with the milk tea in his hands, grinning, which was ridiculous .

The girl screamed and closed the door of the locker room with a slam . After a while, she opened the door and rushed out angrily .

“You rogue, psycho!” The girl was filled with indignation as she continued to charge toward Li Yundong .

Li Yundong felt embarrassed, so he kept retreating . When he retreated to the low sofa behind him, he fell down and hurriedly explained, “I’m sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean it!”

“Hey!” The girl spat and shouted . “You say that you didn’t mean it? I think you did it intentionally! You not only intentionally did it, but had planned it before you did it!”

Li Yundong was a bit stunned . “Hey, what plan?”

The girl pointed at Li Yundong and shouted, “A boy like you, I know that you are a big pervert at first glance . You have been following me for a long time, right? You have been watching me at my doorstep . What do you want to do?”

Li Yundong was confused . “Hey, I think you got the wrong person . ”

“Phew, a wretched, shameless, despicable, sinister, dirty man like you, I will never forget!” The girl gnashed her teeth, speaking very fast, and every word she swore sounded clear and loud .

Li Yundong felt ridiculous . “Hey, are you a talk show actress? You must have got the wrong person! I thought my girlfriend was inside . That was why the misunderstanding happened!”

The girl spat again . “Hey, how can you, a dirty, wicked man have a girlfriend? You don’t fool me . Do you think that I am so stupid?”

Li Yundong felt depressed . He was a little angry and said, “Hey, don’t go too far . I really came with my girlfriend . She changed clothes in this locker room before I left, so I thought she was still in the room! Your locker room was not locked, so how could I know it wasn’t her?”

The girl suddenly became furious, and her chest jiggled . “Are you blaming me? You said you have a girlfriend . Who can prove that?”

Li Yundong quickly pointed to the receptionist who was laughing next to him and said, “She can testify!”

The receptionist saw them all looking at her, and quickly stopped laughing . She just wanted to talk when the girl pointed at her and said, “Hey, do you know who I am? Be careful and don’t lie . Otherwise, I will make your store disappear!”

The receptionist looked at her up and down, doubting her words, but she didn’t show it on her face . She said politely in embarrassment, “Miss, he really came with his girlfriend . The store’s surveillance video can prove that . ”

Li Yundong suddenly felt relief . Oh my god, finally she couldn’t consider him a voyeur . He almost became a rogue and psycho!

But the girl was not happy . She said with anger, “Your girlfriend must be ugly and disgusting . How can a man like you have a good girlfriend?”

Li Yundong could tolerate others abuse toward him, but he could never allow others to swear Su Chan . He was furious and said, “Bullshit, my girlfriend is a hundred times more beautiful than you!!”

The girl laughed happily . “This is absolutely impossible . If she is beautiful, let me have a look!”

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