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Chapter 66

Chapter 66 What a Snob!

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Li Yundong and Su Chan could not finish their lunch after the conflict even though Feng Na comforted them .

“Forget it, don’t get angry at such people . I can tell she is snobbish from first glance!” Feng Na said with a smile . “Look at her dress . The clothes are Dior’s, the bag is LV, the shoes are Chanel . Her perfume is CK . They are all high-end brands . ”

Li Yundong, who was sulking, was shocked and stared at Feng Na . “How can you know so many famous brands?”

Feng Na smiled a little bit awkwardly . She was very afraid that Li Yundong also regarded her as a snobbish woman . Cheng Cheng, who was listening to them felt something and immediately said, “Li Yundong, do you really think that even if a woman is not snobbish and has no vanity, she doesn’t want to be beautiful? Brand-name clothing is the favorite of any woman unless she is not a woman!”

Her speech wavered Li Yundong very deeply . He glanced at Su Chan next to him and shook his head . He hedged, “Forget it . I am going back to the classroom . ”

He left with Su Chan, but turned around after a few steps, “Oh, where is Zhou Qin holding her birthday party tonight?”

Feng Na answered, “7:30 in the evening at Shengyuan Hotel . ”

Li Yundong was used being at home and didn’t know what kind of hotel it was . He didn’t bother to inquire . He responded and returned to the classroom with Su Chan .

When they entered the classroom, there was still a period of time before class and almost no one was in the classroom . Only Li Yundong and Su Chan sat in the last row .

Li Yundong kept thinking about what Feng Na had said before . Su Chan felt sleepy, and she kept yawning .

Li Yundong suddenly asked, “Su Chan, I am going to buy you a new suit today . What kind do you like?”

Su Chan put her head under Li Yundong’s arm, and said with a greasy voice, “No need, I am sleepy, so let me sleep . ”

Li Yundong had never had a girlfriend before, so he didn’t know how to get along with the girl . Hearing this, he began to hesitate again . “Seriously? Don’t you need it?”

“I’m fine . I like what I am wearing!” Su Chan narrowed her eyes and huddled like a kitten .

Li Yundong remembered the set of traditional red clothes that Su Chan wore before . Su Chan was wearing it when he saw her for the first time, but he didn’t know where it was now .

Did she put it away?

It was a pity that this set of long dress was too ornate, or it would be able to shock a large number of people . At that time, they couldn’t look down upon Su Chan!

When Li Yundong recalled that the little girl appeared at his side, wearing the water-red costume and shocked the school, he couldn’t help, but reveal a smile .

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He quietly looked at the sleepy Su Chan and didn’t dare to move . He was afraid that he would wake up the girl that God gave him .

Before class began, people continued to enter the classroom . Su Chan sat up with her eyes open . At this time, uncommonly, Zhou Qin entered the classroom alone .

She looked at Li Yundong, hesitated for a moment before she approached him . Then she nodded to Su Chan politely and before looking at Li Yundong and said, “7:30 this evening, don’t forget!”

After that, she smiled at Li Yundong and cutely blinked her eyes .

Zhou Qin had an almost perfect face . Her eyes were like stars, her eyebrows were bushy, and her facial features were like the beautiful ladies in meticulous paintings . She wore a dark blue gown and a brown plaid skirt that looked elegant and dignified, revealing a generous atmosphere .

Li Yundong was used to her indifferent style of speaking and was shocked suddenly when he saw this .

Li Yundong only felt that the world in front of him was brightened at that moment . Zhou Qin’s smile was that charming .

She deserved to be called the campus beauty . Even if he had previously confessed to her and was rejected, he couldn’t ignore her . What a beautiful girl!

Li Yundong couldn’t help nodding and said, “7:30? I will starve to death by then . Do you have food in the hotel?”

Zhou Qin was stunned and immediately understood that Li Yundong must not have participated in such a banquet before . He regarded this banquet as ordinary dinner .

She smiled and said, “You can come in advance, there will be something to eat . ”

Li Yundong laughed happily, “Good, that is ok! Free food and drinks, I will definitely go!”

Zhou Qin smiled and said, “Deal!”

Li Yundong nodded to her, and after seeing her leave, he regained his gaze and realized that Su Chan was sitting beside him .

Li Yundong suddenly became very embarrassed . He already had Su Chan, how could he stare at Zhou Qin like this?

He quickly gathered his mind and secretly said, “I’m not flaky . It is because Zhou Qin is too beautiful!”

In the afternoon, there was an English class in a large classroom . Kris and others exchange students didn’t show up and Li Yundong was also happy to sleep peacefully .

After school, Li Yundong waved his hand and took Su Chan straight to the Shengyuan Hotel by a taxi .

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When they arrived at the hotel, Li Yundong and Su Chan were stunned while looking at it through the gates .

It was a six-star luxury hotel with a height of 58 floors . The only five-star hotel in Tiannan could not compare!

The hotel was splendid with a pointy top and cubical body, like a giant crystal minaret . It was dark gold and had a solemn atmosphere .

Su Chan looked at the hotel with widened eyes . Although she was a practitioner, she had never seen such a luxurious place . There were four revolving doors and each of them had flower baskets in front of them . Li Yundong noticed that the flowers in the basket were all freshly picked flowers!

“Oh my god…” Li Yundong was shocked . He felt a bit restrained to enter such a luxurious place, but fortunately, the hotel’s waiters didn’t look down upon them . They greeted Li Yundong and Su Chan respectfully, but they looked at Su Chan more than Li Yundong .

The floor of Shengyuan Hotel was made of transparent glass . There was nearly half a meter of hollow space underneath with all kinds of exquisite stones . They felt like stepping on a cloud under the soft and elegant lights .

“It’s really a luxury and dissipation place!” Li Yundong secretly sighed . If Zhou Qin’s birthday party were not held here, he would never have a chance to enter such a place in his lifetime .

Those who came here were all people of the upper class . They were dressed in suits and their haircuts were clean and bright . The women around them were mostly in gorgeous and luxurious dresses .

When these people passed through the lobby, they saw Li Yundong and Su Chan . They were attracted by the handsome and beautiful couple, but when they saw what they were wearing, they couldn’t help mocking inwardly, “What a waste of their appearance! How cheap their clothes are!”

Li Yundong wanted to go straight to the hall where Zhou Qin was holding the banquet, but he was very embarrassed because he came too early, and there was no sign on the front of the lobby .

“Excuse me…” Li Yundong had to stop a waiter and asked, “Where should we go to Zhou Qin’s birthday party?”

“Zhou Qin?” The waiter was stunned and was about to shake his head .

But the lobby manager next to him noticed them when they came in . Hearing this, he immediately came up and said, “Do you mean Miss Zhou Qin? Hello, may I know who you are?”

Li Yundong replied, “I am her classmate . ”

The lobby manager said, “Oh, please go up the third floor, turn right, and you will see it . ”

Li Yundong politely nodded to the lobby manager and said, “Thank you!”

They took the elevator to the third floor . Li Yundong actually saw the welcome sign with red and black text right before the right turn . He smiled and said, “Here it is, but it seems that we came too early . Is it just us two?”

“Is there still one more?” Su Chan pointed at a boy who was smoking at the door .

Li Yundong smiled and went up with Su Chan and asked, “Excuse me, is this the place where Zhou Qin is holding her birthday party?”

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The boy was dressed in an Armani suit and looked handsome, but was quite gloomy . He was smoking with his back facing Li Yundong . Hearing the voice, he turned around and looked at Li Yundong . He was shocked .  “This boy was so handsome!”  

Although he was also a handsome guy, he was naturally narrow-minded . He hated people who looked more attractive than him, especially a masculine boy like Li Yundong .

The boy’s voice was full of hostility and asked, “Who are you?”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “I am Zhou Qin’s classmate and she invited us to attend the dinner . ”

When the boy heard it, he was angry and shocked . Zhou Qin’s birthday dinner had always been arranged by her father . She rarely invited people . This boy was actually invited by Zhou Qin!

The boy suddenly became jealous, and secretly snorted . Even though he found Li Yundong in regular clothes, he also knew that some people were doing things low-key . Since Zhou Qin personally invited this boy, he must be unique . Li Yundong looked extraordinary, and perhaps he had a strong background .

But when he saw Su Chan, he suddenly froze .

Su Chan’s beauty shocked him greatly!

When he saw Zhou Qin for the first time, he didn’t believe that there were girls who were more beautiful than Zhou Qin in the world, but he saw one today!

Although Su Chan and Zhou Qin belonged to different types, she was perfect . Her big eyes revealed a pure and innocent purity which were a fatal attraction to a man .

Li Yundong saw the boy staring at Su Chan, and he was slightly unhappy, so he coughed .

Hearing the cough, the boy recovered . He suddenly turned his head and stared at Li Yundong . He felt jealousy in his heart .  “How could a man like him have such a girlfriend? Why could he win the favor of Zhou Qin?”

The more he thought, the more annoyed he felt . It seemed that there was a fire burning in his chest .

However, he suddenly noticed that Su Chan’s clothes were not just plain, but she even wore men’s clothes, and there was grease on them!

“Ha!” The boy almost laughed and he suddenly estimated what kind of person Li Yundong was .

“You are Zhou Qin’s classmate?” The boy squinted at Li Yundong up and down .

Li Yundong was angered at this gaze, and he couldn’t help speaking in a low voice, “Yes, if you don’t believe me, you can call and ask!”

The boy sneered, “No need! Even if you really are, I won’t let you in!”

Li Yundong got angry, “Why?”

The boy pointed at Li Yundong . “Look at what you wear? Do you think it is an outing? Do you think this is an ordinary banquet? Please, dress better and show a little respect to the owner here . OK?”

After that, he turned to Su Chan . “The woman with you is so shabby and you dare to come to such a party! Are you not ashamed? I am ashamed! Go, you . You can only cheat little girls . If you are poor, don’t date beautiful women, get it? Get out; I don’t have time to talk to you!”

Li Yundong was almost mad . He wanted to beat him . Fortunately, Su Chan grabbed him and dragged him out of the hotel .

Seeing Li Yundong being towed away by Su Chan, the boy smiled disdainfully .

At this time, a girl came out of the banquet hall . She was tall and dressed in a sexy fashion skirt . It was Ding Nan . She didn’t even attend the afternoon class to help Zhou Qin prepare this banquet .

“Master He, who were you talking to?” Ding Nan glanced at the corridor . At this time, Li Yundong’s figure had disappeared into the elevator .

The boy flicked the ash from the cigar, blowing a smoke ring at Ding Nan . He smiled flightily, “Just two paupers, but you can rest assured . They have gone!”

Ding Nan waved her hand and frowned slightly . “Where did they came from? Oh, don’t stand here, hurry up to help, my waist is going to break!”

As soon as Li Yundong came out of the hotel, he got into a rage, “Why are you holding me . I want to kill the snobbish bastard!”

Seeing that Li Yundong was so angry, Su Chan was very uncomfortable . She took Li Yundong’s hand and whispered, “Master, is it me who caused trouble for you because I’m too ugly?”

Seeing Su Chan’s look, Li Yundong calmed down and comforted her, “Nonsense, you are the most beautiful girl! He is blind . ”

Su Chan knew that he was still angry, she smiled, and said, “Then you go to the dinner party . I will not go in . I will wait for you here . ”

Looking at Su Chan’s sad face, Li Yundong said in a gentle voice, “More nonsense, why don’t you go in!”

Su Chan smiled and said, “Wasn’t that person just saying that I am dressed very shabby? I think, if I don’t go in, it will be fine, you can naturally go in . ”

Hearing this, even though Li Yundong was an iron-casted man, he had to be softhearted .

He only felt that the Qi was rushing to the top of his head . He was sad and distressed . He grabbed Su Chan tightly and said loudly, “Nonsense! What a ridiculous party! We are out!”

After that, Li Yundong thought of what Feng Na had said before, and the girl’s disdainful look earlier today . Li Yundong was enraged . “No, I want to dress you up as the most beautiful princess in the world and let them see!”

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