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Chapter 65

Chapter 65 Can You Afford It?

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Hearing the voice, Li Yundong turned around and saw Feng Na smiling at him with a lunch box in her hands .

“Hey, it’s you!” Li Yundong smiled .

Feng Na was wearing a white short-sleeved gown and a pair of jeans that made her legs look long and straight . She was hot and youthful, full of vitality . Her sweet smile stunned Li Yundong for a while .

“What? Have you become arrogant after becoming a famous student?” Feng Na said with a smile . She did not sit down immediately, but ridiculed Li Yundong .

At the same time, Cheng Cheng, as her inseparable friend, also came over with her own dish . “Are you putting on airs? No, you can’t do that before you sign us up!”

Li Yundong couldn’t stop smiling . “Did you come here to tease me? Have a seat or I will become a national sinner!”

Feng Na giggled and sat opposite Li Yundong with Cheng Cheng . She asked with interest, “Hey, was that really you on the forum yesterday?”

Thinking of this, Li Yundong was angry . He didn’t dare to turn on his mobile phone now!

Li Yundong said angrily . “Yes, it was me . ”

Feng Na and Cheng Cheng suddenly burst into laughter loudly, and Feng Na said, “Is that your mobile number?”

Li Yundong, while eating, bowed his head and said, “Of course!”

Feng Na smiled and said, “Are you insane to post your mobile phone number online . You’re screwed . Prepare a new mobile phone card! Do you know how many girls want to give you a love letter and book a room with you now?”

Li Yundong snorted, and the food almost spurted out of his nose . “Are you serious? Are the girls now so unrestrained?”

Feng Na laughed and said nothing, but Cheng Cheng added, “Hey, Li Yundong, power on your phone and see how many missed calls and text messages!”

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Li Yundong was curious, too . He took the phone out of his pocket and pressed the power button . After only a while, his mobile phone began to scream wildly . He tried to press the button but it was useless . It kept ringing for five minutes as the message kept coming!

Feng Na and Cheng Cheng sighed involuntarily, “What a famous man! I’m envying you!”

Li Yundong took out the battery of the mobile phone and threw it on the table . Then he said depressingly, “You envy me? I can’t use my mobile phone and wasted a card for no reason!”

Feng Na blinked at Li Yundong and said, “How does it feel of being a star in the school? How do you feel about being chased by people?”

Li Yundong gave her a blank look . “Do you want to know? Easy, you can get famous yourself . ”

Feng Na sighed sadly as if no one had seen her beauty . “I want to, but unfortunately, I’m not qualified! I’m not like sister Su Chan . Wherever she goes, she will get attention . ”

Hearing them talking about her, Su Chan suddenly focused and her eyes smiled like crescent moons . “Are you boasting about me? I like to hear people praise me . Keep talking; keep talking!”

Feng Na and Cheng Cheng didn’t really know Su Chan and were afraid that this beautiful girl was not easy, so they deliberately praised her . But to their surprise, the girl was nice and straightforward . She made Feng Na and Cheng Cheng laugh with only one sentence .

Li Yundong also smiled and tapped her nose with his chopstick . “What vanity!”

Su Chan made a face toward Li Yundong .

Although Feng Na was jealous of the intimate between Su Chan and Li Yundong, Su Chan’s cuteness was universally accepted . She gained Feng Na’s favorable impression by one sentence so Feng Na couldn’t help speak for her, “You are wrong . Everyone has vanity in the world . ”

Li Yundong used his chopsticks to point at himself, “Except me!”

Since Feng Na and Li Yundong had been familiar with each other, the former also knew that he was unceremonious . She said, “Stop, no one in the world is not vain! So many people like you, are you are not happy at all? Have you ever smiled inwardly? When the girls shout “Li Yundong, I love you”, are you not satisfied?”

Li Yundong thought about it very seriously and said, “You are right about the former one . I admit I am happy . If a girl confesses to me, I will be glad, too, but I think you exaggerate!”

As he said, Li Yundong squeezed the earlobe of the little girl who was next to him and smiled . “Because I have her! Even if there are so many nice girls in the world, I only like her . ”

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Su Chan giggled and dodged Li Yundong’s hand, pretending to beat him with her chopsticks . “It itches, I hate you!”

Although Su Chan said that she was annoyed, she was smiling with joy and her voice was filled with happiness . Cheng Cheng, who stood aside, looked at Feng Na and couldn’t help, but sigh .

Feng Na was flustered under Cheng Cheng’s gaze and barely smiled, which was very unnatural . “Li Yundong, you are really stingy . Your girlfriend has to wear boys’ clothes . I saw her wearing a suit a few times . ”

Li Yundong was stunned . Although he was always wearing clean clothes, he didn’t pay attention to these things . He had never thought about buying clothes for Su Chan .

Of course, the most important thing was that she never asked for it .

Li Yundong turned his head and looked at the little girl beside him . She was wearing a pair of old sling pants of his . It seemed a little loose . And the casual shirt she wore made her look slim .

Su Chan was eliminating the braised pork in the plate with a spoon while squinting at Li Yundong, who was looking at her, “What are you looking at?”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “I want to buy you some new clothes today . What do you say?”

Su Chan said very disapprovingly, “There are clothes at home . Why do you want to buy more?”

Li Yundong laughed happily, “Those are mine . You can’t always wear my clothes . ”

Hearing this, Su Chan immediately put down the spoon, stared at Li Yundong, and said pitifully, “Do you dislike me and don’t want me to wear your clothes?”

Li Yundong laughed and pinched her cheek . “Stupid, how can a girl always wear boy’s clothes!”

Su Chan pushed away Li Yundong’s hand and made a face to him . “Why can’t they? By the way, the food here is terrible . Yours is better!”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “Of course . The food here is for the public, but I only cook for you and me . ”

Feng Na looked at Li Yundong with a surprise . “You can cook?”

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Li Yundong was proud of himself . “Yes, I’m a chef!” and then he said to Su Chan, “Girl, am I a chef?”

Su Chan pouted and a few lovely folds appeared on her nose . “You are an awful chef!”

Feng Na and Cheng Cheng suddenly laughed, “See, she doesn’t agree with you!”

Li Yundong did not expect Su Chan would go against him in public . He was angered and said, “You greedy girl . Every time you monopolized the dishes and empty them! If they were not delicious, why did you take them all and leave not for me!”

Su Chan said with contempt, “If I say that it is delicious, what do you do if they want to have a taste? There is not enough for the two of us . There will be less if the four of us eat together!”

Li Yundong laughed his head off and he loved this little girl more . He squeezed her cheeks hard . “Idiot, I will cook more then!”

Seeing that Li Yundong was going to pinch her face, Su Chan was so scared and quickly covered her cheek and jumped back .

At this time, a sudden scream came from behind, followed by the sound of an iron plate falling .

Li Yundong turned around and saw Zhuang Hui holding a dish with some soup on her . The plate in another girl’s hand had been knocked over with soup and water dripping off her skirt .

The girl who was knocked over the dish looked down . When she found that her skirt had been stained, she suddenly screamed, “Are you blind? Don’t you have eyes?”

Su Chan was shocked and apologized, “I’m sorry, I didn’t see…”

On the side, Feng Na saw that some soup had splashed on Su Chan, and she took the napkin from her tray and handed it to Li Yundong . Li Yundong took it and helped Su Chan wipe the broth on her arm and clothes . He also apologized, “Sorry, it wasn’t intentional . ”

Zhuang Hui saw Li Yundong at a glance, and suddenly her eyes lit up . “Li Yundong!”

When the girl heard Li Yundong’s name, her anger suddenly dissipated . She wiped the soup with her handkerchief and carefully looked at Li Yundong . “You are Li Yundong?”

Li Yundong nodded and said, “I am sorry to have stained your clothes . ”

The girl did not answer Li Yundong . She approached Zhuang Hui and whispered while looking at Su Chan, “Is she your rival? Let’s teach her a lesson!”

Zhuang Hui wanted to discourage her . When she saw Su Chan, who stood there helplessly, she suddenly felt jealousy in her heart .  “This girl is really disgusting . Obviously, she did something wrong, but it seems that she is wronged! Li Yundong cannot be fooled by such a girl who is good at acting!”

People with sophisticated minds can’t help, but think that the whole world is very complicated . Zhuang Hui’s small mind couldn’t be known by others .

The girl beside her screamed at Su Chan, “Do you know how much my clothes are?”

Seeing this girl have a beautiful face and a good body shape, Li Yundong knew that she should be a student of the art department . But the mean way she spoke to Su Chan made Li Yundong think that she was a cook, an expert in Sichuan cuisine cook .

When Li Yundong saw that Su Chan was being wronged, he pulled the girl behind him and frowned . “Hey, we have apologized . ”

Su Chan came out from Li Yundong’s back and said weakly, “I really didn’t mean it . If you agree, I can help you clean it . ”

The girl laughed and looked disdainful . “Clean it? Do you know what brand it is? Kristin Dior, Dior! Do you think it is as cheap as the one you wear?”

How could Su Chan know what Dior was? She said with a blank face, “How much is Dior? I can compensate you!”

The girl sneered, “Compensate me? Can you afford it? All your clothes together couldn’t amount to a single thread of my dress!”

Hearing this, Su Chan blushed . Li Yundong was even more furious . He widened his eyes and stared at them . “What did you say?”

Before Li Yundong became famous at the event, few people dared to look him in the eyes, let alone now that he was a school celebrity . Under this circumstances, he looked full of awe .

Not only did the girl become weaker, but even Zhuang Hui, who had fun watching this, felt afraid and couldn’t help, but pull her arm . “It’s okay, forget it . Let’s go . ”

The girl also took this opportunity . While cleaning the broth with her hand, she muttered and left .

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