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Chapter 67

Chapter 67 Fine Clothes Make the Woman

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Li Yundong, who was deeply enraged, stopped a taxi while heading home with Su Chan . He took a credit card and went straight to the most prosperous commercial pedestrian street in Tiannan .

The pedestrian street was built by Tiannan City in the past two years, which cost a lot of effort . The car stopped at the intersection of the street since it could not go further, and Li Yundong got out of the car with Su Chan .

While they were standing on the street, the commercial atmosphere of the busy street was blowing around them . The sounds and music of the shops’ advertisement were echoing . In contrast to these ordinary shops, there were long-lined top-level brand stores at the entrance of the commercial street .

Among them, international brands such as Gucci, Prada, CK, LV, etc . were aligned, and Chanel still adhered to its tradition of “I have to be in the best position of the street” was located at the most arresting location .

Li Yundong was dazzled by these brand stores for a time . Su Chan was even more stunned . She had never been to such a place, and the female natural factor of seeking beauty expanded rapidly in her body .

Su Chan’s eyes were getting brighter and brighter . She pulled Li Yundong’s arm and said, “Are you going to buy me some clothes here?”

At this time, Li Yundong finally believed in what Feng Na said: there was absolutely no woman in the world who didn’t love beauty or to dress in pretty clothes!

When he saw these dazzling brand stores, he was a little worried since he was afraid that he didn’t have enough money . However, when he saw Su Chan’s excitement and expectation, the slightest hesitation in his heart was thrown into the wind .

A woman grooms for her lover . If a man could not meet the requirement to make his woman look pretty, he was a total loser .

Li Yundong waved his hand . “Yes! Buy whatever you want, my little girl . I will pay for all!”

After he said that, the people around them all turned to look at them . Li Yundong muttered, “It feels good to be a local tyrant!”

As Li Yundong waved his hand, Su Chan screamed feverishly and rushed into the Chanel store .

Li Yundong smiled, shook his head, and entered the store after her .

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Upon entering the door, the usher at the door bowed and saluted them, “Hello, welcome to the Chanel flagship store . ” Then a shopping guide came over . She was not very beautiful, but looked tall and thin in a nice suit, which was very pleasing .

“Welcome, what can I do for you?” The shopping guide said softly .

Undeniably, Li Yundong had been an all out otaku who barely went shopping in the past . The only place he would like to go was the computer market . He had no girlfriends, so he didn’t know the secrets of shopping in the mall, especially for brand stores . So he said something that made him regret it very much afterward . “I want to buy clothes for my girlfriend . We will take a look, do you have any recommendations?”

“You need a recommendation? OK! I like this kind of customer most!”

The shopping guide was full of enthusiasm, her eyes shining as if she was looking at a sucker .

Regularly, before they recommended products, they would carefully observe the customers and evaluate their purchasing power according to their judgments, so as to recommend similar products .

Otherwise, if they recommended things worth of hundreds of thousands of yuan to the common while hundreds of yuan to the rich, they were seeking death in such intense business competition .

The shopping guide looked up and down at Li Yundong and found although this boy was dressed in cheap clothes that were plain and ordinary, he looked outstanding and masculine as if he was wearing a brand-name suit . She said inwardly, “Is he a low-key boy of some rich family?”

As a shopping guide, she had a pair of sharp eyes . If she only judged people by their appearance and clothes, she was unqualified . She had to consider the purchasing power of the guests, not only from appearance, clothing, manners, talks, but sometimes the better reference was the female partner beside him…

Although Chanel also sold men’s clothing, it had been famous for women’s clothing . Most of the customers were female and were accompanied by male customers .

The more beautiful the female customers around the male customers, the more generous the male customers would be when they paid the bill . It was an unstoppable law .

Even if he was a mean person, when his beautiful female companion fawned because of pretty clothes, he often bit his teeth and pulled out his wallet .

Therefore, when the shopping guide’s gaze fell on Su Chan, her stunning gaze had escalated Li Yundong’s purchasing power by a few levels .

In the opinion of the shopping guide, as he dared to bring such a beautiful female companion to the Chanel flagship store, even if he was not a son of a big family, presumably he was somebody!

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If he was not a rich man, he would not dare to enter the store .

Therefore, the shopping guide jumped to a conclusion: he was an upstart, a big upstart! She had to rip off him, or she would not achieve her sale target . She got lucky to meet such a customer .

So she smiled like a flower and came to Su Chan intimately . She took her to the high-end goods area and said, “I don’t know what kind of dress this lady likes . ”

If the customer were experienced, she would ask, “What kind of type do you have here?”

But Su Chan did not understand it at all . She felt that she liked all the clothes here and she had been dazzled, so she said, “Every dress is fine . I think they are all beautiful!”

Great, it looked like she had a good appetite .

The smile on the shopping guide’s face grew brighter . She took a strawberry-colored dress and said, “This is the main product of our Chanel flagship store during the summer . It uses silk lace in the sleeve which is hollow in the middle with small round petals . It is refreshing and breathable, and fits the young lady’s cute temperament . Look at its collar, hem, and skirt . They are delicate hand-stitched lace edges…”

Although the shopping guide spoke to Su Chan, she watched Li Yundong from time to time . She knew the law of shopping and sales for couples who were in pairs: men’s preference was always more crucial than women’s because men were the ones who paid the bill .

Su Chan took this long skirt, and decided she liked it very much . She held it and delicately struck a pose, smiled, and said, “How does it look?”

Li Yundong sat on a sofa specially prepared for guests and waved his hand . “Have a try, and you will know!”

The guide elegantly pointed to the dressing room . “You can put it on first, and see if you like it . If you don’t, you can change it . ”

Su Chan was thrilled, and she took the dress into the room with a smile . Not long after, she walked out wearing the strawberry-colored dress .

“Do I look beautiful?” Su Chan carried the corners of the skirt with her two hands, and proudly turned around in front of Li Yundong .

Li Yundong felt his eyes brighten as the pure and lovely girl came toward him . The delicate skirt and pleated lace hem made Su Chan look cuter . Her skin looked like crystal in the warm strawberry color, tempting people to have a bite .

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“Beautiful!” Li Yundong nodded hard, and secretly sighed, “Although this girl is born to have a perfect body shape and looks good in any clothes, including my clothes, when she wears such a brand dress, she looks like a goddess!”

It was true that fine clothes made the woman .

Even though the guide had seen many customers trying on dresses, and sang a lot of praise because of commercial politeness and courtesy which was often insincere, when she saw Su Chan at this time, she had to admire her sincerely . “You are so beautiful . I have been working here for three years, and I have never seen a girl who looks better than you . If you go on to be a model, you will be a top model at the international level!”

After that, Li Yundong wanted to pay the bill, but Su Chan glanced around and found a pure white skirt when her eyes suddenly brightened . “Can I try this too?”

The guide smiled and answered, “Of course . ”

Li Yundong who just got up, sat down again .

The shopping guide watched Su Chan enter the dress room and said to Li Yundong, “What about her current dress?”

Li Yundong liked the feeling of a next-door girl Su Chan gave off when wearing this dress . He said without hesitation, “I will take it!”

The shopping guide was happy . She knew when men decided to buy the first one, he would buy the second .

When Su Chan put on the second set of clothes, the guide took the strawberry-colored dress from her, folded it, and put it on the counter .

Su Chan was wearing a white slanted shoulder skirt, and the white satin made her look fashionable and extravagant, especially the revealed shoulders as they made her sexy and charming .

After all, she was a fox, who knew how to seduce a man by nature without being told . The little girl knew how to show the style and temper of clothes .

Su Chan put her hands on her waist and twisted her body, one hand stroking her bare shoulders and throwing a wink at Li Yundong .

Li Yundong suddenly felt a shock . His heart was swaying and his mouth felt dry . He secretly suppressed his impulses . He said inwardly, “What a fascinating girl!”

The shopping guide also looked at her in shock . She suddenly felt that she was embarrassed to stay here since this girl was like a fairy in the red dust, who was specialized to seduce men! Compared with Su Chan, the means that she used to hook men was as simple as a child in kindergarten while the former was at the doctoral level!

“How do I look?” Su Chan turned in a circle in front of Li Yundong, posing like a model . The skirt she was wearing, which was not long, waved, revealing the girl’s white thigh . Li Yundong wanted to tear her dress apart so he could see what was underneath .

He had been already stunned at this time . The only thing he could do was nod . “Beautiful, very beautiful!”

The guide on the side said hotly, “So?”

Li Yundong said without hesitation, “We will buy this too!”

The guide smiled happily .

Li Yundong stood up at this moment, and muttered, “Two sets should be enough . ”

Seeing that they would likely going, Su Chan threw herself into his arms and pulled his arm . She said, “I want to have a look at these clothes! I won’t buy them, just look!”

Li Yundong thought that if he didn’t have to buy them, it would be okay to have a look!

However, was there a cat in the world that didn’t eat a fish after seeing it?


Therefore, likewise, there was no beauty in the world that just looked and didn’t buy clothes!

So his position became one of tragedy…

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