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Chapter 64

Chapter 64 Vow to Learn from You as a Disciple

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When Li Yundong and Su Chan came to school the next day, he found that no matter where he went, there would be someone paying attention to him as they kept pointing and whispering .

As he entered the classroom, the students who were chatting became quiet, and then turned to Li Yundong .

The class leader, Sun Li, could not help pointing at Li Yundong and shouted, “Haha, the big star has arrived!”

The classmates boiled, and they surrounded Li Yundong, handing a notebook or paper to him . “Big star, hurry and sign your name!”

“Li Zhenren, accept me as a disciple, hehe! Of course, before that, sign first!”

Li Yundong was shocked . He didn’t expect that, over one night, the students were still so excited . He waved his hand and bragged, “Hey, I always stress that I want to keep a low profile, but you have to give me flowers and smiles . I’m flattered!!”

The classmates laughed, and Sun Li pointed at Li Yundong and loudly said, “Hey, he is proud . Classmates, what should we do?”

The classmates were anxious to stir up trouble and laughed . “Take off his shirt and pants and throw out his shoes!”

Seeing this, Li Yundong was in a hurry to run . He turned around and saw the students who attended the international university exchange meeting, such as Kris and Tom, come over .

Compared with the students who were enthusiastic in the classroom, Li Yundong was even more afraid of facing these foreigners . In any case, he had made fun of them and humiliated them . It was ultimately not right .

“Brothers and sisters…” Li Yundong quickly turned back and asked for mercy . “Listen to me! I will definitely sign for you, but now the foreigners are coming and we can’t let them see our awkward behaviors . We are on the same team . Please be reasonable . ”

The students shouted in agreement, and some unconstrained girls secretly looked at Li Yundong, while laughing . “We can wait!”

It was only after that did Li Yundong sit down in his seat . He took a long breath . Su Chan, who was at his side, was puzzled and asked, “Why do they want your signature?”

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Li Yundong thought for a moment and said, “Well, some people think that if you are a star, or you have the potential of being a star, they will ask for your signature . When you are famous, they can show it off to others or sell it for money . ”

Su Chan’s eyes lit up . “Can your signature be sold for money?”

Li Yundong said, “If I become a big star in the future, of course, it can be sold . ”

Su Chan smiled . “Then I want your signature, too!”

Li Yundong saw her cute face and could not help smiling . “For what?”

Su Chan laughed and said, “I want as many of your signatures as possible, and I will be a rich woman in the future!”

Li Yundong rubbed her head in a doting way . “Idiot, the few the better! Moreover, my signature is worthless!”

Su Chan pouted her mouth, and suddenly felt bored . “Is that so?”

Li Yundong was irritated by her cuteness and couldn’t help whispering in her ear, “If you want, I will sign only for you . Then the signature will be worth a lot!”

Su Chan became happy and asked, “Really?”

Li Yundong refrained from smiling and added, “It can’t be more real! But, do you have paper or a notebook for that?”

Su Chan always accompanied Li Yundong to school with empty hands, so she had nothing . She suddenly showed a distressed look . “I don’t have it so what should I do?”

Li Yundong whispered in Su Chan’s ear, “I can sign on your body…”

Li Yundong’s breath cause Su Chan to feel the urge to itch, and her body was soft . She giggled, “Phew, you should feel shame!”

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As Li Yundong had become more and more intimate with Su Chan, he dared to say more and more dirty words, and he became bolder . When he was going to tease the little girl again, someone sat next to him .

Li Yundong turned his head and saw that Kris looked at him with enthusiasm . Then a few people sat in the back row . Tom’s head stretched out and said to Li Yundong, “Master!”

Li Yundong shook his head and sighed, “You two are really patient . You are going back to the United States in two days so why do you bother? It is better to leave a good impression of yourself! There are many scenic spots in Tiannan University that you should go and see . Ok?”

Tom listened to Li Yundong speaking Chinese blankly . He couldn’t understand any of it, but the last word . So he quickly nodded his head like a rattle drum to express his existence . “OK, OK!”

Li Yundong was amused by Tom and laughed when Kris, who was next to him, turned her head and shouted at Tom, “Shut up!”

Tom was stunned and frightened . He said to Kris, “Kris, how did I offend you?”

Kris said, “This guy is trying to get rid of us . He dislikes us!”

Tom suddenly looked sad and hurt, and said to Li Yundong, “Master, you have greatly hurt my heart . I am sincere and very solemn . I really want to learn from you as a disciple!”

Unfortunately, Li Yundong could not understand a word of his sincere confession . After Kris translated it for him, Li Yundong thought about it and said, “Since you feel that you are sincere, then I will sincerely tell you that if you can learn Chinese and settle in China, I will teach you . Otherwise, it is absolutely impossible!”

The reason why Kris came to Li Yundong today, firstly, was that they were international exchange students and they had to listen to a course of Tiannan University . Secondly, when she returned to her place of residence last night, she thought about it for a long time and she was very unwilling to leave like this as she had never been treated like this since she was young .

Becoming a disciple was not important . She had to win credit for herself .

***Editor Note: There was several paragraphs of nation bashing between Kris and Li Yundong and the translator didn’t feel comfortable translating it so it has been omitted out of respect for the translator . Just know a few lines of argument were here that made Kris mad . ***

The rest of the exchange students of the University of Pennsylvania who knew Chinese heard what was said and became angry and immediately said to Kris, “Kris, forget it . Don’t be pushy . Maybe he has such rules . ”

“Yes, Kris, I heard that the Chinese take this seriously . ”

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As a Chinese expert in the university who was also studying the Chinese language and literature as well as ancient Chinese history, Kris enjoyed the reputation of “Venus with wisdom and beauty” . How could she not understand what they were talking about?

She took a deep breath and her anger subsided, but her eyes faintly showed a stubborn look . She lowered her voice and said, “I won’t give up . You will accept me as an apprentice sooner or later . Of course, with him!”

Kris pointed to Tom who was sitting in the back row .

Li Yundong thought that this foreign girl was really like a Hunan girl as they often were impatient and dominant! She did it anyway even though she knew it was impossible .

Li Yundong smiled and said, “Well, let’s go and see! I am very curious . What are you going to do to make me your teacher . ”

Tom wanted to learn from him because he really loved all kinds of fighting techniques in the world, especially when he saw Li Yundong kick people in the air . He was like addicts who saw drugs and couldn’t give up such an opportunity .

However, Kris was just kidding when she said she wanted to be a disciple before . But now, the joke was going to become reality because the foreign girl had her temper raised .

Li Yundong stopped talking to the foreigners . He looked around when he saw Zhou Qin and Ding Nan entering the classroom .

Ding Nan saw Li Yundong at a glance and gently touched Zhou Qin with her elbow, looking in the direction of Li Yundong .

Zhou Qin also saw Li Yundong . Her eyes became gentle, and she nodded slightly to Li Yundong as a greeting .

If someone else did this, it was normal, but for Zhou Qin, it was a remarkable thing .

In the classroom, people who knew this cool girl felt so surprised that their mouths dropped open .  “Zhou Qin actually took the initiative to say hello to people?”

“She also admires Li Yundong?”

“I heard that she was going to hold a birthday party today . Are you invited?”

“No, but the class leader, Sun Li, is invited . I heard that most of the invited people are handsome or beautiful . ”

“Oh, I really want to see what her birthday party is like . ”

During the whispers of the classmates, the teacher came in, and everyone slowly calmed down .

When the class was over at noon, Li Yundong quickly pulled Su Chan out of the classroom because there was one more lesson in the afternoon and since they didn’t have time return to their home to have lunch, they had to rush to the cafeteria .

As soon as they entered the cafeteria, all the people suddenly looked at them .

One was the favorite student of Tiannan University, and the other was the most perfect girlfriend recognized by the boys of Tiannan University . How could such a couple not attract attention?

Although Su Chan was generous, under so many people’s gazes, she also felt uncomfortable . She stretched out to pull Li Yundong’s sleeves and said, “Why are they looking at me?”

Li Yundong said, “You are too beautiful, so they have to look at you . ”

Su Chan suddenly smiled, “Really?”

Li Yundong smiled and answered, “I lied!”

Su Chan’s face darkened, “I hate you!”

Then they bought food in the cafeteria and sat down . No one approached them . It was not because they didn’t want to, but Li Yundong and Su Chan looked unapproachable .

Seeing that there was no one near him for five meters or so, Li Yundong suddenly felt lonely . He sighed, “This is the feeling of being a star!”

When his voice just fell, he heard a girl next to him smile . She said, “Li Yundong, you are so shameless!”

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