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Chapter 63

Chapter 63 I Am Jealous

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Cheng Cheng was right . When the boys saw the previous post, they became jealous and couldn’t help, but start thinking of the little beauty who was with Li Yundong and retaliated against the girls of Tiannan University .

As the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire . The boys and girls immediately started a fierce attack because of this post . The girls kept enumerating the advantages of Yundong Li, such as “fightable, humorous, funny, handsome, masculine in appearance, gentle, and considerate in treatment of girlfriends”, etc . In order to attack the shortcomings of the boys such as “no sense of responsibility, no excuse, no ambition, no interest, barbarity, rudeness, and sissy” etc . ”

Seeing this, the boys naturally didn’t want to be outdone .

They listed the advantages of Su Chan one by one: “She is beautiful, but not arrogant or fragile, lovely, and generous . She is not as vulgar and disgusting as girls nowadays who always talk about money . The most important thing is she looks more beautiful in non-branded dresses than movie stars, which means she is simple and plain living!”

Nowadays, wars between men and women could never end . Women complained about no good men left in the world on various occasions, and men repeatedly complain about women’s vanity and philistinism!

Who started this? The powerful, rich men who seduced women to be their lover or the beautiful, ambitious women who wanted to become wives without suffering?

Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

It was a problem worth considering .

When it gradually came to sensitive social issues, everyone inevitably felt the weight of the topic . Some people begin to withdraw from the debate and meditate slowly . The heat of the gossip forum had obviously slowed down .

But at this time, suddenly a netizen called “I am an otaku, and I don’t give a damn about you” wrote a comment under the post “Who is your most perfect female partner?” He said, “Damn, who wrote this post? Does he want to live or not? Does he dare to have sexual fantasies over my Su Chan?”

This comment suddenly stirred up a thousand waves, and almost at the same time, hundreds of students commented on this message to swear at him, 99% of which were male .

After a while, this ID added some words and made the forum explode, “Motherfucker, you guys are really crazy . I am Li Yundong and Su Chan is my girlfriend! I will beat whoever dares to have dirty thoughts of her!”

Li Yundong?

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It was Li Yundong!

Li Yundong was online!!

The news spread throughout the forum and the various QQ groups on campus . The students who were already bored felt reinvigorated . Some students who had previously went to bed were awakened and re-entered the school forum .

Many of them questioned the identity of this ID and asked, “How can you prove that you are Li Yundong? I can say that I am Li Yunxi!”

Li Yundong was surfing the Internet at his new home with a laptop at this time . After he came back, he took a shower and practiced for a while . He was bored and wanted to sleep, but too many things happened tonight that he couldn’t sleep . He tried to talk to Su Chan about why she knew kung fu, but he didn’t know how to start .

Li Yundong was in a dilemma when he started the computer and looked at the school forum out of boredom .

Before Su Chan appeared in his life, he was a frequent visitor to this forum, but he was a standard otaku at that time who was not famous in the school so he could not cause any attention .

But now it was different . His casual comment on the forum immediately caused an uproar .

“How can I prove that I am Li Yundong?” Li Yundong looked at this reply and couldn’t help, but laugh .

“You tell me how I can prove it!” Li Yundong replied .

Immediately a boring comment in the forum followed, “Tell us the three measurements of your chest, waist, and hips!”

And then some people took it seriously and suggested, “It’s very simple . Tell us your phone number, and then we can verify it by calling you! If you are Li Yundong or not, it will be known . ”

Li Yundong felt amused and replied, “How do you know that you are talking to me? Can you recognize my voice?”

The fact that he didn’t try to get out of it made most of the people on the Internet began to believe that this ID was Li Yundong . They couldn’t help providing strange ideas . One ID called “Sun Mulberry” said, “I am Li Yundong’s classmate . I will know his voice . ”

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Someone immediately agreed and elected the person whose ID called “Sun Mulberry” to call Li Yundong .

Li Yundong was swayed by these people and posted his mobile phone number on the Internet impulsively .

As soon as he posted it, a phone call came in . Li Yundong answered and said, “Hello? Who is it?”

A girl excitedly said, “Lily, it is really Li Yundong!”

A girl’s voice sounded familiar and came from the phone . “Is it really? No, let me speak to him!”

Since a mobile phone had the function of storing a phone number, although Sun Li had contacted Li Yundong several times before, she didn’t remember Li Yundong’s number . Just now, she was on the forum looking for fun . At this time, as soon as she knew the number really belonged to Li Yundong, she suddenly took the phone and shouted, “Hey, hello? Li Yundong, is that you?”

Li Yundong smiled bitterly . “My class leader, how come you are everywhere?”

Sun Li laughed . “Li Yundong, congratulations, you are famous . You have become the most popular student in our school!”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “What? Who wants this? Hurry, do you know the moderator of the campus forum or not? Please ask him to delete the post of my girlfriend . It is annoying!”

Sun Li said strangely, “Hey, as soon as you become famous, you dare to order me around! You have changed . Do you know that?”

Li Yundong didn’t know how to react . “My good class leader, do me a favor, please!”

Sun Li smiled and said, “I can’t help you . You should pray for yourself!”

After that, she hung up .

While Sun Li and Li Yundong were talking on the phone, her roommates had sent the message to confirm that this number belonged to Li Yundong .

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“It really is Li Yundong, I just talked to him!”

“Haha, come on, students . If you want to listen to Li Yundong’s magnetic voice, please quickly dial this number or his mobile phone will be too busy later!”

Just as one might expect, the second Li Yundong hung up, an unknown number dialed in . Li Yundong answered it and a sweet and pleasant northeastern accent came out, “Is this Li Yundong? Oh, big brother . Oh, it’s really you! Oops, you are so busy tonight . Tell you what? I am worshiping you now . What? You don’t believe me? My words are true indeed . I mean it! Hey, are you listening? Hello?”

Li Yundong hung up the phone with a strange face and muttered, “What a bother!”

However, just as he hung up the phone, another number dialed in . Li Yundong answered it and this time it was a woman who sounded like Zhang Fei (a famous muscular male character) . She said in a Shaanxi dialect, “Oh my god . Are you really Li Yundong?”

Li Yundong was scared by her voice and trembled, immediately hanging up the phone .

But he just pressed the button, the phone rang again!

Li Yundong was furious . He turned the phone off immediately and threw it aside .

Meanwhile, the school forum had exploded . People who got through the phone bragged in the forum while the ones who failed sighed .

While looking at the crazily refreshed posts on the forum, Li Yundong couldn’t help laughing . “They really are extremely bored!”

Su Chan came out of the bathroom after her shower . She was wearing one of Li Yundong’s shirts and was naked underneath . She was wearing Li Yundong’s large pajama bottoms and her crystal feet were revealed to be in sandals .

“What’s the matter with you? Who did you talk to?” Seeing Li Yundong sitting alone at his desk and sulking, Su Chan smiled and sat next to Li Yundong .

Looking at this perfect girl in front of him, Li Yundong was enraged, “Someone is admiring you and I am jealous!”

Su Chan giggled and suddenly kissed Li Yundong’s face . She took his arm and said, “Master, I belong to you and only you . No one can take me from you!”

Li Yundong deliberately showed a look of doubt and asked, “Really?”

Su Chan smiled and her eyes turned into crescent moons . Her sweet smiles melted Li Yundong . She said, “Yes, my master!”

Li Yundong was very satisfied . He smiled and hugged the little girl with a smile . “That’s good . Let me check on you . Come over, I will check your body!”

Su Chan giggled, stood up, and ran into her bedroom . Then she stretched out her head and made a face at Li Yundong . “No, no! You will do bad things . ”

Li Yundong’s previous unhappiness had disappeared instantly . He said eagerly like the wolf who was disguised as the grandmother and rushed toward Su Chan, “I will eat you up today!”

Su Chan screamed and slammed the door shut . Laughter that sounded like a silver bell came through the door .

While the young couple was laughing and joking, the school’s forum was finally smashed by the excited students . The server was completely down, and the students had to turn off the computer and return to reality from the virtual world .

Holding her chin with one hand, Zhou Qin looked at the downloaded video of Li Yundong over and over again . She had a soft smile on her face which was motionless on weekdays .

“He will come to my party tomorrow . I am looking forward to it!”

However, when Zhou Qin’s eyes fell on the forum page that had been dead, her two nice eyebrows immediately squatted together .

“Who is the mysterious girl with Li Yundong?” Zhou Qin sighed sadly .

“Previously she could get anything she wanted . When she finally favored a boy, he belonged to someone else . Could she get him again?”

Zhou Qin was lost in thought .

At this time, no one would know that Zhao Yujian was sitting in his bed and staring at the computer . The screen of the computer showed the forum page of Tiannan University, and his face was dull . A hint of terrible light condensed in his eyes .

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