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Chapter 62

Chapter 62 Popular Star of the Campus

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For the leaders and teachers of Tiannan University, today’s events were a complete success, except for the little disharmony…

Although it was late at night, the school’s leaders and teachers still held a meeting to summarize and discuss the performance and mistakes of the evening events .

“As I said, this student was a black sheep and must be kicked out of school!”

Director Qian slapped his hand hard on the table, and his hat also fell due to this action, blocking one eye, which looked very funny .

“Think about it, he nearly killed someone at the party, and he taught foreigners swear words! It’s embarrassing for the city leaders! ”

What happened backstage could not be hidden from the teachers and they had known clearly about it . Director Qian seized the opportunity and made up his mind to pull out this eyesore!

Although other teachers did not have any direct conflicts with Li Yundong, they also heard more or less of Li Yundong’s recent deeds .

For such a student, the teachers were disgusted from the bottom of their hearts, especially Mr . Liu, who had fought with Li Yundong before .

Since he argued with Li Yundong at the school gate, he responded and said, “I agree with Mr . Qian . Students like him will cause trouble sooner or later if he stays in our school! See what he has done over these past few days! He stirs up trouble all the time . ”

The president of Tiannan University went abroad for an inspection and the vice president naturally took charge of all the school’s affairs . President Ke pushed his reading glasses, coughed, and said slowly, “However, the exchange students at the University of Pennsylvania favor Li Yundong . ”

Director Qian immediately said, “President Ke, Li Yundong almost killed Tom with one punch and taught him to use dirty words . What impression could they hold? Others will think our school is full of such students! ”

President Ke stopped talking . After a while, he said, “But anyway, he has contributed a lot to tonight’s events and was considered arguably the most popular person . If he is dismissed for no apparent reason, it would be seen as unreasonable . ”

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President Ke still had a little affection for Li Yundong . If it weren’t for Li Yundong, the party would have turned into a joke . Even if he were not affected, Tiannan University would inevitably be affected and impacted .

Seeing President Ke speak for Li Yundong, Director Qian knew it would be difficult for him to expel Li Yundong . He was unwilling, but he could not say anything at this time . He just snorted and did not open his mouth again .

President Ke glanced at him and made concluding remarks for the discussion on this issue, “Well, let’s end it and move to the next issue . ”

At the end of the school committee meeting, Director Qian, who was walking in the back of the group, was held back by Mr . Liu . “Director Qian, in fact, it is not difficult to remove the black sheep . ”

Director Qian was somewhat surprised and asked, “Oh?”

Mr . Liu smiled and said, “The final exam is coming soon . I have already inquired about it . This semester, the student has missed more than 40 classes so he cannot take the exams for several subjects . He can only take exams for the remaining two required courses . As long as he does not get credit for these two subjects, then…”

Director Qian smiled clearly and said, “In this way, we can talk him out?”

The two teachers smiled and felt empathy for each other .

Compared with some unscrupulous teachers, college students were much more straightforward .

The school forum was almost down that night, with a large number of students logging onto the campus forum, posting and almost crushing the server .

Cheng Cheng, who had taken a shower in the dormitory, sat in front of the computer and clicked on the campus Jianghu section of the campus forum . The first page was completly covered in selfie videos of the school event tonight . The first highlighted post was about Li Yundong .

Cheng Cheng shouted excitedly to Feng Na in the bathroom, “Na Na, come and see! Come and see!”

Seeing Cheng Cheng’s excitement, the other roommates in the dormitory came to look at the computer . After a while, Feng Na also came out, revealing her white legs . She asked while drying her hair, “What are you looking at? Why are you so excited?”

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After seeing the video, Feng Na laughed . This was the very video of Li Yundong’s performance at the event .

“Why are you looking at this? Haven’t you seen it? It was taken with a mobile phone and is too unclear! ”

Cheng Cheng looked back and smiled, “How can they be the same? This is the third angle of view . Li Yundong is very handsome!”

Feng Na laughed . “That’s right . That’s why I made a junior brother my idol . ”

The roommates in the dormitory all started laughing and shouting, “Well done, you had a plan already . Na Na! Tell us quickly . How is it going?”

Feng Na felt a stab of pain in her heart for no reason and looked gloomy . Seeing this, Cheng Cheng quickly changed the subject . “Hey, look at the comments . They are funny!”

Only then did all the girls shift their focus . They gathered around the computer one by one to watch the comments and read them out in a low voice .

“Damn, Tiannan University has talent . When did this happen?”

“What is called crouching tiger and hidden dragon? This is . He was so impressive . It was awesome!”

“As a student of Tiannan University, I am proud!”

“Awesome people are always keeping a low profile . ”

“Are you saying that Li Yundong is not low profile, so he is not awesome?”

“Oh~ He should be naked to do that!”

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“The sixth floor is reasonable . I agree with you!”

“The sixth floor gets the point!”

“Well, according to the theory of the sixth floor, Li Yundong is still an awesome person because he was not naked!”

“Five hundred years ago, Zhang Sanfeng a . k . a . Zhang Zhenren lived in the Wudang Mountains, while five hundred years later Li Yundong, Li Zhenren lives in Tiannan City! Guys, if you are interested, please contact the disciple of Li Zhenren . Male student dormitory 406, the telephone number is 134***54657 . ”

“Fu*k, you idiot . They don’t belong to the same sect!”

“You go away and don’t mess up with us! All of you, I am the 49th generation successor of Li Zhenren’s family . I promise I’m real! If you want to submit to the door, please contact the male dormitory 108 . Since I have lost my cell phone the day before yesterday and have not reissued my cell phone card so far, only the contact code is left . The secret code is: Long live God! ”

“What the f*ck . Li Zhenren’s 49th generation successor? Li Zhenren is less than 20 years old this year, so how can he have a 49th generation successor? Are you from cell division or gene cloning? Long live God, how ridiculous!”

The girls read the comment one by one, and nearly burst into laughter . Cheng Cheng laughed until tears flowed down her face and fell on Feng Na . She gasped and said, “No, my intestines are going to burst . ”

Feng Na also smiled tearfully, “These people are so funny!”

While laughing, the girls went back to their beds and logged on to their computers one after another . In the Jianghu section of the school forum, they followed people to brag . In only one hour, Li Yundong’s video had more than 1,000 comments .

When it exceeded 1,000, the students of Tiannan City University could not help exclaiming and sighing, “This is definitely the most powerful post of Tiannan City University since it was founded . It can be called the first post of Tiannan University!”

But the most impressive thing about this post was not the stunning quantity, but the fans’ great attack power .

Since Li Yundong’s video was posted, many people had been saying that they cheated in the show with absolute certainty, “How could there be a kind of kung fu that could hit people from a distance in the world? Is he, Li Yundong, practicing the dragon-strike or the Buddha’s palm? In my opinion, this is another plot by a so-called Qigong master! ”

But soon, these remarks were attacked by the students who watched the show that night . These bored students attacked the conspiracy theorists with all kinds of sharp, pungent, and vitriolic language .

At first, these conspiracy theorists were able to argue based on reason and refute it harshly . However, as the war progressed, more and more students returned to the dormitory and logged onto the campus network, and more and more people joined the fan groups of Li Yundong to attack anyone who spoke evil of Li Yundong crazily .

Gradually, these conspiracy theorists began to lose, especially when it came to their families . They began to retreat one by one from the top post of the Tiannan University .

When the comments exceeded 2000, the last one called ‘Love Forever’ finally retreated . At that time, the fans felt lost since they had no enemy and no place to drain all their energy .

At this time, someone was so idle that they clicked open a post of the selection of the most popular male students on campus, which listed the school hunks of the universities in Tiannan City .

As a result, all the people in the Jianghu section immediately switched to the gossip section and added more than 1,000 comments under this post in an instant . Li Yundong was elected the No . 1 most popular student in Tiannan University with 95% of the votes . Zhao Yujian, the former school hunk, was not even nominated .

But this is not the end, Cheng Cheng who wasn’t satisfied, rolled her eyes, and secretly wrote another post, called “Who is your most perfect male partner?”

As a result, Li Yundong’s numerous female fans once again put Li Yundong on the list, with an election rate of 97% .

Cheng Cheng did not stop and added another post, “Who is your most perfect female partner?”

As Feng Na’s best partner, Cheng Cheng, of course, voted for her sister, as well as her roommates, but this time the result was unexpected to the girls .

“Li Yundong’s Secret Girlfriend” won the throne by an amazing number of votes, beating Zhou Qin, the school babe of Tiannan University, Feng Na, and others .

“Conspiracy, this is definitely a conspiracy!” Cheng Cheng was exasperated . “This is the boys’ revenge on us girls for supporting Li Yundong just now!”

“Sisters, we have to fight back! Can you allow the native school hunk of Tiannan University to be taken away by a girl of unknown origin?” Cheng Cheng cried out in several female students’ QQ groups of Tiannan University . Immediately, the forum of Tiannan University boiled and a huge verbal battle began .

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