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Chapter 61

Chapter 61 A Sudden Sneak Attack

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Poor Mayor Luo eagerly listened to what Chinese Tom had learned . As a result, a greeting that was far more powerful than national abuse came out .

“It’s a good thing he didn’t greet my family!”

His smile froze on his face, his eye twitching .

The entourage and other school leaders next to him wanted to laugh, but they didn’t dare to . They all put on tight faces and tried to be righteous and calm, but the corners of their mouths were twitching from time to time .

The students around obviously could not control their faces as well as the leaders, and some of them couldn’t help laughing on the spot . After that, they felt inappropriate and immediately turned their faces to poker faces . After a while, they couldn’t help, but turn away to cover their mouths and secretly giggle .

Li Yundong heard Tom scream like a wolf and laughed his head off before he nearly fainted, but he was standing in the front row that was close to the city leaders . He had to use all his strength to control himself from laughing too much .

Tom had no idea that Li Yundong had tricked him . Seeing that the people around him reacted strangely, he couldn’t help feeling lost and said, “What’s wrong, did I say it wrong?”

Then, he tried hard to pronounce it again .

Hearing this, Mayor Luo was anxious . If he did this again, it would be ridiculous .

Most people who became leaders were not slow to respond . He shook Tom’s hand lightly and calmly . Then, he naturally said to the school leaders who kept wiping sweat beside him, “It’s said that once one is in a strange land, the first words he learns are swear words . Now it seems to make sense to me!”

After that, he took the lead to burst out laughing .

After seeing his smile, everyone was relieved, took a deep breath, and burst out laughing as well .

Li Yundong waited until all the leaders left . When the party was over, he saw Kris coming with Tom in a rage .

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He felt guilty, so he took Su Chan and said, “Run fast, the foreigners are coming to make trouble!”

Tom’s impressive greeting had amused Su Chan, and she even could not straighten her back from laughing so hard . When Li Yundong pulled her, she answered and wiped off the tears coming out of her eyes and ran after Li Yundong .

At first, they had to hold back since they were in the auditorium and could not run fast, but when they approached the door of the auditorium, they sped up . As soon as they ran out of the hall, Li Yundong took Su Chan and ran at full speed .

Kris shouted from behind them, “Stop! Li Yundong, I have something to say! ”

Li Yundong laughed and turned to say, “You stop . Save it for tomorrow!”

Kris was enraged and she said to Tom, “Tom, let’s go and get them!”

Tom was puzzled, “Why? Why do we have to do that?”

Kris sputtered, “You idiot, he tricked you just now . Don’t you know?”

Tom felt confused and asked, “How did he trick me?”

Kris kicked Tom angrily . “The sentence he taught you in Chinese was very bad . You just scolded the mayor of this city!”

Tom immediately held his head, and said with a look of panic, “Lord, I heard that this country is very centralized . I scolded the mayor . Will he send me to jail? Can’t I go back?”

Seeing this, Kris was angry and amused . “You well-developed, but simple-minded idiot, hurry up and catch up with him . He should apologize!”

Hearing this, Tom nodded hard, but then he became very depressed and said, “What’s the use of catching up with him? I can’t beat him anyway . ”

Kris roared, “Do you only know to use force? Are you still living in the Middle Ages?”

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As she said this, she ran by herself, leaving behind only one sentence, “It’s up to you whether you come or not!”

Tom had no choice, but to follow .

Li Yundong and Su Chan ran out of the school . They laughed wildly and their speed was not too fast . When they passed the school gate, Su Chan laughed and asked, “Where are we going now?”

At this time, there were few pedestrians on the road . Only a man who lowered his head and kept his hands inside his pockets hurried toward them .

Li Yundong pointed in the direction of the main road . “We go this way…”

Before he finished speaking, he suddenly saw the man passing by him take a bag of lime powder out from his pocket and throw the contents toward him .

Li Yundong never expected that someone would attack him by such dirty means and was caught off guard . Although he closed his eyes subconsciously, some lime still got into his eyes . He screamed loudly, covering his eyes with one hand and pulling Su Chan with the other . He shouted, “Su Chan, run!”

Since Su Chan stood beside Li Yundong, and Li Yundong seemed to be the other party’s main target, she was spared . Seeing Li Yundong suddenly be attacked, she was surprised and angry and refused to run .

The man who threw lime juice at Li Yundong shouted, “Attack!”

As soon as he finished shouting, he saw Su Chan swiftly approach him and gently shoot a palm at his chest!

She didn’t seem use much strength, but after a “pah”, the man felt as if the strength of his entire body had disappeared and his bones were fragile . He fell softly to the ground and could only exhale without inhaling .

At this moment, the thugs arrived and showed their knives one after another before fiercely rushing toward them .

When Su Chan saw the danger coming, she held out a hand with a faint blue light flowing around her fingertips and quickly gave a wipe at Li Yundong’s eyes . She shouted, “Okay, you can open your eyes!”

After she said that, she threw herself at the attackers .

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The lime in Li Yundong’s eyes was taken away by Su Chan quietly by magic, but he still felt a stab of pain in his eyes . He tried to open his eyes, but his vision was blurred . He could only see the figure of Su Chan jumping . Shrieks and whines kept coming from all around .

Kris and Tom, who arrived later, were stunned . Tom looked at Su Chan, who toppled one thug everytime she moved . He looked shocked and said, “Jesus, do all Chinese know kung fu? How can this girl be so good at it?”

He had a lot of combat experience, and naturally knew now that this sneak attack spectacle could not have been arranged in advance . Although Su Chan’s strike looked weak and her figure looked erratic like a ghost, as she touched a person with her hand, shrieks like a dying pig came .

Kris also stared at her as if she couldn’t believe what was happening .

These thugs were invited by Xie Fei and had cost him a lot of money . They planned to scrap Li Yundong this very evening . Although Li Yundong was a real tough man, they never expected that the delicate little beauty beside him was a master .

When Su Chan beat down the sixth man, the thugs were obviously scared . Their eyes showed a stab of fear and hesitation, and they began to stop .

A thug close to Li Yundong gritted his teeth and chopped at him with a knife . He was full of wishful thinking: “He had to at least hit Li Yundong once, then he would immediately flee . Only in this way could they report on their mission . ”

At the same time, Li Yundong just recovered his eyesight . He watched the knife coming toward him and then caught it with his hand, holding the knife with his five fingers .

The thug was horrified and seized the knife with force, but the blade could not move under Li Yundong’s fingers . It was as if it was not a hand but a big iron tong!

Li Yundong was angry, so he forcibly pinched the blade with his finger and broke it in half . Then he picked up the thug with one hand and hideously said, “Tell me, who sent you!”

This thug was frightened by Li Yundong . He had never seen such a man who could grab a knife with bare hands .

His legs trembled and he answered, “It’s Xie Fei…”

Li Yundong laughed angrily, “Well, it seems that he is holding a grudge! Okay, you go back and tell him that I accept him as an enemy . Let’s wait and see if he will die first or I will die first! He’d better not appear in Tiannan University otherwise, I will throw him down from the teaching building . I will do what I say!”

Then, Li Yundong slapped the thug’s face, making him scream and spit out two teeth . The thug covered his mouth and began to flee, not daring to look back .

Su Chan had knocked the thugs around her to the ground at this time . She kept in mind the law that a cultivator could not kill any secular people by magic . She just disabled them and injured these thugs’ internal organs with her strength . After they went back, they would suffer severe internal injuries of various types within a year and could no longer commit any evil .

Li Yundong walked up to Su Chan without looking at the wailing thugs around her . He looked over at Su Chan and asked with concern, “Are you all right?”

Su Chan smiled, pointing at the thugs on the ground, and said with a smile as if she was asking for praise, “How is that? I told you I was great . ”

Li Yundong laughed, but he quickly straightened his face, feigning anger and said, “Never ever hit someone in the future!”

Su Chan was expecting praise from Li Yundong . After hearing this, she pouted her lips . “I hate you . You should praise me!”

Li Yundong pinched the little girl’s nose and said, “No matter if someone else injures you or you injure someone else in the future, I will worry, understand? You should leave this kind of thing to me!”

Su Chan felt warm and felt happy . She smiled and wiped the remaining lime powder off Li Yundong’s face with her hands . “You have become a big dirty cat!”

Only then did Li Yundong remember that he still had lime powder on his face . He immediately cleaned his face with his clothes and scolded, “This Xie Fei is really vicious . It’s good that you were around, or I would have been turned into meat sauce today!”

At this point, Li Yundong seemed to think of something . He said to Kris and Tom, who were stunned not too far away, “You two saw it . They started it . Su Chan and I were defending ourselves . ”

Tom and Kris both looked silly at this moment, and they could not react . They nodded subconsciously .

After they watched Li Yundong take a taxi and leave with Su Chan, Tom shouted with flashing eyes, “I must learn from him . He is too awesome!”

Kris gave him a grumpily look when she thought of another problem; she immediately stamped her feet angrily . “That bastard always lies! Didn’t he say that his kung fu was not suitable for women? Why is that girl so cool?”

In Kris’s view, Su Chan must have learned kung fu from Li Yundong . She didn’t know that, in reality, Su Chan was Li Yundong’s cultivation guide .

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