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Chapter 60

Chapter 60 Ni-hao, Dshbi!

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Facing Kris, who had become angry from embarrassment, Li Yundong smiled, “China has traditions since ancient times . Sometimes it may smack of sexism, but sometimes it is because kung fu is not suitable for women to learn . My kung fu is not very suitable for you coincidentally . ”

Hearing this, Kris realized that Li Yundong’s excuse was too strong to refute .

She grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth . She was beautiful, tall, and sexy . She had been surrounded by boys everywhere . However, she didn’t expect that she would be so mortified here that she nearly couldn’t get off the stage .

Kris couldn’t stand this and secretly ground her teeth for a moment, stamping, before she turned around and marched off .

At this time, the school leaders backstage also knew that nothing was wrong and that a likely tragedy had been turned into a comedy, which was a great joy to everyone .

When President Ke realized that the event was very successful, he kindly said to Li Yundong, “You should get on the stage and Mayor Luo will meet you . Don’t embarrass our university!”

Although Li Yundong didn’t care that, he nodded politely .

The school leaders felt satisfied and left, leaving the robust Tom, who was still clinging to Li Yundong .

Tom had no idea what Kris and Li Yundong had said before . He just kept shouting at Li Yundong, “Master, master!” Then there would be a long speech in English .

Although Li Yundong’s English was not very good, he knew that Tom was begging him to accept him as a disciple .

Feng Na was good at English . She smiled and whispered to Li Yundong, “This foreigner is asking you to teach him Chinese . He said that he would learn Chinese with you first and then kung fu . ”

Li Yundong laughed . “He can really persevere . You tell him that I can’t teach him too much Chinese since he doesn’t have enough time here . ”

Feng Na smiled and translated his words to Tom . Tom was thrilled when he found a translator for him nearby . He grabbed Feng Na’s hand and rattled off for a long time .

Feng Na couldn’t stand the enthusiasm of the foreigner . She quickly pulled her hand away and quietly stepped back half a step . Then she translated the words to Li Yundong, “He said he would learn as much as he could, and he would study hard!”

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Li Yundong laughed . “How can that be possible? How can anyone learn Chinese like this? Besides, he will return to the United States in a couple of days, and when he returns, he will forget the matter of learning from teachers . If he just learns kung fu these days, it will be useless . He will need a long time to learn, at least a few years!”

As soon as Feng Na had finished translating the words, Tom stared and shouted loudly in English .

Li Yundong had no choice, but to look at Feng Na who smiled and said, “He said that he would go back to apply for an international exchange chance and come to Tiannan University to study as long as you are willing to accept him as a disciple!”

Feng Na translated and patted Li Yundong on the shoulder with a smile, “Well done, you have a big foreign fan! It seems that I was wise to choose you as my idol! I will be the senior sister of your fan club in the future!”

Cheng Cheng immediately added, “A handsome and smart leader and a beautiful and exquisite senior sister are a perfect match!”

Feng Na’s face turned red suddenly . She gave Cheng Cheng a look of shame and annoyance . “What nonsense!”

Li Yundong perceived the romantic meaning in her words and could not help giving Feng Na a look . Although Feng Na had a round face, she looked sweet . At this time, she was full of girlish charm .

But at this time Li Yundong was falling in love with Su Chan, so after taking a look, his eyes naturally moved away, revealing no sign of being tempted .

Feng Na was shy, but she had been carefully observing Li Yundong’s expression and eyes . When she saw Li Yundong’s eyes were pure without any romance, she was at a loss .

Li Yundong seemed to be unaware of Feng Na’s abnormality . He laughed . “You tell Tom that as long as he learns Chinese well, I will consider it . ”

He expected that the foreigner was just saying this on a whim, and it was impossible to be an exchange student from a first-class university like the University of Pennsylvania to a third-class university like Tiannan University .

However, after listening to Feng Na’s translation, Tom’s eyes suddenly brightened . He insisted that Li Yundong should teach him a Chinese sentence right now .

Being harassed, Li Yundong felt impatient and irritable . He came up with an idea and smiled viciously . He said, “Well, I’ll teach you one sentence first . This sentence is what we Chinese say when greeting people . You listen up… ”

The students around looked at Li Yundong and Tom curiously . Most of them were speculating that Li Yundong might teach him such words as “Hello” and “Have you eaten?”

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Then Li Yundong said calmly, “Here, this sentence is like this: Ni-hao (means hello)…”

The students around immediately booed, “That’s exactly what I said! It’s really not creative! ”

“Come on, give me some innovation!”

Li Yundong didn’t seem to hear the gossip nearby . He still spoke the following three words with great composure, “Dshbi (means big fool)!”


Immediately the background exploded with talk .

“Ni-hao, dshbi?” The students backstage were shocked and laughed, “If someone greets people like this, they will be beaten . ”

Although Tom faintly felt that the laughter of the people around him was a bit odd, he was eager to learn from his teacher . He didn’t expect that Li Yundong would make fun of him and teach him a swear word .

When Tom saw the seriousness of Li Yundong, he learned it seriously and repeated, “Ni-hao, dshbi!”

“Haha!” Su Chan was the first one who couldn’t help laughing . She turned to hide in a corner and beat her chest with laughter .

Feng Na and others around endured for a while and finally followed Su Chan’s example . They fled one after another, hiding in a small corner and laughed their heads off .

As the initiator of this prank, Li Yundong heard Tom speak solemnly and almost laughed out loud . However, he was professional at this and could stop himself from laughing . Instead, he pointed out Tom’s incorrection of pronunciation with a serious face .

Tom repeated the sentence several times . The more he spoke, the more fluent and excited he became . At last, he said in a louder voice, “Ni-hao, dshbi!”

The louder he shouted, the harder the students in the backstage laughed . They were enjoying this very much .

Tom was obviously a crazy person . Upon seeing how happy these people were, he also became extremely happy . He kept saying to Li Yundong, “Ni-hao, dshbi!”

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At first, Li Yundong didn’t feel something wrong, but after listening for a while, he figured it out: “Oh, is he scolding me?”

Suddenly, he decided not to be polite . He nodded and smiled at Tom, “Uh-huh, ni-hao, dshbi!”

The two men were greeting each other endlessly when a teacher burst in and shouted at Li Yundong and the students who were rolling on the ground laughing backstage, “What are you doing? Come onto the stage . The city leaders are waiting for you! ”

The teacher was so anxious that he didn’t pay any attention to his speech .

As soon as the teacher left, Li Yundong waved his hand and shouted, “Boys and girls, go ahead and meet the city leaders!”

After hearing this, the students burst into laughter .

Feng Na watched Li Yundong take the students to the stage with great force . At that time, she looked at Li Yundong’s back and was a bit stunned . Cheng Cheng could not help poking her with her finger . “Hey, take the initiative if you like him!”

Feng Na blushed and retorted, “Who likes him? He is younger than me . I like older and mature ones! ”

Cheng Cheng scratched her cheek with her hand . “Shame on you . You just now wished to eat Li Yundong with your eyes! Do you consider him the Tang Monk’s flesh? Ha ha, I estimate that there were quite a few people here who wanted to eat him just now . Do you want to be the Spider Demon or the White Bone Demon? Pick one  and do it quickly!”

Feng Na laughed and scolded her, “Bah, what are you making up!”

But when she finished speaking, she suddenly sighed with a sad face, “However, no matter what demons, no one has eaten Tang Monk’s flesh . ”

Feng Na said and took one look at Su Chan who was hiding behind the curtain and secretly looking at the stage . She whispered with a bitter smile . “He has such a beautiful girl beside him and they stay together all the time . How can he see me?”

Hearing this, Cheng Cheng also felt disappointed . “Well, people like you don’t dare to compete with her, not to mention me who is not that outstanding . It’s not that we are incompetent, it’s that the enemy is too strong!”

Feng Na gave Cheng Cheng a curious look . “Do you like him too?”

Cheng Cheng casually said, “Nonsense, how rare such boys are now . How can I not like him? However, Na Na, when he was performing on stage just now, I didn’t think he was handsome . But when he beat Tom and then rescued him, he was so calm . At that time, he was so handsome! If he didn’t have a girlfriend, I would be the first to chase him!”

Feng Na jumped up and said, “Well, you are such a bi*ch . You are interested in him, but in turn, you encouraged me to chase him!”

Cheng Cheng laughed and retorted, “You did the same thing as me, but refuse to admit . You are just acting . ”

They laughed for a while when Feng Na suddenly saw Zhuang Hui, who had finished her makeup backstage, was walking towards the stage . She immediately felt bored . “Stop and forget it . Even if Li Yundong didn’t have a girlfriend, the competition would be too fierce . Zhuang Hui has been staring at this piece of Tang Monk’s flesh! Moreover, I think Zhou Qin may have some thoughts about Li Yundong . ”

Cheng Cheng nodded in agreement . She lamented, “Oh my god, why is it so difficult to find a man? God, give me a man, I will bury him in the soil in spring, until autumn… ”

Feng Na gave her a hard push . “You will harvest a pile of bones in autumn, idiot! Don’t be silly . Go to the stage!”

The students who participated in the event packed the stage to the brim . At the front stood Tom with a face full of laughter . The foreign friend volunteered to participate and was almost killed by Li Yundong with his bare hands . Fortunately, the bad thing had turned into a good thing . He had become the most famous person here besides Li Yundong .

Foreigners advocated personal heroism and were naturally pushy . Most of them were crazy . Tom stood on the stage, and his face was aglow with excitement . He was eager to try . If there weren’t so many people around him, he would perform some kung fu of his own .

When the city leaders came to him, they said a few words of sympathy and concern to him in Chinese . After listening to the translation, Tom was suddenly inspired and responded in English .

The translator gave Tom a surprised look, then said to the leader beside him, “Mayor Luo, Tom said he has just learned a Chinese sentence, a greeting, and he wants to show it to you . ”

Upon hearing this, Mayor Luo was much relieved and put on more official airs . “Well, let him say . Nowadays, more and more foreigners are learning Chinese now, which shows that our international image and international status are indeed constantly improving!”

He was full of bureaucratic jargon, but Tom could not understand it . When he saw the translator nod to him, he was immediately overjoyed . Then he earnestly, carefully, and vigorously shouted out the sentence Li Yundong had taught him, “Ni-hao, dshbi!”

Immediately, officials next to the city leaders were mortified at that moment!

The whole stage was silent…

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