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Chapter 45 Karma Happens 

After running for a while, it suddenly occurred to Li Yundong. “Wait, this doesn’t feel right. If I run at this time, wouldn’t I be declaring my sin to the public? Why should I run with a little girl for no reason? If it really collapses, everyone would suspect me, right?” 

Thinking of that, Li Yundong dragged Su Chan’s hands to slow them down. 

“Slower, slower…” Li Yundong said to Su Chan in a lowered voice, “Or everyone will know it’s us.” 

Su Chan was smart and understood immediately. She nodded obediently and clung to Li Yundong’s arms, looking back from time to time. 

Li Yundong almost cried, he knocked the top of the little girl’s head. “Idiot! Can you act more shameful? You’re simply wearing ‘I did this’ all over your face!” 

Su Chan covered her head and said pitifully, “I just want to know when it’ll fall down!” 

Li Yundong shed tears of anger. “Are you looking forward to it?” 

Su Chan nodded repeatedly. “Yes!” 

Li Yundong couldn’t help but look back as well. On the surface, the building still stood firmly where it should be. 

Li Yundong murmured to himself, “Such a tall building. What if it falls on me? How terrible that would be!” 

Thinking of that, Li Yundong couldn’t help but pick up his pace again. As if being chased by ghosts, their pace turned from slow to quick. In the end, they were running like hell again. 

However, when they got close to the sales center, Li Yundong slowed down again and dragged Su Chan to his side. 

The two tried to walk past it in a seemingly calm manner, however, they saw the two ladies were still fighting! 

“They’re really hard-working!” Li Yundong commented in his heart. 

He saw Mingming’s and Li Congli’s clothes were all ragged, and their faces were black and blue. Apparently, they had gone through a nasty physical fight. 

Zheng Youming wasn’t any better either. His face was covered with scratches from nails, and his clothes also fell apart at the seams. 

Seeing Li Yundong and Su Chan leaving the complex, Zheng Youming immediately squeezed a smile, saying, “Hey, my young fella, why leave so soon? What do you think? The house is really nice, right? And if you’ve decided, you can…” 

Before he finished, Li Yundong interrupted with a chilling smile. “Yes, I’ve decided not to rent your house.” 

Zheng Youming had been confident that they would definitely rent here, however, they actually turned him down! 

His smile froze. Embarrassed from anger, he raised his tone. “How come? Is the rent too high? Or is there anything else?” 

Li Yundong huffed. “Well, we don’t really think the house is nice enough…” 

Like a rabbit who had been stamped on its tail, Zheng Youming jumped and thumped his chest loudly. “Ask around, my house is definitely well-built, they’re the finest…” 

The moment he finished, a loud bang rang. Inside the Xin’an complex, a 25-floor building collasped as if it was a controlled demolition. 

The loud noise almost made people’s eyes pop out of their heads. Then, everything fell silent. 

Heavy smog rose upward and spread everywhere. 

Zheng Youming’s expression was really funny. It felt as if he had been slapped in the face during the best part of his speech. 

Zheng Yuoming was so shocked that Li Yundong even suspected that with just one more emotion push and this guy’s eyeballs would practically flop onto the ground! 

Li Yundong was quick and dragged Su Chan in a seemingly panicking manner. They ran like hell and at the same time he shouted. “The building collapsed, the building collapsed! Stay away!” He shouted as if he wanted everyone on earth to know about it. 

On their way out, they heard Zheng Youming howling hysterically behind them. “No, it can’t be!” 

The mistress Li Congli gave a piercing laugh. “Look at his falling house! Zheng Youming, this is called karma! Praise the Lord! “Hahaha, what goes around comes back around. Better late than never! Zheng Youming, the time has come!” 

Li Yundong grabbed Su Chan’s hands and ran away from the crime scene. Gradually, Li Congli’s voice faded behind them. 

When the Xin’an complex was out of sight, they stopped. They stared at each other, dazed. After quite a while, they both chuckled. 

Li Yundong felt his heart thumping as if he had done something extremely terrible. If he got caught because of this, he might be executed by shooting without even a trial! However, he was so secretly happy about it that his heart fluttered. 

So was Su Chan. She felt both shameful like a thief and as happy as clam. 

At first, they were secretly snickering. Nevertheless, after a while, they couldn’t hold it anymore and burst into laughter to the point that passersbys would glance sideways. 

Finally, after a while, Su Chan refrained from laughing and held Li Yundong’s hands. She whispered in his ear, “Youndong, would that get us into trouble?” 

Li Yundong suppressed his laugh as well and considered seriously. “No, wasn’t the building unoccupied? I’m doing it for the people, for the justice of Heaven!” 

The little girl giggled. “Right, that man is full of evil! Too much evil!” 

Li Yundong clasped her hands firmly and said to himself. “The evilest part was that he actually wanted to poach on my turf. Hmph, if you poach on my turf, I’ll have to destroy your territory!” 

In the middle of that, Li Yudong felt that he had done something righteous and was feeling elated. He chortled and waved his hands like a general. “Let’s go, we’ll keep looking for our next home! I’ll raze them to the ground if I meet another trash house!” 

After gaining some distance away from the Xin’an complex, they finally gave up holding back their pride in the heart or on the face and strode like righteous swordsmen. Their eyes brightened up as if they had done some marvelous thing. 

Especially when their four eyes met, they would let out snickers that only they could understand. 

Luckily, though Su Chan found none of the following apartments satisfying, they weren’t as building built as Zheng Youming’s. 

After a while, they headed over to the New Hongsheng District that Bai Xiaoyang had recommended. 

As soon as they arrived, Su Chan’s eyes lit up because she saw a 20 story building that really stood out among the other buildings in the complex. The other buildings had only five floors, while this one was tall enough with a good view of its surroundings, and faced a good direction. 

Su Chan was eager to look inside and dragged Li Yundong toward the building, while Li Yundong had to mock her. “You fool, we’ll have to find a renting agency first. Without them, how can you tell if it’s for rent or not?” 

In the middle of their conversation, Li Yundong entered an agency with Su Chan. After the inquiry, Li Yundong was shocked to find that these apartments were really pricy. They didn’t have one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments as they only had a three-bedroom apartment on the top floor. Moreover, Su Chan found it completely satisfying. The only problem was the rent: It rents for 4,500 yuan a month! 

Li Yundong’s jaw dropped and stammered in his heart. “4… 4,500 a month? Is this some kind of robbery? That’s all my relief money from my parents every month! And I should spend it all on an apartment? Wouldn’t I be starving?” 

That being said, after a tour with an agent, Li Yundong found it really worth the price. 

The room was newly furnished and was equipped with all the appliances. They could basically move in anytime. Not only did Su Chan found it satisfying, but Li Yundong liked it too. Su Chan was satisfied at the direction it faced and its layout, and Li Yundong liked the Chinese style furnishings. 

The agent was quick. Considering the fact that the two might fail to afford such a high rent, he added, “If you think it’s too expensive, you can settle down for now and find a roommate later.” 

Li Yundong would rather not let others enter their intimate space, and Su Chan didn’t want a third wheel in their cultivation lands either. 

Su Chan hid from the agent and wrapped her fingers around Li Yundong’s hands. She begged in a low voice. “Yundong, can we live here? I’m begging you!” 

Li Yundong smiled and patted the little girl’s head. “Don’t worry, as long as you wish, I’ll pick moon in the sky for you. We’ll live here if you really like it here!” 

Li Yundong calculated in his heart. “I’ll pay almost 30,000 yuan at one time for rent and deposit. Then, I still have 45,000 yuan, which could support us for a while. Besides, it’s soon summer vacation and I can take some part-time job. And with the money from dad and mom, I should be able to support the two of us.” 

After seeing Li Yundong agree, Su Chan was elated and hugged Li Yundong tightly. She was grinning from ear to ear. “Awesome! You’re really awesome!” 

Upon feeling the tenderness and elasticity of the little girl’s chest, he suppressed his desires and pointed to his cheek. “Come on, give me a kiss!” 

Su Chan peeked at the agent in the adjacent room and was reluctant. “No, there’s someone around.” 

Li Yundong didn’t expect her to kiss him for real. He chortled. “Alright, kiss me when there’s no one!” 

Su Chan giggled and gave a coy look. She blushed and turned around to leave. On her way out, her pigtails swayed in the air and she complained. “Go away!” 

Li Yundong was feeling hot from Su Chan’s tempting eyes. He suddenly thought that he should be getting a place in the Guinness Book for not having been an animal last night! 

Having putting down the deposit, they happily returned to the hotel near the school to fetch their luggage. 

On their way out, Su Chan skipped in front, while Li Yundong in the back noticed a girl in a pink dress in the complex garden’s pavilion. She was watching him. 

Li Yundong looked at the girl. She was about 15 or 16 years old and had an ethereal aura beyond description. With her hair in a ponytail, she revealed her plump forehead. Her eyes were bright and from afar, no matter where she looked, Li Yundong could feel something solid against him at that place on his body. 

When Li Yundong and the girl’s eyes met, it was like two fast trucks crashing against each other. They shivered and quickly turned their heads away. 

Li Yundong couldn’t help exclaiming in his heart. “Why is there a girl with such piercing eyes? Who is she?” 

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