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Chapter 44 The Apartment Chips! 

After watching Lili walk in, Zheng Youming broke out in a cold sweat because he really did have another woman here! 

Li Yundong was surprised to find Zheng Youming’s mistress catching up with him. He murmured something, but didn’t pay too much attention to her. 

However, when he entered the sales center following the guard, he was in for a great show. 

A stylish woman was walking out of the Xin’an Garden complex and spotted Zheng Youming who was chasing after Lili. Moreover, she heard Zheng Youming was gasping. “Lili, don’t act like this. I’m busy with work, don’t you know that?” 

Lili sneered. “Did I ask for your company, Mr. Zheng?” 

Zheng Youming wanted to talk back but saw his other mistress not far away. At that time, his legs shook. 

Li Yundong’s eyes widened when he saw the lady approaching lightning fast. Then, she stopped, pointed at Lili, and shouted to Zheng Youming. “Who is she?” 

All color had left Zheng Youming’s face, while the staff in the sales center tried to keep their eyes straight to cover their snickers. 

Lili squinted and asked, “Who the hell are you?” 

The lady seemed in a frenzy. “I’m his girlfriend!” 

Lili snickered. “Well, I thought you were the real deal!” 

The lady broke out. “What are you? A shameless loose woman? How dare you to say stuff like that to me?” 

Lili felt as if she had been slapped in the face. She involuntarily glanced at Li Yundong, only to see the boy standing far away like they were some kind of disease. 

Lili’s heart sank and laughed bitterly. “Right, I’m a shameless loose woman, and you? A not so shameful loose woman?” 

“Wow!” The staff and the customers in the sales center all gasped. 


Su Chan looked at the two tangled women and asked Li Yundong curiously, “What happened to them? Why do they curse each other at first sight?” 

Li Yundong seemed to take pleasure from the situation Mr. Zheng was now in. He secretly snickered and whispered to Su Chan, “The third meets the fourth!” 

Li Yundong rubbed his chin and laughed in a heartless manner. “But who is the third and who is the fourth is a question worth asking!” 

Su Chan’s eyelashes flashed. She had to ask in a puzzled manner. “Third? Fourth? What’s that mean?” 

In the face of Su Chan’s innocence, Li Yundong had to heave a sigh. He stroked the little girl’s head. “An innocent girl like you these days really should be protected as a national treasure!” 

“What’s that mean, really?” Su Chan was tugging at Li Yundong’s arms. A nearby salesman’s eyes popped at her cute expression. 

Lowering his voice, Li Yundong had to suppress his snicker. “The third concubine meets the fourth concubine!” 

“Oh.” Su Chan replied, but she still couldn’t understand. “But why are they fighting?” 

Li Yundong rubbed the little girl’s head. “Don’t ask, just watch the fun!” 

Su Chan protected her head with her hands and rolled her eyes at Li Yundong while she complained. “Go away!” 

At the same time, the two mistresses got poised for a fierce fight. 

The new lady seemed to be losing to Lili, thus she stood with her legs planted and shouted to Zheng Youming. “Youming, tell me, who is she!” 

Zheng Youming clearly wanted to slip away, and he didn’t want to make a scene in front of Su Chan. He just grinned apologetically. “Well, Mingming, she’s Li Congli. I used to talk about her!” 

Li Congli couldn’t help snickering. “You used to call me Lili. Zheng Youming, I’ve finally seen through you! That’s alright. From now on, we’ll walk our separate ways! But, I’ll tell you now, you need to pay every penny I deserve! Otherwise, I’ll tell the world what you’ve done!” 666 

Upon seeing that Li Congli was retreating from the battlefield, Mingming started to chase. “What are you showing off? Didn’t you just have two abortions? What’s there to show off? I’ve got four for him, and I didn’t flaunt it like you. Isn’t that right, Youming?” 

Mingming leaned against Zheng Youming’s shoulder, giving a smile that said she was better for him. 

Li Yundong was both disappointed at the two women and repelled by the shameless man. In the end, he could just curse in a low voice. “Animal!” 

Surprisingly, the salespeople beside him all cursed unanimously in low voices. “Animal!” 

Zheng Youming grew tired of it and had to pull Mingming off his shoulder. He darted a glance over Li Yundong, only to see Su Chan smile with contempt. Immediately, he shouted to one of the saleswomen as if he had been stamped in his tail. “Miss Bai, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be showing them around?” 

Miss Bai shivered at once and said to Li Yundong, “Sir, please follow me.” 

However, how could Li Yundong still be in the mood for an apartment tour? He turned around, ready to walk out of the door. 

Nevertheless, Miss Bai had to urge him. “Sir, please help me. If you leave now, Mr. Zheng will dock my pay!” 

He was angry at her words, yet he didn’t show it on the surface. Instead, he followed Miss Bai out of the sales center. 

The moment they left, Su Chan and him heard Zheng Youming’s growl catching up with them from behind. “Shut up! I’ve had enough!” 

Mingming sounded dumbfounded as she retorted. “Are you mad at me?” 

“Yes, and I’m going to hit you!” 

Then, claps and cries rang behind them. 

Li Yundong couldn’t refrain from asking Miss Bai, “Is this how your boss treats women?” 

Miss Bai curled her lip and gave a scornful look. “This is fine. Imagine two months ago, when three of them met, that was the real Mars Attacks! Every good-looking female staff member here has been harassed by him!” 

Li Yundong felt helpless. “Can’t anyone sue him?” 

Miss Bai just snorted. “Sue him? How? Is there anything you can’t buy these days?” 

Li Yundong felt sick at heart. “It’s terrible to hear those things! Why don’t you quit? Why do you have to work here?” 

Miss Bai looked at Li Yundong up and down and shot an envious glance at Su Chan. “You must be students, right?” 

Li Yundong nodded. “Big Sis Bai, how do you know that?” 

Miss Bai chortled. “Don’t call me that. My name is Bai Xiaoyang, but you can call me Xiaoyang. Innocence like that doesn’t belong to anyone, but students. It’s hard to find jobs these days. So, when you haven’t found your next employer, you’d better deal with it.” 

Li Yundong felt hard to breath as there seemed to be a rock trapped in his chest. 

Bai Xiaoyao drove Su Chan and him to the front of a 25-floor building on a sightseeing vehicle. 

Before the tour even began, Li Yundong had already decided not to rent here. The only problem was how to break it to Su Chan in a way that wouldn’t upset her. 

On the 25th floor, Bai Xiaoyao opened the door and said to them, “Come on in, I’ll show you around.” 

Before Li Yundong could even taking a step, Su Chan had already stormed in and scanned the entire room. 

Li Yundong smiled to Bai Xiaoyang. “There’s no need, we’ll take a look ourselves.” 

Bai Xiaoyao didn’t insist. “Okay, make yourselves at home. I’ll be waiting in the living room.” 

Li Yundong smiled at her, entered a bedroom, and whispered in Su Chan’s ears. “Su Chan, do you really want to live here?” 

Li Yundong had to admit that the apartment was fashionably furnished in a Western style, and it came with a full set of appliances. If it wasn’t for the disgusting Zheng Youming, Li Yundong would have been glad to live here. 

Su Chan was scrutinizing a wall. She sniffed and knit her brows. “It smells funny!” 

Li Yundong drew near the wall. “I don’t smell anything.” 

Su Chan shook her head, looking serious. “No, something very strong!” 

While saying this, she stuck out a finger and poked at the wall. 

As a cultivator, the power she released through her finger shouldn’t be underestimated. Suddenly, the wallpaper shattered and a dent appeared in the wall! 

Li Yundong was shocked because he thought she was performing the One Finger Skill. He widened his eyes. “What the…? What are you doing? Is this the One Finger Skill?” 

Su Chan’s brows were knitted. Rarely, she replied angrily. “What skill? Look for yourself!” 

Su Chan was poking at the dent and then she waved at Li Yundong. 

He drew near and also poked inside. With just a little push, the wall started to splash onto the floor as if it was made up by paste and mud. 

“What is this?” Li Yundong’s eyes almost popped out of his head. “Can a house be jerry-built to this point?” 

Su Chan sneered. “I can raze the house to the ground with one punch. How can people live here?” 

“Oh my God! What are you doing?” Bai Xiaoyang ran in after hearing the noises they made. At the sight of the broken wall, she was scared out of her wits and screamed. 

Li Yundong turned around and scoffed. “Is this your apartments’ quality? I can even poke a hole on the wall?” 

Bai Xiaoyang looked desperate. “You’ll make me lose my job!” 

Li Yundong was furious. “You can find another job, but this kind of house will make people lose their lives. Can they find another life? Where’s your conscience?” 

Li Yundong’s overwhelming fury shook Bai Xiangyao at that moment, who couldn’t help but think. “Right, this kind of house will cause trouble someday! Why should I work for them any longer?” 

Her eyes flashed, indicating the war she was having in her mind. Finally, she heaved a heavy sigh and shook her head. “Since this is so, I’ll tell you the truth. The entire Xin’an Garden complex is built like this. Other jerry-built houses are at least made from reinforced concrete, while ours are solely made out of cardboard and sand. Even I suspect it’ll fall anytime!” 

Li Yundong was angry and shocked. “How on earth did this happen? Can they build houses like that? How can people live here? No one supervises them?” 

Bai Xiaoyang sneered. “How can people live? As long as it’s sold! Who cares?” 

Li Yundong clenched his teeth in anger. “How can Zheng Youming do such things? He’s not afraid of karma?” 

Su Chan followed. “God should take him!” 

“Karma? Why do we need the police if karma is real?” Bai Xiaoyang heaved a sigh. “Never mind, you two can leave now. I’ll hand in my resignation later. You’ve talked some sense to me and I really shouldn’t be staying here anymore. And if you’re looking for premium apartments, I can recommend a complex to you. 

“Not far from here, there’s a high-end complex in the New Hongshen District. It’s situated well and their houses are well-built. You can trust them,” said Bai Xiaoyang. 

Still angry, he said to Bai Xiaoyang, “Thank you, I’ll take a tour later.” 

The three of them left the building. Getting on the vehicle, Bai Xiaoyang asked behind the steering wheel, “You don’t want a ride?” 

Li Yundong shook his head. “No thanks. We’ll walk. I need some fresh air.” 

Bai Xiaoyang looked at him one last time and sighed. “Goodbye.” 

After she had left, Li Yundong looked around to make sure no one was present. Then, he took Su Chan to a back corner of the building. He kicked at the corner, and as expected, the wall was immediately chipped away. Under the plaster was cardboard and sand. 

Li Yundong’s blood boiled. In a state of fury, he punched the wall. “Bastard!” 

“This piece of sh*t! Karma will come back to bite him one day!” Li Yundong howled hysterically. 

However, Su Chan was looking shocked beside him. She tugged at his arms. “Hey, look at that!” 

He looked in the direction she pointed, only to see cracks running where he just hit. The cracks rippled across and grew several meters long in an instant. 

They looked at each other in terror. 

“Is… is it going to collapse? No way can one punch raze a building? You must be kidding me!” Li Yundong looked at his fist, stammering. “I’m no Ultraman!” 

However, on second thought, this was no ordinary building so anything could happen! 

Thinking of that, Li Yundong grabbed Su Chan’s hands and shouted. “Run!” 

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