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Through layers of clouds and mist, Demon Saint calmly watched the activity in the world below him from the top of the Holy Pillar with the magic staff in his hand.

Behind Demon Saint, an old man in a white Daoist robe approached. Glancing at the world below, he smiled. "Not going to make a move?"

The old man was Second Generation Demon Saint's Sage Master, and the two of them were inseparable. His main duty was to assist Demon Saint in managing the demon world better, and at the same time, to supervise and direct Demon Saint's succession. There was a rumor in the outside world that Demon Saint was a hereditary position, but this wasn't true…

Hearing the old man's question, Second Generation Demon Saint shook his head. "I've long wanted to teach these juniors a lesson, so it's nice that someone is now doing it for me. Moreover, I can sense that they don't truly have any intent to kill. The only thing I'm curious about now is this dog's origin…"

He looked at the old man next to him. "Do you have any ideas, Sage Master?"

"No." Sage Master shook his head plainly. "I already tried using the Destiny Ball to check, but all I saw was a heap of fuzzy pixels…"

"Pixels?" Second Generation Demon Saint was blank.

"Mm." Sage Master nodded his head. "These pixels should be directly related to the dog's owner. This dog's owner is very unusual. He might not be a human cultivator from Earth at all, and it's extremely possible that he's from outside our Milky Way. We have no way of knowing if there's life beyond the Milky Way, but it is indeed frightening. During the reign of the first Demon Saint, he encountered an orangutan from outside our galaxy that had inadvertently passed into the demon world through the spatial wall, and almost tore apart the Holy Pillar…"

Second Generation Demon Saint was surprised. "There was such a thing? How come I've never heard of it?"

Sage Master: "Of course you haven't. The only records we have of this alien invasion are in Demon Saint's Holy Palace. But you haven't seen any of them since your succession."

Second Generation Demon Saint was silent before saying soon after, "Sage Master, you should know I never intended to be Demon Saint…"

"But it was Heaven's will."

Sage Master said, "I was the one who decided the succession method for the first Demon Saint. Later, the first Demon Saint decided the succession method, which was how this generation came to be. Indeed, this succession method might seem a little bizarre…"

At this point, Second Generation Demon Saint wanted to cry. "It's more than a little bizarre!!!"

Sage Master shook his head. "It can't be helped. If you want to retire, you'll have to wait for the next generation Demon Saint to show up. Otherwise, you'll suffer a backlash from the Holy Pillar. I already told you all these specifics when you succeeded."

Second Generation Demon Saint was silent.

In fact, he had a hunch that the appearance of the next generation Demon Saint wasn't too far away…


On the throne made from a pile of western and eastern Soul Formation heroic spirit soldiers, Dog Two looked down from its commanding height. It was really very grand, and the auras of these thousands of Soul Formation heroic spirits alone gave people a sense of gravity and fear.

With the auras overlapping one another, the originally blue sky in that moment was filled with a bank of overcast clouds, instantly changing the colors of this world. Holding the lamp post, Gilgamesh dialed the light up to its fullest and focused it on Dog Two's head.

This scene actually gave off the sense of a work of art, which satisfied Zhenyuan immensely; Gilgamesh's lighting skills had steadily improved under Zhenyuan's instructions all these years.

"They're almost here."

At that moment, Dog Two suddenly looked up at the sky.

Two auras approached from the east.

Scorpion King of the East and Elder Wen arrived together…

At that moment, all the actors were in place.

Actually, the reason why Zhenyuan had thought to build this heroic spirit throne had been to buy time for Scorpion King to show up.

Scorpion King's appearance also left the demon gods of the southern, northern and western territories feeling ashamed. They had previously banded together to crowd out the eastern territory, which was currently the strongest of the four territories. This involved framing the Sky-Swallowing Toad clan for hiding magic WMDs and issuing hundredfold tariffs, thus raising trade barriers, all of which were aimed at suppressing the eastern territory.

They had thought that they were dead for sure today, but they never expected Scorpion King and Elder Wen to appear at all.

The pressure from the throne made up of tens of thousands of Soul Formation heroic spirit soldiers was so great that it created a natural surrounding golden mist restriction so that no one could clearly see in front of them, not even with an eye technique.

Scorpion King and Elder Wen had no choice but to descend from the sky a fair distance away; they were unable to fly anymore and could only approach on foot.

When the two men appeared at the pass to the western territory and saw this towering throne made of heroic spirit soldiers, they both felt like they had stepped into something miraculous.

"Your Majesty, this is it," Elder Wen said with difficulty to the young man next to him dressed in purple and gold Daoist robes. Even opening his mouth to speak at that moment was hard given the tremendous pressure.

The young man standing beside him had long gray hair pinned up in a bun with an unprepossessing hairpin; this was a holy weapon created from the stinger in his tail.

As the two of them drew near, they felt their steps grow increasingly heavier.

"I sense the auras of Venerated Ox, Ghost Emperor and Turtle Devil nearby, as well as the auras of many other demon beasts. But…" Scorpion King looked around. "Where's everyone?"


Elder Wen: "Scorpion King, please lift your foot. You're standing on them."

Scorpion King: "…"

Because of the nearby golden mist that hovered around the heroic spirit throne, Scorpion King hadn't noticed at the time. When he heard Elder Wen's warning, he looked down and was completely dumbstruck!

The ground under his feet was actually inlaid with demons…

The demon kings of the western territory and the three demon gods were buried in the earth with just their heads sticking out.


The purple-robed young man sucked in a cold breath of air.

What the hell?! Was this Whack-Mole?

The young man lifted his foot and saw that he had stepped on Turtle Devil, pushing the latter's head back into his shell; when his head popped out again, he still had a shoeprint on his face.

Scorpion King's mood was immediately lifted. For months his eastern territory had been bullied…

This foot!

It felt too good to bring it down!

And vent!

The young man was wondering whether to go step on the faces of the others, but before he could move his feet, he felt a pressure on his shoulder.

"Both of you go down too~" Zhenyuan acted once again.

Scorpion King and Elder Wen were then aghast to find their bodies stuck.

The two people were buried right next to Venerated Ox of the West.

At that moment, the demon gods of the four inner territories had finally come together and were all buried without exception!

Zhenyuan clapped his hands and smiled. The most important thing for a family was to be neat and tidy!A classic TVB drama line.

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