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Chapter 43 Here We Are Again 

To Li Yundong, he simply wanted to find an apartment near the school through some renting agency, after all, where couldn’t you live? 

However, Su Chan didn’t think so. The little fox thought “lands” was a crucial factor in one’s cultivation. First, the house must face south, second, there must be a window in the eastern direction, providing fresh air and a good view, and the last and the most important, the apartment must be located up high! 

“Why do we have to live on higher floors?” asked Li Yundong as he walked out a renting agency with Su Chan. “I used to live on the seventh floor, and I thought it was too high! What if the elevator breaks down someday? We’ll die climbing the stairs!” 

Su Chan was supposed to explain them all to Li Yundong, but she was afraid that she would reveal her identity. In the end, she simply said, “Don’t you think that living on higher floors gives you a good view and better mood?” 

Li Yundong smiled. “Indeed. Alright, if you want to live on higher floors, we’ll find an apartment on higher floors.” 

Su Chan nodded while murmuring in her heart. “Tsk, don’t you know that all cultivators live deep inside the mountains? They’d either live on top of the mountains or at the halfway mark of them. What kind of cultivator would live at lower areas?” 

“This place is rather poor in terms of the environment and the air is foul. This would decrease the effectiveness of one’s cultivation!” Su Chan complained in secret, that being said, she saw it impossible to drag Li Yundong into the depths of a mountain to cultivate. If that really happened, Li Yundong might probably have a mental breakdown. 

It wasn’t that easy to find a house on higher floors. Li Yundong had asked a few agencies with Su Chan, only to leave empty-handed. None of the houses were to Su Chan’s liking and were therefore crossed out by her. 

At the same time, Li Yundong was still patient about her requirements. He didn’t have too many conditions and as long as it satisfied the little girl, he was content 

At noon, the two came near a newly-built complex named Xin’an Garden. They were just eating hamburgers bought at McDonald’s when Li Yundong heard a familiar voice. “What’s wrong with you? I want to see Zheng Youming. Get him out here. I can’t believe that he dares to avoid me!” 

Li Yundong turned his head and then felt amused. “Well, isn’t that the woman who was with upstart?” 

Li Yundong still remembered that Mr. Zheng tackily called her “Lili”. He couldn’t help snickering. “Is that a universal name for all the mistresses on earth?” 

Li Yundong didn’t want to watch or make fun of her at all, however, the moment Su Chan spotted the complex, her eyes lit up at its good location. Then, when she saw the direction it faced, she completely cheered up. She blurted out. “This is good!” 

“Ah, Her Highness finally sees one she likes?” Li Yundong gave a wry smile. “But this is a new complex, they’re only selling at the moment! I can’t really afford any of them!” 

During their conversation, the mistress named Lili turned around, only to see Li Yundong and Su Chan. She was dazed and subconsciously lowered her pitch in the latter part of her sentence. 

Lili took out a phone from her fancy handbag and said to the guard who tried to stop her, “You won’t let me in? Alright, I’ll call him right now and you can see if you still work here after this!” 

The guard was simply doing his job. How could he afford to take such a risk? He was smiling apologetically and was about to explain once more when a loud voice rose. “Ah, Lili, what brought you here?” 

Upon seeing Mr. Zheng who she called Zheng Youming, Lili immediately shouted. “Where can I find you if not here?” 

A trace of annoyance escaped from his eyes, however, the moment he saw Li Yundong and that Su Chan was with him, lust consumed his eyes. He grinned widely and laughed his way over to them. “Well, here we are again!” 

Li Yundong forced a smile when he saw the upstart striding in his direction. “Right, here we are again.” 

Zheng Youming shook hands with Li Yundong in an overly friendly way, while staring at Su Chan the whole time. He seemed to want to swallow Su Chan alive with one bite. 

Then, he reached out for Su Chan’s hands. 

In no way would Su Chan think highly of a profit-driven person like him, thus she simply drew back her hands, hid behind Li Yundong, and made a face. 

In most cases, her actions would be deemed extremely impolite, nevertheless, Su Chan looked beautiful and cute. Therefore, instead of getting angry, Zheng Youming found his heart was itching with desire. 

Ignoring his mistress, Zheng Youming warmly greeted Li Yundong. “Young fella, what are you doing here? Looking for an apartment?” 

A trace of contempt and disdain could be detected in Zheng Youming’s eyes while he spoke. Actually, he didn’t believe that Li Yundong, who rented a house like the one from before, could afford an apartment here. 

Li Yundong had to smile it away. “I’m just passing by. Is this complex yours?” 

Zheng Youming chortled and said smugly, “Well, it’s my business. May I show you around? I’ll give you a discount! They say that we are strangers the first time, friends the second. I guess we’re kind of friends, right?” 

Just as Li Yundong was going to answer, Su Chan’s eyes lit up and she hurriedly broke in. “How much is an apartment on the highest floor?” 

Upon hearing Su Chan’s voice, Zheng Youming was both surprised and startled. He took a deep breath and replied. “13 thousand yuan per square meter. Of course, for a pretty lady like you, I’ll give a discount! Only 10 thousand yuan per square meter! What do you think? You can’t get such a discount elsewhere in the entire city! Very good deal! A real bargain!” 

Li Yundong smiled wryly secretly. “Very well, 10 thousand yuan per square meter! I guess I can buy a bathroom then! And it would still be unfurnished!” 

Su Chan was upset about the price because she knew that Li Yundong only had about 80 thousand yuan in his bank account after he compensated their previous landlady. In no way could he afford an apartment here. 

Nevertheless, she really liked it here. The complex had a good view and the air was fresh due to its suburban area location. More importantly, she was really satisfied with the direction the building faced and its height. 

Su Chan didn’t want to give up and added, “We can’t afford one. Are they for rent?” 

“For rent?” Zheng Youming’s mouth widened and chortled at her question. 

Su Chan was a little annoyed and her face fell. She dragged Li Yundong by his arms. “Yundong, let’s go!” 

At the sight of this, Zheng Youming feared that he might never get a second chance to see her again. Thus, he had to stop them by shouting out loud. “Wait, wait. I didn’t say they aren’t for rent!” 

Su Chan stopped. Arms still clinging to Li Yundong, Su Chan turned her face around. “You’re going to rent one to us? How much?” 

Zheng Youming considered this and said to himself. “This lady is way too gorgeous. I must keep her around me, otherwise, I would regret it my entire life! I might as well lower the price. As long as she stays in my complex, I believe I’ll finally steal her from that poor guy with my money!” 

Zheng Youming pictured a good future in his mind, and as if it had been all about charity, he raised one finger and said, “I’ll go with this price!” 

“10 thousand yuan a month?” Li Yundong gasped. 

Zheng Youming looked smug. “One thousand yuan! Young fella, we’re destined to meet, aren’t we? You can choose any apartment in this complex and go to the sales center. Tell them that Zheng Youming has rented it to you for one thousand yuan a month!” 

Zheng Youming looked as happy as a clam when he said that. He really was proud to be a rich guy. 

Though Li Yundong was deeply repelled by this man, Li Yundong found the price hard to ignore. Take his previous apartment as an example, a one-bedroom apartment with appliances rented for 1300 yuan a month. 

Li Yundong was still mulling it over, while Zheng Youming thought Li Yundong was worried about the furnishing. Hence, he put on a merciful look and waved his hand. “Are you worrying about buying furniture or appliances? Don’t be! I have a well-furnished apartment on the higher floors. It has everything in it. You can move in anytime!” 

At that time, Li Yundong suddenly raised his head. Anyone could smell a trace of conspiracy in this deal. 

“Such a good bargain, he must be up to something!” Li Yundong reminded himself. 

Then, when he found that Zheng Youming eyed Su Chan from time to time, he knew everything. He secretly sneered and involuntarily clenched his fists. 

How did he dare try to steal my girl! Does he want to dig his own grave? 

Anger was brewing in Li Yundong’s heart. 

The little fox was the only one who didn’t notice Zheng Youming’s evil plan so she just excitedly tugged at Li Yundong’s arms and said, “Shall we take a look? Let’s take a look!” 

When looking at Su Chan’s face, Li Yundong found it hard to turn down her suggestion. On the one hand, he didn’t want to stay here for another second, on the other hand, he really didn’tt wish to upset her. Such a cute girl actually kept him company on such a hot day to find an apartment. It wasn’t that easy for her. What girl could do that nowadays? 

“Ok.” Li Yundong said helplessly, however, he was determined that he wouldn’t let this upstart have the slightest chance to steal her away. 

Hearing that, Zheng Youming was excited and quickly ordered the guard. “Hurry and take my good buddy to the sales center.” 

Then, he realized that he had been ignoring his mistress, Lili. 

Lili came here today because she heard that Zheng Youming had another woman. She was originally here to make a scene, however, she saw right through him with the show he just put on. 

What an unfaithful and heartless man he was! 

After all, she had been with him for quite a while. Now, when he saw a new girl, he would actually totally ignore her! 

How heartless he was! 

When looking at Li Yundong and Su Chan, Lili suddenly admired them very much. She admired them for their pure relationship. She was not envious, but full of well wishes. “I really hope you can stay together forever and not let the material world contaminate you!” 

Then, Lili turned her eyes back to Zheng Youming and sneered. “You still remember me? I thought you don’t know who I was anymore!” 

Zheng Youming was obsessed with Su Chan right now. In his eyes, Lili was a bit of a loose woman, and who would want a loose woman? 

He was a little annoyed, however, Su Chan wasn’t far away so he had to suppress his annoyance and answered, “How could I forget about you! Why did you come here today?” 

Lili originally came to fight with him, but after what had happened, she abandoned all hope for this relationship and wished she never got involved with such a man. Finally, she just looked around and said absentmindedly. “Well, I missed you, so I thought I’d swing by. I didn’t know you had such a well-furnished apartment complex. You haven’t shown me around. I want a tour.” 

Upon finishing her words, Lili stepped into the complex while following Li Yundong’s path. 

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