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Chapter 42 Cultivate While It’s Still Early 

The next morning, when she rose up and stretched her arms, Su Chan opened her eyes, only to see Li Yundong dozing. His head was falling slowly, and when it hit the pillow, he suddenly raised his head and became alert again. 

Seeing Su Chan, Li Yundong said in a tired tone with dark circles under his eyes, “Bless you! You finally woke up! Get off right now, I’m feeling stiff.” 

Su Chan scrambled up at once and gave him a back massage in a flattering way. “Poor you. When will we go find our next apartment?” 

Li Yundong waved his hands and fell to the bed. He covered his head with a pillow. “No. I have to sleep even if the sky is falling down.” 

As soon as he finished, he started to snore. 

Su Chuan was puzzled and murmured to herself, “Generally speaking, he has swallowed the Human Origin Golden Pill, even if he didn’t sleep last night, he wouldn’t be that tired.” 

However, how would she know that Li Yundong was practically fighting his inner desire all night long? All of his energy had gathered at one place and lasted for one night, who could take that? 

Su Chan tilted her head in confusion. After a while of thinking, she finally gave up and went to the bathroom to wash. 

After washing herself up, the little girl knelt at the bedside and gazed at Li Yundong for 15 boring minutes. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and pushed Li Yundong. “Alright, that’s enough. Wake up and find the next apartment. We’ll go to find our new home!” 

Li Yundong howled. “Oh my God, I just fell asleep. Let me sleep a little more.” 

Su Chan didn’t give up and pushed Li Yundong as if he had been a floating boat at sea. “No way, how long will it take?” 

Li Yundong grunted. “Just a little more.” 

Su Chan complained. “No, rise and shine!” Then, she pinched Li Yundong’s nose and chuckled. 

Li Yundong couldn’t take it anymore. He rose up and covered his head with both hands. He was feeling heavy-headed. “Do you want to see me die? You poor wretch!” 

Su Chan clung to Li Yundong’s nose and said, “It’s now between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m and the sun rises and sunshine shines brightly onto the ground. It’s the best time to gather spiritual Qi from heaven and earth and you’re still sleeping!” 

Since she had decided to train Li Yundong, she became conscientious about keeping track of his cultivation. 

Nevertheless, how would Li Yundong know about her big master plan? All he wanted to do now was sleep. Thus, he murmured something, “What heaven earth Qi… how about ying and yang Qi?” 

The little fox blushed and slapped Li Yundong. “Get up!” 

However, Li Yundong was snoring like a pig right now. How would he get up? 

She felt helpless but came up with a good idea. She plucked a finger-long hair and inserted her energy into it. Swoosh! The hair straightened like a needle. 

Then, she stabbed him in the Baihui aperture! 

Located at the vertex of the head, it contained yang energy and can raise Qi. With that stab, Li Yundong let out a howl and jumped from the bed. He covered his head with both hands while glaring at Su Chan. “Do you want to kill me?” 

Su Chan grinned and tugged at Li Yundong’s hands. “I’m sorry. You finally woke up!” 

In the movie “The Message”, Gu Xiaomeng had nearly been tortured to death by Mr. Six. Then, when she was stabbed in the Baihui aperture, she immediately came back to life. Moreover, Li Yundong was just dozing off. 

After being stabbed in Baihui aperture, his Qi became active at once. He felt like he had taken some recreational drugs. Sleepy? Not at all. 

He wiped his hand across his face and found out that he wasn’t drowsy at all. He had to say helplessly, “Alright, for goodness’ sake. I’ll wash up and we’ll go out!” 

However, Su Chan dragged him back. Instead, she opened the curtains and let the sunshine in. Then, she made Li Yundong sit cross-legged on the carpet. “Sit down, I’ll give you a massage.” 

Thinking of Su Chan’s massage, Li Yundong happily closed his eyes at once. 

Su Chan had given Li Yundong this kind of massage before, which was called “Butterflies Gather Honey”. 

In Su Chan’s eyes, the best time for Li Yundong’s cultivation was “the hours of the rat”, which was between 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. 

During this time, the yin energy started to vanish, while the yang energy began to grow. According to the big and small circulation theory of the internal alchemy school sects, the hours of the rat was also called the winter solstice, the time when a fire should be ignited. 

Su Chan remembered clearly that in the cultivation classics she used to recite, a sentence read, “The hours of the rat is the beginning of yang energy.” 

For cultivation beginners like Li Yundong, the hours of the rat, which was the winter solstice period, were very crucial. 

This was the most effective time period. Any ordinary cultivator who circulated his Qi during these hours would find himself energetic through the entire following day. That was how the principle was applied in daily life. 

If he could acquire the active cultivating skill, then he would take his cultivation to a new level. He would reach a realm which was described in “Elixir-Reverting Circulation Scripture” as “No need to wait for the winter solstice when you finally have your own yang energy.” 

That was to say that, he needed not to wait for the hours of the rat to cultivate. He, who had the purest yang energy inside him, could practice whenever he wanted and it would still be effective. 

Entering such a realm meant that he had basically completed his small circulation training, and was ready to explore the next big circulation practice. 

A human had the Eight Extraordinary Meridians. The small circulation was about the Ren Meridian and Du Meridian, while the big circulation was associated with the remaining Chong Meridian, Dai Meridian, Yin Linking Meridian, Yang Linking Meridian, Yin Heel Meridian, Yang Heel Meridian, and the Twelve Standard Meridians such as Shaoyin Kidney Channel of Foot. 

In other words, through refining the meridians, one could acquire the “Qi-Condensing” skill that could enable him to collect Qi at will and the “Active Cultivating” skill. 

Once he had the “Meridian-Expanding”, “Qi-Condensing”, and “Active Cultivating” skills, he would advance from the middle class of “Qi-Refining” to a higher realm. 

Su Chan tried to activate Li Yundong’s Qi by a massage. Though it was not during the hours of the rat, but rather the hours of the rabbit, it would still suffice as now yang energy was at its peak for the day. 

Li Yundong felt differently from the last time when he only felt the soothing on his skin and in his meridians. 

However, this time, Li Yundong felt his dantian was burning and his kidneys seemed to be boiling in a hot stew. Though he kept his eyes shut, he could still feel streaks of rays. Moreover, they were not sunshine reflected from the outside as they seemed to be spurting out from his eyes directly. 

Not only that, Li Yundong heard swooshes behind his ears as if winds were blowing. He also seemed to hear the screams of a vulture at the back of his head, and felt waves of energy surging to his head from his dantian. Every time they surged, he would sniff. He kept sniffing with this pattern. 

Li Yundong felt so good that he thought he might be in heaven, while Su Chuan was absorbed and didn’t dare to rest once. She dashed quickly around Li Yundong’s body and pointed at the major apertures on his chest, back, hands, and feet. Her fingers were swooshing in the air like butterflies amidst flowers. They were so quick that only their residual shadows could be seen. 

It was the time when the gold pill Qi rushed through Li Yundong’s Ren Meridian and Du Meridian into other meridians. 

A small circulation came within a hair’s breadth of a big circulation. Many Qi-cultivators just couldn’t tackle the small gap. They could only insert Qi to the Ren Meridian and Du Meridian, but not other meridians like the Chong Meridian, Dai Meridian, and Shaoyin Kidney Channel of Foot. Therefore, all their lives, they were only considered as “Qi masters”. 

With the massage and help of Li Yundong’s peerless gold pill Qi, Su Chan wanted to make Li Yundong advance from the small circulation to big circulation training. 

However, just when Li Yundong’s Qi gathered at the top of his head and was ready to rush into other meridians as if at the edge of a dam, they heard a knock on the door unexpectedly. Shortly after, a female voice rose up. “Housekeeping!” 

The voice startled Su Chan and stopped her in the middle of the cultivation session. Then, without Su Chan’s guidance, the Qi on top of Li Yundong’s head stayed for a split second and immediately went back to where they came from without a trace. 

However, the Qi withdrawal process could also greatly stimulate the body. Li Yundong shivered and let out a loud and long groan. 

To the lady at the door, it sounded like a man’s groan during the climax of a lovemaking session between a man and a woman. 

The attendant blushed at once and cursed in a low voice. “How shameless! It’s so early in the morning!” Then, she switched to another room and knocked at the door. “Housekeeping.” 

How would Su Chan know about such things? She just pouted and was upset that the cultivation session was interrupted and failed in the end. She complained in her heart. “If it’s in the hours of the rat, first, we won’t be interrupted; second, his activated Qi will be stronger and pure, thus it’ll take less time to break through!” 

Thinking of that, Su Chan couldn’t help but recall one thing her master had said. “Cultivate while it’s still early!” 

It wasn’t only in one’s early age, but also early in the day. 

Morning hours was the best time of the day! What a wise sentence was that! 

Li Yundong collected himself and gave a long sigh. “Ah, if we really can’t make money, we won’t starve with your massage skills!” 

Su Chan jokingly cursed. “Lame! Hurry up, we need to find the next apartment!” 

Su Chan had finally discovered how painful being homeless was. 

If a cultivator wanted to go through the ranks smoothly, he must have five things: ways, money, partner, lands, and weapons! 

Right now, Li Yundong not only had the help from Human Origin Gold Pill, but also her. Ways referred to the fundamental cultivation methods, which was not a problem; as for money, at present, Li Yundong seemed to have enough for the both of them; Partner, Li Yundong and she were kind of partners right now, thus, that was a yes; Weapons referred to treasure weapons, which was used during battles among cultivators. A cultivator without treasure weapons was like a soldier without arms. 

At last, lands referred to the place where a cultivator dwelled, which was the biggest problem they were about to tackle. 

How would a cultivator proceed if they were without a good practicing place? 

Li Yundong was more than happy to get rid of Su Chan’s nagging, moreover, he felt refreshed now. Thus, he simply waved his hand. “Ok, let’s go to find our next apartment!” 

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