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Chapter 39 What Kind of Treasure Weapon Is this?

“Wait, Lili! Wait for me!” He looked back in the direction of the kitchen and seemed to try to look through the wall to see Su Chan, however, he had to reluctantly go after Lili.

The landlady was dazed. She used to expect a huge amount of rent from this potential customer and now they were gone!

“It’s lucky that I know how things work and didn’t fall out with this boy completely!” She comforted herself in her heart and darted a look at Li Yundong.

That being said, her previous words were still not too friendly and, at that moment, she failed to utter her following sentence. She could only put on a cold face and swept the entire room with her gaze.

However, Li Yundong was quick to say something to smooth things over. “Aunt He, look, it was just an accident. I’ve lived here for nearly a year, and I haven’t been behind in rent or utility bills, right? Please, don’t take it to heart. I’ll pay a rent you wanted, is that okay with you?”

The landlady was both helpless and elated in her heart, murmuring, “If that’s so, let me think about it.”

Li Yundong thought his apology might work and hurriedly added, “Aunt He, I promise, I won’t do a thing to your house anymore.”

She snorted and was about to reply. Suddenly, at that moment, she smelled gas out of nowhere. Sniffing, she was about to ask, but suddenly an explosion went off. Something seemed to have exploded in the kitchen and it shattered all windows of the bedroom and living room.

The landlady flopped onto the ground, eyes widened. She was at a loss as to what happened.

Li Yundong dashed toward the kitchen and shouted. “Su Chan!”

The moment he reached the kitchen door, he found only the frame remained. Peering inside, he saw Su Chan standing in the same spot in the kitchen with her back to him. He couldn’t see how she was at that moment.

Li Yundong felt a tremendous amount of fear creeping into him. Ignoring the broken pieces of glass, he covered his head and dashed to Su Chan. He grabbed her on the shoulder and turned her over. He shouted in both shock and fear. “Are you OK? Have you hurt yourself?”

Her face was black but she didn’t look injured. She was simply mindlessly staring into the air.

Li Yundong felt scared out of his wits. He couldn’t imagine how he would be if something should have happened to Su Chan!

“Talk to me, Su Chan! You’re scaring me!” Li Yundong pinched Su Chan in the area below her nose and growled in fear.

Then, Su Chan shivered and suddenly widened her eyes, screaming. “What kind of treasure weapon is this? It scared me!”

Li Yundong thought he must have heard her wrong. He asked in doubt, “Wh-what did you say?”

Su Chan pointed at the broken stove and put on a hostile and vigilant face. “Just now, I tried to light it and it exploded! It startled me! Is it a Burning Sun Talisman or Exploding Thunder Talisman from Maoshan Sect?”

Li Yundong didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “It turns out she sparked the gas, but what are those talismans she talks about? Has she watched too much TV?”

Li Yundong looked Su Chan over from head to toe and was still worried. “Are you really okay?”

Su Chan let out a proud sound and replied with confidence. “How is this little thing going to hurt me?”

After making sure it was only the kitchen that was bombed and checking that Su Chan was fine, he finally felt relieved. However, upon noticing that the little girl was still babbling, he couldn’t help but flick his finger on her forehead. “Are you still talking nonsense and playing cool?”

The moment he finished his words, the landlady appeared at the door with widened eyes.

The kitchen in front of her was completely wrecked and too horrible to look at. The windows were sent flying away and the stove was crushed into a big hollow hole. The fridge, the walls, everything around was blackened.

She flopped to the ground again and started to growl in an extremely depressing tone. “Dear Lord, these two little brats. Look at what they’ve done to my house! What am I supposed to do?”

Su Chan glanced at the landlady and turned to Li Yundong for help. “What happened to her? Did someone in her family die?”

Su Chan pointed to the landlady and directly snapped. “Hey, what are you crying for? This is not your house!”

Hearing this, the landlady’s flab shook and she started to raise hell. “Not my house? What? Is it your house? Look at the mess you’ve made! What are you going to do? Can you pay me?”

Hearing that, the little fox turned her face toward Li Yundong. With an air of uncertainty, she asked, “Is this really her house?”

Li Yundong poked at her forehead lovingly. “You moron! Stand behind me and keep your mouth shut! No speaking!”

The little fox finally realized that she had gotten into trouble again. “Wait, why did I say I had gotten into trouble again? How many times have I gotten into trouble?”

Su Chan lowered her head and was fiddling with the corner of her shirt. She was feeling uneasy as she raised her head to see the bombed kitchen. However, at that time, she still felt a little wronged. “Why do you blame it on me? There are treasure weapons here and I can’t dodge it!”

Standing behind Li Yundong, the little fox trembled and didn’t dare to speak as if she had been a housewife who had done something wrong.

The landlady cried as if her entire family had died. Li Yundong walked to her and wore an apologetic face. “Aunt He, this is an accident. We don’t know how the kitchen blew up yet, but I do believe it has something to do with us. I’ll be responsible for this, I’ll pay for the broken TV, chandelier, other appliances, and fix the damage to the house as well.”

Hearing this, the landlady stopped her high-pitched shrieking and held back her tears immediately. “You’ll be responsible? Alright, let’s make this clear first. I will no longer let you rent my apartment. You might blow up my entire complex if you continue to live here!”

Li Yundong considered for a moment and decided that it really was impossible to live here. Thus, he nodded determinedly. “Okay, but Aunt He, can you give a few days, like seven days, so that I can find my next apartment?”

The landlady cursed in her heart. “You little bastard, you scared away my big customer and ruined my house. Do you really think you can get away like that?”

Thus she just sneered. “Seven days? You wish. Move out today!”

Li Yundong was both shocked and angry. “Today? How is that possible? I’ve got so many pieces of luggage!”

The landlady just snorted. “That’s not my business. I don’t want to see you in my house anymore! Move out now, or I’ll ask someone to throw your stuff out!”

Although he was at fault, he couldn’t take it anymore. Gentle-mannered as he might be, he involuntarily raised his tone. “Don’t go too far!”

With her hands on her hips, she pointed to the damaged room. “I went too far? Look at the house! Am I the one who went too far? Don’t try to argue with me, move out now! And, you still need to pay for the damages. Otherwise, I’ll call the police and send you behind bars!”

Li Yundong was more than angry after hearing those words. Su Chan couldn’t bear it anymore and decided to say something, however, she found Li Yundong was staring at her and then jumped. Immediately, she drew back her head and murmured something inaudible.

The fact that Su Chan seemed to go without an ID card troubled Li Yundong. What if she got involved? What trouble would she get into if she was involved with the police? Thus, he had to suppress his anger and said, “Aunt He, please give me a few days. How am I supposed to find a place to live immediately?”

The landlady was determined to drive this nasty guy away so she just sneered in reply. “There are a lot of hotels outside the school so what do you even mean you can’t find a place to sleep? Get moving, pack up your stuff, and get lost!”

Li Yundong took a deep breath and still tried to argue for himself. “Please, just one day is enough. I’ll definitely move out tomorrow! How am I supposed to find a place with luggage and a little girl?”

The landlady snapped at his argument. “Have you no shame? A little brat that keeps a girl at home? Why don’t look at yourself? Do you have the money? Go look at yourself in the mirror! Nasty thing! Pay me and get lost, or I’ll call the police right now!”

Li Yundong was offended at that moment. With the fury in his heart, he involuntarily raised his fist and crackled his knuckles, as if he wanted to punch the landlady into a meat pie.

The landlady was terrified and darted out of the kitchen, since Li Yundong appeared as if he could kill people right now. She flopped onto the hallway. “Help! Help! This brat ruined my house and is now trying to kill me! Look at me! Where’s the justice of the world?”

Then, the whole neighborhood, the residents of the upper and lower floors all went out to watch the fun. They crowded around in the hallway and pointed fingers at Li Yundong and Su Chan.

Su Chan was both angry and upset. She felt angry because this woman could be so aggressive and unreasonable. She was upset because she got Li Yundong into big trouble this time.

Li Yundong remained motionless in the same spot. He was breathing hard and all colors flashed over his face. He nearly lost control of his emotions.

After a while, he finally held back the hostility in his eyes. He took a deep breath and smiled dryly. “Su Chan!”

Su Chan replied in a low voice. “Yes!”

“Wait for me here!” Li Yundong then walked into the bedroom and returned with a bankbook in his hand. He said blandly to the landlady. “I’ll withdraw some money. Tell me how much do you want, but don’t go too far or I’ll make you suffer even if I have to end up behind bars!”

Looking at the desperate Li Yundong, she was a little intimidated. However, considering the audience around her, she was brave again. She thought for a moment and then stretched out her fingers. “50 thousand yuan!”

Hearing that, Li Yundong was so furious that he nearly went up and lifted up the chubby landlady. “Are you mad? If that’s the case, I’ll throw you off the balcony right now. I’ll burn the money you want so that you can use it while you’re in hell!”

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