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Chapter 38 Hiding a Girl in Your Room

The man was immediately shaken by Li Yundong the moment he entered the room. He harbored a strong sense of inferiority toward Li Yundong’s masculinity. He darted a look at his woman and immediately felt jealous!

He found that his woman’s cruising and curious gaze had been sweeping over Li Yundong. She was nearly like the White Bone Spirit who had spotted Tang Sanzang; she almost wanted to swallow him alive!

The man got angry. He deliberately approached the woman and wrapped his arms around her waist. Looking at the surroundings in a condescending way, he started to put on airs. “This apartment is a little lame. It’s very shabby!”

The landlady obviously had already targeted this potential customer and was expecting a huge rent from him so she smiled apologetically. “Well, Mr. Zheng, you can’t say something like that! I’ve just furnished this apartment last year. Look at the carpet, it cost me more than 5,000 yuan. Li Yundong, why haven’t you kept it well? Look how shabby it is now! I must deduct this from your deposit!”

Li Yundong looked down at the carpet and started to curse in his heart. “The carpet is in perfect condition! You faultfinder!”

However, until now, the landlady failed to notice the most important difference in the house. Instead, she turned her smiling face to the upstart. “Mr. Zheng, this area of the city is quiet, and the apartment gets a lot of sunlight all year round. It’s really worth the price.”

As she was about to continue, Li Yundong broke in. “Aunt He, I never said that I was moving out…”

She immediately turned about and looked up and down at Li Yundong with a pair of condescending eyes. She murmured in her heart. “You poor little student, your lease only lasts two months and you dare to bargain? You pay rent for only a month at a time. How can you compare to this mister? His lease will last two years and he’ll pay all the rent now!”

The landlady had to reply in a sarcastic tone. “Is that so? I should tell you, Li Yundong. I’ve raised the rent much higher than before. I can’t let you live here with that kind of rent! And I’ll collect the rent every half year…”

Li Yundong interrupted resolutely. “No problem! I’ll pay my rent!”

She was gagged, her righteous statements were at the tip of her tongue. Profit-driven as she might be, she still couldn’t openly have a falling out with Li Yundong. Feeling helpless, she had to turn to the upstart, Mr. Zheng, for help.

The short Mr. Zheng went up to Li Yundong and took out a pack of premium cigarettes from his pocket. He offered one cigarette to the latter. “Want one?”

Li Yundong waved his hand and smiled as a courtesy. “No, thanks. I don’t smoke.”

Mr. Zheng snorted. “Is there ever really a man in this world that doesn’t smoke?”

Afterward, he brought the cigarette to his lips and lit it. Then, he started to preach like an earnest teacher. “Let me tell you this, young man. A man has to smoke. You’re still young and away from society so you don’t know, but when you grow up, you’ll know how useful this little cigarette is!”

Li Yundong furrowed his brows while he listened, and he quietly moved away from the upstart. He was signaling with his posture: I don’t want to talk to you.

Nevertheless, the upstart really didn’t like Li Yundong and decided to brag more. As Li Yundong stepped back, he went forward. He took a draw, puffed a ring of smoke, and then continued to show off. “Cigarettes can’t really compare with cigars. Last time I bought a box of cigars, it was in Colombia and they tasted really good…”

Li Yundong had a gentle manner and didn’t mind all the boasting from this upstart. However, the hot lady that came with this upstart felt different. She was kind of attracted to Li Yundong and hated the way her man behaved. She came to Li Yundong’s rescue by interrupting the man beside her. “Stop, will you die if you don’t show off or something?”

Hearing that, the upstart remained calm and chuckled. He waved at the woman. “Come here!”

The woman was really reluctant to go to his side. She stole a glance over at Li Yundong and suddenly felt disgust at the idea of standing beside such a tacky parvenu.

She swayed her hips and dragged herself toward him. The man wrapped his arms around her waist and immediately started to flaunt his female companion. “She’s Lili, do you know who she is?”

The woman named Lili subconsciously glanced at Li Yundong. For whatever reason, she blushed. She then tried to escape from the man while she snapped. “Get off me! They’re watching us!”

Mr. Zheng chuckled again and grabbed her into his arms. He stood on his tiptoes, trying to kiss her on the lips as if there were no others around.

Li Yundong watched how hard he had to try to stand on his tiptoes and then have to exclaim in his heart that this fellow was really brazen. It was as if he had acquired the Impenetrable Defense skill.

The lady pinched the man and pushed him away. She was a bit irritated. “I’m mad!”

Mr. Zheng let her go and turned to take a long drag on his cigarette. He then started to boast on his own. “Lili took second place in our Tiannan city’s beauty contest, she was a real undergraduate when she went to school!”

Li Yundong sneered in his heart. “So what? In the end, she’s with a bum like you!”

Thinking of that, Li Yundong glanced at the woman. At that time, she was looking at him as well. The two shortly exchanged a glance and looked away.

With Su Chan, Li Yundong didn’t bear any desire for other women anymore. Therefore, his eyes weren’t welcoming and instead bore flickering disapproval in his eyes since she was kind of a gold digger.

Women were all sensitive. As a mistress, they would only act more sensitive. Naturally, the woman became dazed after exchanging a glance with Li Yundong and nearly froze on the spot.

However, the man beside her didn’t notice her embarrassment. He kept on boasting about Lili’s beauty to Li Yundong and almost spat saliva onto the latter’s face. “Hell, I guess you don’t know how excited I was to meet Lili! I was like Dong Yong who saw the seven fairies. I was immediately ogling! My advice for you, young man, is to work hard and make money. In an age like this, what woman will like you if you don’t have money, right?”

Although impatient in his heart, Li Yundong still smiled as a courtesy. “Yes, exactly.”

Just as Mr. Zheng was about to continue, the door of the kitchen slammed open. It was Su Chan who opened the door. Her gaze curiously swept the living room they stood in, and then winked at Li Yundong, saying, “Yundong, are we having visitors?”

The boasting Mr. Zheng’s eyes widened the moment he saw Su Chan. Moreover, he didn’t even realize the cigarette had fallen from his lips and onto the carpet. He fixed his eyes upon Su Chan and looked so greedy that he might swallow Su Chan alive on the spot!

The mistress, Lili, was also shocked when she first saw Su Chan. She felt both shocked and bad about herself. This girl was not only beautiful on the outside, but the inside as well.

Unlike her profit-seeking dirty one, she saw a pure and delicate soul through the girl’s eyes.

The landlady felt both shocked and jealous at the sight of Su Chan. She was shocked that Li Yundong actually hid such a beautiful girl in his apartment, and she was jealous because the girl was stunningly pretty.

“A girl that looks like that is no different from a fox spirit. No one can resist her!” The landlady exclaimed in her heart.

She tried to figure out why a poor student had such a beautiful girl at his home by turning her eyes to Li Yundong, looking at him up and down.

It was after a while that Mr. Zheng finally collected himself. He thought of his previous boasting about Lili and was so embarrassed that his face turned deep red. He then stuttered something that no one understood.

On the other hand, the landlady darted to pick up the fallen cigarette butt from the carpet. Just as she was about to say something, she saw the empty TV bench out of the corner of her eye. Her bloated figure froze at that moment.

Li Yundong cried in his heart. “Not good!” He covered his eyes at once.

The landlady let out a scream that had to be over 200 decibels and made everyone in the room grimace in pain.

She pointed to the TV bench and shrieked. “Where’s my TV!”

Li Yundong hurried to smile apologetically. “Aunt He, let me explain. A few days ago, I accidentally broke the TV, but don’t worry, I’ll replace it with a brand new one!”

The landlady stood with her hands on her hips with saliva coming out of her mouth. “You’d better replace it tomorrow with the same one as before. I’ll check it myself!”

Unjustifiable as his position was, Li Yundong didn’t argue and only nodded several times. “Yes, I know.”

Discovering the TV missing, the landlady then looked up and down in the entire apartment to check for other problems. In the end, she raised her head and let out another scream over 200 decibels. “The chandelier! Where’s my chandelier?”

Li Yundong forced a smile and said, “Well, the chandelier fell off from the ceiling as well. Don’t worry, I’ll fix this and make it just like before!”

Her flab was shaking from the anger she held. “You have to move out!”

Finally, Mr. Zheng spotted a great chance to embarrass Li Yundong. He immediately followed the landlady. “I’ll rent this house and pay the rent right now!”

He unzipped his fanny pack and revealed a wad of cash.

Lili couldn’t take it anymore. She frowned while saying, “I don’t want to live here.” She then stormed out of the door.

Su Chan was at loss as to what happened. She asked Li Yundong in confusion. “What happened?”

Li Yundong feared that she might blurt out something inappropriate again. He waved at her and said, “Get back to your business and let me handle it!”

The parvenu witnessed Li Yundong’s attitude toward Su Chan, and then saw the excruciatingly beautiful girl meekly returned to the kitchen. Thinking of his runaway girlfriend, he cried in his heart. “Why is there such a big difference between women? And why is there an even bigger difference between us men when we’re with the same ladies?”

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