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Chapter 40 Don’t Judge a Man in His Young Age

Li Yundong’s words left everyone present shocked. They all tried to persuade him. “Young man, keep your cool, keep calm!”

“Madam, don’t you think you charge too much? It’s just a kitchen, the renovation would cost a few thousand yuan at most. Even if you count the appliances, the total amount would be just more than 10 thousand yuan!”

“That’s right. He’s still in school. How can he have so much money?”

“I thought so too!”

The landlady was paralyzed with fear of Li Yundong and her voice cracked. “What are you trying to do? Get off me, we can talk!”

Li Yundong sneered and said, “Think before you talk with me. How much do you really want?”

The landlady considered in her heart. “The damages he did to the house, the TV, the chandelier, the renovation of the rooftop and the kitchen would cost more than 20,000 yuan. Maybe a student can’t have that much money, but if I ask for more and make him, I might get into bigger trouble.”

The landlady gritted her teeth and blurt out. “I want 20,000 yuan and that’s my final offer!”

Li Yundong considered the amount acceptable and didn’t want to make a scene either. Thus, he let go of the landlady and said, “Alright, wait for me, I’ll go get the money!”

Finishing his words, Li Yundong went back into the apartment and said to the restless Su Chan, “Wait for me. I’ll be back soon.”

Su Chan opened her mouth and seemed to want to say something, however, she managed to bite her tongue. In the end, she only said in a fearful tone. “You must come back soon.”

Li Yundong nodded to her and went out with his bank card.

The people in the hallway who got a glimpse of Su Chan were all stunned by Su Chan’s beauty. The men all wanted to get a look inside the house and at the same time tried to pretend it was unintentional.

Su Chan became restless from all the gazes. She hid in her bedroom and slammed the door shut.

The moment she hid behind the door, regret crept upon her. Her fingers were twisted together and she thought to herself in tears. “Why am I upset?”

“Am I going to leave this place forever?” Su Chan swept the whole room. The night she landed upon the mortal world was spent here. Subconsciously, she was not only attached to Li Yundong, but also to the house that she lived in.

The thought that she wouldn’t live her any more made it hard for her to breathe.

She waited in her room for quite a long while. Seeing that Li Yundong still hadn’t come back, she became impatient and opened the door to see if Li Yundong had returned.

However, the moment she walked out of the room, she heard people in the hallway whisper. “Look, here she is. Wow, what a beauty!”

“That’s right, such a beauty is genuinely a fox-spirit-turned girl. No man can resist her.”

“You can’t keep that kind of girl, otherwise, you’ll be in trouble all day! Didn’t you hear about the femme fatale?”

The people that said such words were mostly women. They were jealous of Su Chan’s gorgeous face and hence said a lot of harsh words about her. On the other hand, all the men wanted the little fox so much that they turned a deaf ear to the so-called femme fatale thing.

However, they still put on a calm face and followed the women’s words. “Indeed, too attractive. I don’t want her. Imagine if she cheats on you!”

Su Chan stood in the living room and became nervous by their words. She even started to get goose bumps. “Has Li Yundong dumped me here? Did he get mad at me because I got him into trouble?”

Thinking of that, the little fox could not sit tight anymore. She looked very worried.

To the most unattractive women in the world, what they hated most were glamorous coquettes who seduced their men. Though the little fox didn’t actually seduce anyone, the landlady still got angry at the sight of Su Chan. She was mad at Su Chan’s young age, beautiful face, voluptuous body, and the temptation she gave off from head to toe.

The landlady glanced sideways at Su Chan and sneered. “Don’t expect him to come back. If I were a man, I wouldn’t bring you either! Look at you, anyone would think you’re trouble!” 666

Su Chan’s eyes became watery with tears. She snapped at the landlady. “Li Yundong isn’t like that!”

The fat woman snorted. “Oh really? Even if he isn’t now, he’ll be someday! Young lady, why don’t you try to seduce a rich guy instead of this poor student? Do you enjoy it very much?”

Su Chan was shaking from anger. If it wasn’t for Li Yundong’s sake, she would immediately wipe out the fatty.

In the end, the little fox had to wipe off her tears and murmured to herself. “Yundong won’t dump me, he won’t dump me…”

However, the more she thought about it, the more reasonable those people’s words seemed. She was not helpful to him at all. The only thing she was good at, her cultivation, didn’t work at all in this world. Moreover, when she tried to cook a meal for Li Yundong, she put him in this undesirable situation.

The more the little fox thought, the more desperate she became. She felt so very alone and afraid as she waited in the living room. She was as helpless as a lost sheep.

The landlady kept saying harsh things against Su Chan, who clenched her fists and tried hard to hold back her tears. Nevertheless, every time her tears were about to fall, the little fox would sniffle and raise her head. She seemed to try to prove something.

When the little fox was about to surrender, Li Yundong finally came back with a packet in his hand. He waved the packet in front of the landlady. “I’ll go get a pen and a piece of paper, we’ll make it official.”

Then, Li Yundong went to the bedroom looking for a pen and a piece of paper.

Following him, the little fox entered the room as well. As soon as they were behind the door, Su Chan dived at Li Yundong and cried out loud.

Li Yundong was in a hurry to comfort her. He wiped off the tears streaming down the little fox’s face as he asked, “What happened? Why are you crying?”

Choked with emotion, the little fox had to sob out, “They said you don’t want me…”

Li Yundong’s face darkened. “That’s too much. They can say things about me, but they can’t say such things to you! I can’t stand it anymore!”

He was about to go out to argue with those people in the hallway but was stopped by the little fox.

She wiped the tears off her face. She wept and sniffled. “I’m not good at anything. I can’t talk well and I can’t do things well. I can’t do anything for you. All I do is get you into trouble and make you suffer.”

Then, she raised her moist eyes toward Li Yundong. “Do you hate me?”

While looking into Su Chan’s gaze, Li Yundong’s eyes softened. He wiped off the pearl-like tears on the little girl’s rosy cheeks and asked in reply. “I’m not tall or handsome. I didn’t come from a rich family or succeed in anything. I can’t buy you good food or beautiful clothes, I can’t probably buy an apartment for you in the future, not to mention a fancy car. Do you hate me for that?”

Su Chan stared at Li Yundong and shook her head. “No, that’s not true. You’re the best man I’ve ever met. Why would I hate you?”

Li Yundong smiled and pinched the little girl’s small, delicate nose. “Then I won’t leave you either! That’s for sure.”

Lingering in Li Yundong’s gaze, Su Chan’s eyes started to light up. However, there was still a trace of a tear around the corner of her lips. She asked, not sure if it was true. “Really?”

Li Yundong patted the little girl’s head and said gently, “Really! If you really want to go, I won’t stop you. Otherwise, even if you punch a hole in the sky, I won’t let go of you!”

Su Chan smiled through the tears and looked like a blossoming flower, but her tears kept running down her face like beads off a broken thread. She threw herself into Li Yundong’s arms and burst into tears again.

Li Yundong smiled wryly and patted her back. “Aw, what’s the matter? Crying again?”

Su Chan wriggled in his arms and said in a spoiled way. “I don’t know, I just feel like it.”

Li Yundong stroked the little fox’s backbone and smiled. “Alright, don’t cry. I need to write an agreement. Pack your things now, we’ll leave here.”

Su Chan raised her head from Li Yundong’s arms, wide-eyed in doubt. “Then where will we go?”

Li Yundong grinned and replied. “It’s such a big world, where can’t we go? Why stay here and take all the insults?”

Su Chan nodded heavily. “You’re right! I’ll help you pack!”

After making sure Su Chan was fine, Li Yundong walked out through the bedroom door.

The moment he appeared, he received many meaningful eyes, as if they had shared an intimate moment in such a short time period.

Li Yundong sneered in his heart and ignored their gazes. In the living room, he wrote down the number the landlady agreed on and threw the agreement to her. “Please check for yourself. Sign it if you don’t have any other problem. I’ll give you the money and we’ll leave now!”

She took the piece of paper and looked over it a few times. Then, she patted her thighs. “Alright, I’ll be straightforward as well! Give me a pen!”

While watching the landlady sign the agreement, Li Yundong handed her the money. Then, he went back to pack his things. Finally, they carried their luggage and left the apartment where he lived for almost a year under everyone’s combined gazes.

Before Li Yundong stepped out of the building, the landlady at the top of the stairs sneered and said, “Li Yundong, at the end of the day, you still lived in my apartment for almost a year so I’ll tell you one thing. Study hard and don’t even think about keeping a mistress at such a young age. That’s for the rich, you can’t afford it!”

A female tenant that felt sympathy for Li Yundong added, “Madam, that’s too much. How do you know that they aren’t a consensual couple?”

Since she had already taken the compensation, the landlady felt brave and snickered while saying, “With him? A poor guy who doesn’t owe much money? He’s lucky that he can take care of himself. How can he afford a woman? I’ll tell you this, that girl will run off with another guy!”

Hearing this, Su Chan felt something explode in her mind. She uncontrollably shouted to the landlady. “Li Yundong is the nicest person to me in the entire world. He’ll be a big hero someday! I won’t leave him!”

The people present were stunned by her words. Then, they all burst into laughers. “A hero? She kills me!”

“Oh my God, my stomach!”

The landlady was shaking with laughter and then she wiped off tears around the corner of her eyes. “It’s true that anyone can talk the talk, but don’t say stuff like a big hero again. It’s too funny! What age are we living in? Big hero? Sister, when you’ve met a really rich guy, you’ll know how foolish you are now! Oh my stomach!”

Su Chan couldn’t fight back her tears. She clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. At that moment, she almost wanted to punch the landlady in the face, but was stopped by a warm hand on her shoulder.

Su Chan turned around only to see Li Yundong’s gentle smile. “You fool, why do you take their words to heart?”

Su Chan’s tears splattered onto the ground. “But you are really the nicest person to me!”

Li Yundong smiled and replied. “Well, isn’t that what I’m supposed to do?”

After hearing Li Yundong’s comforting words, Su Chan cried louder. “I believe one day you’ll be a big hero. I just know it!”

Li Yundong still wore a gentle smile. The warm and comforting smile seemed to be able to tolerate everything the little girl did. “Yes, I will. If you want me to be a big hero, then I’ll try hard to be one!”

Su Chan raised her head and looked at the boy through tears. Suddenly, she felt a strong urge in her heart: I must train him to be a top-notch master hero. I’ll make those snobs watch!

Having made up her mind, Su Chan wiped her tears and held Li Yundong’s hands. She shot a cold glance at the people who watched them. “Let’s go.”

Li Yundong turned back to look at all those people. Most of them took pleasure in their misfortune. The men grew more jealous at the sight of them leaving because the beautiful Su Chan still stayed beside Li Yundong even when he was met with misfortune.

Li Yundong darted a final look at the landlady and smiled coldly. “I don’t believe that I can’t amount to anything. Let’s wait and see!”

The people in the hallway watched them leave by the stairs and started to whisper to each other. All kinds of rude comments could be heard from them, while only an old man sighed and murmured, “Ah, don’t judge a man in his young age.” Though it was said in a low voice, everyone heard it clearly.

All of the sudden, everyone quieted down. They all thought of the cold faces on the young couple’s faces when they left. At that time, they somehow felt chills run down their spines.

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