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Chapter 37 An Upstart!

Su Chan tugged at Li Yundong’s hands while saying, “Yundong, how about I cook a dish for you?”

“How come you suddenly want to cook?” asked Li Yundong in surprise.

Su Chan again used a spoiled voice that made the listener’s heart melt. “I just want to so please let me do it!”

Li Yundong asked jokingly, “What? Are you finally feeling guilty seeing me bustle around the kitchen?”

Since Li Yundong had been so considerate, Su Chan immediately nodded her head like a chicken pecking rice with her watery eyes wide open, full of expectation.

Li Yundong stuck his head near Su Chan’s and suggested jokingly. “If you really feel guilty about it, you could just kiss me. Forget about cooking, it’s full of smoke here. I’m afraid it’ll damage your skin!”

Su Chan still clung to Li Yundong, flinging his hands back and forth. “No, no, I want to cook!”

Li Yundong asked helplessly, “Alright, stop it. What do you want to cook? Fried rice with eggs? Fried eggs with rice? Or fried eggs with eggs? Or you don’t want to cook fried rice with rice, do you?”

Su Chan pouted and retorted. “Go away, you can cook fried rice with eggs.”

Li Yundong grinned in reply. “This dish doesn’t require a lot of skill, so you can learn easily!”

Su Chan felt a little grumpy. “I can cook so don’t you look down on me!”

After seeing the little girl getting upset, Li Yundong had to comfort her. “Fine, you can cook! What are you going to make?”

Su Chan’s rage soon turned to joy. “I’ll cook braised crucian!”

Li Yundong was a little astonished. “Wow, it looks like I’ve underestimated you! You can cook braised crucian?”

The little fox nodded in pride as if she had already cooked the most delicious food in the world. “Yes, you have. You shouldn’t have looked down on me!”

Li Yundong laughed and was expecting quite a show. He just stood there and watched Su Chan take out the processed crucian from the fridge while saying, “Ok, show me what you’ve got, chef!”

Su Chan rolled up her sleeves. “Just you wait and see!”

Upon finishing her words, she lifted up the knife and furrowed her brows in concentration. With her hands in the air, she shouted as if in the face of an evil foe and chopped toward the middle of the crucian on the cutting board.

Clang! The fish was vertically cut into two pieces.

After witnessing this, Li Yundong didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Who would chop fish like this? Is she going to cook fish nuggets?”

Li Yundong put his palm on his forehead and joked. “Your Highness, it’s not every day you see someone chop a crucian like that!”

Su Chan turned around to make a face. “Quiet, my hand shook just now!”

Li Yundong smiled dryly. “Alright, it shook a little. Don’t let it shake again!”

Su Chan wielded the chopping knife in her hand and threatened menacingly. “Say that again!”

Li Yundong put up both hands. “I’ll be quiet!”

Su Chan felt satisfied at his surrender and snorted. “Good.”

Then, she waved the tip of the knife above the cut fish and chopped again.

However, this time, the cut was lengthwise. She cut the fish lengthwise.

This kind of cutting skill seemed torture to Li Yundong, who ground his teeth and was about to scold the chef, however, suddenly, the cutting board below the fish fell to the ground. She had broken it into two pieces!

“Yikes!” Li Yundong gasped and picked up the board from the ground. He gave Su Chan a thumbs up. “Dear swordswoman, nice cut!”

Su Chan’s cheeks grew pink. “You made me nervous, so I chopped too hard.”

Li Yundong stepped back to the kitchen door. “Can I watch you from here?”

Su Chan had been trying hard to remember the last time she cooked fish with her master. Additionally, she just made a fool of herself so she was feeling a little nervous and murmured, “Keep quiet!”

Li Yundong could only shut his mouth and watch Su Chan circle around the stove like a headless fly, at a loss as to what to do. Finally, he had to break the awkward silence. “Stop circling around! I’m getting a little dizzy!”

Su Chan retorted angrily. “Where do you hide the salt?”

Li Yundong forced a smile. “It’s on the rack to your right! No, that’s pepper, and that’s chili powder. Can’t you tell white from red? Are you color-blind? Come on, is it so hard to find salt?”

Li Yundong couldn’t take it anymore and decided to fetch the salt for her.

While taking the salt shaker from him, Su Chan felt a little embarrassed by Li Yundong’s coaching all the time. She pouted and turned back to try to push him away. She put both hands in front of his chest and pushed him backwards until he was out of the kitchen. Then, she ordered. “Stand here, don’t come forward!”

Then, she stomped into the kitchen; however, feeling it was not enough, she stormed out of the kitchen again with her hands on her hips. “And no talking!”

Li Yundong shook his head laughing. “She really has high self-esteem.”

While leaning at the door, he only saw Su Chan wander around the kitchen for a while, and then she started to scratch her head while rummaging around everywhere.

After a long while, Su Chan couldn't take it anymore and dashed out of the kitchen, stomping hard on the ground. “Hello? Are you going to stand there and watch me suffer?”

Li Yundong didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “You told me to shut up!”

Su Chan retorted. “Now you can talk!”

Li Yundong tried hard not to laugh his head off and asked, “Ok, what do you need?”

Su Chan blushed and asked sheepishly, “How do you make a fire?”

Li Yundong burst into laughter and reached out to rub Su Chan’s head; Su Chan screamed and jumped backward. She covered the top of her head and gave a grimace. “Get off me!”

Li Yundong grabbed Su Chan’s hand and led her in front of the stove. He switched on the burners and pointed to the burning flames. “See that? Do you know how to make a fire now?”

Su Chan widened her eyes as she stared at the burner’s blue flame. She was both intrigued and surprised. She didn’t really know how a fire was made out of nothing.

When she finally collected herself, she saw Li Yundong was grinning beside her. Thinking that he might be making fun of her, she blushed and again, pushed him out of the kitchen. This time, he was directly dispatched into the living room. She shouted. “Wait here and no entering until I’m done!”

Li Yundong shook his head while laughing and then saw Su Chan storm back into the kitchen. With a bang, Su Chan slammed the door close.

While sitting idle on the couch in the living room, he wanted to flick on the TV, only to find that there wasn’t one. He had thrown away his broken TV and had yet to buy a new one.

“Hmm, I’ll buy one tonight as I need to hurry. Imagine if the landlady sees this!” Li Yundong said to himself.

Inside the kitchen, after making sure the door was really closed, she approached the switched-on burner out of curiosity. She waved at the flame and then it swooshed onto her palm.

After fiddling with the flame for a while, Su Chan soon grew bored. “I thought it was powerful, but no. It is nothing like Samadhi True Fire!”

Su Chan crushed the burning flame in her hand and went back to her braised crucian.

However, what she didn’t notice was that the burner was still on, and the gas was filling the kitchen without a sound…

At the same time, Li Yundong was outside and not aware of the danger. He was about to lie down on the carpet to get some rest when he heard a knock. He got up to get the door.

“Who is it?” Li Yundong murmured to himself. He almost had no friends in school and hadn’t lived a single day in the dorm. Practically no classmate knew where he lived. “Who would want to see him at this time?”

Li Yundong looked through the peephole and almost immediately fainted.

Outside the door was a fat woman wearing an impatient and cunning look. It was the landlady!

“Speak of the devil!” Li Yundong glanced over the empty TV bench and then looked up at the big hole in the ceiling. He couldn’t help breaking out in a cold sweat.

He planned to pretend that he was not in, however, through the peephole, he saw that the landlady was taking out a string of keys!

Li Yundong had to give up and unwillingly opened the door.

The landlady screamed at the top of her voice upon seeing who answered the door. “Who are you?”

Li Yundong smiled dryly. “Aunt He, I’m Li Yundong!”

The landlady was even more dumbfounded. She looked at Li Yundong from head to toe and whispered in her heart. “He looks quite good after he lost some weight, but he’s still poorly dressed!”

She stood by the door and fanned herself with her hand, saying, “I thought you weren’t home! Why didn’t you pick up my calls? I’ve called you a million times!”

Li Yundong went back to the living room to check his phone. As expected, he had several missed calls!

“Ah, I’m sorry. I went to a rehearsal today.” Li Yundong didn’t want to let her in, therefore, he didn’t take out a pair of slippers for her. He just asked from the living room, “Why did you want to see me today?”

However, she walked in herself. “Your contract will expire in 10 days. I came to check the house and collect the rent while showing the apartment to someone else.”

As soon as she finished, another voice rose outside the door. It was a coy woman’s voice. “Yuck, I hate you. What’s good about this place? Why do we have to live here? Don’t you have your own property?”

Then a man’s voice could be heard. “This place is away from the city and very quiet!”

“Liar! You just don’t want your wife to know about me!”

“You know that we’re getting divorced! You’re the one I love, you know that!”

“Humph, men are all liars. Do you think that I don’t know how many mistresses you have out there?”

The man and the woman talked as they approached the door. Li Yundong shot a glance and saw the woman in a cream miniskirt with two bare sexy legs. She was heavily covered in make up and looked pretty, however, it might be another story when she removed the makeup.

The woman entered in high heels that clicked on the floor. At the first sight of Li Yundong in the living room, her eyes lit up and she murmured to herself. “This boy is cute! Very handsome and charming!”

A man walked in behind her. He was a few centimeters shorter than his female companion, clad in an unbearably tacky print shirt. He was wearing sunglasses and had unfastened the first few buttons of his shirt. Wearing a thumb-thick gold necklace and a bulging fanny pack, he struck people as a genuine upstart from head to toe.

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