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Chapter 36 The Little Fox Is Going to Cook

Li Yundong’s personality was that of a typical donkey, stubborn. You could coax him into doing something, but never force him into anything. If others talked to him nicely, he would surely reciprocate in the same manner, but if anyone dared to rub him the wrong way, he would make them suffer a hundred times more.

When Zhou Yu tried to repel him with his repulsive acts, Li Yundong would be a hundred times more repulsive than Zhou Yu!

Li Yundong’s words made Zhou Yu feel like he had swallowed a fly, however, he deliberately managed a smile and replied. “Oh? My boy Li Yundong is quite confident in himself…”

He was about to continue, but Huang Yifei broke in. “Alright, I’ll take it from here!”

Zhou Yu was astonished. “Senior brother, you…”

Huang Yifei firmly fixed his eyes on Li Yundong and had not taken his eyes off him for a single second. He feared that Li Yundong might jump into a ferocious attack when he let down his guard for a split second.

Huang Yifei used to fight for money in underground clubs. Killing desires ran in his blood and never did he respect royalty or integrity. He himself would always stab others in the back while they still trusted him.

Therefore, according to his own philosophy of life, he was imagining that this formidable adversary in front of him might act first and ferociously.

Huang Yifei still stared at Li Yundong while he was speaking to Zhou Yu. “You can’t match him in martial arts, and you won’t do your best in a battle with him.”

Zhou Yu looked a little awkward. However, he shortly considered and nodded. Then, he turned around to speak to the university president. “Mr. Ke, look, to make the battle safer, my senior apprentice brother has offered to fight in my place. He’s a lot stronger than me in martial arts and knows when to stop or act. You can rest assured that the battle will go on well!”

President Ke was an old-school scholar and had not realized that, in a combat battle, the stronger both sides were, the greater the injuries would be. Instead, if only one of them was strong, then, the stronger one would naturally control the pace of the battle and then ended it in peace.

Nevertheless, if both sides were too strong, then neither of them would risk being snuck up on when he was holding back. If that happened, their entire life’s kung fu would go to waste! Thus, two capable experts in a battle could not afford holding back even a little; finally, as a consequence of this kind of intense face-off, it was highly likely that one of them would end up seriously injured!

How many close apprentices had injured their brothers in duels in the history of Chinese martial arts!

Difference in profession made one feel worlds apart. Mr. Ke didn’t understand this and neither did the other teachers. The little fox, Su Chan, actually knew about it, however he had fought with other marital artist before and was fine. Furthermore, even if he wasn’t up to the challenge, the Gold Pill in his body would ensure that there was no way he could get hurt. Therefore, she did not worry about him at all.

Even though the girls like Feng Na and Zhou Qin had taken Taekwondo classes before, what they had learned was just some gimmicks and they had no idea of this. They had never known what real combat was like. In the end, everyone in the auditorium except Su Chan hadn’t noticed that something had gone wrong!

However, unaware of the facts as he might be, Mr. Ke had his own way of dealing with things. He snorted, flung his sleeves, and then left with a single word word, “Nonsense!”

It was indeed a short sentence, but it contained quite a lot of meanings. His attitude seemed to be positive, nevertheless, if things did go wrong in the end, he could refer to his ambiguous words right now. “I’ve told you that it’s all nonsense. I said no, clearly.”

Director Qian spat the word “old fox” as President Ke turned and walked away. Then, he turned around and put on a smile. “Well, since Mr. Ke has agreed, you guys should go back and prepare yourselves. The martial arts seminar is drawing near, we should prepare ourselves and don’t let the foreigners look down on us!”

Huang Yifei had been on guard against Li Yundong all this time, while Li Yundong put his entire trust in Huang Yifei. Moreover, his aura had been much stronger than Huang Yifei’s, hence he hadn’t kept his guard up. Instead, when he turned around to face Director Qian, he couldn’t help but think that this disgusting man’s smile was actually evil!

The students on campus were mostly simple-minded and wouldn’t know the word games those people had been playing. Instead, they couldn’t get enough of the fun. Their faces were glowing and they whispered to each other. “Hey, it’s going to be fun!”

“Who do you think will win?”

“Why bother asking? Of course, Li Yundong’s going to win!”

On the contrary, Zhou Qin and Ding Nan saw the strangeness of the situation. One of them grew up in an official’s family and clearly knew about the evil side of humanity; the other was born smart and discerning.

Ding Nan said to Zhou Qin, “Why do I get the feeling that Director Qian is up to no good?”

Zhou Qin knit her two black brows together and remained silent. A supposedly hilarious drama turned out to be a horror thriller in the end and she found it rather hard to believe.

“Let’s go.” Zhou Qin turned around and replied feebly.

Ding Nan was surprised to hear that. “Aren’t you worried?”

However, in reply, Zhou Qin just turned around and left, leaving Ding Nan alone. Ding Nan pursed her lips and scoffed in her heart. “Don’t you worry that you might get heat rashes when bundling yourself up all day?”

Since they had agreed on the date of the battle, Huang Yifei and Zhou Yu found it unnecessary to stay here any longer and left. When the two had left, Feng Na and the other girls that had a thing for Li Yundong all swarmed near him with loud and cheerful wishes. “Li Yundong, keep it up! We’re here for you!”

Feng Na darted a sorrowful glance over to Li Yundong. “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault.”

Li Yundong chuckled. “That’s not true. A man can’t be too famous and a pig can’t be too fat. An attractive man like me will surely stir things up for no reason wherever I go.”

His arrogant statement made all girls present laugh.

Not far away stood Zhuang Hui who glared at Li Yundong and felt sick at heart. In the end, she stamped out of the auditorium.

On the way home, Li Yundong’s eyes fell on Su Chan. All of a sudden, he asked, “Why didn’t you stop me earlier?”

Su Chan asked in reply, “Stop you from what?”

Li Yundong sighed, “Stop me from fighting Zhou Yu’s Shi Xiong, of course. Do you really think that an amateur like me can beat a guy like him?”

Su Chan paid no heed to his concerns. “Of course you can!”

In fact, Li Yundong really wanted to ask her why he was constantly in trouble and why he had changed so much since she had entered his life.

However, although on the tip of his tongue, Li Yundong still managed to bite his lip. He thought about it and decided to bring up the question after the seminar. What will be will be.

“Forget it, maybe another time.” Li Yundong said to himself in his heart.

Although they had finished the dress rehearsal, they still needed to go to class. Many people heard that Li Yundong would be having a friendly contest with some guy in the seminar and swarmed near Li Yundong while asking him all kinds of things, leaving Li Yundong restless.

When classes finally ended, Li Yundong grabbed the little fox’s hand and darted out of the classroom.

“What would you like to eat today?” Only when they returned home, could Li Yundong feel truly comfortable and quiet in his heart.

It was exclusive to just Su Chan and him and not accessible to anyone else. There would be no other man who leered at Su Chan.

Su Chan wrapped her arms around Li Yundong’s while grinning. “I’ll love anything you cook!”

Li Yundong pinched the top of Su Chan’s nose lovingly. “Alright, I’ll cook a lot of junk food and let you gain a lot of weight!”

Su Chan asked, still grinning. “What is junk food?”

Li Yundong thought for a second and replied. “It’s mostly like the fried food we ate at McDonald’s, that’s junk food.”

Su Chan immediately pouted her lips high in the air. “Hmph, I thought you’re a good man. Who knew you would feed me with junk food!”

Li Yundong chuckled. “Guess who enjoyed the meal the whole time? How dare you blame it on me!”

Su Chan reacted in a spoiled manner. “No, no, you fed me junk food, and I’m angry!”

Li Yundong thought for a little while, rolled up his sleeves, and said, “Ok, old fellow today will cook a real feast for you! Wait for me at home while I go shop for groceries!”

Upon hearing that Li Yundong was going to make a feast, Su Chan’s saliva almost filled the floor. The usual meal was quite delicious so how would a feast taste?

The little fox grinned from ear to ear, wrapped around Li Yundong’s arms, and complained in a spoiled way. “Don’t leave me alone! I’m going with you!”

While looking at the little girl tugging at his arms, Li Yundong’s heart beat faster. “Su Chan and I are getting closer and closer, but are we considered “living together” in this way? What’s the relationship between her and me?”

The two went out for groceries at the market and returned home with a armfuls of bags. Li Yundong put on an apron and was in full swing of his cooking, while Su Chan stared at him with nothing to do.

The little fox did want to help, but really she wasn’t able to. When Li Yundong asked her to fetch soy sauce, she returned with vinegar; Li Yundong wanted sugar, and she handed him a sack of salt.

Li Yundong found her both funny and annoying, and had to lovingly scold her. “You, little princess, really don’t know anything about cooking!”

Su Chan pouted her lips so high that you could hang a bottle of soy sauce on them. Again, she argued in a spoiled way. “How would I know about that!”

Li Yundong could not help, but have to comfort Su Chan instead. “Alright, take a seat, my little princess.”

Su Chan felt useless as she actually couldn’t help him at all! She fiddled with the corner of her clothes while dragging herself out of the kitchen. At the door, she pouted again and announced. “I’ll go away then!”

Li Yundong was busy chopping vegetables and waved his hand without so much as a glance. “Alright, you can go ahead and take some rest.”

Li Yundong’s attitude made Su Chan bitter, however, while sitting on the sofa in the living room, she couldn’t help recalling the memories after she met Li Yundong.

She had been living in his house, completely relying on him. This boy took good care of her, and to make her happy, he was actually cooking by the fire.

She, on the other hand, wanted to deceive him and consume all of his energy when he had achieved the Foundation Establishment.

Was that too much?

The more Su Chan considered this, the more guilty she felt. Finally, she thought that maybe she could do something to make up for her acts. However, she could not give herself to him, nor could she gift Li Yundong with some treasure because she would definitely be exposed!

In the end, an idea flashed through Su Chan’s mind. “Why can’t I learn to cook and make a meal for him?”

“Well, I’m so smart, and I suppose I can surely cook some delicious food, right?”

But what to cook?

Su Chan thought about this for a while and thought of the fish they had bought at the market. She had an idea! When she used to cultivate with her master, they ate fish, and now, she could still manage to remember how… to cook fish!

Upon thinking of this, Su Chan ran into the kitchen again while grinning ear to ear. She tugged at Li Yundong’s arms again, saying, “Yundong, Yundong!”

Li Yundong was still chopping vegetables and upon hearing her murmur playfully, he almost cut himself. He could only put down the knife and turned back to say, “Your Highness, what’s up now?”

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