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Chapter 35 A Public Challenge

Everyone now saw that Feng Na was making a fool of Li Yundong. Although the audience didn’t know what had happened between them, they had to admit that the drama was really hilarious and they laughed so hard that they found it hard to breathe.

Some teachers used to hate the way Li Yundong behaved, but now they had to wipe off their tears of joy and urged. “Alright, you should continue the show, no joking around from now on. You can’t really do that in the seminar.”

Feng Na was sensible and grinned at the teacher. “I’m just joking!”

Li Yundong didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Is that what you call joking?”

Feng Na made a face at him. “It’s your fault. You made me lose face before!”

Li Yundong felt helpless and had to put his palm together as if he was praying. “Dear donor, the humble me has been so blind. I really hope my dear donor could be so kind as to forgive me.”

Feng Na replied in a grave manner as well. “Amitabha, the Buddha once said that the sea of bitterness has no bounds, but repent and the shore is at hand. My dear donor can return ashore, how great is that! All Buddhas will cry tears of joy for you.”

The two exchanged words and glances and, in the end, they both chuckled.

Although the drama had really made a fool of Li Yundong and made him eat crow on stage, the girls down below the stage looked at Li Yundong with more admiration in their eyes.

Who didn’t like an out-going and humorous boy?

Some girls whispered to their companions. “Oh, if only I had such a funny boyfriend!”

“Didn’t you say that you don’t like otaku?”

“I can’t ignore such a funny otaku, right?”

“Come on, you look-oriented slut, you must think that he’s cute!”

“Well, I like both handsome and funny guys!”

“Bah, why don’t you take a look at the hot lady beside him? See what level she is at? Don’t you feel bad for yourself?”

Totally unaware of the gossip about himself among the girls, he just looked to Feng Na and said, “Hey, seriously, what else do you want me to perform? If it’s okay, then I’ll be leaving.”

Just as he was about to leave, Feng Na grabbed him and shouted. “Stop, you’ll still have to chop bricks and kick boards!”

Li Yundong signed. “Whatever, so be it. Ok, what’ve you got? Give it to me now, I can handle this.”

Feng Na chuckled. “Nothing, that’s all. Do you think you’ll have to charge into a group of 18 arhats?”

Li Yundong joked. “18 arhats? You’re funny. Have you sent for people from Shaolin Temple? You wish. Can you even do that?”

Feng Na smiled. “Oh? Seriously? Do you want to charge into a group of arhats?”

Upon seeing the evil look in Feng Na’s eyes, he started to imagine that this wicked woman might really send for a group of arhats like those in the movie “The God of Cookery”. If they should really chase him around with benches and mops, he didn’t think he could stand it!

Li Yundong hurriedly added, “Ok, you’re the boss, alright? I fear your power.”

Feng Na was flattered. “Good.”

Afterward, Cheng Cheng returned with some people who held pieces of tiles. They stuck up the tiles on the stage one by one; the audience could hear the clang of every tile and started to whisper, “They’re real tiles, my God, can he do it?”

Li Yundong had never chopped tiles before, therefore, he began to doubt himself in his heart as well. Subconsciously, he strode to the edge of the stage and squatted down to ask Su Chan down below the stage, “Hey, am I able to do this?”

Su Chan waved her hands in confidence. “No problem, it’s a piece of cake!”

In actuality, Li Yundong was just asking, but after hearing Su Chan’s encouragement, his heart immediately swelled with pride and felt as if his strength had increased again.

He stood up and took a deep breath as his body began to look bigger as well. He then walked up to the pile of tiles and waved his fists above them.

Standing beside him, Feng Na knew this was serious and acted nervously. She had to ask, “Hey, can you do this or not? Tell me if you can’t. It’s okay, I can find another one. It’s better not to hurt yourself.” 666

Li Yundong turned his head and smiled. “It’s okay, don’t worry!”

During this time, he was thinking of the time when he broke the solid marble in a state of Qigong deviation. It was only natural that he could break those tiles, right?

Feng Na still worried about him and added, “Remember, keep your fist straight and do it quickly!”

Li Yundong didn’t reply and focused on the tiles he needed to chop. Just as his fist was about to fall, a voice outside the hall broke the silence. “Breaking tiles is no big deal, nor is it entertaining enough. How about we have a friendly battle?”

Li Yundong turned around, only to see Zhou Yu, who had given him hell at the gate of the school, coming in with a young man of medium build, clad in a dark blue short-sleeved Tang suit and a pair of cotton-padded cloth shoes.

Feng Yu furrowed her brows at the sight of this. “Zhou Yu, what are you doing here?”

Zhou Yu glanced at her and waved his hand. “Nana, it’s none of your business. Stay out of this.”

Upon seeing the two men’s sharp eyes, Li Yundong immediately knew that they were here for him. He furrowed his brows, stood up, and asked coldly, “What’s your business here?”

Zhou Yu pointed to the young man beside him and introduced. “He’s my senior brother, a fifth-generation descendant of Lin-Style Iron Thread Fist in Guangdong Province, Huang Yifei!”

Huang Yifei was tanned and of medium height at nearly 1.7 meters high. His features were typical of those in Guangdong Province. His arms looked thick, especially his upper arms that were bulging out of his shirt. His muscles look solid like steel bars.

From the first moment the young man met Li Yundong, he firmly fixed his eyes on the latter. He stood unmoving, almost like a beast waiting for its prey.

Li Yundong’s hair curled up under the solid gaze of Huang Yifei. Involuntarily, his pores seemed to explode and the Gold Pill qi automatically started to circle inside his body to protect him.

The activation of the Gold Pill made Li Yundong’s aura completely change!

Before this, the students and teachers below the stage just considered Li Yundong strong in a way that was masculine and not intimidating.

However, now Li Yundong furrowed his brows and exchanged glances with Huang Yifei. Immediately, the air around him seemed to explode into flames!

It was the purest yang qi in the world!

Among the audience, Su Chan could not help but exclaim in her heart. “Li Yundong has talents in cultivation and is lucky. He’s tough on the inside and gentle on the outside. You may find him easy-going usually, but he’s got his own principles and won’t back down in the face of the enemy; instead, he would fight back!”

Combined with this kind of pure yang qi, he would naturally do everything smoothly and successfully.

Feng Na quickly detected the smell of war and sneered. “Zhou Yu, I didn’t see this coming. How come I didn’t find you this brave before? You can’t beat Li Yundong, so you send you senior brother here, am I right?”

Zhou Yu retorted back. “Do I look like I’d lose to him?”

Before, at the gate of the school, Zhou Yu watched Li Yundong single-handedly defeat a bunch of guys and was immediately overwhelmed. Afterward, the more he thought about it, the more depressed he became. When he finally got it off his chest by talking to his senior brother, Huang Yifei pointed out at once. “You have to beat that guy, otherwise, in this kind of mental state, you won’t amount to anything in kung fu!”

At that moment, Zhou Yu’s heart sank and then he made up his mind to beat Li Yundong publicly and embarrass him. He and his senior brother, Huang Yifei, had discussed how to tackle Li Yundong’s great strength and had come up with a plan as to how to handle Li Yundong. That was why they came today, on this rehearsal day, to challenge him.

Zhou Yu pointed to Huang Yifie again and explained. “I’m just inviting him as a witness today.”

Behind the judges’ desk, the vice president reacted with both surprise and anger. “What are you doing? Is this a martial arts hall? If you want to fight then leave. This is school!”

Zhou Yu confidently turned to face the vice president. “President Ke, if we want to show both our Chinese and South-Central University culture in the seminar with the University of Pennsylvania, then why can the Taekwondo Club attend while we can’t?”

President Ke stomped angrily. “Nonsense, absurd! What do you think the purpose of the seminar is? The Taekwondo Club is a registered club in  this school. Do you also belong to an official club?”

Seated beside him, Director Qian suddenly thought of something and approached the vice president, reminding him. “President Ke, we do have an official martial arts club.”

President Ke froze as if he had been slapped in the face. He turned his head and glared at Director Qian in an unfriendly way. “Oh? Is that so? How come I didn’t know that?” 666

Although Director Qian was just a director, he didn’t fear the vice president of the university. Hence, he just laughed in reply. “It was set up by a number of students, an unofficial one. It was officially registered last year, but, unfortunately, it disbanded later due to poor management.”

President Ke turned to face the director and rebutted. “Well, that doesn’t count either. A seminar is meant to be a friendly exchange. Why are you fighting each other? What if something goes wrong? Who’ll take the blame?”

Zhou Yu hurriedly added, “President Ke, this is just a friendly kung fu battle and we know when to stop. It’s absolutely safe! And if things do go wrong, I’ll drop out immediately!”

Originally, Zhou Wu wanted to prove himself better than the recently hyped-up Li Yundong in front of everyone; therefore, he had no intention of hurting or injuring Li Yundong in any way. He just wanted to embarrass him.

Angrily, President Ke immediately wanted to turn down the suggestion, however, Director Qian beside him had an evil idea in his mind and started to urge. “President Ke, Zhou Yu’s words make sense. Think about it, a battle between Taekwondo and Chinese martial arts, how jaw-dropping is that! And they’re both adults and martial artists. They know the limits when it comes to kung fu.”

President Ke stared closely at Director Qian. “How nicely you’ve put it! What if things go wrong, who will take the blame? You or me?”

Director Qian smiled wickedly and suggested slyly. “Why do you worry? Isn’t Vice Mayor Zhou coming on that day too? He’s in charge of the education department. What do you need to worry about if he’s present? If the sky falls, the tallest guy will hold it, right? And, I don’t think this kind of thing will go wrong. Anyway, if you’re praised by the seniors, you’ll be rewarded, isn’t that so?”

President Ke’s heart skipped a beat and then he looked into Director Qian’s eyes meaningfully.

He then turned to Zhou Yu. “Can you promise nothing will go wrong?”

He was elated upon seeing the president was about to approve their battle. According to his plan, if the vice president didn’t agree, he would exchange a few simple moves with Li Yundong on the spot. If the vice president really approved it as he just did, then that was more than great. He would definitely embarrass Li Yundong in front of the entire school!

Zhou Yu smiled like a dog that just had its day. “Absolutely, President Ke!” He turned around and look into Li Yundong. “I believe that my junior and I are having a friendly kung fu contest, right, Li Yundong?”

Li Yundong just stared Huang Yifei, completely ignoring the hyped-up Zhou Yu and lightly suggested. “I think I’ll have it out with your senior brother. You’re no match for me. Since we’ll do it in front of our foreign friends, it’s better the two rivals are evenly matched. If the battle ends too soon, won’t our foreign friends laugh at us?”

It was like someone had slapped Zhou Yu hard in the face.

“Ha!” The upset Feng Na had to chuckle as well.

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