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T/N: Well… daily chapters should be back.  I originally wanted to do more but I kept getting tired and distracted… and wasting time trying to find a English name of a Sutra that apparently doesn’t exist! … well it does exist but has no English name.

By the time Li Yundong slowly woke up, it was already late at night of the second day. Li Yundong rubbed at his eyes and sat up, finding Su Chan collapsed at his side. Her current posture seemed no different from the first time he saw her.

Li Yundong gazed upon Su Chan’s innocent sleeping appearance, and smiled. He could not resist reaching the impulse to reach out and stroke the girl’s soft and smooth, powder white cheeks. But halfway there, he stopped, afraid that he would awaken her from her sweet dreams.

Li Yundong stared at Su Chan for a good while before his gaze finally fell on the blood soaked towel on the side. Only now did he remember what happened before.

Scenes of what occurred during his qi deviation appeared vividly in his mind.

Li Yundong rubbed at his nose, eyes, and mouth with his hand, only for his hand to remain clean without any sign of blood. He released a sigh of relief. With lingering fear in his heart he exclaimed, "That was really scary. I didn’t expect that someone would pat me while I was circulating qi. They almost patted me to death."

Li Yundong recalled his berserking state that almost killed someone. He involuntarily shuddered, "If it weren’t for Su Chan, I might already be dead!"

But as he thought of this, anxiousness and bewilderment appeared in his heart. Why did he experience such an extreme reaction to cultivating qi? How come he had never heard of such an effect in other practitioners of qigong?*1

Moreover, how did he achieve the exaggerated result of leaking blood from seven apertures despite cultivating for only a single day?

Even if Li Yundong were dumber, he would still be able to faintly realize that these events were bizarre and exaggerated to the degree where they could not be explained. His gaze focused on Su Chan. He thought to himself, ‘Could it be that these changes of mine were all brought about by her?’

Li Yundong stared vacantly for a while. Wanting to ask some questions of Su Chan, he pushed her shoulder. However, the girl groggily groaned, her eyes opening just a crack, as she mumbled, "Yundong, you’re awake? En. It’s good if you’re fine. I-I’m so tired!"

Li Yundong smiled. He threw his questions to the back of his head. "If you’re tired then you should go sleep in the bedroom."

The little fox wriggled her body. She could not even open her eyes. "No way. Too tired. You carry me in."

Li Yundong lifted the little fox in his arms, feeling she was light as air. Su Chan’s arms and legs latched onto Li Yundong like an octopus. Her head gently rubbed against Li Yundong’s chest, and cute snores were released from her nose.

‘This girl!’

Li Yundong laughed soundlessly. He settled Su Chan on the bed only to have the girl hug his arm tightly. Her gauzy garment were slightly disarrayed. A glimpse of incomparably tantalizing bare flesh peeked out from under the hem of her shirt, and an indistinct sweet fragrance seemed to drift secretively about the shadowy and muted bedroom, provoking Li Yundong’s heart to stir.

Li Yundong stood by the bed, blankly staring at Su Chan, spellbound for a time.

Li Yundong glanced at the bedroom’s glow-in-the-dark alarm clock and found that it was only 10PM, the best time for nightlife. In the past, at this time, he would either be playing MMORPGs or PKing on battlenet.

But now, all the lights in his home were off and not a whisper could be heard.

Since Su Chan moved into his home, Li Yundong found that his life style had completely changed. The Li Yundong who once had a passion for gaming suddenly found himself disinterested, without any desire to play. All his attention was focused on this beauty with an unclear identity and a mysterious origin.

Just as Li Yundong was thinking this, he saw the little fox flip over, lying on her side in the bed, curled into a ball. She hugged the blanket tightly to her chest and her perky butt rounded out—her posture extremely seductive.

Li Yundong did not dare continue watching. He turned on the air conditioner for Su Chan, then he quietly left the room. For a time, he stayed in the living room, staring into space. Finally he also lethargically fell asleep.

The next day, when Li Yundong woke up and got out of bed, he sleepily felt for his cellphone, and checked the time. He abruptly got up with a swoosh. It was already 10:00! Morning classes were already half over!

Li Yundong hurridly charged into the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face. The moment he opened the door, he saw Su Chan standing in front of the dressing table with a dazed expression on her face. One of her hands grasped her messy hair and her other hand tapped in front of her mouth, as she yawned continuously.

The little fox wore Li Yundong’s pajamas, which fit loosely. As Su Chan yawned, Li Yundong could see the girl’s pale abdomen peeking out from the gap between her clothes. This alluring sight caused one to feel dazzled and stunned.

Li Yundong was a bit dazed for a time. The questions he originally intended to ask Su Chan were also forgotten beyond the ninth heaven. He only stared at Su Chan vacantly. And Su Chan turned her head around to look at Li Yundong. Just as she intended to greet him, she suddenly discovered a problem. With a whoosh, she jumped to Li Yundong’s side. With widened eyes, she attentively took a measure of his face.

Being stared at by Su Chan, Li Yundong felt self-conscious. He involuntarily touched his face, "Is there something wrong with me?"

Su Chan laughed out loud. She pulled a confused Li Yundong in front of the mirror. Pointing toward his face, she said, "Hurry up and take a look!"

Li Yundong looked at his reflection in the mirror and asked at a loss, "What about me?"

Su Chan smiled so widely that her eyes became crescents, "Don’t you think that your face got skinnier?

Li Yundong was stunned. He carefully inspected himself once more. Sure enough, his face was skinnier all around. He could not resist reaching for his chubby belly. He found his belly was also a lot thinner.

Li Yundong was surprised and delighted, "I lost weight?"

Su Chan beamed with joy, she nodded heavily. "En! En!"

Li Yundong laughed and shamelessly showed off his good looks to his reflection. "After losing weight, I’m actually really handsome!"

Su Chan pulled a mischievous face and said in displeasure, "Isn’t this because of me?"

Li Yundong was surprised. Internally he thought, what does me losing weight have to do with you?

However, Li Yundong recalled the events that occurred after meeting this girl. He was practically chased around or caught in fights every day. With that much exercise, it would be strange if he did not lose weight.

Thinking those thoughts, Li Yundong did not know whether to laugh or cry. He thought, ‘Girl, you actually dared to take credit and demand praise.’

However, seeing Su Chan happy also made him happy.

The purest joy between man and woman, was it not just like this? Taking joy in your joy. Finding sorrow in your sadness.

However, Su Chan did not think like this. In her opinion, it was due to her Human Origin Gold Pill remodeling Li Yundong’s body. Then she used her Tri-pronged Blossom massage technique to help Li Yundong unblock his meridians and passively cultivate by circulating the microcosmic orbit. Moreover, the previous qi deviation incident carved out and widened the meridians of Li Yundong’s body, causing the blood and qi flow of those meridians to wash away the built-up filth of his body. Only due to these factors did Li Yundong thin down.

This is also why since ancient times, all daoist cultivators and immortals were sage-like with thin bodies. Never had there been a cultivator that was obese, with fat cheeks and a big belly.

In terms of medicine, people become fat due to blockages in their meridians. Once the meridians were cleared, people would naturally thin down.

And every single cultivator possessed unobstructed meridians. Even if they wanted to, they would not be able to become fat.

However, now that the Human Origin Gold Pill had remodeled his body, it would change every single day. Even if the difference could not be seen in a single day, but in three, four, or five to six days, there would be an obvious transformation.

Originally, Li Yundong had a slightly chubby face. Now, the outline of his cheekbones could already be seen. His chin was also appeared slightly sharp.

Once a person becomes thin, their essense, qi and spirit would become apparent. Li Yundong inspected his reflection in the mirror, quite like he was clicking his tongue, he exclaimed in amazement, "I almost forgot what my thin self looked like in the past."

Su Chan beamed in joy as she looked upon Li Yundong, seemingly happy that Li Yundong was happy. In truth, she was secretly delighted in a different sense. ‘He’s thinned down. That means Li Yundong has already entered the tail end of the middle stage of the second realm, Qi Refinement.

‘The second realm, Qi Refinement had three stages. The initial stage required Raise Essence, Solidify Origin, and Unblock Meridians, these three tasks. And Li Yundong who had assistance from the Human Origin Gold Pill, naturally did not have a problem, successfully satisfying these requirements.

‘Now in the middle stage of Qi Refinement, he needed to Widen Meridians, Condense Qi, and Achieve Facility, these three tasks.

‘Li Yundong experienced qi deviation earlier, accidentally completing the hardest task Widen Meridian. The next step in cultivation required that he learn how to condense the vast qi in his body into a single lump. Every single motion will contain or potentially contain a thousand jin of strength. Then he needed to learn how to circulate his qi with facility and use that in actual combat. His qi should come with a beckon and leave with a wave, not like his previous handling, which resembled the unstable Six Meridians Divine Sword, sometimes working sometimes not.

This moment just happened to be early morning, when everything was awakening, the time of youthful energy. The morning sun shone through the window upon Li Yundong’s face, making it appear as if a layer of gold dust had been sprayed over his face. The energy of his entire person seemed to flourish. Even his hair radiated with a forceful heroic aura!

For a time, the little fox was somewhat dazed by the sight. An involuntary eagerness appeared in her heart. ‘Shakyamuni*2 wrote in the twenty-seventh chapter of "Vajra Heart Dhara Sutra"*3, men have seven treasures in their body and women have five detriments. Men cultivate easily and women cultivate with difficulty. This phrase truly wasn’t wrong!

‘Li Yundong being a man with seven treasure, upon attaining the assistance of the Human Origin Gold Pill, he immediately surpassed a vast majority of the mortals in the world. In a few days, he progressed a thousand miles a day and broke through the first realm, entering the middle stage of the second realm.

‘If she attained the human origin gold pill, then probably with her five detriments body, if she wanted to refine the Gold Pill medicinal power, she could need to undergo secluded cultivation for a month!’*4

The little fox could not help but feel a bit aggrieved. But she quickly realized that the faster this fellow cultivates, then the closer she would be to stealing yang to supplement yin.

Once she thought of this, Su Chan wavered and became agitated inside.

Li Yundong looked at the mirror for a long time. Right up until he himself felt that he was narcissistic to a hair-raising degree, he finally turned around and smilingly looked at Su Chan. Making a pose, he said, "How about it Do you think I can become a movie star?"

Su Chan asked in confusion, "A movie star?"

Li Yundong shook his hand. "Forget it. It’s nothing. Today is the weekend. I’ll take you out to play!"

Su Chan heard and was happy up to the tip of her brows. Her smile made her eyes into crescents. "Okay okay! Where will you take me to play?"

Before Li Yundong had a chance to think of a place, he heard his phone ring. He ran to the living room and answered his cellphone, only to hear Sun Li’s voice on the other end. "Li Yundong, have I now become your personal secretary?"

Li Yundong laughingly replied, "I can’t afford to hire a popular lady secretary like you!"

Sun Li angrily said, "Get lost! Today is the dress rehearsal for the university’s exchange meeting. Everyone else is here, only you are missing! Senior Feng Nuo of the Student Union is pressuring me to hand you over. You do as you see fit!"

Li Yundong said in an exaggerated voice, "It can’t be? Isn’t today Saturday?"

Sun Li laughed in anger, "Li Yundong, it looks like you really should go see the doctor. You haven’t recovered from going off the deep end in the class last time, or that’s how it seems. Today is Monday!"

Li Yundong was stunned. He immediately glanced at the displayed time on his cellphone, before laughing bitterly. Did he fall asleep for two days again?

"Time is passing by too quickly. Hey, class monitor, can you ask Feng Nuo, did she solve my issue? If she hasn’t solved my issue, I’m not going!" Li Yundong said.

Sun Li replied in a bad mood, "You come and ask her yourself. I don’t feel like dealing with your issues."

After she finished speaking, she hung up her phone.


*qigong Basically real life breathing technique and circulation of qi, that kind of mysticism. There are people who actually teach it in real life, though whether it is a form of self-hypnotism or is truly effective would be up for debate.

*2 释迦摩尼 - Shakyamuni: Gautama Buddha, also known as Siddhārtha Gautama, Shakyamuni Buddha, or simply the Buddha, after the title of Buddha, was an ascetic and sage, on whose teachings Buddhism was founded.

*3 金刚心总持论 - It took me hours to research and find out what this one is… it’s a apocrypha that is supposedly by Buddha. Also known as Diamond Arhat Lecture or something like that… in any case, I’ve taken the Chinese name and translated the title as best as I could.

*4 Pretty sure this is her misunderstanding causing situational blindness. If Li Yundong did not experience Qi Deviation, he’d need way longer. But she’s blinded by his good fortune and her bad luck.

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