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T/N: TCM again…

The sound of Su Chan’s cry was like an icy clear spring flowing into a vast scorching sun. Li Yundong instantly recovered a sliver of consciousness. A single notion flashed through his sea of consciousness. ‘If I kill the person in front of me, then I’ll never again get to see Su Chan!’

After this notion appeared, Li Yundong forcibly changed the direction of his fist. With a bang, it smashed down beside Liu Chuan’s head.

When this punch landed, everyone in the classroom felt as though someone exerted themselves and smashed the wall using a large sledgehammer, causing even the floor to shake.

When Li Yundong retrieved his fist, those students with keener eyes immediately sucked in a breath of cold air. A fist-shaped hole had been forcefully smashed into the wall!

Li Yundong threw Liu Chuan to the side. He noticed Su Chan rush toward him, but he was afraid that he would not be able to control himself, hurting Su Chan as a result, thus he yelled, "Don’t come over!"

Then he charged out of the classroom as losing his mind.

Su Chan was both startled and anxious. Under the circumstances, she could not be bothered with anything else. With a single leap, she directly leapt from the back of the classroom directly to the front. Her entire person moved lightly and gracefully, like a swallow skimming water. Everyone in the surrounding broke out into commotion.

"It can’t be? Is that qinggong?"*1

"Damn, did I see wrong?"

As Su Chan pursued Li Yundong in charging out of the classroom, the students left behind started discussing spiritedly. They were extraordinarily rowdy, only Zhou Qin blankly stood on her spot. She seemed to have thought of something, and suddenly pursued Su Chan’s departed figure in large strides.

Luckily, Li Yundong did not go far. He only charged into the washroom not far from class.

There happened to be a student in the washroom who was doing number two. Hearing the commotion outside, he opened his stall out of curiosity and fear to take a look. Consequently, he saw a man with blood all over his face standing by the sink, frantically smashing the marble counter top with his fists and his head. The resulting booming sounds were like drum beats.

This student was so scared that he pulled up his pants and ran away without even wiping his butt.

Zhou Qin pursued Li Yundong to the men’s washroom and came to a stop outside the door. She wanted to go inside, but in the end, she was a girl. She was too embarrassed to go into the men’s bathroom because she was relatively thin-skinned.

However, she heard Li Yundong’s pained moans coming from the inside the washroom and felt anxious to the point where she did not know what to do. Just as she was going round in circles, a male student holding up his pants charged out of the washroom.

Zhou Qin immediately caught that student, "Classmate, what’s going on inside?"

This male student only remembered he did not wipe his butt after he pulled up his pants. He was already in a very gloomy mood. Now that a female student blocked his way, the gloom in his heart could no longer be expressed in words. He shook off Zhou Qin’s hand in annoyance and shouted, "If you want to know, then go inside. Won’t you know then?"

With those words, he ran away in a flash.

Zhou Qin furrowed her brows. She stomped her feet. Biting down on her teeth hard, she charged into men’s washroom.

When Zhou Qin entered the men’s washroom, she just happened to see Li Yundong with his face covered with blood. The clothes on his upper body were soaked red by blood. He looked like the angry green green, Hulk. His fists smashed in front of him, shattering the mirror into a multitude of pieces. Then they smashed down, the marble counter top was immediately smashed apart.

Zhou Qin was so shocked her beautiful countenance grew pale. Her mind went blank. ‘Was he still human? How could a human be that strong?’

Su Chan had been on the side all along calmly observing Li Yundong’s actions. Seeing an opportunity, she charged forward. She smacked the back of Li Yundong’s neck. This caused Li Yundong’s entire body to stiffen. Then he twisted around and ferociously punched behind himself with a whoosh sound.

The ferocity of this punch was such that even though Zhou Qin was still three or four meters away, she could still feel the fierce wind caused by the punch hit her in the face, even causing her beautiful hair to flutter!

Su Chan’s body was like a snake, twisting around to Li Yundong’s other side in an instant. She pull out a single strand of her hair with one of her hands and then stabbed it beside Li Yundong’s ear.

The hair was like an acupuncture needle. It was stably inserted into the Tianzhu acupoint beside Li Yundong’s ear.

Li Yundong’s body shook. In the end, he collapsed limply, having fainted.

Su Chan let out a sigh of relief. She placed Li Yundong onto her back. Only then did she turn to look coldly at Zhou Qin who stood dumbstruck on the side. She said, "If you dare divulge even half a word about what you saw here. Even if you are ten thousand li away, I’ll still find a way to take your life."

When the little fox, who was normally cute and naive, said these icy cold words, there was a truly terrifying murderous intent. However, for better or worse, Zhou Qin was the daughter of an influential family. How could she back down to threats so easily?

She regained her wits and raised her eyebrows. Just as she wanted to say something, she saw Su Chan carry Li Yundong and jump out of the window.

Zhou Qin was spooked out of her mind in surprise. She let out a scream, "Ahhh!!"

This was the fifth floor!

She quickly rushed to the window and looked out, only to see the little fox with Li Yundong on her back completely unharmed and taking her leave like parting wind.

Zhou Qin stood dazed in front of the window. She did not even notice the male students entering the washroom behind her. She blankly watched Su Chan and Li Yundong’s departing figures, her eyes fluctuating with emotion.

Her body faintly trembled. Did she she tremble out of astonishment or fear or panic? Or perhaps her body shook from a buried sense of excitement and enthusiasm concealed in the depth of her soul.

‘Li Yundong, who are you really?’

Su Chan carried Li Yundong and arrived back home at immense speeds. Even though she looked calm on the surface, but she was abnormally nervous on the inside. Full of remorse, she kept blaming herself, ‘Why did she not warn Li Yundong against cultivating in a public place?’

She carefully observed Li Yundong’s complexion and used her hand to take his pulse. She also checked the direction and movement of Li Yundong’s qi.

At this time, the qi in Li Yundong’s body could either charge upwards and attack the four major critical acupoints, Baihui, Shanting, Tianchong, and Chengling, turning Li Yundong into an retard, or it could charge downwards and attack the minor yin kidney meridian and major yang bladder meridian of his feet, causing paralysis of his lower body such that Li Yundong would not be able to get out of bed.

As Su Chan gazed upon Li Yundong’s current appearance, her heart ached more than she could bear. She found the bathroom and randomly grabbed a couple clean towels to wipe the bloodstains from Li Yundong’s face. Then she pressed a hand on the Huigai acupoint on Li Yundong’s chest. Her other hand pressed down on the Qihai acupoint

The little fox had heard her master once say, ‘Huigai acupoint is located exactly in the middle of where the two lungs meet, above the heart and below the throat. When qi heads upward, it must pass through this acupoint, thus it could be said to be like an important strategic location, an indispensable bottleneck location along the body’s meridians.’

When a person becomes angry, they can feel a hot qi surge toward the top of their head. This qi originates in the Qihai acupoint. It charges past the Huigai, through the Shengting and finally arrives at the Baihui acupoint. This qi will charge up and disrupt the usual qi circulation, which is why people tend to become irrational when angry.

Some people possessed good control of their temperament by cultivating their moral character. These people could forcibly suppress their anger, and this just happened to depend on the strategic checkpoint known as the Huagai acupoint.

By pressing down on these two acupoints, Su Chan practically blocked the path of the vigorous qi in Li Yundong’s body preventing it from going up or down. A flow of supreme yin qi was slowly released from Su Chan’s palm into Li Yundong’s body. The moment this qi came into contact with Li Yundong’s it—supreme yin qi and virgin primordial yang qi—fire and water merged together. In an instant, the surging qi in Li Yundong’s body calmed down.*2

Li Yundong’s pained expression became peaceful. The bulging blood vessels all over his body calmed down. The qi in his body circulated by itself.

Su Chan loosed a sigh of relief. She continued monitoring Li Yundong closely, observing his condition.

Li Yundong had just returned from the doorstep of death. The explosive qi in his body was now like a tamed flood, once again flowing in each of his meridians.

After this qi circulated four or five microcosmicos on its own, Su Chan was very astonished to find the qi in Li Yundong’s body actually began to circulate along the meridians and acupoints of the microcosmic orbit automatically, without needing deliberate guidance from someone else. It was as though that violent burst of qi a while ago forcefully broadened and deepened the meridians of Li Yundong’s body.

This is just like a mighty flood surging through wilderness, forcefully carving out a deep and broad riverbed, then it involuntarily flowed along this riverbed and turned docile instead.

Su Chan was startled, she muttered to herself, ‘This fellow can’t be this lucky, right? Even though it was qi deviation, he was still able to profit from disaster?’

For normal people cultivating qi, if they want to strengthen the qi in their body, they need to spend who know how much effort and endure countless hardships. Broadening and deepening one’s meridians was something that could only be encountered by chance and not sought out. Mere hard work was not enough, it could not be achieved through fortunate encounter.

However, Li Yundong’s case was ridiculous, something that a normal cultivator would bitterly pray for without ever getting, he managed to achieve by accident.

Su Chan suddenly felt a bit jealous. She pretended to poke Li Yundong’s nose and said, displeased, "You’re ridiculous. To think you would have this kind of stupid luck! Let’s see what you’ll do next time you get qi deviation! Hmph. I’m not going to watch over you anymore. If you have the ability, keep circulating microcosmos without making a single mistake!"

With those words, she stood up and wanted to leave. However, after taking two steps, she found she could not put down her worries. Because right now, the qi in Li Yundong’s body was fixing his damaged meridians, if a single mistake were made, then Li Yundong would be consigned to eternal damnation, even Su Chan could not save him again.

Su Chan thought for a bit. She returned. Pouting her mouth, she said, "Fine. I’m not worried about you. I’m worried that you’ll waste my Human Origin Gold Pill. Reckless fellow, don’t misunderstand me!"

After she finished speaking, Su Chan muttered to herself, ‘Truly a reckless fellow, to actually cultivate in public. Isn’t that the same as looking to die? And you almost involved me too!’

Even though she said those things, Su Chan gazed upon Li Yundong with eyes full of concern. She monitored Li Yundong’s condition without blinking once, for fear of even the slightest possibility of something going wrong.

Once Li Yundong’s qi underwent the microcosmic orbit thirty-six times, a faint rainbow colored light suddenly welled up from inside his body, as if he were wrapped by sunset clouds.

Su Chan started, "Gold Pill spirit qi?"

Her eyes were full of envy. This manifestation of rainbow light meant that the medicinal power of the Human Origin Gold Pill had been completely absorbed. The Human Origin Gold Pill would soon complete its final effects and remodeling.

When that is completed, Li Yundong’s essence, qi, and blood would become several times more vigorous than their previous already vigorous state. The strength and power of his body would also increase multiple times!

Su Chan watched for a while full of envy and admiration. Gradually, she curb her emotions. She could not help but say with a sigh, "Master was not wrong in the least. Some people have good fortune that is truly beyond compare…"

After Su Chan said those words with a sigh, she began guarding Li Yundong wholeheartedly. However, she did not imagine that this time, she would be watching over Li Yundong for two days and two nights.


*1 qinggong has no standard translation. You might have seen it as ‘body lightening technique’, ‘art of flight’, buoyancy, ‘body technique’, ‘movement technique’, ‘lightening technique’, floating technique, levitation art, etc. Basically it’s a skill that makes you lighter, thus allowing you to move after and over surfaces you normally couldn’t. For example, running over water… jumping across the canyon while running your way through the air… standing on a branch without it bending, that kind of mystic eastern stuff.

*2 It was censored… not sure what it’s supposed to be but I think it’s fire and water melding?

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