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Li Yundong listened to the unable to connect sound coming from his cellphone, and he could only smile bitterly as he looked toward Su Chan. "Look like we won’t be going out to play!"

Su Chan made a brokenhearted expression.*1 She angrily said, "Hateful!"

Li Yundong reached out to pinch at the little fox’s cheek with a smile. "You’re delightful. No one will ever get sick of looking at you!"

The little fox giggled and dodged out of the way. "Smooth talker!"

Li Yundong smiled and said, "Let’s go."

At this time, in the auditorium of Tiannan University, Feng Nuo was speaking to Zhou Qin in a quiet voice, "Zhou Qin, great beauty Zhou Qin, this senior sister is begging you to help out. Please give me face!"

Zhou Qin was currently watching the art department students rehearse a group dance onstage. She stopped her conversation with Ding Nan and turned around. With an indifferent expression, she said, "Senior is too polite. What is it that requires my assistance?"

Feng Nuo noticed that while Zhou Qin spoke politely, her expression gave the impression of coldness like ice and frost and distance like a thousand miles, sure enough resembling how she was described in the rumors. Feng Nuo secretly clenched her teeth and explained Li Yundong’s situation to Zhou Qin. Then she held her palms together in plea, assuming a pitiful air. "Look. I’m currently so anxious that my hair is almost going white. If Li Yundong gets expelled, our Taekwondo Society will be finished this time. For better or worse, you also count as a member of the Taekwondo Society, you can’t just stand by and watch the Taekwondo Society’s misfortune."

When Zhou Qin heard of Li Yundong’s situation, she showed a rarely seen lapse in demeanor. While there was not a single hint of expression on her face, her gaze seemed distracted as if lost in thought, like she was remembering something.

On the side, Feng Nuo was somewhat unable to bear with Zhou Qin’s attitude. She forced a smile and said, "If it is inconvenient for you, then I’ll just leave."

Zhou Qin noticed that Feng Nuo was about to leave and suddenly asked, "You’re saying that Li Yundong’s situation that he is going to be expelled?"

Feng Nuo started in fright when Zhou Qin spoke up after seeming to suddenly regain her wits. She turned around and let out a sigh. "That’s right. He offended Director Qian. Did you not know?"

Zhou Qin composed herself and gave a slight nod, "Yes, I know. I will go talk with Director Qian right now."

Feng Nuo did not think that Zhou Qin would help out so easily. She was overjoyed at the unexpected good new and said with a smile, "That’s wonderful. Thank you very much!"

Zhou Qin faintly smiled and then turned her head to look for Director Qian.

Feng Nuo realized that Zhou Qin had no intention to say anymore, so she also took her leave, heading toward a corner of the rehearsal ground. Halfway there, Cheng Cheng walked over and asked, "Ay, how did it go?"

Feng Nuo proudly made a victory sign, "When this old lady personally gets involved, a single me as good as two!"*2

Cheng Cheng smiled and said, "As good as two old ladies then?"

Feng Nuo jokingly scolded, "Stop spouting rubbish! But you know, I found that Zhou Qin did not seem as indifferent and unreasonable as imagined. She agreed right after I asked her. Is it possible that she seems cold on the surface but is actually passionate inside?"

Cheng Cheng smiled and said, "Perhaps she has feeling for a certain someone?"

Hearing that, not knowing why, Feng Nuo’s heart felt slightly uncomfortable. Just as she wanted to say something, she heard a cute voice speak up from beside her, "Aiya, I say, Feng Nuo, so mamy people are waiting right now. Is that Li Yundong of yours coming or not? The host is pressuring us to hurry up. If he doesn’t show up, we will just have to move our program before yours, you know?"

Feng Nuo turned her head to take a look, only to see a sexily dressed girl with heavy makeup. As that girl used a powder brush to fix up her makeup, she spoke to Feng Nuo in a sarcastic tone.

Feng Nuo smiled. She replied, "It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s that the top brass of the school regards you highly. They want you to be the highlight of the show. Therefore, you just have to keep on waiting!"

This girl’s name was Zhuang Hui. She happened to be in the same class as Feng Nuo. However, she was very difficult to deal with. Ever since the two of them entered the school, they were sworn enemies. No matter what the issue, they would always conflict. Even for the exchange meeting performances, they were trying to undermine each other.

Zhuang Hui since a young age was good at singing and dancing. Even though she was not a student of the art department, but during the freshmen talent show, she stunned the entire Tiannan University with her beautiful peacock dance. Since then, whenever there was a dance program, they would definitely involve her.

These two, Feng Nuo and Zuang Hui, for the sake of competing for the highlight spot, fought openly and covertly for a long time. In the end, Zhuang Hui won out. But even victorious, she did not want to let up on Feng Nuo. Whenever she had a chance, she would find some way to exasperate Feng Nuo.

Zhuang Hui used her powder brush to careful touch up her brows. Without looking at Feng Nuo, she continued to use a caustic tone and said, "I really don’t know what’s so good about that Li Yundong you mentioned. You’re anxiously placing your hopes on him, but what’s he doing? Isn’t he basically ignoring you? Sigh. Feng Nuo, oh Feng Nuo. You should at least pick someone slightly better. I know that Li Yundong, he looks like a good for nothing. If you want stature, he doesn’t have great stature. If you want looks, he doesn’t have good looks. Sigh. Your tastes are too special!"

Feng Nuo heard and her face became ashen. She sneered, "You can’t judge a person by their appearance. Could it be that you don’t even know this phrase?"

Zhuang Hui put down her powder brush. Picking up lipstick, she applied it to her lips and pursed them. Then she checked herself in her mirror, still not looking at Feng Nuo at all, as she said, "Yes. Of course I know that. But what can that fellow do? Can he sing or dance? Can he speak or joke? Sigh. What era do you think we’re living in? What good is violence? Among your programs, Zhao Yujian, the only person whose performance is worth watching, can’t perform."

Her speech suddenly stopped there. She turned around and spoke to the dancing partner at her side, a male student with a handsome face, "Ay, I suddenly remembered, wasn’t Li Yundong the one who messed up Zhao Yujian?"

This male student wore makeup on his face as well. When he smiled, he overflowed with charm. Using a peculiar voice, he said, "It seems so!"

Zhuang Hui laughed so hard so rocked back and forth. "Feng Nuo, oh Feng Nuo. I admire you more and more. You actually invited the guy who trashed Zhao Yujian to take his place. You really are something! What will Zhao Yujian think? Sigh. Poor Zhao Yujian, if he knew, I’m afraid his heart would blow up out of anger! The guy for better or worse is a school prince.*3 You, on the other hand, found a weed. This is so funny, I’m laughing to death."

When Zhuang Hui talked about Zhao Yujian’s heart, her voice would make people’s hairs stand on end. What she said after that was purely slapping Feng Nuo’s face. Feng Nuo was so angry, her entire body shook. She gnashed her teeth, full of desire to slap Zhuang Hui.

Cheng Cheng, who was next to them, realized that the situation was not looking good. She hurriedly pulled Feng Nuo aside. "Nuo Nuo, calm down. Don’t argue with this kind of petty person."

Zhuang Hui finally finished touching up her makeup. She gave Feng Nuo a glance seemingly in provocation. "What? Do you want to hit me? Come try it. Don’t think just because you learned some slapdash kung fu, you’re now all that. We live in a society with laws. Attacking people is a crime!"

After Zhuang Hui finished speaking, she thrust forward her chest revealing the valley between her bountiful breasts. Turning to the beautiful male dancing partner at her side, she said, "Let’s go. We’ll go rehearse. It doesn’t look like the leading role, these guys are waiting for, will come today."

"This loathsome bitch is bullying people intolerably!" Feng Nuo roared in a quiet voice.

Cheng Cheng also had a scowl on her face. "That’s right. I hope she’ll trip and fall later and crush those fake breasts of her!"

Feng Nuo gave Cheng Cheng a glance, "How do you think her breasts are fake?"

Cheng Cheng tsked and said, "Last year, she was still only B cup and today she’s E cup. Do you really think her breasts are all fermenting dough?"

Feng Nuo blanked for a bit. "She was B cup before? How come I never noticed?"

Cheng Cheng thrust out her F cup breasts and sighed as if feeling sorry for herself. "Do all small chested people think that everyone else is small chested? Sigh, well it’s no wonder. Those of inadequate chest size simply can’t understand our feelings of superiority gazing down upon all creation."

Feng Nuo brandished her hand threateningly and grabbed toward Cheng Cheng’s chest. "If I don’t crush those boobs of yours today, I’ll take on your surname!"

The two were just messing around when suddenly music started playing inside the auditorium. A bunch of girls wearing red short-sleeved tasseled dresses started singing and dancing alongside the music.

Even though Zhuang Hui possessed a vicious tongue, her dancing skills were truly superb. Among a bunch of art department students, she actually took the position of lead dancer. Her figure was originally tall and slender. When she dances, her posture and movements were graceful and refine, like a flying swallow. Furthermore, her eyes were very adept at expressing emotions while she danced, allowing her to quickly bring the audience into the artistic ambiance of the dance.

At this time, everyone inside the auditorium watched the stage unable to move their eyes away. The teacher who were watching from their seats nodded to themselves inwardly.

Despite being Zhuang Hui’s sworn enemy, Feng Nuo had to admit Zhuang Hui’s dance skills were truly great. She managed to capture everyone’s attention in an instant.

Zhuang Hui’s dance narrated the story of a merchant’s daughter who journeyed with her father on the Silk Road. Along the way, she met a prince of the sand kingdom, whereupon a touching love story unfolded between the two.

As this dance reached its climax, the support dancers all withdrew left and right allowing Zhuang Hui and her dance partner to take center stage and perform a brilliant dance duet.

However, just at this time, a girl came in through auditorium entrance.

After this girl entered, those who sat nearby felt someone pass by their side. They subconsciously turned back and took a glance. And with this glance, their eyes were no longer able move away, as if attracted by a magnet.

This girl was Su Chan. No matter where she went, her good looks made her the focal point of everyone’s attention. She was like a huge magnet, firmly attracting the gazes of all the male students who were originally watching the stage.

When she finally made it just below the stage, she turned around and put her hands near her mouth positioning them like a loudspeaker. "You’re so slow! Hurry up!"

Her voice was loud and clear, even suppressing the music for a time. Both the performers on the stage and the teachers on the judging panel frowned to themselves.

Zhuang Hui who was leading the dance glanced over, and received an immense shock. ‘There was actually a girl this pretty! In the entire Tiannan city, in terms of pure look, perhaps Zhou Qin was the only one that could compare. I definitely can’t compare.’

With that sudden shock, even her dance steps became slightly chaotic. Luckily, her dance partner reacted quickly and took over the lead. Moreover, the teachers on the judging panel did not notice because their attention had been stolen away by Su Chan.

Once the little fox finished shouting, a voice could be heard from the entrance. "I’m coming. I’m coming. Don’t rush me. I was buying a milk tea for you. Do you think it’s easy for me?" With those word, a young man came through the entrance. Everyone collectively look over.

When this young man first entered, no one thought much about it. They only felt that the man’s eye were bright and sharp. Even separated by twenty or thirty meter, a single glance from him felt electric. Every single person could feel the sharpness of his gaze.

When he came closer, everyone found that this young man had thick eyebrows and big eyes, his face was masculine, and his eyes were bright and full of life, like a pair of torches.

For a time, everyone just gazed upon this man somewhat dumbstruck. They felt this man had an indescribable presence about him.

In terms of pure appearance, this man was not as handsome as the good-looking man leading the dance on stage. However, his entire body radiated with masculine aura, full of vitality and an overwhelming heroic air.

This type of masculine presence formed from the purest primordial yang was most stunning for women, because women naturally possess yin bodies. As yin and yang mutually attracted, women with slightly weaker presences would immediately be drawn in by Li Yundong’s aura.

This young man was naturally Li Yundong.

On the way here, there were some girl who covered their mouths and exclaimed in shock as they watched at his departing back. Each and every one of them wondered about his name and his identity.

"Who was that guy? He’s really handsome. I’ve never seen him before!"

"That’s right. I’ve never seen such a handsome guy before! He’s so masculine! So manly!"

"Huh? Isn’t he Li Yundong!"

"Li Yundong? The heavenly king of confession? The great emperor of parkour? It can’t be. Don’t scare me! I saw his photos before, alright! He’s quite chubby, alright!"

"Impossible. How can this be Li Yundong? Unless he got plastic surgery! Even if he got plastic surgery, I saw him just three days ago. The stitches don’t go away that quickly!"

"Then who is he?"


*1 The author inserted a pun here. Usually this idiom is written with depressed as the first character but the author wrote it with drooping ears as the first character because Su Chan is a fox spirit… So… if she had fox ears, they would have been drooping down.

*2 She means old lady in the sense of seniority. Basically I, your mother … the female version of I, your father… and of course, it can also be read as I, this old lady.

*3 School prince. In Chinese, this is written as school grass in comparison to school flower (campus belle) and this is used to contrast with weed. Similarly, girls as flowers are contrasted with less beautiful girls, who are leaves.

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