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The ice had already disappeared in the depths of the sea. The entire sea was dark, filled with death-like silence.

If anyone looked from the distance, they would see no signs of light. There was nothing shining golden, and neither was there the second God of Berserkers’ left hand.

Even if that someone knew precisely where it was located, they would still only see emptiness. It was as if nothing existed there anymore, and no signs of past events or things could be found there.

Yet in this region that could not be detected with the naked eye, could not even be noticed by divine sense, was a dimension that had been separated from the sea. Golden light surrounded it, and as that light spread out, it turned into golden runic symbols that circled round the area.

They could not be seen in the outside world, though.

At the center of the dimension were five layers of golden light that covered the center. They looked as if they were in an oval shape, and they inflated and deflated as if in breathing.

It was a strange dimension and a bizarre five-layered screen of light. In the deepest depths of it was a gigantic arm that was incredibly coarse. It stood erect in the light and was lifted high up in the air. It had its fingers slightly curled, and sitting on its palm was a young man who had his eyes closed.

The young man’s long black hair spilled over his shoulders. He was handsome, and his cheeks were slightly flushed. He would only breathe once after a long time. His hands were pressed on top of the palm he was sitting on, and the two seemed to have fused together. Aura spread out and crawled into his body, as well as his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

Su Ming looked as if he was silently meditating, but he was going through a tremendous change as if a storm was raging in his body. An endless wave of life force was continuously surging into him. As it swam through his body, it was quickly devoured and absorbed by the Berserker Bones.

Su Ming’s cultivation base was unique. Other people would only have twenty something Berserker Bones, but every single bone in Su Ming’s body had the possibility of turning into a Berserker Bone. In fact, even his flesh, blood, and everything within his body were the same.

As he continued with this rapid absorption, an unknown amount of time passed by, and he obtained his own serendipity. Almost a ninth of all his bones in his body had turned into those that belonged to a true Berserker, Berserker Bones!

Once Su Ming completely changed all of them, then his power would immediately reach a new height. At that time, what would await him would be… the true Berserker Soul Realm that no one before him and perhaps no one after him would be able to obtain!

If he could succeed, then his power would reach a new pinnacle. Even if he did not transform into Destiny, he could still fight against a Berserker who had attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm, and he would not be at a disadvantage.

Unless, of course, he ran into those old monsters who had been lying around quietly for years once they had attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm and had managed to obtain a thread of the presence in Life Cultivation through much experimentation with their great and deep cultivation. Yet even so, no one could tell who would win in the end!

However, the premise for all of these things to happen was that Su Ming could turn everything within him into Berserker Bones and step into the Berserker Soul Realm!

As he absorbed the life force, a huge figure appeared in his head. He could not see the person clearly, but that person was executing his divine abilities and Arts one by one in his head.

These Arts were mixed and varied. Su Ming could see some of them clearly, but some of them were over in a flash. When he tried to look more closely, he found that it was still difficult for him to discover any hints on how to cast these Arts.

Besides the divine abilities, he also saw some scenes. They were rather muddled, and would usually disappear soon after showing up. It was impossible to connect them together.

Only some scenes could be connected together, and one of them was a huge person floating up without moving his feet and flying into the distance. That person was in a bright galaxy filled with stars.

There was a huge round ball before him, and within it were oceans and continents, just like in a complete planet.

The instant this person closed in on that planet, an innumerable amount of long arcs flew up. As howling sounds echoed in the air, Su Ming saw the person in the picture lifting his foot and taking seven steps forward!

When he took those seven steps, the entire galaxy shook. With his first step, he stirred up a wave of impact so strong that most of the long arcs tumbled backwards. With his second step, no more long arcs could be found blocking his path. When he took his third step, he landed on that planet and the entire sphere trembled with a loud rumble. At the instant he took his fourth step, the sea churned and drowned everything.

When his fifth, sixth, and seventh steps landed, the round sphere looked as if a calamity had fallen on it. When it was torn into pieces, that person lifted his head and let out a roar.

The torn world shattered swiftly. Once it was turned into smithereens, a ray of crystalline light flew out, and that person caught it in his hand. It was a crystal shining in flowing streams of light. In it... was the power of one World.

That was the power of a World.

With the crystal in hand, the person left.

"God of Berserkers’ seven steps, God of Berserkers’ roar…" Su Ming mumbled.

The scene changed in a flash. The person appeared in Su Ming’s mind once again. However, this time, his face was no longer too obscured. Su Ming could see a little clearer. It was a very ordinary looking face. There was even a simple and honest air about him, without a hint of solemnity.

It was especially so when he smiled, which gave him an even friendlier and more cordial feeling.

When Su Ming saw this person’s face, he gradually had a sense of familiarity. It came from the gigantic head Di Tian had sat on when Su Ming had borrowed the power of Possession from Han Mountain’s ancestor to search through his memories while he was still in Han Mountain City!

The person’s face here was rather similar to that head he saw, but if anyone compared this kindly face and the crazed ferociousness on that head, they would very easily think that these were two different people if they did not look closely.

Su Ming remained silent. This amiable and completely lacking of any solemnity second God of Berserkers in his head lifted his left hand and swung his arm towards the sky. The sun, moon, and stars appeared above, and he started executing divine abilities and Arts so shocking that they shook the sky and earth.

He also saw the second God of Berserkers sealing the three Barren Arts of Heaven, Earth, and Man into the fang. He saw the concentration on his face and the loving smile as he created the fan, as if he wanted to give it as a present to a member of the younger generation.

It was not the only fan, either. There was another one which he Branded with the Art of the sun, moon, and stars.

Su Ming also saw the second God of Berserkers walking towards the land once he finished making those two fans, and he continued walking until he arrived before an imperial city with a number of palaces. When the sounds of a baby crying traveled out from one of the palaces, the second God of Berserkers could be found crying outside the palace with a smile. At that moment, he did not look like a God of Berserkers, but was just like an ordinary adult. He looked as if he was about to push the door to the palace open and give the two fans to the infant inside as his or her Origin Treasure.

Yet right at the instant he placed his left hand on the palace door and was just about to push it open, the sky suddenly changed and snow floated down… The second God of Berserkers froze for a moment before he brought back his left hand. His face turned cold, looking entirely different from the gentle person from before, as he looked towards the sky.

The scene changed once again. Su Ming saw the palace again, but this time, he was inside. The doors to the palace were open, and the second God of Berserkers was covered in fresh blood. The sounds of battle outside rang nonstop, and an endless amount of long arcs sliced through the air with howls, as if a calamity had fallen on the world.

The second God of Bersekers’ face was pale. He walked into the palace and looked at the similarly pale looking woman standing inside. The two of them embraced each other.

After a long while, the second God of Berserkers looked towards two small beds placed together nearby. There were two babies lying on top of the beds. One of them was crying, and the other had his eyes closed. He did not move, as if he was dead.

He walked up and lifted his left hand to touch the crying baby girl’s forehead, then with a complicated look, he glanced at the other baby who looked as if he was dead. He sighed and walked up to the baby.

The instant he touched the seemingly dead baby’s forehead with his left hand, Su Ming opened his eyes swiftly. He started trembling. Everything in this scene - the baby’s cries, the second God of Berserkers’ kind and loving smile, the feeling when the God of Berserkers touched the other baby’s forehead, all of these made Su Ming’s breathing still.

At that moment, he was still absorbing the power within the God of Berserkers’ arm, but he needed to open his eyes, because… the baby’s cries gave him a familiar sensation, an incredibly familiar sensation…

As his power increased, as he was moved by what he saw, and as that feeling rose in his heart, a sudden sharp pain appeared in his heart. Cracking sounds traveled out in the midst of his pain, as if something in his head had just shattered into pieces.

At the same time, he became dazed. He saw a world covered in darkness, yet the area around him was warm. Cries and mumbling echoed in his sears. The one speaking was a woman, and her voice was gentle and soft.

"Fei Er, ma is here. Don’t cry…

"You little rascal. You’re still so young, and you’re already crying so loudly? When my daughter grows up in the future, she will definitely be a very powerful person.

"Alright, I won’t take away your toys anymore. I’ll give them back to you, don’t cry…

"Ah! My precious daughter, look. Your pa is back…"

Everything before Su Ming’s eyes was dark. He could not see light, but he could hear a sudden change in the crying and the woman’s gentle voice. The cries became even stronger, and the gentle voice fell abruptly silent. The area around him turned freezing cold within an instant, as if it had begun snowing outside.

A long while later, he felt a hand touching his forehead. That touch… was very warm, was so incredibly warm…

When Su Ming regained his senses, he sat on the God of Berserkers’ left hand with a dumbfounded expression. He then lowered his head and looked at the God of Berserkers’ arm beneath him, and tears slowly fell from his eyes…

He understood where the warmth he felt when he touched the God of Berserkers’ left hand came from now…

"Fei Er…" This was the second time Su Ming heard that name, but it was deeply engraved in his heart. The scenes he saw before fighting against Di Tian’s clone all those years ago emerged once again in his heart.

"Big brother… big brother…" The voice echoed in Su Ming’s ears, and it gradually fused together with the cries.

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