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After a long while, Su Ming closed his eyes once again to cover the dejected look in his eyes. In the midst of his loneliness, he sensed that the warmth from the second God of Berserkers’ left hand was the same as the sensation from the coarse hand touching the forehead in his memories.

It was as if he had returned to that palace that had existed many years ago, returned to the little warmth he had felt in that dark world.

"Perhaps Destiny truly exists in this world…" Su Ming mumbled.

The second God of Berserkers’ left hand, the caress in the past, the touch this day, all of these things seemed like a circle. He had found the start of it all, and also found the end.

‘Perhaps this is how memories really are… Once you find the end, you will also find the start… Is… this Life?’ Su Ming closed his eyes, and pain appeared on his face.

He no longer needed to absorb the power from the God of Berserkers’ left hand into his body. Instead, once the memories that existed since an unknown amount of time ago surfaced in his head, the power from the God of Berserkers’ left hand automatically surged into him.

The difference between him absorbing on his own and the life force surging into his body to fuse with him on its own was incredibly great!

One of them was a forceful accommodation of the power into his body, and the other was a complete deliverance after he had been acknowledged.

Time gradually passed. The second God of Berserkers’ left hand gradually withered away and shrank. All the power within it was sent into Su Ming’s body without any hint of reservation, causing all of the Berserker Bones in Su Ming’s body to start moving towards great completion once he had turned a ninth of his body into Berserker Bones!

It was as if this left hand that belonged to the second God of Berserkers had always been waiting for someone - waiting for the baby whose forehead he had caressed while looking at him with a complicated gaze before leaving all those years ago.

He might have perhaps mistaken Si Ma Xin for the baby all those years, but Si Ma Xin’s death and Su Ming’s arrival had caused everything to return to its original tracks.

The fan that Su Ming had taken away from Si Ma Xin… originally belonged to Su Ming!

‘Destiny, Su Ming… Just what is my fate…?’

In anguish, Su Ming closed his eyes. The vast amount of life force within his body was surging like an ocean, causing all his blood, flesh, and bones to change rapidly while moving continuously towards reaching the true great completion in the Bone Sacrifice Realm that no one before Su Ming had ever accomplished!

When all the bones, flesh, and blood in his body had turned into that of a true Berserker, only then his body could be said to have returned to its roots. His strength would also surpass his current combat abilities.

Time passed by slowly, and the second God of Berserkers’ left hand continued withering away and shrinking. Eventually, it even started to fade away.

Su Ming’s hair had started dancing in the air at some point, and his presence surged into the sky. However… the anguish on his face remained.

The reunion after so many years had turned the warmth into the memory of a single touch. His memories were awakened bit by bit, causing him to be in anguish, and at the same time, at a loss.

Su Ming was confused as to what exactly Life meant. At that moment, he suddenly had a strong desire to know just what… exactly was Life.

In the midst of his confusion, loud rumbling sounds came from within his body, and it instantly turned gold. The brilliance of its golden light surpassed the light coming from the Five Direction Seal, and it was gradually piercing through the second God of Berserkers’ transparent left hand before spreading through the area.

This light came from Su Ming’s body, from every single one of his bones, every inch of his skin, every drop of his blood, every piece of his flesh… from every single part of him.

As the rumbling sounds echoed in the air, the golden light all over his body became stronger. He could clearly feel that almost every single one of his bones had already turned into Berserker Bones, and only his skull had yet to be completely turned, but the change was quickly spreading through.

The changing of his skull into a Berserker Bone was incredibly quick. After a moment, golden light shone brilliantly at the center of Su Ming’s brows, and as cracking sounds rang gently in the air, a shudder ran through him, and his presence erupted, increasing rapidly at an extreme speed. After just a moment, it reached its peak!

During that instant, all his bones, his flesh, his blood, and his tendons were completely turned into those that belonged to a true Berserker!

At the same time, the second God of Berserkers’ left hand under Su Ming’s continued turning transparent and dissipated. It was as if it had completed its mission and finished waiting, and was now returning to dust.

When Su Ming opened his eyes, he saw the sight of the second God of Berserkers’ left hand, which had been standing erect for a long time, disintegrating. When it turned into crystalline light and spun around in circles, it spread through the air all around, and some of it touched the center of Su Ming’s brows, making him feel as thought that huge figure in his memories was caressing his forehead with the complicated emotion from the past that he’d seen in the dark world.

Su Ming looked at the crystalline light rising in the air quietly, watched it as it seeped through that Five Direction Seal and disappeared into nothingness, and a feeling of loneliness rose in his heart.

After a long while, Su Ming closed his eyes. When he reopened them, his gaze was calm. The confusion, loneliness, and anguish were hidden away. No one could see them. Only Su Ming himself could sense them within his heart.

His body rose into midair, still within the five-layered screen of light at that moment. He slowly stood up, but right when, he suddenly frowned.

He had a feeling that he was lacking something. In silence, Su Ming looked at his hands and went on to sense the vast amount of power within him at the moment.

That power was much stronger than what he possessed before, but he was only stronger by a fold compared to previously. He did not possess the oppressive power he imagined he would own after all his bones had turned into Berserker Bones.

After all, Su Ming’s Berserker Bones contained the Wind Berserker’s inheritance, the Lightning Berserker’s inheritance, the Candle Dragon’s blessing, the serendipity from the Blood Absconsion Tribe’s blood, and the second God of Berserkers’ legacy. All of these things formed his current power, which none of his predecessors had managed to do before.

However, the feeling he obtained after he had arrived at his current condition was that he was not really that much stronger compared to his previous self, and it gave him a feeling that there was something off.

It was especially so when he sensed a lot more potential contained within his Berserker Bones, his blood, and his flesh, but he could not gather it together and bring it out…

‘Perhaps I’m lacking a turning point for me to be able to bring out my full potential swiftly! If I’m able to spend a long time polishing myself, then after a certain amount of time, I would be able to bring out my full potential… but now, I don’t have time!’ A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. He understood quite well just what he was lacking!

But this was just his guess. After all, his current situation was something that was never heard of among Berserkers. He had to continuously fumble about looking for his way.

After a moment of pensive silence, Su Ming’s eyes sparkled. The power in his cultivation base started circulating with a loud bang, and his hair started moving without wind. A violent and wild sensation filled the area.

‘If I cannot bring out this potential, then I will force it out!’

The power within Su Ming started circulating even faster, but just as it was about to leave his body, it was forcefully retracted, causing two different types of pressure to appear!

One of them was within him and was pushing his aura outside, and the other was outside pressing down against him. By doing so, Su Ming’s body was turned into the center of the fight, and as the two forces continued pressing against him from inside and out, his face grew increasingly solemn.

If a normal person carried out this sort of compression, then they… would end up triggering a self-destruction!

Self-destruction was a state of collapse once the body was pushed to its limit by the body’s own pressure from within and the world squeezing down the body from outside. The greater the compression, the more shocking the force would be once after the explosion.

When a person self-destructed, all the potential within his or her body would be naturally brought out in the explosion. This was the method Su Ming thought of, and it was a very crazy idea.

Because he did not have the time to slowly polish his potential and gradually bring it out to fuse with his body, he could only use this extreme method to achieve the same results.

Su Ming was also the only person who could do it, because the tenacity of his body at the moment had already reached a terrifying level. On the downside, this tenacity would make it so that if Su Ming wanted to self-destruct, it would be much harder for him to do so compared to other people.

At that moment, as his body continuously went through the compression formed by the pressures from inside and outside him, a flicker of light appeared in his eyes, and the power within him started circulating at a faster pace. By doing so, the power from the compression became even stronger. Under this force, Su Ming noticed that a trace of the potential within his body was forced out and fused into his cultivation base.

"I knew it’d work!"

Su Ming gritted his teeth, and the circulation of his power within him increased once again, and this time, he was almost pushed to his limit. Rumbling sounds echoed in the air, and he started trembling. The compression formed by the pressures from inside and outside his body pressing down on him caused his eyes to become bloodshot, but this action caused another trace of the potential to split off once again and fuse into his cultivation base.

As his cultivation base circulated faster, the potential was continuously forced out, but… it was not much.

‘I lack a turning point for this…’

A resolute look appeared on Su Ming’s face. He swiftly lifted his right hand and positioned two of his fingers into the shape of a sword. As he stared at the tip of his fingers, he didn’t hesitate and tapped the center of his brows.

The instant the fingertips touched him, a sharp stab of pain spread out from the center of his brows. That pain instantly reached its peak, and like a blown out balloon that had a hole punctured on its surface with a needle, an exit appeared on Su Ming’s body under the compression. All the power within his body erupted with a bang!

The strength of that explosion far surpassed the circulation of power within Su Ming’s body. Under the explosion, the full potential within his body was completely released. Intense pain shot through him, as if he was about to be torn apart, about to collapse. However, in the midst of this pain, Su Ming could feel himself… becoming truly powerful!

It was a strength that far surpassed his previous strength, a powerful sensation that truly belonged to him who had turned his entire body into Berserker Bones!

Su Ming lifted his head and let out a roar. It contained his pain, the strength of his cultivation base, and his will!

When it traveled forth, the Five Direction Seal started shaking, causing the roar to shoot through the screen of light and affect the entire sea. Its surface started trembling, and huge waves that surged into the sky were formed. In the midst of deep shock, all the people on the ninth summit heard Su Ming’s roar traveling forth from the depths of the sea!

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