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The instant Su Ming opened his eyes, the Five Direction Seal on the God of Berserkers’ left hand exuded a gentle yellow light in the still world. That light was like sun-like, causing the still depths of the sea to be illuminated with a golden sheen, turning it to a golden world.

Su Ming’s body was also illuminated by that light. His appearance had already faded away and he was shining with a gentle golden light. Nothing dangerous could be detected from the light, but it was rather strange in this still world.

Because everything that was illuminated within the area of this light would… disappear without a single sound, be it the seawater or the ice.

It was as if the golden light could devour everything, and as the things around Su Ming disappeared, the golden light looked as if it was slowly shrinking. As it moved back, the edges of the light and the sea seemed to have been separated into two different dimensions.

A sealing power filled the golden light. A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. His body suddenly swayed and he abruptly disappeared from his spot. Almost the instant he vanished, he reappeared in his original spot. His expression turned dark and he frowned.

He had warped just now, but he was forced out of space itself right away. The seal in this place had isolated everything!

The golden light in the area continued shrinking right before his eyes. The edges of that light were dark.

Su Ming took a step forward and turned into a long arc. He lifted his right hand and seized the air. Immediately, the bone blade appeared in it, turning into the tip of the long arc as he charged towards the shrinking golden barrier.

A rumbling sound echoed in the air. Su Ming tumbled backwards and he took eight continuous steps back. His expression turned darker. The sealing power contained within the golden barrier was something he could not pierce through.

As the light continued shrinking, Su Ming lifted his head and looked upwards. A grave expression appeared on his face. He could see a faint gold shade beyond the golden light above his head, and it was not just a single layer, there were five of them!

Five layers of light that continued becoming darker with each layer, and all of them were gold.

This was the Five Direction Seal. Each layer of gold represented one direction of the seal’s power. Right then, the five directions were all present, causing the seal’s power to be nothing common.

The golden light around Su Ming was continuously shrinking towards the God of Berserkers’ left hand, forcing him to take a few steps so that he no longer stood at the edge. It was as if his body was trapped in an incessantly shrinking cage and he could only move with the cage as it continued shrinking.

Su Ming frowned. Si Ma Xin might have died, but this sealing power he activated before his death was incredibly strange. Su Ming could not leave no matter what he tried, and judging by the area covered by the golden light, even if he had been able to leave beforehand, he would still have been enveloped within the light, and he would still be eternally sealed in this place.

‘Judging by how crazed Si Ma Xin was, this seal should be the one sealing the second God of Berserkers’ left hand. Now that I’ve absorbed the second God of Berserkers’ soul fragments with the Welcoming of Deities, it can be said that I’ve obtained some of his legacy. Because of that, the seal believes I fulfill its requirements to be sealed…’

Su Ming’s eyes flashed. At that moment, the ancient second God of Berserkers’ left hand was standing erect in this land several dozens of feet away from him. The golden light that was shrinking slowly towards them laid a hundred feet away.

The area beyond the five layers of light was an empty void. It was like a ravine that had separated the area from the seawater.

‘Si Ma Xin believed that I obtained the inheritance, same as he did… But in truth, I absorbed the soul fragments with the Welcoming of Deities, so it’s very simple to leave this place. As long as I make the seal believe I don’t have the second God of Berserkers’ presence on me, then I can leave.’

A pensive look appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. He looked at the golden light and his eyes flickered before he swiftly opened his mouth. Immediately, a dark light flew out and turned into the Welcoming of Deities before him!

The instant it left his body, his presence swiftly weakened by a large margin. All the divine abilities related to the second God of Berserkers also faded away from his memories. His control over his body also reached its peak condition and he was no longer as rusty as before.

More importantly, the instant the Welcoming of Deities left, he no longer sensed the sealing power from the shrinking golden light around him.

‘As I thought.’ Su Ming’s brows did not relax and he continued to frown. A hint of uncertainty appeared on his face.

He looked at the second God of Berserkers’ left hand standing erect beside him, then looked at the golden light from the Five Direction Seal, and became uncertain.

‘If I leave now, I won’t be exposed to danger most likely. I can go back to surface of the sea without much trouble and return to the ninth summit… But the second God of Berserkers’ left hand will be sealed up again. Even if I come back and search for it later on, I won’t be able to find it.’

Su Ming’s gaze fell on the empty ravine in the darkness standing between the screen of light and the seawater. Clearly, this place had been separated into two regions. Leaving this place would be much easier than trying to come in from the world outside.

‘But it’s quite unfortunate if I leave just like this…’

Su Ming continued to frown. He was not really that interested in the second God of Berserkers’ inheritance, but he had all sorts of feelings welling within him when he thought about Si Ma Xin’s Great Art of Heartless Berserker Seed. More importantly, he’d seen the second God of Berserkers’ divine abilities and Arts just now. He had even experienced casting one of them himself just moments ago, and those divine abilities were what he was lacking at the moment!

‘And the second God of Berserkers’ left hand could make Si Ma Xin continuously recover, so there must be a large amount of life force contained within it. An eighth of all the bones in my body have been turned into Berserker Bones now, if I could absorb the second’s left hand, then perhaps I could reach a breakthrough again!’

Once Su Ming thought about that, his heart started racing against his chest.

On one hand, he could leave safely, but he would not be able to receive much serendipity. On the other hand, he could stay and face danger to try and absorb the God of Berserkers’ left hand. It did not matter whether he would fail or succeed, he would have to face the risk of being sealed in for eternity.

How should he choose…?

There was very little time left, and Su Ming absolutely had no time to think too deeply about this. A flicker of light appeared in his eyes and he gritted his teeth!

‘Success only comes if you take risks! There is no serendipity in the world that would arrive without cause. I need to fight to gain and exchange for what I want… I might have received a serendipitous event in the Candle Dragon’s Undying and Imperishable World and obtained the Candle Dragon’s blessing, but the premise was that I had fought for it while exposing myself to an incredible risk!’

The golden light around him was already close to the God of Berserkers’ left hand before his eyes, and the light screen above him was also sinking, causing the dimension where Su Ming and the God of Berserkers’ left hand was to become increasingly smaller.

The light shining from the Five Direction Seal was no longer gentle, but gained a fierce, mighty air, as if it wanted to suppress all things related to the second God of Berserkers so that it could fulfill the mission it received in the past!

‘I’ll take the risk!’

A determined look appeared on Su Ming’s face. If he left just like this, he would definitely be filled with discontent. That was why he decided to take the risk!

The instant Su Ming made this decision, he lifted his right hand and seized the Welcoming of Deities, swallowing it once again. The presence around his body instantly changed, and his pupils turned even darker. A faint, illusionary shadow seemed to have appeared in his eyes, and then, he took a step to land right on the second God of Berserkers’ left hand!

This was the first time Su Ming stepped on there, and just like what Si Ma Xin did previously, he sat down cross-legged he touched down.

It was warm. This was the first thing Su Ming felt when he touched the God of Berserkers’ left hand. That indefinable warmth made him feel… as if they had met somewhere before.

The instant he sat down, the light from the Five Direction Seal above him swiftly started shining even more brilliantly, moving from a gentle light to a piercing glare. The mighty presence contained within also started growing endlessly at the moment.

"I don’t need your inheritance. I just want your life force and the divine abilities that belong to the God of Berserkers!" Su Ming stated slowly. As he closed his eyes, he lifted his hands and pressed them flat on the surface by his sides, right on top of the God of Berserkers’ left palm.

Right away, Su Ming sucked in a deep breath. A vast amount of life force swiftly surged into his body through his hands and body with rumbling sounds echoing in the air.

This… was the power contained within the second God of Berserkers’ left hand. This was the power that supported the arm so that it would not be destroyed, and this power was originally something no one else could absorb besides Si Ma Xin!

Due to his level of cultivation, Si Ma Xin could not absorb too much life force. He had originally intended to absorb this wave of power every single time his level of cultivation rose. Then, when he perfectly completed his cultivation, he would absorb all the power within the God of Berserkers’ left hand and turn it into something that belonged to him. At that time, he would be able to obtain a portion of the second God of Berserkers’ strength.

Now, with Si Ma Xin’s death, no one else could absorb the power contained within the God of Berserkers’ left hand. Yet due to the Welcoming of Deities, Su Ming could indirectly obtain the inheritance, which turned him into a person who could absorb this power!

Besides, the amount of life force Su Ming needed for the Berserker Bones in his body was simply too much, and it was something Si Ma Xin could not hope to compare. That was why Su Ming seemed to have turned into a bottomless pit as he absorbed the life force. When he closed his eyes and the life force surged into his body, the second God of Berserkers’ left hand shuddered, and the fingers that had never moved since ancient times started moving slowly.

Eventually, those five fingers started slowly closing up to turn into a shield protecting Su Ming’s body within the palm!

This protection was a vague form of acknowledgment and should have originally been Si Ma Xin’s serendipity, yet now… it had become Su Ming’s!

If Si Ma Xin had not died and saw this scene, he would definitely cough up blood, because this should have originally belonged to him…

Su Ming lifted his head. His long hair danced in the wind, and he looked at the golden light closing in until it completely enveloped the God of Berserker’s left hand and the Five Direction Seal floated above his head, causing the area around him to be completely sealed.

The area was filled with a deadly silence. Only Su Ming could be seen sitting still and unmoving through the cracks formed between the second God of Berserkers’ left hand when it closed up.

Time flowed slowly. At that moment, there was a great number of people gathered on the ninth summit outside this sealed world. All of these people were the survivors from Heaven Gate. At that moment, all of them had complicated expressions on their faces as they occasionally looked towards the sea.

Bai Su was also looking at the surface of the sea quietly from a corner, with a rather anxious expression on her face.

As Hu Zi continued snoring in his cave abode, the bald crane stepped on Hu Zi’s back and pecked his back with its sharp beak. A thin thread was plucked out and swallowed with a snap of the crane’s jaws. An incredibly contented look appeared on its face.

"Weren’t you just playing hide-and-seek with me earlier?! Go on, hide! Once you hide properly, I will find you, and I will eat you!"

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