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Su Ming’s pupils shrank. Those nine black bone spikes that were charging swiftly towards him were not the only things that worried him. The large bone blade in Si Ma Xin’s hands also gave him a sense of danger, and it was even greater than from the spikes!

The air behind the nine bone spikes seemed to have been torn apart, and it was rotting away, turning into a layer of darkness. A chilling, murderous aura also came crashing into Su Ming’s face, as if the blade had brought the second God of Berserkers’ grudge and madness through the passages of time before him.

Si Ma Xin’s change in appearance and his withered body had entered Su Ming’s eyes, causing him to be able to understand after just one glance that these God of Berserkers’ bone spikes were incredibly difficult to control, and even Si Ma Xin did not have complete mastery over them. This could practically be said to be a double-edged sword!

If Si Ma Xin could control it from the start, then there would have been no need for him to continue with this fight. This was a treasure that was born from the second God of Berserkers’ left hand, an item formed by the gathering up of power from the seal after many years. This divine ability… was definitely not something that Su Ming could stand up to with his current level of cultivation!

However, Si Ma Xin’s forceful execution of that divine ability was a chance for him!

Su Ming did not hesitate. Almost the instant those nine bone spikes came to him, he pushed his left hand downwards and lifted his right hand into the sky, with his palm facing the sky and the back of his hand turned towards the ground. His hair started changing swiftly, and the moment the bone spikes closed in on him, half his hair had turned white, while the other purple.

As a raging whirlwind suddenly appeared around him, his body abruptly shrank, and he… turned into Destiny!

Destiny’s appearance caused Su Ming’s combat powers to instantly rise to their peak, and he could now fight against those who had attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm!

A grave expression appeared on his face, and the instant he turned into Destiny, he lifted his left hand and flung his arm outwards towards the incoming bone spikes. With it, time looked as if it was reversing right before him, like it was forced to flow backwards.

As the nine bone spikes rushed forward, they crashed into the invisible force causing the past to repeat itself. The nine bone spikes froze, but only for an instant before they started moving towards Su Ming once again. However, their speed was much slower than before, and it looked as if they were moving against the stream of time.

As for Si Ma Xin, who was right behind those nine bone spikes, madness appeared on his face, and as he swung the bone blade downwards, his body froze for a moment, pain filled his face, but he gritted his teeth and continued.

A glint appeared in Su Ming's eyes. He clenched his right fist and punched forward. It turned into a wave of force that exploded before him. Once that wave crashed into the bone spikes and Si Ma Xin, the roaring sounds became even stronger, causing the space around them to collapsed in an instant.

Su Ming did not stop. When he retreated once again, he swung his left arm forward the second time. This time, not only did he change the speed within Si Ma Xin and those bone spikes, the space that had collapsed due to his punch was immediately restored before it exploded once again, repeating itself again and again. In the blink of an eye, this process had already repeated itself a dozen something times!

Su Ming knew that he could not cause much change towards the bone spikes’ impact. The strength of it could not only fight against his power to return to the past, but had also clearly gained the upper hand in the exchange.

However, he could change the punch he just delivered. He could make that punch repeat itself endlessly, causing its might to reach a terrifying state.

If each punch contained the strongest power a Berserker who had attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm could deliver, then even though the power would not reach a state where the nature of the punches would change, the fusion of the dozen something of them gathered together would still surpass the power of a normal Berserker who had attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm. The hint of presence that belonged to Life Cultivation within Su Ming’s body would also reach its maximum potential as his punch continued repeating itself.

A loud boom exploded in the air. It caused a powerful impact that shook the ground and caused a large amount of the ice above to crumble. It was the impact caused by the strongest power Su Ming could muster after the punch he delivered repeated itself for the dozen something times, crashing into the incoming Si Ma Xin and his bone spikes.

Since the power for the ice above was too great, the instant that impact reverberated through the air, pieces fell of and started flying all over the place. Cracks that stretched to tens of thousands of feet tore through the ice, and eventually, as the layer of ice exploded… seawater swiftly rushed in..

Water surged around them as if rain had started pouring down from the sky, and it continued as if it wanted to drown the entire place.

The seawater started rushing down and spreading through the whole area. As the booming sounds lingered in the air, Su Ming retreated a dozen something steps and his face turned slightly pale, but his eyes remained calm. He took a swift step forward, then rushed straight at Si Ma Xin!

Not a single one of the nine bone spikes before Si Ma Xin were destroyed under that impact. However, they had become much slower, and the direction in which they traveled also changed slightly due to the impact caused by Su Ming’s punches.

Si Ma Xin coughed up a large mouthful of blood. After all, he had yet to receive the full inheritance, and he had already reached his limit when he forcefully brought out those God of Berserkers’ bone spikes. As he coughed up blood, his face turned dull and lifeless while his body shuddered. He might be moving forward, but it was clear that the bone blade was the one dragging him forward!

With that extreme speed of his, Su Ming closed in on the bone spikes within an instant. If it had been the bone spikes from before, Su Ming would not have been able to dodge them no matter how fast he was, but it was different now!

They were slow. These spikes that were traveling against the stream of time looked as if they had an invisible obstacle between them and Su Ming. What was more, due to the change in their direction, while it looked as if Su Ming was rushing towards them, in truth, the moment they closed in on each other, Su Ming’s body shifted several times.

Every single time he moved, he would avoid the bone spikes, making them pass by him. From the distance, this scene would give the false impression that Su Ming had come into contact with the projectiles that had turned into black long arcs, but there was no sound of impact. Those bone spikes looked as if they had shot through Su Ming’s body and landed in the submerged ground with loud banging sounds reverberating in the air.

The seawater had submerged half of the erect God of Berserkers’ left hand on the ground. As the bone spikes shot in, the entire water… turned black!

Freezing air rushed out with loud wailing sounds and filled the entire area.

Even after Su Ming avoided the bone spikes, he did not relax his guard even a single bit. He lifted his right hand and rammed his fist against Si Ma Xin’s body. He was so quick that before the bone blade in the other’s hand sliced down, his fist had already landed on his chest.

A loud bang echoed in the air. Si Ma Xin widened his eyes and coughed up blood once again. He should have been retreating, but the bone blade he held dragged his body along and made him swing it down.

Because of that, the two forces traveling in different directions erupted within Si Ma Xin’s body, causing him to be torn apart with a loud bang at that moment. He was ripped into two parts. One of them was his right hand holding the bone blade, and the other part was his remaining body. As he tumbled backwards, his life force started dwindling away rapidly.

However, even though Su Ming’s fist had caused Si Ma Xin’s bone blade to be separated from his body and even though Si Ma Xin was once again gravely injured, that ten feet long bone blade let out a piercing howl and cut down on Su Ming.

There was no way he could dodge it. Even with the Art to reverse time, he could do nothing at this moment. He watched the bone blade reach a distance less than twenty feet above his head and felt the chill fill his whole body with coldness. He lifted his head.

Han Mountain Bell swiftly manifested around him, and the Nine-Headed Dragon’s shadow appeared, crashing against the bone blade.

A shocking bang reverberated in the air, and a shrill roar shot out. Three of the Nine-Headed Dragon’s heads exploded and whatever remained of its body dissipated in an instant as well to return to Han Mountain Bell. At that moment, the bone blade cut down on Han Mountain Bell with a murderous aura that surged into the sky.

Bell chimes rang violently in the air, and with a loud sound, a fine crack appeared on the seemingly impenetrable Han Mountain Bell, right where the bone blade cut down on it.

The instant that crack appeared, Han Mountain Bell started shrinking rapidly, sent back into Su Ming’s body while trembling. The bone blade’s presence had become slightly weaker, but it still brought with it a strong killing intent that rushed towards Su Ming.

If it did not kill him, this blade would not back down a single inch.

Si Ma Xin’s body was still broken in the distance, but his life force was no longer flowing away. Instead, a large amount was surging into him in invisible waves, causing his body to rapidly recover.

However, his recovery speed was clearly much slower compared to the time he fought in Heaven Gate.

"Su Ming, you will definitely die under the God of Berserkers’ bone blade!"

Si Ma Xin withdrew and lifted his head to laugh maniacally at the sky as his body recovered. He glared at Su Ming, and as his laughter fused with his voice, it reverberated in the air while the ice above them collapsed and the sea submerged most of the God of Berserkers’ left hand.

"I’m not so sure about that!"

Su Ming smiled coldly. The bone blade closed in on him in an instant and he lifted his right hand to push against it. At that instant, a medicinal cauldron immediately appeared on Su Ming’s palm!

This item was what he had used to refine and create his medicine, but it was, after all, a cauldron, and the Barren Cauldron… was the sacred item of Great Yu Dynasty, as well as the entire Berserker Tribe. This medicinal cauldron might not be the Barren Cauldron, but it was shaped in the form of a cauldron, and it would definitely contain the power it should.

Another violent bang rang out, and the instant the medicinal cauldron crashed into the bone blade, a crack appeared on it, and the bone blade froze once again!

At the same time, Su Ming lifted his left hand and seized the air. Immediately, the spiked club manifested in his hand. Once he grabbed it, he put away the medicinal cauldron and swung that club right against the incoming bone blade!

The clash between the bone blade and spiked club stirred up the strongest boom to ever appear in this place, causing the ice above to crack, shatter, and explode once again, and even more seawater surged in!

As that boom continued shaking the area, Su Ming’s weapon shattered. When that spiked club that had followed him up to this point… exploded, after shattering inch by inch, the speed and strength of the bone blade that had been slowed time and again shot through the spiked club with less than a third of its previous strength.

The moment it cut down on Su Ming, he lifted both of his arms, not caring to bring out anymore Enchanted Treasures, and clasped his hands around the incoming bone blade with a low roar!

His body shuddered, but he managed to stop the bone blade at a spot seven inches away from the top of his head!

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