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The instant Su Ming clasped his hands together and stopped the bone blade, a large amount of freezing air immediately spread out from within it, flowing into his body through his hands. The cold froze him for a moment.

However, his eyes remained clear, and there was even a hint of ferociousness within them. Blood trickled out of the corners of his mouth. This was the first time his blood was spilled when he was Destiny.

"A blade that swore loyalty to a wrong owner is not worthy of killing me!" Su Ming roared, and his sinking body came to a halt as he lifted his head and glared at the bone blade.

"I, Su Ming, am your master. From now on, you belong to me!"

Right when he said these words, his hands turned pitch black, as the freezing air spread out, and his hair started floating. His Nascent Divinity shot out of his body and turned into a gigantic shadow behind him before charging towards the bone blade.

The instant he touched it, he felt a strong force repelling him. Yet since Su Ming had continuously cut down the blade’s power previously, even though the force repelling him was strong, it was frozen in its place and unable to escape. This allowed the Nascent Divinity to crawl inside in a frenzy.

If it was a normal will trying to take over this blade forcefully with Nascent Divinity, perhaps it would not be able to do so, but the strongest aspect of Su Ming was never his power of cultivation or his combat powers, but the will that was formed after going through endless cycles of reincarnations in the Candle Dragon’s Undying and Imperishable World!

The strength of his will far surpassed his power of cultivation, and even those who had attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm might not be able to compare to it!

The strength of his will might not possess too much practical combat power and was like empty air, possessing a superficial feeling, but once he fused it with his Nascent Divinity, even though the power that would erupt forth might not be anything close to any sort of combat power, but it could let Su Ming be completely unrivaled in his attempts to Possess anything.

Moreover, unless there was someone else who had an equally strong will as his, then if he went on to Possess someone else, he would not find a single person who could stand up against him. Possession had its similarities to forcefully Branding an Enchanted Vessel, that was why Su Ming had chosen to weaken the blade first, because all of his actions had been for this moment - to forcefully claim this bone blade as his own!

As Su Ming’s Nascent Divinity rammed in, the bone blade started resisting violently, but in an instant, a piercing sound came from within the blade. A huge force spread out from inside—it was trying to struggle free of Su Ming’s hands!

"Nothing I’ve set my eyes upon can run away!"

Su Ming’s expression turned dark. He clasped his hands firmly on the blade and did not let go. Once his Nascent Divinity rushed into the bone blade with an extreme speed, he started suppressing all forms of thought trying to resist him like a hot blade cutting through butter.

When Si Ma Xin saw this scene from the distance, a look of shock filled with disbelief appeared on his face. Su Ming’s actions had once again stunned him. He did not think he would be so determined… to snatch that bone blade from him.

"You’re biting off more than you can chew. This blade was born from the God of Berserkers’ left hand. It has already gained sentience a long time ago. Even if I am the God of Berserkers’ scion, I can only borrow its power. Even I can’t control it, and you’re thinking about snatching it away? You’re mad!"

Once Si Ma Xin suppressed his shock, a cold sneer curled up his lips. He did not believe that Su Ming would succeed. To him, this action was simply too crazy.

Yet even though he did not believe Su Ming would succeed, this was a chance for him, because right then, his opponent was focused solely on snatching the bone blade.

He did not hesitate. The moment he said those words, Si Ma Xin, who had now mostly recovered, charged towards Su Ming. He closed in within an instant and lifted his right hand to strike his forehead. Killing intent shone in his eyes, and that strike also contained the irreconcilable hate he harbored towards Su Ming.

The instant his palm arrived, a glint abruptly appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. He let his left hand fall from the bone blade and seized it with his right, not caring about blood flowing down. Once he made sure the bone blade would not be able to escape, he swung his left hand towards Si Ma Xin the instant he approached him.

The power to reverse time arrived once again, and its appearance made Si Ma Xin’s face instantly turn pale. Once again, he miscalculated. He originally thought that Su Ming would be paying full attention to snatching the bone blade and did not expect that he would still be able to cast that terrifying divine ability.

He had made many miscalculations and experienced many setbacks as he fought against Su Ming, and all of these things struck a severe blow towards Si Ma Xin’s confidence. In fact, he had a feeling that no matter how many serendipities he received, he would still be unable to fight against the speed before his eyes, that he was bound to fail.

Only a small hint of that feeling could be detected within him in the beginning, but as time continued passing by, it filled his whole heart, especially when he was dragged into the cycles of repetition once again.

The instant Si Ma Xin’s body was filled with the power of the past and he started moving backwards instead of forward, Su Ming clenched his left hand into a fist and slammed it against his opponent’s body. When his body collapsed and he coughed up blood, Su Ming waved his left hand again.

The process repeated itself. The span of time Su Ming could remain as Destiny this time had clearly become much longer. This was related to the serendipity he received from Blood Absconsion Tribe and connected to the increase in his level of cultivation.

Su Ming might look as if he was occasionally in a disadvantage during this battle, but in truth, since the both of them truly attacked each other, he could be said to have been completely leading the course of the battle!

He had completely suppressed Si Ma Xin with his power!

It was especially so during this moment. Su Ming had his right hand around the bone blade as his Nascent Divinity continued fusing into it and suppressing all forms of resistance to forcefully leave his Brand on it, while his left hand executed the Art to return to the past, causing Si Ma Xin to sink into depression.

Si Ma Xin’s eyes turned red. He could not accept this! He absolutely could not accept this!

He had received the second God of Berserkers’ inheritance. This was an incredibly rare serendipity in the entire land of the Berserkers. This was a fortuitous chance that would make an endless stream of people go mad with jealousy, but… he was still suppressed by Su Ming!

He… did not possess a single ounce of strength within him capable of fighting against this state where he was caught in the cycle of repetitions, even when Su Ming was still holding onto the bone blade with his right hand. This made Si Ma Xin roar in his heart, unable to accept his fate.

But he… could not even give voice to his roars!

As rumbling sounds reverberated in the air, Si Ma Xin’s body shattered again and again, and his recovery began to slow down with each passing moment. If this continued, then before long, he would completely die!

However… Su Ming gasped in his heart. Si Ma Xin could be said to be the hardest person to kill ever since his power grew exponentially. All of this was because of that Great Art of Heartless Berserker Seed he practiced. If Si Ma Xin did not have this Art, Su Ming would have killed him a long time ago.

Even if he had received the second God of Berserkers’ inheritance, Si Ma Xin would still not be Su Ming’s opponent!

But Si Ma Xin’s life force remained as an unending stream within him, and Su Ming’s time as Destiny was limited. Even though his time limit had increased by quite a huge margin due to the increase to his power of cultivation, his time as Destiny had to end now.

Su Ming’s hair was returning to its original state swiftly, and his body was gradually changing. The power of the past was also rapidly becoming weaker.

Si Ma Xin immediately noticed this. As he slowly began to recover from his collapsed state, a murderous glare appeared in his eyes, and he finally obtained the chance to speak.

"Can’t go on anymore, Su Ming?! Can’t go on anymore?!"

Si Ma Xin laughed maniacally. There was a wound on him that had pierced through his chest, and it was quickly recovering at the moment. When he saw that Su Ming’s divine ability was weakening, he laughed loudly as a ferociousness expression appeared on his face.

"You're noisy!" Su Ming said coldly.

The instant his appearance returned to normal, his hair turned black, and he reverted from being Destiny, Si Ma Xin’s laughter resounded in the air, and his body was no longer bound by the power of returning to the past. Right at the moment he could finally swiftly retreat, a piercing buzz rang forth from the bone blade in Su Ming’s right hand.

That buzzing sounded like a cry of submission, like a final, unwilling roar once everything within the blade had been suppressed. At the same moment that sound echoed in the air, Su Ming released the hold of his right hand. The bone blade immediately turned around, causing the blade’s hilt to fall in Su Ming’s palm. Once he held it in his hand, the power of all the Berserker Bones in his body started circulating within him.

During that instant, a shocking, black murderous aura erupted from the bone blade in his hand. It might be unwilling and might have subjected itself in humiliation, but at that moment, it could be controlled by Su Ming!

Because once Su Ming’s Nascent Divinity fused with his incredible will, he had forcefully subjugated the bone blade, even though it had been born within the God of Berserkers’ left hand, and even though… it had existed for millions of years!

The instant Su Ming held that blade, he took a step towards the retreating Si Ma Xin. That man was originally laughing loudly, but his expression was rapidly changing to that of shock. Like a long arc, Su Ming charged towards him with the bone blade in hand and cut down with it!

Before the blade even cut Si Ma Xin’s body, a piercing sound that sliced through the air as if it had cut through space itself resounded and a black ray of light traveling in an arc flashed in the air. During that instant, Su Ming’s bone blade had already arrived at the top of Si Ma Xin’s head and cut through his skull, his body, right until it cut him in half.

A rumbling sound so loud it shook the sky and earth rang out. Si Ma Xin let out a shrill scream of pain once the blade cut him completely apart.

Su Ming lifted his head. With the black bone blade in hand, his black hair dancing behind his head, the profound, strange light in his eyes, and the aloof expression on his face, he was filled with an indescribably enigmatic and mysterious air!

The left half of the two sides of Si Ma Xin’s body turned into a layer of darkness once he was cut in half, eventually turning into black liquid that fell into the sea beneath them.

However, the remaining half of his body fell into the sea as he continued falling backwards while remaining a bloody mess.

A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes and he charged straight into the sea with the bone blade in hand. However, right when he came closer to the surface of the sea, a sense of danger rose within him. Without hesitation, he disappeared in the span of a breath, and when he reappeared a thousand feet away, he immediately saw the spot where he had previously been collapsing with a bang and turning into a vortex.

The appearance of that vortex caused a whirlpool to appear at the surface of the sea. At the center of it was the God of Berserkers’ left hand, which had already been submerged by the sea!

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