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Almost the instant Su Ming was forced backwards, Si Ma Xin’s face twisted into a hideous expression. He lifted his arms and formed a seal quickly, then bit the tip of his tongue to cough up a large mouthful of blood. That blood spilled on the palm under his body and started trickling down its lines, causing the originally faint palm lines to turn incredibly clear.

"As the God of Berserkers, I have the fate of all Berserkers in my hands. I control the world and the universe. The lines on this palm are like my own destiny, and I will use these lines to kill - God of Berserkers’ Lines!" Si Ma Xin spoke swiftly, and as he did so, he lifted his hands and pushed forward.

While Su Ming was continuously forced back by the roar containing the power of the second God of Berserkers that traveled through the passages of time, Si Ma Xin’s murderous voice reached his ears.

A feeling as if he was being torn apart appeared in Su Ming’s body, but not a hint of panic could be seen on his face. Instead, a freezing glare flashed in his eyes. He might be retreating, but he lifted his right hand swiftly, and the crimson dragon’s mark on his right arm flashed with a brilliant red glow, making it look like a totem. A spirited look also appeared in the crimson dragon’s eyes, and it looked towards the ground, right where Si Ma Xin was sitting on the second God of Berserkers’ left palm.

Right at that moment, the God of Berserkers’ Lines Si Ma Xin had cast spread out, and the entire ice above them became darker in an instant. Red lines appeared in the air all around Su Ming as well.

These lines filled the entire area. They looked as if they were tangled with each other, but if anyone took a closer look, they would be able to see clearly that the lines in the sky were the palm lines on the second God of Berserkers’ left hand.

A primitive presence spread out through the frozen world. Su Ming’s pupils shrank. Right then, a dragon roar traveled out from his right arm, and the crimson dragon manifested itself. It surrounded Su Ming’s body, and as it lifted his head to roar, it immediately grew larger.

It had all ten thousand feet of its body circle Su Ming, and as it roared angrily, the layer of ice above them shook loudly, and a large amount of it fell off. When Si Ma Xin saw the crimson dragon, his pupils shrank once again.

Su Ming’s strength and the methods he employed had exceeded Si Ma Xin’s expectations again and again. He had never expected Su Ming to possess a dragon, and by the looks of it, it was incredibly strong.

Si Ma Xin’s face turned dark when he saw the crimson dragon. He formed a seal with his right hand, then tapped the center of his brows. With the fingernail on his little finger, he sliced up a long gash between his brows, causing blood to flow out.

As his blood flowed out, the palm lines above him turned into in a gigantic palm. However, that palm was formed by the crimson palm lines, though it still looked incredibly real.

Rumbling sounds traveled through the air. The palm formed by the palm lines clenched its fist, as if it wanted to crush Su Ming within. As it did so, the air above started trembling. The gigantic palm lines gathered together and shrank. It caused all those caught within to fall into a daze as if it contained some form of law in the world.

The instant that palm closed its fingers around Su Ming, the crimson dragon let out a roar that shook the skies. Its body grew larger once again, and it grew so large that its body started sweeping through the area, turning into a gigantic crimson whirlwind that went on to stand against the palm with its body!

Booming sounds surged through the air. As the fingers on the palm closed up and the crimson dragon roared while murderous aura spread out from its body, these two forces clashed into each other in the air, and they were equal to each other in terms of strength!

All of this happened over the span of several breaths. A shocking boom shook the entire area, and a wave of impact swiftly spread out.

Wherever it went, this wave would cause a large amount of ice above to shatter, causing the blood-red hue on the ground to look even more disorderly.

The palm in the air started shattering inch by inch and eventually exploded. However, while Si Ma Xin was unable to bring out its full strength with his current level of cultivation, it was still the God of Berserkers’ divine ability. Even if he could only bring out a portion of its power, it was still enough to make Si Ma Xin proud of himself.

Right then, Su Ming’s crimson dragon also shuddered and its body exploded. Fortunately, its body was made of Earthen Aura and not flesh, or else it would have surely died!

However, even if it was made from Earthen Aura, its body had still broken down. After it disintegrated, the crimson dragon gathered together behind Su Ming. It looked incredibly weakened, as if it had lost its vigor, and its body was indistinct, as if it could no longer maintain its form. It turned into the crimson mark once again and returned to Su Ming’s right arm, falling into deep sleep to recover itself.

"A rather impressive divine ability, but since you’re the one using it, you won’t be able to kill me with it."

Su Ming’s face was calm, but killing intent filled his gaze. He lifted his right foot and took a step forward, turning into a long arc that shot through the air to appear around a hundred feet away from Si Ma Xin.

The instant Su Ming closed in, he lifted his right hand, but he did not point towards Si Ma Xin. Instead, he positioned his fingers into the form of a claw and seized his opponent through the air. Si Ma Xin immediately jolted, and his body rose three feet above the God of Berserkers’ left hand as if he had been captured!

This scene shook Si Ma Xin. He was already shocked by Su Ming. Over their repeated encounters, Su Ming’s inexhaustible attacks surprised him time and again, and when the crimson dragon appeared just now, his shock had reached its peak. He had never expected him to be so strong!

The hatred he harbored and the failure he suffered in the past had left Si Ma Xin depressed and dejected. By chance, he had come across this serendipity that allowed him to seize the world, and he met Su Ming once again after that. However, he had failed once again in Heaven Gate. The shadow of death loomed over his head once more, causing Si Ma Xin’s confidence to suffer a huge blow.

The God of Berserkers’ Seven Steps were useless against him. The fan’s Heaven and Earth Barrenness were also broke. Right then, Su Ming had also similarly resisted the power from the God of Berserkers’ palm lines. All these things had almost caused despair to rise in Si Ma Xin’s heart.

His eyes turned red. At that moment, he no longer cared that his inheritance was incomplete. In truth, he needed more time to fuse with the second God of Berserkers’ left hand, and only when he completely absorbed the arm sometime in the future, turning it into his own arm, could he be considered to have finished obtaining the inheritance.

But right then, he was in danger. He could no longer care about whether his body could withstand the power and the rebound he would have to suffer if he forced himself to cast even stronger divine abilities. With bloodshot eyes, Si Ma Xin let out a piercing roar.

As he roared, nine sharp black spikes immediately shot out of the second God of Berserkers’ left hand. These spikes exuded an eerie, chilling presence, and some of them even had black water droplets oozing out of their bodies. Freezing air spread out of these water droplets, and a dark, sinister presence could be felt from them.

"God of Berserkers’... bone spikes!"

Si Ma Xin turned sickly pale, and as he roared, his body withered away once again, but his recovery from that withered state was much slower than before. With a single shout, the black spikes broke off from the God of Berserkers’ left hand, and with a whistle that sliced through the air as they traveled at an indescribable speed, they charged towards Su Ming.

Si Ma Xin’s hair danced in the air and madness shone in his eyes. Using the chance created as the bone spikes charged towards Su Ming, he swiftly lifted his right hand and pressed it on the God of Berserkers’ left hand. He closed his eyes and began mumbling under his breath, but the words sounded complicated and no one could hear them clearly.

Su Ming’s pupils shrank. A great sense of danger rose in his heart. There might only be nine of those bone spikes coming towards him, but each of them exuded a murderous presence that made his skin crawl.

The black bone spikes, black liquid, and the speed at which they charged forth would make anyone’s blood run cold… And wherever they went, these bone spikes would also dye the air they passed through completely black!

Su Ming could also sense the power of a seal filling the air. In fact, he had even felt that the bone spikes had locked onto his Qi, and they would endlessly chase him down. He had a strong hunch that if any of those bone spikes sank into his body, then the consequences he would have to face would be incredibly drastic.

These were not ordinary bone spikes, but were the culmination of the grudge and madness that was stored within the second God of Berserkers’ body over the years, along with the seal that was placed on his body once he was torn apart. Once all of these things fused together, they transformed the bones in his left hand throughout the passage of time, giving birth to these bone spikes in the end!

Even those who had attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm would be shocked by these spikes. Fortunately, there was a limit to their number. It would seem that this was the amount of spikes that were present in the second God of Berserkers’ left hand.

The moment Su Ming’s body froze and he started retreating, Si Ma Xin swiftly lifted his head while remaining on the God of Berserkers’ left hand. By then, he looked like a skeleton, and as his handsome face withered away, he looked as if a layer of skin had been ripped off from his body, revealing a bloodcurdling face that was filled with scars.

This was his real face!

His skin was brown due to it having fallen off from frostbite in Freezing Sky Cave, leaving behind only brown flesh on his real face.

The scars littered all over his flesh were a nauseating sight to behold, and that horrendous appearance was no longer something that belonged to a human.

Si Ma Xin let out a crazed roar and lifted his right hand from the God of Berserkers’ palm. When he did so, a bone spike in the shape of a long blade was slowly pulled out!

The second God of Berserkers’ left hand started shuddering, and during that instant, Si Ma Xin dragged the entire bone spike out with a crazed roar towards the sky!

This was a bone blade that was around ten feet long, and it was black all over. Once Si Ma Xin dragged it out from the God of Berserkers’ left hand, the freezing air around the area instantly turned several times stronger, and a wave of murderous aura that was much stronger than before spread through the entire region!

A crazed look appeared on Si Ma Xin’s face when he held the bone blade. He glared at Su Ming with hatred burning within him. At that moment, he only had one thought in his mind, and that was to kill Su Ming with his own hands so that he could put an end to the grudge he had harbored throughout all those years!

"Su Ming!"

Si Ma Xin took a step into midair, and for the first time, his body left the God of Berserkers’ left hand completely. As he stood in midair, he gripped the gigantic bone blade with both hands… and slashed down towards Su Ming while those nine smaller bone spikes charged towards him!

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