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A+ A- Chapter 536: Who is Interrupting My Training?!
To the north of Eastern Wasteland’s mainland was a land surrounded by river basins. Few people could be seen in the sky. This endless circular area had been turned into All Entities Clan’s territory, and all outsiders were forbidden from stepping in.
All Entities Clan was a clan formed by twelve Eastern Wasteland tribes uniting together years ago, and it was one of the four great tribes in the continent. It contained incredible power, and there were even Berserkers who had attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm defending it, causing All Entities Clan’s reputation to be extremely great in Eastern Wastelands!
One of the numerous basins on the land was surrounded by an innumerable amount of exquisite towers. There were even wisps of black smoke rising to the sky. A black hall could also be seen on the ground, hidden within the depths of that black smoke.
The hall looked as if it was burning, causing the black smoke to churn about. That black smoke was also the one and only wisp of smoke in the endless area of the land! It was the symbol All Entities Clan’s spirit, and it was the most distinct sight that could shock outsiders!
In Eastern Wastelands, only those who had attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm could gather such thick smoke and use this method to stun others everywhere!
At that moment, there was an old man in black robes sitting cross-legged in the hall within the depths of the black smoke. That old man had his hair spilling all over his back, and a Berserker Mark of a scorpion could be seen on his face. The scorpion shone with a dark light, causing the old man to look strange and mysterious.
A strong wave of ripples could be seen spreading from his body. The area around him was empty except for a middle-aged man who was kneeling respectfully a hundred something feet before him.
Yet at that moment, the old man’s right hand suddenly exploded and was torn into bloody ribbons. All his fingers on his left hand also shattered.
The sudden sight made the middle-aged man before him immediately raise his head. His face was filled with shock and alarm, along with panic and fear. He did not know what happened. He had only received Mo Luo’s plea for help, that was why he had instantly asked to see the Great Elder of his clan and asked him for help.
However, after the Great Elder had cast his Art, this had happened, so how could he not be shocked?
"Great Elder…"
But before the middle-aged man managed to finish speaking, he saw the old man with the Scorpion’s Berserker Mark on his face open his eyes swiftly. Brilliant light flashed in them, and the middle aged man noticed, to his shock, that a terrifying presence suddenly appeared in the hall!
That presence did not belong to the old man, but… to the illusory shadow of a spear in midair. With a flash, that shadow charged towards the old man, and the instant it closed in on him, the old man bit the tip of his tongue and coughed out a mouthful of blood. That blood gathered together and turned into a human face before rushing straight towards the long spear.
Rumbling sounds reverberated in the hall and stirred up a wave of air, forcing the middle-aged man backwards, even making him cough out a mouthful of blood. The shock and terror on his face grew even more. He had a vague guess of what was happening, but he couldn’t believe his own thoughts!
‘That’s impossible. With the Great Elder’s level of cultivation, how… how could he get hurt? And that person’s presence even chased him down to this place… How… How could this be? The Great Elder went to save Mo Luo. Mo Luo is out in the sea, he’s facing off South Morning. Could it be… that Mo Luo ran into the three great Berserkers of South Morning?!
‘But even if it’s the three great Berserkers, the Great Elder shouldn’t be in this state!’
As the middle aged man was filled with shock, the black sm

oke rising into the sky outside the hall looked as if it had been cut off for a brief instant. It might have recovered very quickly and not many people noticed it, but this sight was enough to tell just how shaken the Great Elder had been from Su Ming’s spear.
Once the rumbles faded away, the shadow of the long spear disappeared, and the Great Elder’s mangled hands started growing back in a bizarre fashion. By the looks of it, it would not take long before they fully recovered.
The middle aged man’s heart raced against his chest. Just as he was about to speak, his words were interrupted once again. Right before his eyes, the old man swiftly lifted his head and looked towards the air.
"Who are you?!" There was anger contained in his voice, along with… a hint of wariness!
"Su Ming, of South Morning!"
The instant the Great Elder’s words left his lips, the middle-aged man shuddered and lifted his head to look up. Then, he heard a voice that seemed to be isolated from space itself traveling into the empty air around them.
That voice was aloof and even held a hint of youth, but when it fell into the middle-aged man’s ears, it was deeply engraved into his memories.
The Great Elder of All Entities Clan, the old man who was sitting cross-legged in the hall, became incredibly sullen. He did not look at his recovered arms. Instead, his eyes began to sparkle. He knew that he had underestimated his opponent. He did not expect that the person who had made Mo Luo cry out for help would possess a hint of Life Cultivation’s presence, the presence that actually made him terrified!
‘Life Cultivation… Is there really someone who can move into that Realm in this world…? Su Ming, Su Ming…’
A long time later, the middle-aged man by the side lifted his head while still trembling to look at the old man. After a moment of hesitation, he spoke respectfully.
"Don’t bother about Mo Luo anymore. Go make arrangements. From now on, no disciple of All Entities Clan is allowed to step into South Morning!"

Su Ming had changed back from Destiny on Scour Sieve Island. He stood there while still wearing the Undertaker of Evil’s Armor, but the presence coming from him was back to his original one. Yet even so, once he had brought forth that strongest spear of his, he seemed to have gained an epiphany.
He had a feeling that he had caught onto something, but it was vague and he could not see it clearly. It was as if there was an endless layer of smoke obstructing his path ahead.
But he believed that someday, when he stepped into the Berserker Soul Realm, this mysterious fog that covered the path before him would be swept aside with a wave of his hand.
He stared coldly at Mo Luo, who now only had a small part of his body remaining as he lay in the distance. At that moment, only a small amount of Mo Luo’s life was left in him, but he did not want to die. He was afraid of death, terrified that his existence would be erased from the world.
He was also afraid of Su Ming. His fear towards the young man had already reached its peak. He had seen with his own eyes that even the Great Elder had been unable to fight against that spear, and if he could not, then how could Mo Luo hope to do so?!
When he saw Su Ming looking towards him, despair appeared in Mo Luo’s eyes.
The young man walked towards him. At that moment, Scour Sieve Island was filled with deathly silence. Everyone had died, and the island was filled with a thick, bloody stench, making everyone who smelled it want to puke.
"You… You…" Mo Luo trembled as he watched Su Ming walking closer. With each step, it felt as if his life was being crushed, making him descend into madness in the midst of his endless terror.
"Killing me is useless. I am from All Entities Clan, and I came here because of my clan. You… Mo Que! Sir Mo Que, save me! Sir Mo Que!"
A bright light suddenly shone in Mo Luo’s eyes. In his fear and madness, he remembered that he still had one move left to save himself!
It was Mo Que, Sir Mo Que who had made his heart tremble in fear after sensing his presence. It made him not dare to attack, and instead choose to give him offerings respectfully!
That presence not only made him feel fear, but also caused Bao Shan to be shocked when he first sensed it!
When Mo Luo remembered Mo Que, his despairing heart regained hope. There was no doubt in his heart. If Sir Mo Que attacked, this person would definitely die, there was no way he would survive.
But even after he shouted, not a single reply came from the island. Su Ming did not stop moving, and by then, he was only several dozens of feet away from Mo Luo.
"Sir Mo Que!"
Mo Luo seemed to be hanging onto the last slivers of light of his life. When he saw that Su Ming was getting closer to him, he gathered what little power he had in his body, flew up, and kowtowed, with his head swiftly going down in the direction of the ground.
The instant he rammed his head towards the ground, cracking sounds immediately came from the land, and cracks swiftly tore through the earth. Once they connected, they turned into a giant chasm that ripped apart the island.
The instant that happened, a powerful presence that surpassed even that of Life Cultivation erupted from the crack in the ground.
The strength of that presence caused the weather to change, made the numerous ferocious beasts lingering around the island to shiver and let out terrified shrieks before they backed off altogether.
An old, booming voice reverberated in the air as the presence filled the air.
"Who is it?!
"Who is interrupting my training?!
"Just who has the gall to interrupt me when I’m training?!
That voice was like the roaring thunder. As it reverberated in the air, Mo Luo’s expression turned incredibly respectful and zealous, and he quickly started shouting at the top of his lungs.
"Sir Mo Que, it’s me. Please execute justice on this person! Afterwards, I will definitely offer you even more offerings!"
Mo Luo was overwhelmed with joy. He believed that as long as Sir Mo Que rose from his sleep, he would definitely be safe!
It was especially so when he remembered how he got to know Mo Que. Just recalling it made him even more excited. He had never sensed such a powerful presence before, and under that presence, he had seen Mo Que’s true self. The divine abilities he cast were also unforgettable just by their presence alone, even though the two of them had not fought.
He had only been able to invite Mo Que back to Scour Sieve Island after much effort on his part. From then on, Mo Luo had started giving offerings to him, and he would also do his best to satisfy all Mo Que’s requests, even harboring the thought of pleasing him and getting into his good books. At that moment, he relaxed, and a smile appeared on his lips. When he looked towards Su Ming, killing intent appeared in his eyes again.
"It won’t be so easy to kill me! So what if you have great power? You can’t even hope to compare with Sir Mo Que!"
Mo Luo laughed coldly. He could already imagine what was going to happen next. Sir Mo Que would reveal himself, and in an instant, this fight would end. Once this Su Ming was killed, Mo Luo believed that if he had time to quietly heal his wounds and recover his power, he could still bring back Scour Sieve Island’s glory, even though everyone on the island had already died!
"At that time, I will kill all of your people from South Morning! I will have them remember my name, and I will also let them know that all of this is because of one person called Su Ming!
"In fact, I will find out all the people you know, and I will have all the men and women die horrible deaths! It’ll be even greater if I can meet your lover, because I will return the humiliation I suffered today back to that person by a hundred fold!"
As excitement grew in Mo Luo’s heart, his gaze as he looked towards Su Ming turned even colder.
Su Ming stopped and looked coldly towards the crack. The old voice that had traveled out from inside to echo in his ears and that powerful presence could intimidate all living souls. Even Su Ming had frowned in the beginning because of that.
Yet soon, a strange look appeared on his face, which was covered by the helmet, and other people could not see it.
"Sir Mo Que, please attack!" Mo Luo said once again with excitement in his voice.

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