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Chapter 535: Su Ming!

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What is Life Cultivation?

Life Cultivation is a cultivation of people’s own lives, which means a cultivation of their vitality and their fates. All of this is simply to have complete mastery over themselves, to learn where their own weaknesses lie, and from there, perfect themselves and become a stronger existence standing at the pinnacle of the world.

Even if Su Ming could bring out power that was equivalent to those who had attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm when he was Destiny, but that was all. There was a deep chasm separating him from reaching the power of Life Cultivation. It was originally difficult for him to cross it, but… the appearance of the Undertaker of Evil’s Armor had allowed him to gather all his combat abilities together when Destiny disappeared and fly over that chasm!

Even if the him before had attempted this charge, it would still have been hard for him to produce such a shocking spear throw of unparalleled power, because he had yet to understand the true meaning of Life Cultivation. His heart had yet to reach the level to be able to cross that chasm!

He had still been caught in a daze, confused by who he was, chained down by his memories, still stubbornly trying to figure out his own identity.

However, when he was on the way to Scour Sieve Island, Su Ming had gained an epiphany as he traveled across the ocean and laughed. His own words had also caused him to rise to a higher level, just like a caterpillar breaking out of its cocoon and turning into a butterfly!

It was a metamorphosis, a metamorphosis of his soul. It also let Su Ming take the most important, most crucial step towards becoming a truly powerful warrior!

"Since the world calls me Destiny, then from now on, I, Su Ming, will be Destiny!" This was a shout Su Ming had let out in his life, a shout declaring how he would live his life as he laughed at the heavens and earth!

Those words resonated with the smile on the lips of Great Yu’s Court Diviner. His words also formed a power that could overturn the universe, just like the words the Court Diviner had carved deeply into the spine!

"When you learn who you are, you are no longer you!

"When you no longer know who you are, you will be you!"

Su Ming’s metamorphosis and his epiphany towards his own soul may seem nothing special, but in truth, this was the crucial key that allowed him to bring out this hint of presence of Life Cultivation!

The instant the spear was thrown out, it shook the sky and earth. It was as if this sort of thing was so rare in this vast world and the great land of the Berserkers that it had not been seen for years!

Its appearance shook the skies, and as Su Ming threw out his spear, the entire sky roared and trembled. For the first time, the layers of clouds that had covered the sky for years were blasted away with a loud boom. They tumbled backwards, causing the sky... reveal its first true rays of sunlight after the calamity, and as the clouds were torn apart, more rays of sunlight shone down. As the sky howled, the sea around the island also roared. When those loud roars reverberated in the air, it was as if the sky and sea were trembling because of that hint of Life Cultivation’s presence!

Almost the moment this hint of presence shook the sky and earth, causing the heavens to reveal themselves, several spots in the Land of South Morning erupted forth with a powerful presence!

The first spot was one of the three pieces of land where Western Sea Clan was located. That place was barren, and at the top of the mountain behind Western Sea Clan was a rather handsome middle-aged man wearing a blue robe

with a black dragon embroidered on it!

He was one of the three great Berserkers of South Morning - Guru Li Long!

His eyes were originally closed, but at that moment, they flew open, and right then, brilliant light spread through the sky over the land. It was as if the sky had also closed its eyes, and had opened them at the same time Li Long opened his!

"This is… the presence of Life…" Li Long looked into the distance in a daze and only mumbled under his breath after a long while.

At the same time, there was a small-sized tribe on another piece of land in the Land of South Morning. Chimney smoke could be seen rising from the tribe, and the sounds of children playing could be heard faintly from within. In one of the beast skin tents of the tribe flew around notes from a xun. They came from an old man who had opened his eyes and was playing a xun, but his eyes were dull and lifeless, just like a blind man’s!

His song echoed in the air, and a smile gradually curled up on his lips.

This was the situation in South Morning, and in Eastern Wasteland’s mainland, strong waves of ripples also appeared in several spots at that instant!

All the changes in the weather were all because there was… a hint of Life Cultivation in the spear Su Ming threw!

On Scour Sieve Island, Mo Luo, who had fused with the will of the clan’s ancestors in the temple and had recovered his power to the pinnacle of the later stage in the Berserker Soul Realm, started roaring, his face twisted with ferociousness. The instant he charged towards Su Ming, he saw… a spear coming right towards him!

The long violet spear, the killing intent that burned the skies, and that presence that made Mo Luo’s heart and soul tremble violently, even causing fear to rise uncontrollably in his heart despite his madness!

His fear was reflected clearly on his face and his eyes, and even crawled into his ancestors’ will in his body, causing them to explode.

Those wills might have originally come from those who had died, but even the wills of the deceased went into a state of frenzy once they sensed the presence of Life Cultivation on Su Ming’s spear.

Almost in an instant, the wisps of shadows that had crawled into Mo Luo’s body just moments prior crawled out of his body and gathered together before him, turning into an indistinct figure. That figure lifted his hand and pushed towards the incoming spear!

The instant both sides clashed, vicious shudders wrecked the figure’s body and he disintegrated with a bang. Just the force from his collapse caused Mo Luo to stagger a few steps backwards and cough out a huge mouthful of blood. Shock filled his face, and when the wills of his ancestors left his body, his level of cultivation fell back to the initial stage of the Berserker Soul Realm once again, and was even showing signs of falling further.

"Clan Master, save me!"

At that moment, fear had completely overwhelmed Mo Luo. He was afraid, truly afraid. He could not believe that the spear would be so shocking. The power of his ancestors gathered in the treasure his clan had given him… had not even been able to block it for even an instant!

A life threatening sense of danger that was even stronger than what he felt when he was still caught in the cycles of repetition crashed into Mo Luo’s heart, causing his face to turn stark pale. Not a hint of blood could be seen on his face, and he even started trembling all over his body.

The long violet spear shot through the body manifested from the gathering of all the wills belonging to Mo Luo’s ancestors and charged straight towards the temple, but the moment it rushed inside, a great amount of life force spread out from the temple, as if something dead had just been resurrected.

But even so, it did not matter!

Almost the instant life force erupted, a loud bang that surged into the sky reverberated in the air, and the entire temple started cracking, inch by inch, and with that loud bang it shattered in pieces and exploded!

The only one left was Mo Luo, standing alone on the ground as he coughed up blood once more. His face withered away, and was filled with shock and terror as he continued retreating.

However, Su Ming’s spear still did not stop. It charged straight towards Mo Luo, and during that instant, the old man’s desperate plea for his Clan Master’s help rang into the air.

The plea for help instantly made a vortex appear before Mo Luo, just as Su Ming’s spear closed in on him. The appearance of that vortex was incredibly sudden, and a hand had even stretched out from it to grab Mo Luo. By the looks of it, that hand wanted to save Mo Luo!

It was an old arm. The instant it appeared, a presence belonging to a Berserker who had attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm was revealed distinctly, and that was the true presence of a Berserker who had reached great completion!

Yet the moment this hand stretched out of the vortex, grabbed Mo Luo, whose expression filled with delight and excitement from having escaped death, and was just about to drag him inside, a glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes.

The long spear that was rushing over closed in within an instant and pierced the vortex. Right then, the person who had grabbed Mo Luo from the vortex stretched out another hand and pointed towards the tip of the spear.

The instant both sides touched each other, a shocking roar shook the skies, and the finger in the vortex immediately exploded. A muffled groan came from within, and the hint of Life Cultivation’s presence on the long spear blasted forth abruptly.

Under that presence, the vortex shattered, and with a bang, Mo Luo’s legs instantly turned to dust. His arms suffered the same fate, and even half of his body was disintegrated. Only his head and a small part of his body were left tumbling into the distance.

He should not have lived. If Su Ming had not been unwilling to kill him and hadn’t gathered most of the strength of his spear on that vortex when it appeared, Mo Luo would definitely have died.

As the vortex shattered, Su Ming’s spear shot forth and charged inside. When a bang that seemed to be running through an isolated space traveled out of the crumbling vortex, an old voice filled with fury and shock swiftly traveled out.

"Who are you?!"

"Su Ming, of South Morning!"

This was Su Ming’s answer. He did not bother with any form of disguise, neither did he hide his own name. Right after he destroyed Scour Sieve Island, he openly announced his name to the voice in the vortex that belonged to that old Eastern Wastelander who had attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm!

The moment his voice traveled forth, the vortex shattered completely and disappeared from Scour Sieve Island. Immediately, a flash of light appeared in Su Ming’s hands, and the long spear he threw out manifested in his grasp once more.

The Undertaker of Evil’s Spear could take a physical and illusory form. As long as Su Ming held that transparent jade slip in his hands, the spear would forever be in his grasp!

Mo Luo’s presence was weak. A large amount of his life force had flowed away. If it had not been for him originally being in the pinnacle of the later stage in the Berserker Soul Realm, then he would have definitely died with these irreparable wounds. Yet even so, he was still hanging by the last threads of his life!

As a Clan Elder of Eastern Wasteland’s All Entities Clan, Mo Luo had come to the sea with a mission. Not only was he given a large amount of treasures, his clan had also given him this temple to serve as his strongest offensive and defensive power.

To All Entities Clan, this was already their greatest power. Not a single accident should occur. Even if he ran into the three great Berserkers of South Morning, he would still be safe.

However, they did not expect that there was still another person besides the three great Berserkers in the Land of South Morning…

This person was destined to have his name spread through the world after this battle!

This person was destined to bring about a calamity after he slaughtered the entire Scour Sieve Island!

This person was also destined to gain the attention of all the clans, tribes, and the powerful warriors in Eastern Wasteland’s mainland, and he would make their hearts tremble in fear, shock, and alarm!

This person’s name would also shake the entire Eastern Wastelands after this battle!

His name… was Su Ming!

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