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A+ A- Chapter 537
Chapter 537: How Could This Be?

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Time slowly trickled away. When a dozen something breaths went by, not a single reply could be heard from the crack besides the ever present powerful presence coming from within. This made Mo Luo momentarily stunned. He trembled and spoke anxiously.

"Sir Mo Que, please attack!"

Su Ming stood there and looked at Mo Luo. Besides his blood lust and aloofness, others could not see any other emotion on his person because of the helmet.

"Attack, my foot!"

After some time, in the midst of Mo Luo’s anxiety, a furious roar suddenly came from inside the crack. That roar rumbled in the air and sounded like thunderclaps in the sky.

"This is my isolation grounds. How dare you interrupt my training. If it wasn’t because you’ve been making offerings to me, I would have killed you!

"Since this is your first offense, I will spare you! Get lost!"

There was a hint of fury in the voice in the crack. It left Mo Luo completely stunned. When he eventually registered what was happening, anxiety immediately overwhelmed him.

"Sir Mo Que… This is… I’m being persecuted by others. Please help me. As long as you kill this person, I will continue making offerings to you…"

Before Mo Luo could finish speaking, the furious roar from the crack came out even stronger this time.

"Get lost! If you still don’t leave, then I’ll make it so that you’ll never be able to leave again. And you, man in the armor, I bear no grudges against you. I won’t kill you, but you have to immediately leave as well. This island is my isolation grounds. Go out and kill each other. Don’t even think about coming back again!"

"Sir Mo Que!!"

Fear grew in Mo Luo’s heart. He did not expect that the Mo Que he had invited to this island, the Mo Que who he had tried to please by giving him multiple offerings would… would choose to ignore him at such a critical moment.

Moreover, his attitude was a lot different from before. He was usually arrogant, but when Mo Luo gave him his offerings, Mo Que would also praise him. He had also mentioned before that if he was here, no one would be able to hurt even a single strand of hair on Mo Luo’s head.

But now…

"Sir Mo Que, with just a single thought, you can kill this person. Please, on behalf of all the offerings I’ve given you in the past, save me! Save me!"

Mo Luo was practically pleading at this point. Mo Que was the last ray of light pointing to

his salvation. He had placed all his hope on him when he was in despair, there was no way he could give up at this point.

"How could you be so blind towards what is right and wrong? There is no enmity between us, how could I kill him just like that? I am a man of integrity, of outstanding valiance, of upright character, and everyone in the world knows about it. I will not kill a person to whom I do not bear hate!

"Even if I just need a single thought to destroy everything, there are simply some things that I do not want to do. As long as he doesn’t provoke me, I will not kill him!" The voice in the crack was filled with an ancient air as he emphasized that he had no grudges against Su Ming and that Su Ming had not provoked him.

"As for you, since you’re going to continue bothering me, then don’t even think about leaving anymore!" At the same time a cold harrumph appeared from the crack, an even greater presence erupted forth. A huge palm shot out of the crack, and a presence that shook the sky and earth spread out in midair. It could make people who saw it be shocked and terrified.

That palm was several thousands of feet big and looked as if it could cover the heavens as it pressed down towards Mo Luo, who was now filled with fear and disbelief.

A huge gust of wind stirred up, and when despair appeared on Mo Luo’s face while madness and hate boiled in his heart as he decided to attack with everything he had, that palm suddenly stopped hundreds of feet above him.

A sigh came from the crack.

"Oh well, you have, after all, been making offerings to me. I don’t want to kill you. I will give you twenty breaths. Leave immediately!"

Mo Luo laughed brokenly. He did not know why Mo Que refused to attack. The scenes from the past appeared in his head. This man’s strength had almost suffocated him. He originally thought he had regained hope, but now… there was still nothing but despair for him.

Su Ming lifted his foot and walked forward, towards the edge of the crack to look down. The crack was incredibly deep and there was fog filling every nook and cranny inside it. He could not see too deeply.

Almost the moment Su Ming lowered his head to look into the crack, a cold harrumph came from within, and there was a hint of dissatisfaction in it.

"Boy, I’m giving you a chance

chance here. Go! Do you really think that I won’t attack you!

"I’ve always been kind, and your power is quite outstanding. I do quite like you after I saw it. Go, and take that boy Mo Luo away from this place as well!"

A hint of a smile appeared at the corners of Su Ming’s lips, though it was still hidden behind his Undertaker of Evil’s armor.

"I don’t want to leave just yet," he said slowly.

"How dare you! I already gave you the chance, you ungrateful wretch! Do you really think I won’t kill you!" The old voice from the crack started roaring furiously.

Mo Luo was momentarily stunned before hope once again lit up in the pools of his despair. When he looked towards Su Ming, he suddenly thought that this person was a little stupid, but he also greatly looked forward to this man continuing like this. Because if he did that, then he would definitely incite Sir Mo Que’s wrath, and he would definitely die!

"Sir Mo Que, this person doesn’t appreciate your grace! Please kill him!" Mo Luo quickly said.

"Quiet. I’ve always been merciful, how can I kill someone because of just one sentence? Boy, I’ll give you another chance. If you don’t take the chance, then… I will really attack!"

Su Ming did not speak. He continued looking at the crack, and the smile on his lips grew.

Time passed, and soon, ten breaths were gone. After a short period of silence, a sigh traveled out of the crack.

"I’m a merciful person, and all of this is simply something you brought on your own head."

As these words were spoken, a seven-colored light shot out from the crack. At the same time, a seven-colored peacock slowly rose up into the air. When it eventually stood in midair, it started shining with a light piercing to the eyes.

The seven-colored peacock looked incredibly powerful. The presence it exuded had already exceeded that of those in the Berserker Soul Realm, making those who saw it feel as if their breathing was about to freeze.

An ancient look appeared in its eyes, and it looked as if it had gone through an endless cycle of life and death, and after having seen through everything, had reached enlightenment.

"I will give you one last chance…"

Excitement appeared on Mo Luo’s face. This seven-colored peacock before him was, naturally, Mo Que’s main body, and the one he had seen in the past. He would never forget how Mo Que had cast a divine ability that had caused him to be shocked to the core.

He still clearly remembered the name of

name of that divine ability; it was called Overturning the Ocean! It was a divine ability he had never seen before, and it was one that had nearly scared him to death!

It was also difficult for him to forget how this peacock had seemed as if he was incredibly displeased with the ocean while he was still in the sky. Right before Mo Luo’s eyes, it had wanted to overturn the ocean, and he would never forget the words it mumbled.

"I don’t like the color of the ocean, and since I don’t like it, I will overturn it."

In Mo Luo’s memories, once this peacock said those words, the entire sky was dyed in seven colors, turning into two giant hands that shot into the depths of the ocean, looking as if they wanted to overturn the seawater!

"So many lives… Fine. I cannot cause harm to so many lives just because of my personal fancies." Mo Luo then saw this peacock shaking his head and dispelling all his divine abilities before he turned his gaze towards him.

This scene had struck Mo Luo completely dumb with shock. He was originally just passing by, but after that, he started being respectful and got into the peacock’s good books.

Right then, when he saw Sir Mo Que revealing his true self once again, he became excited once more, thinking that his hope had just appeared again…

Su Ming looked at the seven-colored peacock standing in the sky. Violet light started shining on his body, and gradually, his armor turned into violet threads and fused into his body, causing his face to be revealed.

"Come here!" Su Ming’s expression was aloof. Right after he cast a glance at the seven-colored peacock, he spoke coldly. His words did not sound as if he was facing off to a powerful warrior, but more like a scolding.

"Su Ming, how dare you! Sir Mo Que, this person is rude, please…"

Mo Luo’s eyes brightened up. Right then, he did not have time to think about why Su Ming would say such words, but instead spoke quickly, all so that he could make the powerful Sir Mo Que in his mind attack.

Yet before he could finish speaking, the words died in his mouth. He widened his eyes and stared at the scene right before him with a dumbfounded expression.

When the seven-colored peacock saw Su Ming and heard his cold words, his body trembled. Shock and fear appeared on his face, along with a look of struggle, but right as it came to be, it was immediately gone. The peacock swiftly lowered his head and put head and put on a look of flattery before he flapped his huge wings… and like a huge bird, he quickly flew towards Su Ming.

"The world is a small place, eh? Um… My eyes failed me just now, and I didn’t manage to see you clearly…" The seven-colored peacock was filled with admiration. When he came before Su Ming, he quickly began speaking.

"Return to your original look." Su Ming was dazzled by the light from the seven-colored peacock and frowned.

When the seven-colored peacock saw Su Ming frowning, his heart immediately gave a loud thump against his chest. He had seen just how powerful this person was. He was the person that was chased down by the five colored peacock and the very same person who had made him run away in fear.

Most importantly, the bird had seen everything that had happened from underground. If it had not been because he was too afraid of being discovered if he ran away, he would have fled a long time ago.

That was why he had been praying vigorously while he was underground, hoping that this person would not notice him, but in the end, he was forced out by Mo Luo. It could be said that his hate towards Mo Luo had already reached an intensity that it could burn the sky.

Right then, as he was busy trying to get into Su Ming’s good books, a shudder ran through his body, and the seven-colored light immediately disappeared to reveal a black crane with half its feathers gone right before Su Ming and Mo Luo’s eyes…

Its appearance and expression gave others a feeling that it was incredibly filthy and nasty, a difference between heaven and earth compared to its previous valiant and mighty appearance just now. In fact, to please Su Ming, it had even turned its head around to glare at Mo Luo.   

Mo Luo stared at the black crane with a dumbfounded expression, watched it as it tried to get into Su Ming’s good books, listened to its bombastic and hyperbolic words, saw how the seven-colored peacock turned into the bald crane, and his mind went blank. His world had just shattered because of one single crane.

"How could this be…?"

He was originally not a person who was easily fooled, but the black crane was indeed quite skilled in this regard, that was why Mo Luo fell for its deceptions so utterly, all while never having seen its true form…

"A crane… peacock…" Mo Luo coughed out a mouthful of blood, then as he looked at the crane… he suddenly, really wanted to swear...

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