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When those words tumbled out of the old man’s lips, the middle-aged man by his side stood up as well. He looked at Su Ming, then in silence, he moved, and immediately, after leaving behind an after image in the temple, his real body walked out. He clenched his right hand into a fist, and a powerful presence erupted forth from his body. There were even banging sounds reverberating from within him when he prepared to ram his fist onto the ground.

"I am Bao Shan, and I am an End Battle Thought Soothsayer!"

The instant he said those words, his fist crashed onto the ground, but the ground did not shudder. Instead, an aura that surged into the sky exploded from under Bao Shan’s feet. That aura was incredibly pure, and it was clearly the power of the world.

At the same moment, Bao Shan’s hair turned white. Several wrinkles appeared on his face, and he looked as if he had exchanged his soul with someone else, giving the impression that Su Ming was facing off against a Battle Shaman!

"When lives return to earth, I predict that I will become a Battle Shaman and fight!"

Banging sounds reverberated violently from within his body. As he lifted his head, veins popped up on his face, and he took a step towards Su Ming. He approached him, and an imposing presence that could topple mountains and overturn seas erupted from his body and crashed down against Su Ming!

Almost the moment Bao Shan walked out, a glint appeared in Mo Luo’s eyes as he stood in the temple. He lifted his right hand, and immediately, black light spread out to instantly cover his whole body. His eyes turned dark and cold as he glared at Su Ming.

Bao Shan’s punch contained the full power of an End Battle Shaman. At the moment he hurled it outward, numerous cracks instantly appeared in the air between him and Su Ming, as if it could no longer withstand the force of the blast and was about to crumble!

Su Ming lifted his right hand, and the long spear in his grip started shining with violet light. He swung that spear towards Bao Shan, and at the same time, he lifted his left hand and seized the air in the direction of the sky. Immediately, a vortex began churning and roaring in the sky, stirring up a huge gust of wind that charged towards Su Ming’s left hand.

Once he held it, he felt as if he was holding onto an endless amount of whirlwinds in his grasp. The moment his long spear crashed into Bao Shan and a rumbling sound reverberated in the air, Su Ming pressed his left palm towards the shaman, bringing along all the whirlwinds in his hand as well.

Rumbling sounds echoed in the air, and golden light circulated in Su Ming’s body under the violet armor. At that moment, a mighty force erupted from all his Berserker Bones simultaneously.

At the same time, as he took that one step forward, his body instantly disappeared from the spot. When he reappeared, he was already beside Bao Shan. Lightning sparks swam all over the purple armor on his body. It was naturally Su Ming’s power as the Lightning Berserker, and it was blasting out from his body at that moment.

The lightning sparks let out thunderous rumbles and covered the entire area in the blink of an eye. When Bao Shan was surrounded by them, Su Ming formed a seal with his left hand, and a profound gaze appeared in his eyes. Black wisps of smoke seeped out of his left hand, twirling around his palm like a black bundle of hair. Then, Su Ming pressed his left palm towards Bao Shan, who was currently surrounded by thunderous lightning.

The black threads were the manifestation of Su Ming’s epiphany towards the power of the Candle Dragon’s Curse. As they spread out from the gaps of his fingers and he pressed his palm towards Bao Shan, the End Shaman swiftly spun his body around. His pupils constricted, but he did not fight back against that palm strike. Instead, he lifted his right leg and stomped down with his foot!

"When earth is affected by the sky, I foresee that I will become a Soul Catcher!"

A black air pillar immediately shot up from under Bao Shan’s feet. Once it enveloped him within, his hair immediately turned from white to red. His face also became much older, but his gaze instantly turned as deep as the abyss. An incredibly pure presence that belonged to Soul Catchers erupted from his body.

When Su Ming pressed his palm forward, Bao Shan lifted his right hand and formed a seal. Similar wisps of black smoke appeared on his palm. That black smoke might be incredibly faint, but the same power of the Curse as Su Ming’s could be felt from it.

At the instant their palms came into contact, Mo Luo’s body was completely covered by that black light, and killing intent shone brilliantly in his eyes.

"If you can hold him captive, then you are free!" Mo Luo let out a low shout, then took a step forward, and he traveled so quickly that he arrived before Su Ming in the blink of an eye!

At the instant he closed in, Su Ming’s eyes flickered. He had been able to tell since a long time ago that something was slightly off. This old Mo Luo had refused to walk out of the temple since the start, and even when he was slaughtering all the people on the island, this person had not attacked.

All of this was definitely connected to this temple. That was why Su Ming had not stepped inside just now. He had instead lifted that long spear while still outside, and even though he was fighting against Bao Shan, he had always been waiting for the moment this old man would walk out of the temple!

Even if the old man refused to walk out, Su Ming would still have ways to lure him out, and he was certain that once he revealed a weakness, this person would definitely not standby and do nothing!

During the previous moment in his fight against Bao Shan, Su Ming had finally managed to lure the old Mo Luo out of the temple, and almost the moment he walked out, Su Ming’s eyes sparkled. But just as he was about to retreat, suddenly, a decisive expression appeared on Bao Shan’s face, and he closed his eyes without any hesitation.

Once he closed his eyes and reopened them, five words tumbled out of Bao Shan’s mouth!

"The sky provides for all!"

The instant he said those words, illusory shadows instantly appeared out of thin air around Su Ming. There were men and women, elderly and young among the shadows, but they were not vengeful spirits. All of them looked practically similar to each other!

It did not matter whether it was the men or the women, the young or the old, they all had the same faces. The only difference between them was the different body structures, as well as the different signs of time marking their faces. These shadows seemed endless in Su Ming’s eyes, and they numbered to so many that he felt as if he had sunk into an illusion.

What shocked him was that he could clearly feel his own face changing rapidly, as if he was about to blend into the crowd.

This was the first time Su Ming had ran into such a strange divine ability. Almost the instant he was trapped by Bao Shan’s Spell, Mo Luo walked out of the temple, and the black smoke from his entire body spread out to turn into fog in midair before charging straight towards Su Ming. By the looks of it, it wanted to gather around him.

By the time Su Ming realized it, the black fog had already closed in on him and surrounded him. It shrank abruptly, and looked as if it was about to solidify. Once that fog completely gathered around Su Ming, it would envelop him within and turn into a statue.

That statue was naturally Mo Luo’s statue of the God of Berserkers. This divine ability was one of his best killing moves - Berserker Soul Rip!

However, if Su Ming had the courage to come to Scour Sieve Island and lure out Mo Luo by fighting against Bao Shan, then he naturally had made preparations. Almost the moment he noticed himself being trapped among the bizarre and strange people, he lifted his left hand, its palm turned towards the sky.

"Past, future, fuse together and become Destiny!" he declared calmly. When he mumbled out these words, the black fog had already had him completely surrounded, and a huge statue had manifested around him.


A ferocious look appeared on Mo Luo’s face and he immediately let out a low roar.

Yet the moment his voice traveled through the air, the statue around Su Ming exploded, and as it exploded, Bao Shan’s face turned pale. He took a few steps back in succession, and as blood trickled out of the corners of his lips, he noticed that his Spell of having the sky provide for all had been forcefully broken through.

At the same time, a teenager slowly walked out from the crumbling statue… and he had half a head of white hair, and the other purple…

As that person appeared, a power that caused the universe to be turned upside down, caused the world to be drained off all color, caused the heavens to close their eyes emerged - Destiny’s power!

"Since you’re here now, don’t even think about going back anymore." A hint of youth could be heard in the chilling voice.

The instant Su Ming spoke those words, he lifted his head and looked towards Mo Luo and Bao Shan!

When they saw his gaze, their hearts trembled simultaneously.

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