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A- Chapter 533: Mo Luo’s Misunderstanding
Before Su Ming turned into Destiny, he had a seventh of all his bones turned into Berserker Bones and possessed the Wind Berserker and Lightning Berserker’s inheritance. With the help of his large supply of Enchanted Treasures, he could surpass a normal powerful Berserker in the Berserker Soul Realm, and his combat abilities could even catch up to a Berserker in the later stage of the Berserker Soul Realm!
Even if he could not win against those in the later stage of the Berserker Soul Realm, he could still win against all those who were below that stage!
Once he turned into Destiny, due to his mastery towards the power between the past and the future and his understanding towards the law governing binary opposites, his strange divine ability of making the past and future intersect with each other could make his combat abilities increase infinitely… and with all his skills, his presence would increase so greatly that he would be close to those who had attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm!
However, the time allowed for him to remain in this state every single time he turned into Destiny was only fifteen breaths! Even if Su Ming had been training for years in the frozen world and had prolonged his time as Destiny for about one or two breaths, the duration would still not go past twenty breaths!
Yet even so, that time was still enough for Su Ming to become an incredibly powerful existence in the world. Even if… he could only last for a dozen something breaths in this state, it was still enough for him to command the world as he pleased!
The instant he turned into Destiny, Su Ming walked out of Mo Luo’s collapsing statue of the God of Berserkers. As he moved forward, he seemed as if he was still far in the distance, but in truth, with just one step, he had already arrived before Bao Shan.
Bao Shan’s pupils constricted. Almost the instant the teenager Su Ming walked towards him, he swiftly took a step back without any hesitation. Yet as he did so, he immediately saw Su Ming lifting his left hand while walking over, and with that aloof expression on his face, he swung his arm.
Bao Shan felt as if the world before him had frozen and shattered into pieces. Piercing howls were mixed with the rumbling sounds booming by his ears, causing the world he saw to shatter into pieces before it regrouped. However, when his vision was restored, it felt as if time had flowed backwards. He should have been moving back, but right before his own eyes, he saw his body moving forward against his will as the world’s time flowed in reverse!
He was not retreating, but was instead taking a step forward as if his movements were reversing. This bizarre experience made shock appear in Bao Shan’s eyes. With his current level of cultivation, he could tell with a single glance just what sort of unbelievable power was contained in this!
"This… This is time reversal!" When shock overcame Bao Shan, only then did Su Ming’s words when he waved his arm reached his ears.
"My left hand represents the past…"
In Mo Luo’s eyes, this scene was different. He saw Bao Shan moving backwards, but before his foot even landed, he immediately took a step forward, and by the looks of it, he seemed as if he was voluntarily walking right towards Su Ming’s right index finger as Su Ming moved towards him.
He also noticed a strong power of the world rippling in the area at that instant. The signs of time reversing made fine cracks in the void, even making the blood on the ground flow backwards!
All of this seemed to have happened slowly, but when Mo Luo eventually registered what was going on, he saw Bao Shan touching Su Ming’s right index finger. He did not show any signs of resistance or struggle whatsoever, and with a bang, he coughed out fresh blood and fell backwards.
But that was not the end. Mo Luo’s shock and astonishment was far from ending. He saw another

scene that made his skin crawl, and even if he had already reached the pinnacle in the later stage of the Berserker Soul Realm, he still felt chills running down his spine, and he felt fear growing in him towards Su Ming!
He saw Bao Shan coughing out blood and falling backwards, then Su Ming taking a step forward aloofly, but right at the moment his foot landed, he lifted his left hand and waved his hand again. The tumbling Bao Shan froze in midair, and as if everything was going to reverse again, his body no longer tumbled backwards!
He charged towards Su Ming, and the blood he had coughed out gathered in midair, turning into blood drops that went back into Bao Shan’s mouth!
Then, it was Su Ming jabbing his finger into Bao Shan’s body again as he moved forward!
The first jab was on Bao Shan’s chest, the second at the center of his brows, and the third on the shaman’s throat! The three jabs seemed like they had happened through several cycles, but in truth they had only taken an instant!
After that instant, Bao Shan let out a muffled groan. He coughed out several mouthfuls of blood, and his body fell to the ground in the distance with a bang. His face turned pale from shock and terror. Blood trickled down the corners of his lips, and just as he was about to stand up and retreat, he did not notice the cold smile on Su Ming’s lips, neither did he notice the Candle Dragon’s mouth suddenly appearing behind him.
Bao Shan struggled to stand up. With his heart in shock and his fear full of disbelief written clearly on his face, he felt a strong, intense sense of danger coming towards him, but he could not dodge it, and everything turned dark.
The small snake had transformed into the Candle Dragon and devoured Bao Shan. Its huge body showed up in the sky, and it let out a loud, rumbling roar towards the Heavens.
"Great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm! You’ve reached the great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm!"
Mo Luo’s eyes went wide and a huge storm raged in his heart. He had had a hunch previously, but he had thought that it was because of the violet armor. In truth, that was indeed the case. The Undertaker of Evil’s Armor did not possess any form of defensive abilities. It only had one function, and that was to attack, attack, and attack!
With that armor equipped, a person would be filled with murderous aura. If that person’s will was not strong enough, he or she would be immediately overcome by murderous intent and turn into a puppet without intelligence that only knew how to kill!
Yet even so, that armor could make a person’s combat powers rise exponentially and make them bring out a level of strength that far surpassed their level of cultivation! That was why Su Ming had given Mo Luo a feeling that he was incredibly troublesome.
It was why he did not venture out so readily. Instead, he wanted to wait for him to continuously weaken.
Yet now, even though Su Ming was without the armor before his eyes, that strange divine ability, that terrifying time reversal, and the shocking three jabs had made Mo Luo realize to his shock that… this person could not even be considered terrifying when he was in that armor. This appearance of his when half his hair was white and the other purple, and when he was without the armor, was his absolute strongest!
With just three jabs, he managed to critically injure an End Shaman. This was something Mo Luo could not do. In his eyes, the only ones who could do such a thing were those rare old monsters who had attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm!
Only these people would possess such astonishing power and would have the strength to kill an End Shaman with just three jabs!
‘He’s from South Morning… Could he be that he’s one of the three great powerful Berserkers in South Morning?! Among the three great Berserkers, Tian Xie Zi is said to be an old monster, and it’s the same for Guru Li Long. Only the mysterious third powerful Berserker remains a mystery despite our investigations. Could he be… Could he be that person?!’
Mo Luo’s face turned stark pale, his heart pounded against his chest, and his skin crawled. The instant this thought appeared in his heart, he hastily retreated without any hesitation, charging straight back to the temple.
He came from Eastern Wastelands, and his status was different from the others on the island. The reason he came to this island was because he was tasked with investigating the three great Berserkers of South Morning!
At that moment, he was already a seventh certain that this Su Ming was the mysterious third great Berserker of South Morning!
How would he dare fight with such an assumption in his head? His only thought right now was to return to the temple immediately. Only when he was there would he have the power to protect himself. After all, this temple… was the great Enchanted Vessel he had received from his clan after being given this mission!
However, once Su Ming lured him out, there was no way he would give him the chance to return. Almost the instant Mo Luo began retreating, charging towards the temple without any care towards the world, Su Ming looked towards him with a chilling glare, and the next instant, he disappeared.
Only five breaths had gone by since Su Ming transformed into Destiny!
The moment Mo Luo saw Su Ming disappearing, his pupils shrank, and in his fear, he let out a roar, knowing that it would be difficult for him to return to the temple. Without any hesitation, he lifted his right hand and slammed his palm against his chest.
Once he did so, he opened his mouth and spat out a yellow ray of light. At the instant that light appeared, a vast amount of power immediately began churning in the area, stirring up an endless wave of ripples in the air around him.
Almost the instant Su Ming appeared beside Mo Luo, the old man lifted his left hand and pointed towards the yellow ray of light.
"Great Yu South Morus Alba Palace, Manifestation of Ancients!" Mo Luo roared.
He still clearly remembered the strange changes that had happened to Bao Shan before this person, and he was afraid he would end up the same way. At that moment, he had practically brought out his full power to execute this Art.
"Even if you’ve attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm, but the source of the Berserkers’ power come from the Great Yu Temple, and in its presence, even you will be trapped. You won’t be able to stop me from returning inside!"
Mo Luo executed the Art with his full power. He was incredibly confident in this divine ability, which was really a form of an Enchanted Treasure. Ever since his clan had given him this treasure, he had fused it with his body. There were many who died in his hands because of this Art, and he was confident that even if he could not kill Su Ming, he could still trap him for some time!
That amount of time would be enough for him to return to the temple, and when he increased his power with the temple, he could either fight against Su Ming or retreat and activate a Rune to escape from this place. He could even summon Sir Mo Que to help him.
When he remembered how terrified he had been towards Sir Mo Que’s presence and how he had been unable to bring up any power to resist him, Mo Luo suddenly became incredibly interested and excited towards killing South Morning’s three great Berserkers.
In an instant, the yellow light became so bright that it was piercing to the eyes, the clouds in the sky disappeared, and the blood on the ground vanished. A huge palace appeared in the world. It was an incredibly extravagantly built palace, and as the light flowed towards the area, a couple words could be seen carved clearly on the tablet placed right before the building.
Great Yu South Morus Alba!
When that palace appeared, a feeling of ancientness and a primitive power that made people feel as if they were rotting away instantly seeped through the area. A sharp glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. The only thing in his line of sight was this palace. He could no longer see that old Mo Luo.
‘Great Yu…’
Su Ming looked at the palace. He did not cast the power to cause time to flow away. Instead, he just looked at the palace, and a cold smile curled up on his lips.
The presence spreading from this palace from Great Yu was incredibly pure, but… was far too little! Perhaps this Art would be effective against other people, but to Su Ming, this illusion… was too fake!
Because he was one of the incredibly few people who had truly seen the Great Yu Dynasty, a person who had truly seen the imperial city and its numerous palaces. How could he possibly be shocked by this mere imitation?
All of this was just like a fool trying to teach a fish how to swim.

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