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As the screams of pain rose and fell in the midst of that violet shade, explosions continuously rang in the air. Once Su Ming executed that bizarre killing move of his, the numerous violet threads crawled into the hundreds of savages still present under the blood-red screen of light, and their bodies were ripped apart by those same threads!

Rivers of blood flowed on the ground, and a countless amount of shredded corpses covered the land. Once all the savages in the red screen of light died, the violet threads left their mangled corpses and flew towards Su Ming.

In an instant, they gathered once again on Su Ming’s body, surrounding him before turning into the violet armor and the long spear!

That sight fell into the eyes of the trio outside the screen of light. Their pupils shrank. Shock and terror appeared on their faces. In truth, they were not the only ones who saw this scene. The savages that numbered to nearly one thousand on this island outside the blood-red screen of light also saw it.

Everything that had happened within the short period of time caused all the people on the island feel an indescribable fear towards Su Ming. This fear was like a nightmare, and even if they managed to live through this calamity, it would stay with them for life, causing them to be shocked out from their meditation, jolted awake from their sleep.

The same scene also fell into the eyes of the old Mo Luo in the temple and the middle-aged man sitting beside him - the End Shaman, Bao Shan!

Their expressions differed, but the hints of shock in their eyes were similar!

"What is that armor?" Bao Shan’s pupils shrank and he asked under his breath.

"That armor… I seem to have seen it recorded somewhere before…" Mo Luo’s expression was incredibly grim.

Almost the instant all the eyewitnesses were shocked to the core, Su Ming lifted his head and looked towards the three people on the Rune in the sky as he stood within the blood-red screen of light. With one move, he charged upwards.

The trio were startled, and quickly formed a seal with both their hands before they pressed their palms on the screen of light. Immediately, the area inside it became foggy, and a bloody fog immediately filled the region, instantly becoming so thick that it could not be seen through with the naked eye!

Roars and sounds of battle echoed once again in the blood-red screen of light, even though there were no longer any savages inside, and right before Su Ming’s eyes, the mangled corpses on the ground grouped together to turn into a dead but moving body!

The blood on the ground also gathered together to manifest into blood humans, and all of them charged towards Su Ming in a fit of madness in the fog!

This was the true activation of the Great Barren Blood Rune. The more this Rune killed, the stronger it would become. The fog in the Rune tumbled about, and once the sounds of battle reached up, the three people outside the Rune felt their hearts relax. They looked at each other, then bit the tips of their tongues and coughed out a mouthful of blood that fell on the long black blade in their midst.

The blade started buzzing again. Once it absorbed the blood, a wisp of black smoke seeped out and took shape. It looked like a person, but its facial features could not be seen clearly. The trio could only tell vaguely that the smoke was a woman.

She unsheathed the long black blade from its scabbard, then charged into the Rune with the blade in her hand.

Time passed, and in the blink of an eye, twenty breaths went by. The trio’s nerves were strung high during that time. They kept their gazes fixed on the fog in the Rune, and they were not the only ones. The savages outside the Rune were also watching nervously.

Even old Mo Luo and the End Shaman, Bao Shan, did the same thing!

The fog in the Rune started churning even more furiously, and the roars as well as the sounds of battle reached a volume that could almost ring through the sky. Piercing whistles that sounded as if there was a blade slicing through the air also echoed about.

Delight gradually appeared in the trio’s eyes. They could sense that the Rune’s power had been activated to its full potential!

"Even Berserkers in the later stage of the Berserker Soul Realm would find it difficult to survive in this Rune. My friends, the time has come for us to step in. Once we kill this person, we will have a huge achievement under our belts!

"This person must surely be a rare powerful warrior from South Morning, and if such a powerful warrior died in Scour Sieve Island, then who else in South Morning could hope to stand against us?!" As the three laughed, they began forming seals with both their hands, and their bodies slowly sank into the Rune to blend into the red fog.

Yet less than ten breaths after the trio fused into the red fog, the Rune started trembling, and the tremors grew more violent with each passing moment. It made all the savages around the area to be filled with anticipation in the midst of their anxiety, while their faces became twisted with ferociousness.

Suddenly, the Rune let out a bang, and right under the crowd’s expectant gazes, they saw fine cracks appearing on the blood-red screen of light. And almost the instant these cracks appeared, the Rune exploded with a loud bang that shook the sky and earth!

Three figures shot out from within as it exploded. The instant the savages around started laughing because they thought they had won, before seeing the whole process, a shrill scream of pain caused immense terror to appear within all these people, and that terror was reflected on their faces.

They saw the trio rushing out of the Rune, and the one who screamed was the old man who had come out last.

Because before he even managed to take a few steps forward, a hand immediately shot out and grabbed his neck. As he screamed, his body abruptly exploded, turning into a large amount of flesh and blood that spilled in the air. At that moment, Su Ming walked out of the collapsed Rune.

He flung off the blood on his hand. At the instant he appeared and the exploding Rune was swept off by the blood fog that was spreading through the entire area, he took a step forward and threw the long spear in his hand. It let out a buzz, sliced through the air, and caught up to the other old man who had now turned pale with shock and terror on his face. The spear pierced through his chest within the span of a breath.

Su Ming disappeared, and when he reappeared, he was already standing before the boy, whose pupils shrank. He would never forget what he saw in the fog.

He saw… the woman with the long blade, the divine soldier who was personally appointed by Progenitor Mo Luo, shivering as she stood before Su Ming, and as she shivered, that woman whose face was obscured prostrated herself before him.

He would never forget how this person used just one gaze to form a mighty pressure that caused all the existences within the fog to instantly crumble the moment the trio stepped inside. The boy had even sensed an emotion that was completely different from the aloofness moments ago contained within that gaze!

It was anger!

Aloofness and bloodlust were mostly what could be seen on this person’s face before he came to the island and after he stepped into the Rune. That was something the boy remembered clearly, but there was no way he would have mistaken that gaze just now. It was anger!

It was an anger that could burn the skies!

Under it, the entire Rune collapsed and the fog inside tumbled backwards. Shocked, the trio immediately chose to retreat, but in an instant, two of them died, and before the boy could run too far away, Su Ming walked towards him with fury seething through his entire being.

"Progenitor, save me!" the boy screamed out in a shrill voice and started retreating desperately, but he still did not manage to dodge Su Ming pointing towards him with his left hand.

Almost the moment the boy screamed, his cries were immediately silenced. Su Ming’s left index finger was already buried deep into the center of his brows, causing the boy to explode under the power. Su Ming’s white robes were dyed red with blood.

As the red fog swept through the land, the savages around the area scattered desperately in the midst of their fear. Su Ming’s massacre had stirred up a storm known as terror in their hearts. At that moment, there was only one thought in their minds. They could no longer be bothered about pretending not to be afraid of death, they only cared about one thing, and that was fleeing!

Their cruelty was only aimed towards the weak, and fear had completely drowned their minds and souls like a tidal wave.

Scour Sieve Island was already flowing with rivers of blood. During that instant, Su Ming did not look at the savages who were madly fleeing for their lives around him. Instead, he directed his gaze towards the temple on the mountain in the island!

The instant he came here, he had immediately sensed two incredibly powerful presences within that temple. He flung off the blood on his long spear, then with a calm expression, walked towards the temple through the air.

The Candle Dragon would chase after the fleeing people. Su Ming did not need to bother about them too much.

He did not walk quickly. He simply approached that temple in the mountain at a leisurely pace. The ground underneath him was covered in fresh blood, and the stench of it spread through the air, causing ripples to appear on the surface of the Dead Sea around the island. It was as if the bloody stench in the air had attracted numerous ferocious beasts to the place.

However, these ferocious beasts only wandered around the island, not daring to come closer. They might not possess a lot of intellect, but they could still sense the terrifying murderous aura coming from the person who had caused those rivers of blood to run freely.

The sky was dark, and rain continued pouring down from above. Perhaps it was just as Su Ming had said. When he left this place, there would only be rivers of blood running on this island, and this place would serve as a warning for Eastern Wastelands!

As he walked, the once lively Scour Sieve Island was now filled with a deathly silence. Only a woman’s figure remained prostrated on the ground once the fog from the Rune dissipated. By her side was that long blade which she had let go of.

The woman’s face could not be seen clearly, but her trembling body caused something to begin struggling and resisting within her mind, and a runic symbol slowly appeared on her body. That runic symbol began to shatter little by little…

Su Ming’s expression was dark and anger burned in his eyes. The dead boy had not been mistaken. Su Ming was indeed livid, and the source of his anger came from that indistinct woman.

He was familiar with that figure. He knew her! And he hadn’t expected that he would see her in this place!

When Su Ming stood before the main door to the temple, he glared coldly at the scar-faced old man who was staring at him with a face as dark as thunderclouds, along with the middle-aged man beside him, who was looking at him with a complicated expression.

Su Ming did not speak. He merely lifted the long spear in his right hand slowly and pointed its tip towards the two people in the temple.

The old man’s face turned darker and he clenched his right fist tightly before standing up. He was incredibly tall and big, and when he stood up, a mighty pressure immediately spread out from his body. Killing intent shone in his eyes.

"My Shaman friend Bao Shan, if you kill this person, I will return to you your freedom!"

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