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"Are we all allowed to impose our will on others because our power is greater than theirs?" Su Ming’s voice was bone chilling. In his memories, this had always happened. It was like this when he was in Dark Mountain. Bi Tu’s strength had made him think that he could disregard everything.

When he was in Han Mountain, the guest that had chased down He Feng was the same. The depth of his level of cultivation was a form of oppression towards the weak. It was an oppression that felt as if there was no way anyone would be able to go against him for all their lives!

When he went up against Di Tian, Su Ming once again felt that sense of powerlessness. Everything about him had been controlled. His fate was not in his own hands, and that was all because Di Tian’s strength had forced all those who were not on par with him to follow his will!

‘Is this the law of the jungle..? If this is the law of the world, then I absolutely refuse to be a weakling. I want to become powerful, because only then will I have the right to crush this detestable law!’

The colossal Spirit of Nine Yin before Su Ming lifted his battle axe with a roar and swung it against the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple. As the battle axe fell down, the sky and earth roared, and the air was torn, revealing a gigantic crack. The old man’s face changed, and as he retreated, he lifted his right index finger and pointed swiftly at the incoming battle axe.

With that one point, the Grand Elder’s right index finger instantly turned black. Black mist gushed out from his finger and turned into a vengeful soul right before him. There were eight different heads on that soul, and they had the faces of men and women, the old and the young. Each of these faces were filled with heinous murderous aura. They screamed shrilly, and like a shooting star with a very long tail, that soul charged towards the battle axe.

"Malevolent Soul! As expected of a Spirit Medium who is already halfway through to becoming an End Shaman! He actually managed to create a Malevolent Soul!"

Someone from the crowd on the ground immediately recognized what it was when they saw it.

Once the eight-headed Malevolent Soul flew out, its body grew once it came into contact with the wind. In an instant, it grew to be around one hundred feet, and it crashed into the battle axe swinging downwards. The impact turned into a wave of shocking booms, and as they reverberated in the air, Su Ming’s voice traveled forth indifferently.

"Are we all allowed to take away what belongs to others because our power is greater than theirs?"

The instant the battle axe belonging to the Spirit of Nine Yin crashed into the Malevolent Soul, Su Ming’s clone rushed out swiftly. Before he even closed in on the old man, the black beetles swept out. Buzzing sounds reverberated in the air, and they turned into a huge black hand in midair to seize the Grand Elder.

At the same time, Su Ming’s Nascent Soul clone let out a low roar.

"Nine Transformations, Ten Transfigurations, One Voice!"

As he spoke, Su Ming’s clone pointed at the old man with his right hand. With that one point, a ray of black light flashed on his index finger, and it instantly turned black. At the same time, wisps of black mist flew out from his finger to turn into the exact same eight-headed Malevolent Soul the old man had summoned from his Spell just now!

The instant that Malevolent Soul appeared, all the faces of the people who were watching instantly changed. The old man from the God of Shamans Temple, too, experienced a change in expression.

"Nine Transformations, change again!"

Dark light shone in the clone’s eyes. Immediately, a single black horn appeared on all eight of the heads on the soul before him. As they roared, the soul charged out and rushed towards the Grand Elder with the huge hand formed by the black beetles.

At the same time, as Su Ming’s main battle force, the Spirit of Nine Yin laughed savagely even though his battle axe was bounced off by the impact just now. As it was sent reeling back, he rushed forward. With his body as his strength and his arms as the bridge, he endured the power of the rebound, and at the same time, an even greater power burst out from his body. It allowed him to endure the power of the rebound through raw power, and he swung the battle axe in his right hand down once again.

Immediately after, a string of ancient chants fell off the lips of the Spirit of Nine Yin. As those words tumbled off his mouth, rings that looked like those on a tree appeared on his body. Those rings covered the man’s body densely, causing a humongous illusionary shadow to appear in the sky as he roared and swung his axe.

That illusion was a big tree that covered the entire sky. At that moment, the tree was sinking swiftly, like a seal aiming to suppress something, as it charged towards the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple.

The Grand Elder’s expression changed, and he was forced to retreat once again. To him, this was humiliation. As the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple and a powerful Shaman who was already halfway through to becoming an End Shaman, he was forced to retreat twice, and even though the Spirit of Nine Yin before him was indeed powerful, this to him was a humiliation. Especially when he was forced to do so before several tens of thousands of people.

"If you have the Spirit of Nine Yin fighting for you, then it is fine for me to kill you!"

Killing intent flashed in the Grand Elder’s eyes and he spread his palms wide open before flicking them forward. Immediately, all ten of his fingers turned black, and as if they were melting, they turned into a large amount of black mist.

The black mist gathered together to form a black ripple before the old man that swiftly spread forward to crash into all the divine abilities that were charging towards him.

"Touch the emptiness, Spirit Medium!" the old man growled, and with an indescribable speed, the black ripple shot out, and its very first touch landed on the huge hand formed by the black beetles. The instant that hand touched the black ripple, it immediately collapsed with a bang, and the black beetles inside were immediately sent tumbling back.

At the same time, the eight-headed Malevolent Soul formed through the clone’s Nine Transformations Art crashed into the ripple with a piercing roar. Instantly, seven of its head crumbled into dust, but there was one head remaining. Perhaps it was because this was a Malevolent Soul formed through Su Ming’s Nine Transformations Art, which made it similar to the old man’s Malevolent Soul, hence it was able to pass through that ripple and charge towards the old man ferociously.

As for the Spirit of Nine Yin, when his battle axe came into contact with the ripple, a violent bang shook the sky furiously, and the spirit roared. His body was pushed backwards, and madness appeared in his eyes. A singular incantation tumbled out of his mouth, and the instant that sound appeared, he rammed his head on the battle axe before him, causing the battle axe to tremble and shatter!

As the battle axe shattered, an immense wave of power erupted it, and it crashed into that black ripple violently. The booming sounds reverberated in the air, and the man once again took a few steps back coughing out a mouthful of blood.

However, his eyes under his helmet burned with an even stronger battle spirit.

With the price of the spirit shattering his battle axe, the black ripple became distorted. It flashed a few times, then abruptly collapsed, turning into a large amount of black mist that rolled backwards.

Yet the fight was not over. The huge illusionary tree in the sky had closed in with the intention to crash into the old man. The Grand Elder swung his arm forward and rammed into the tree in the air. Booming sounds rang out once again, and as they reverberated in the air, the huge illusionary tree shattered, inch by inch, and completely crumbled before the old man.

However, the old man was clearly not in good shape as well, because his face turned a little pale. Once he dispersed that giant illusionary tree, he bit his tongue and coughed out a mouthful of blood. As that blood gushed out of his mouth, it closed in on the one-headed Malevolent Soul that was already less than ten feet away from him!

"Are we all allowed to treat others like ants as if it is something natural because our power is greater than theirs?"

Su Ming’s voice traveled through the air. By his side, gray light shone in the Poison Corpse’s eyes, and the corpse took a swift step forward, towards where the Grand Elder was.

As the Poison Corpse walked forward, the presence of his power in the Berserker Soul Realm spread out without any reservation. Poisonous fog surrounded him, and with a roar akin to that of a wild beast, he charged forth.

Su Ming’s clone also started forming seals with both his hands. The small virescent sword grew several times in size, and once it turned into a huge sword, Su Ming’s clone breathed out a breath of his Nascent Soul’s Qi, and at the same time, an endless amount of cyclones stirred up around the big virescent sword. With a light that shone in an area of ten thousand feet, the sword slashed down on the Grand Elder.

Right behind the Poison Corpse and clone, the Spirit of Nine Yin took off his helmet and revealed his face. His skin was brown and filled with cracks, which made him look like a tree. At that moment, as he let out a low growl, the spirit threw away his helmet, then he roared towards the sky.

The growth rings on his body increased, and his body grew several times in size instantly. In the blink of an eye, he had already grown up to be one thousand feet tall, and from the distance, he looked as if he had turned into a big tree!

His hair swiftly grew longer and it looked like the branches of a drooping willow. Once his body grew larger, the spirit took a huge step forward and rammed a fist against the Grand Elder!

That one punch made his fist look like the branch of a tree. It exuded an ancient presence, and there was even an abundance of life force contained within his arm.

Su Ming stood in the distance and watched the scene coldly. The old man’s face had now turned sullen. As the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple, if he still needed someone to help him when he was attacking another person, then this would be the greatest form of humiliation among all other humiliations he had to suffer this day!

This was the reason why he did not even consider having the Guards of the God of Shamans attack. Instead, the instant Su Ming’s clone, his Poison Corpse, and the Spirit of Nine Yin closed in on him, killing intent flashed in his eyes. He seized at the air with his right hand, and immediately, a black leaf appeared in his hand.

Right at the instant he placed it in his mouth and crushed it, his body immediately started distorting, causing the sword in the clone’s hands to miss its strike, and the old man instantaneously walked out right behind Su Ming, who was standing in the distance.

Almost the moment he walked out, Su Ming took a step forward, and with a speed incredibly quick, he was already several hundreds of feet away in the blink of an eye. At the same time, he waved his right arm towards the sky.

With that one wave, a gust of wind was stirred up.

"Wind comes when I wave my arms…" Su Ming muttered softly. The Provenance of Wind in his body circulated rapidly, and because of it, suddenly, a moaning sound came from the sky, and that sound was the voice of wind!

With Su Ming as its center, a large amount of wind suddenly rushed from a circular area of several hundreds of lis. That wind charged forth from all directions, and as it spun around, it turned into a whirlwind that blew against the sky and world, and this… was the rise of a tempest!

"Once the tempest arrives, the sea of clouds will appear, and wind will descend!" Speaking in a low voice, Su Ming clenched his right fist in the direction of the sky!

At that moment, the sky in an area of several hundreds of lis turned into a large sea of clouds in that whirlwind. The sea of clouds spun along with the wind, and when the crowd looked over, it was as if the sky had turned into a gigantic vortex made of a sea of clouds.

The instant Su Ming clenched his fist, that vortex charged towards him with a shocking speed!

‘There’s not enough wind…’

A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes.

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