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There was indeed not enough wind!

Su Ming might have mastered one of the three styles of Wind Separation - Sun Genesis, but that did not mean that he could bring out a power equivalent to the Divine General Wind Berserker’s shocking power. After all, his level of cultivation was still too low.

This level of rising and descending of wind could not bring about any form of shock when used to fight against an ordinary Latter Shaman. However, when used to fight against divine abilities, it would still be able to perform normally.

Right then, as he fought against the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple who was already halfway through to becoming an End Shaman, who even the Spirit of Nine Yin could not injure, Su Ming knew that this amount of wind… was not enough!

The main principle behind Sun Genesis lay within how much wind was sent out, and the amount of wind delivered would be returned several fold. The more wind was delivered, the more wind would be returned, and its might would also be stronger!

That was why as a glint shone in Su Ming’s eyes. He activated that extreme speed of his, but not to fall back or to move forward. He flew up instead like a shooting star, charging forth to the sky.

Since he could not generate enough wind by waving his arm, then Su Ming would use his own body to execute his fastest speed and stir up the strongest wind he could muster!

As Su Ming charged into the sky at a speed that could barely be detected with the naked eye, gusts of violent wind blew around him. As he became faster, and the instant he charged into the sky, that violent gust of wind that he had stirred up blew into the sky with a crash.

With this, Su Ming finished the Wind Propelling stage for Sun Genesis!

The instant the wind swept from all directions and rushed to the sky, the sea of clouds roared and spread violently through the area. In the blink of an eye, it had already expanded to an area of one thousand lis compared to its previous several hundreds of lis!

The sea of clouds turned into a huge vortex that was spinning with booming noises. All of this happened within an instant. When Su Ming arrived in the sky, he clenched his fist once again.

A sight that was difficult to forget for all who saw it formed in such an astonishing manner it would shock the sky!

The gigantic sea of clouds charged towards Su Ming’s fist from all directions as if time was turning back. Right at the instant Su Ming completed the act of clenching his fist, it gathered in his fist, making it seem as if he was holding onto the vortex of clouds and wind in the sky just now!

The blue sky within one thousand lis no longer had a shred of wind or clouds. This was the vital part in the second level of Sun Genesis - Wind Borrowing!

Freezing light shone in Su Ming’s eyes. He clenched his right fist and hurled it forward, at the old man from the God of Shamans Temple beneath him!

That one punch did not seem to contain much strength, but the movement stirred an indescribable gust of wind, and it erupted forth from Su Ming’s punch!

That wind let out a piercing cry and moan that sounded like the wails of ghosts and howls of wolves, making all those who heard it to be unable to help themselves but be afraid! It was as if a shocking clap of thunder had boomed in the quiet dawn, as if a storm had erupted forth on a tranquil sea, as if a gigantic bang had resounded on a flat land!

As Su Ming hurled his fist towards the old man, a wind dragon manifested. That wind dragon was several thousands of feet long. It looked incredibly ferocious and its body was semi-transparent. The moaning sound of the wind was its howl, and the piercing whistle as the wind traveled forth was its roar!

"Sun Genesis," Su Ming mumbled.

The wind dragon instantly closed in on the old man, whose face had turned incredibly serious. His white hair danced madly in the air, and at that moment, a bump appeared on his throat. It swelled rapidly like a tumor, and eventually, the instant that wind dragon closed in on him, that tumor cracked open to reveal a head inside.

At that moment, the old man looked incredibly terrifying. He had two heads, and the newborn head was that of a teenager. However, he looked savage. The moment the head appeared, the old man seized at the air with his right hand, and immediately, two gigantic conch shell horns appeared in his hand.

He held a shell in each hand and placed them in his mouth. Moaning sounds rose into the air in a shocking manner. As those sounds echoed in the air, his body distorted, and shrill howls rose into the air. During that time, the distortions shattered, and an endless amount of vengeful souls rushed out from the torn air. From the distance, they looked like a long black arc filled with vengeful souls, and that arc was rushing towards the wind dragon.

Rumbling sounds reverberated in all directions. The wind dragon shattered, but a large half of the grudge filled long arc from the old man also dissipated. Only a small amount of it was left, and it charged towards Su Ming.

Though it was as it looked, in truth, when the wind dragon crumbled, the old man’s face also turned a little paler in an instant. However, he soon recovered, and it would be difficult for anyone to be able to see anything off about him.

At that moment, his heart was in incredible shock. After all, the difference between his level of cultivation and Su Ming’s was incredibly great, but even with that disparity between them, the wind dragon had managed to make his Qi freeze for a moment and it had even showed signs of flowing backwards and scattering away. From that alone, it was enough to tell that this Spell was so strong that it was definitely not some common Spell.

Su Ming coughed out a mouthful of blood and fell a few steps backwards. Han Mountain Bell manifested with a boom, and as those bell chimes echoed in the air, he began forming seals with both his hands before pointing at the bell with a finger. Instantly, that bell began shining, and the illusionary shadow of the Nine-Headed Dragon swiftly formed in the sky. A glint appeared in the eyes of the sixth head among the nine, and it sucked in a deep breath in the direction of the long river made of vengeful souls.

With that one inhale, the long arc of vengeful souls that was charging towards Su Ming instantly changed direction, and a large number of them were devoured by the sixth head of the Han Mountain Bell.

"I originally wanted to spare you out of respect for someone else, but since you’re such an ungrateful wretch, I will send you to hell!" The old man’s expression was already incredibly dark.

At that moment, almost no one, not the two people fighting, and almost none of the people in the area noticed that the mark of the dragon on Wan Qiu’s arm was flashing as she stood outside the hall in the distance.

When the old man from the God of Shamans Temple said those words, five tumors appeared on his throat, and once those they emerged, they burst at the same moment, and five different heads crawled out from within!

By doing so, the old man from the God of Shamans Temple now looked like a monster, but as the five heads appeared, a presence that could shake the sky manifested swiftly on his body.

There were seven heads on his body at that moment, and they came in all forms, man and woman, old and young. All of their faces were filled with forlornness, and they all cried out at Su Ming ferociously, causing the old man to look just like the Malevolent Soul he had summoned in the beginning.

"Spirit Medium Ultimate Move: Mark of Heaven Seal!"

Numerous bumps rose on the old man’s body, and they were all twisting about, causing him to look incredibly horrifying. At the same time, he lifted his right hand and pointed at the Spirit of Nine Yin.

Not a single ripple that came from the execution of divine abilities could be seen from that one point. The onlookers could only hear the six heads on the old man’s body roaring together, and those roars seemed to contain some sort of chant within!

"The Spirit Medium Tribe’s Eternal Seal!"

The expression of the Spirit of Nine Yin changed drastically. He lifted his hands swiftly and rapidly tapped a few spots on his body. With each tap, a large amount of growth rings would appear on his body, and numerous growth rings also appeared in the form of illusions around him, as if he was fighting against something. At the same time, he took a huge step forward to charge towards the old man.


The old man’s lips curled up in a cold sneer. With a low growl, three of his heads instantly shrank and withered away. At the instant they disappeared without a trace, a screen of light immediately appeared around the Spirit of Nine Yin’s body. That screen of light glowed and turned into a gigantic seal.

Pain immediately appeared on the spirit’s face when he was sealed within.

At the same time, the old man pointed at Su Ming’s clone. He disappeared swiftly into the air, but the instant he disappeared, he was forced out from the space. Pain also appeared on his face. The light screen had appeared near his body and had turned into a seal!

Su Ming’s Poison Corpse could not escape from this fate as well. The instant the old man pointed towards him, the seal flashed next to his body and he was sealed in midair.

This was an incredibly overbearing divine ability that allowed absolutely no form of resistance or struggle. Once the old man finished doing all this, the six heads on his body disappeared without a trace. He stared at Su Ming, and with a gaze filled with killing intent, as well as a look that stated he was looking at an ant, he moved towards him.

"You no longer have the Protector Spirit of Nine Yin and the two puppets. You are alone. Now… I will make you suffer a slow death…"

Su Ming remained calm as he watched the old man from the God of Shamans Temple walking towards him. He had completely lost this battle. Even the Spirit of Nine Yin had been sealed by that mysterious divine ability of the old man who was already halfway to becoming an End Shaman.

Su Ming let out a soft sigh.

"If you are powerful, then you can prey on the weak…

"If you are powerful, then you can replace everything with your will…

"If you are powerful, then you can snatch away other people’s things on a whim…

"If you are powerful, then you can decide whether a person lives or dies…

"If that is the case, then if the power I reveal is stronger than yours, then I can turn you into my prey, I can have my will replace your soul, I can also decide whether you live or die…" Su Ming looked at the old man walking towards him.

"That’s right. If you have the power of an End Shaman, then forget taking away the Crimson Stone, you can do things that are even worse than this, and you can perform these acts as you please."

The old man from the God of Shamans Temple walked towards him, and as he spoke in a dark voice, he was already less than several hundreds of feet away from Su Ming. With a cold harrumph, he swung his arm forward, and an illusionary hand rushed through the air to seize Su Ming!

"This farce has ended!"

"It has indeed ended… Ze Long Shen…" Su Ming’s gaze fell on the mark on his left hand. That mark did not seem like the mark of a Spirit of Nine Yin. It was incredibly indistinct, but Su Ming could sense its presence.

The instant the words ‘Ze Long Shen’ tumbled out of his mouth, the old man’s gigantic illusionary hand that was rushing to catch Su Ming was already less than thirty feet away from him. However, right at that moment, suddenly, the space before Su Ming distorted, and a finger extended out from that space. The finger’s appearance was incredibly sudden, and it tapped at the old man’s palm.

With that one tap, the old man from the God of Shamans Temple let out a shrill scream of pain. His entire right arm was abruptly torn to bloody pieces, and as he fell back, his face was filled with shock and disbelief.

At the same time, a furious dragon roar spread forth abruptly from Wan Qiu’s body, who was standing in the distance. The appearance of that dragon roar left even Wan Qiu stunned, and soon after, the mark of the dragon on her arm shot forth with a red light that surged to the skies before it swiftly turned into a gigantic crimson dragon. It roared once it came into sight, and right after it manifested, with one single move, it appeared… right under Su Ming’s feet!

At that moment, Su Ming stood in the air as if he was standing on the crimson dragon’s body. His long hair danced in the wind, his black robes covered his entire body, and he looked peerless!

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