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All the people within those hundreds of long arcs were like arrows that had been fired off their bows. As they charged forth, they brought with them powerful presences as if they were coming together from all directions to become one, as if they wanted to tear through air.

These people were one of the backbones of the God of Shamans Temple, which they had developed over numerous years. They were stationed in the World of Nine Yin at all times and would not easily leave. They came from all sorts of tribes, but at that moment, they were no longer thinking about glory or their sense of belonging towards their own families, but only about the God of Shamans Temple!

Each of them had gone through bloody hardships, experienced the biting, cold brutality of life and death trails. In fact, none of them had names anymore. They only had the battle titles left behind by their predecessors.

Most of them had yet to become Latter Shamans, but even the weakest among them was a Medial Shaman!

As they charged forth, a monstrous, murderous aura spread out from their bodies, causing a large vortex formed by murderous aura to appear and start spinning in the air slowly.

The Guards of the God of Shamans would not easily leave, but now that they had appeared, it could be seen that their arrival signalled that the God of Shamans Temple would stop at nothing to get Su Ming’s Crimson Stone!

Tie Mu’s expression changed. Once he swept his gaze past the vortex that was formed from the murderous aura coming from the charging long arcs, he looked at Su Ming’s Crimson Stone. Then with a dark face, he took a few steps backwards, but he did not return to his hall with his tribe members as a signal of giving up on the stone.

He was waiting, waiting to see what the other tribes would choose.

The middle-aged man from one of the big tribes in the land of the Shamans, the Great Tribe of Sky World, had once offered a price to Su Ming when the Ghost Spirit Flower appeared but stopped when the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple spoke. At that moment, his expression had also turned dark, but in the World of Nine Yin, it was difficult for any big tribes to go against the God of Shamans Temple.

Because the number of people from the God of Shamans Temple who had taken up permanent residence in this place far surpassed the number of all those from big tribes!

Wan Qiu was looking at Su Ming with a slightly complicated look on her face, as if she was hesitating about something.

The Celestial Maiden in white bit her lip. She knew about some of the secrets in the World of Nine Yin, and she also knew that once her sect members learned about this Crimson Stone, they would definitely not give up on it, since it might perhaps truly contain the God Sealing Flower, and she would not be able to stop them… All she could do was to take one step forward.

"You can take that Crimson Stone, but I ask that the God of Shamans Temple does not injure this person!"

As the Celestial Maiden’s words were spoken, the Grand Elder who was walking towards Su Ming came to a brief pause. He turned his head around and cast the woman a flat look. A faint glint flashed through his eyes and he nodded.

He was not bothered by the woman, but he was indeed mindful of her status and background… the Immortal Tribe’s Hidden Dragon Sect. After all, the relationship between the God of Shamans Temple and Hidden Dragon Sect was rather delicate at the moment.

If the woman had demanded that the God of Shamans Temple did not take that stone, then the old man could just ignore her. After all, not only did that stone belong to the God of Shamans Temple, it would also be highly valued by Hidden Dragon Sect, but she only asked that they did not hurt that little junior, who was really just an ant to him. It was only natural that he did not reject such a small thing.

Tian Lan Meng lowered her head. Even up to that point, she did not speak, and no one would be able to know what she was thinking about.

The crowd underneath had already fallen completely silent. Their gazes were focused on the people in the sky, especially on Su Ming. Most of the people were focused on him.

Some of those gazes were filled with sentiment, some with satisfaction, some with pleasure over Su Ming’s misfortune, and some with pity.

The development of everything that had transpired had decided Su Ming’s fate. He looked as if he had no power to fight against these people and could only be controlled by other people. After all, power was deciding factor for everything in this place!

How could a puny Medial Shaman hope to fight against the God of Shamans Temple? Even if he could fight against a Latter Shaman, he was still just an ant to the old man who was already halfway through to becoming an End Shaman.

Nan Gong Hen’s face turned pale. He did not expect that the cutting of stones would develop this way. If the old man from the God of Shamans Temple had been alone, he would not have been afraid. In fact, he would even help Su Ming fight against him.

After all, his father was still around. Nan Gong Hen knew that the old man could not do much towards him, at most, he would teach him a lesson.

However, the sudden setback right before his eyes caught him completely by surprise. This was no longer a matter of just the Grand Elder. The Guards of the God of Shamans had made their move. The appearance of the God String Leaf had caused the intensity of this issue to reach incredible heights. This Crimson Stone was no longer what the Grand Elder wanted, but what the God of Shamans Temple wanted!

How should he choose..?

Nan Gong Hen’s face turned even paler. On one hand, this was the God of Shamans Temple which he had grown up in since he was young, and to which he was intimately connected, and on the other hand was a friend he had just gotten to know not too long ago.

However, this friend had saved his life… This friend gave him a feeling that they had managed to hit it off incredibly well, even though they had just recently gotten to know each other. This friend had only agreed to buy that Crimson Stone under his request…

Su Ming’s expression remained as calm as ever. Almost the instant the old man said those words, he stopped cutting and slapped his right hand against the Crimson Stone containing that God String Leaf. Immediately, he put away that stone into his storage bag and looked at the development of the situation calmly.

He watched the old man from the God of Shamans Temple saying those overbearing words and performing those domineering actions simply because he had a high level of cultivation. He saw the aloof Guards of the God of Shamans in those long arcs around him. He caught Tie Mu shrinking back. He perceived Wan Qiu’s hesitation.

Similarly, he also saw Tian Lan Meng, who had lowered her head, and along with her, Sky Mist’s ancestor, whose familiar presence made Su Ming’s pupils shrink when he walked out.

He also saw that Celestial Maiden in white being the one and only person who spoke for him in this place. Su Ming could sense her concern from her words, but it was difficult to tell whether the source of that concern was because he was that Destiny in her mind, or whether it was because of something else.

But no matter what, Su Ming remembered what the woman in white did.

‘Everything in the world is a cause, if there are no intense changes and if there is nothing that would turn the tides of the world, then it would be difficult for us to see the real nature of people, who are affected by the things in the world… I understand what the elder meant now.’ Su Ming’s face remained calm, and a faint smile even appeared at the corners of his lips.

He looked at the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple walking towards him, looked at the different sorts of gazes from the crowd underneath who were looking at him, looked at Nan Gong Hen who was struggling in his mind, and Su Ming smiled even more brilliantly.

At that moment, he was the center of attention, but this sort of attention was not what he wanted in his heart. An epiphany emerged in his heart, and at the same time, Su Ming felt a hint of loneliness.

He was alone, standing before several tens of thousands of people…

"This is the law of the jungle, a path that would never change no matter how much time passes…" Su Ming sighed softly. With one single move, an illusionary shadow immediately flashed beside him, and his Nascent Soul clone appeared.

The instant his clone appeared, Su Ming’s presence instantly increased by several fold, making him feel as if he was a Medial Shaman who had reached the peak!

As his clone appeared, a faint commotion broke out among the crowd underneath. However, among all the people who were watching Su Ming in the sky, the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple who was walking towards him with an expressionless face was still completely not bothered by it. To the Grand Elder, Su Ming was still an ant.

"Nascent Soul!" The Celestial Maiden was stunned and her eyes went wide.

Sky Mist’s ancestor, who had been watching the entire thing unfold while immersed in his thoughts, narrowed his eyes.

Almost the instant the clone appeared, Su Ming lifted his left hand and swung it behind him. In a moment, a black layer of fog suddenly spread out and filled the area, as it tumbled about beside Su Ming, the Poison Corpse appeared!

As the Poison Corpse walked out, its poison-shrouded appearance and dull eyes caused Su Ming to give others a feeling that he had surpassed being a Medial Shaman who had reached the peak. The clone, the Poison Corpse, and his own self seemed to have gathered together to turn into one full, complete body!

A faint glint appeared in the Grand Elder’s eyes, but he was still calm. At that moment, he was less than one thousand feet away from Su Ming. His footsteps were slow, and with each step that fell on empty air, low rumbling sounds would spread out. In fact, the air was also trembling, as if the old man’s feet were not stepping on air but on a physical entity!

"Warrior Spirit of Nine Yin!"

With a solemn look on his face, Su Ming swung his right arm before him, and immediately, as the mark of the Spirit of Nine Yin shone furiously, a bloodthirsty laughter rang through the air, and the mark disappeared from the back of Su Ming’s hand. In the boundless sky, a red bolt of lightning appeared out of nowhere and descended with a boom.

That bolt of lightning came from the ends of the world, and the instant it descended, a thunderous boom reverberated in the air, and it was followed suit by another eight thunderous claps. Then, right before Su Ming, a tall figure swiftly revealed himself from within the bolt of lightning.

That person was three hundred feet tall and looked like a giant. He had an incredibly strong build, and as he stood there, he looked like a tall mountain standing erect on the ground!

His dark silver armor, crimson hair, healed over scars, and the monstrous murderous aura and battle will caused the Spirit of Nine Yin Su Ming summoned to look as if he was the God of War himself!

"It’s been many years since I’ve killed a person outside. Today, perhaps I’ll be able to kill till I’m satisfied!" The Spirit of Nine Yin, covered entirely in armor, spoke with a booming voice that spread to all eight corners of the earth.

The instant he appeared, the old man’s face finally changed. He came to a halt, and he was not the only one who did so. All the other people around him did the same thing.

The eyes of Sky Mist’s ancestor sparkled, and a smile suddenly appeared at the corners of his lips.

As for the crowd underneath, the instant that Spirit of Nine Yin appeared, a buzzing noise immediately stirred from among them.

"I was wondering why he was so fearless, so it’s because he rented a Spirit of Nine Yin!"

"I remember that Spirit of Nine Yin. He… He’s a spirit from the fourth layer, but the price for his protection is too great. I can’t believe that someone managed to bring him out!"

"By the looks of it, he has the power of a Latter Shaman. I wonder who would win if he fought against the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple…"

Almost the instant the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple froze, a freezing glare appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. His clone lifted his right hand swiftly, and the Virescent Light Sword charged forth with a flash, while a large amount of the black beetles on his body spread out to cover the sky.

The Poison Corpse opened his mouth and let out a muffled roar. Black veins popped up all over his body, and a vast amount of poison mist gushed out from his pores. Even his fingernails on both of his hands instantly grew longer and started shining with a sharp glint.

At the same time, Su Ming took a deep breath and lifted his left hand to point at the sky. This was the first of the three styles of Wind Separation, the starting move of Sun Genesis!

"If you want what belongs to me, then you must bear the consequences. Even if you are the Grand Elder of the God of Shamans Temple, it is still the same!

"Protector Spirit of Nine Yin, come, fight with me against this person!"

The moment Su Ming’s voice spread, the Spirit of Nine Yin before him let out a roar towards the skies. He lifted his right hand, and a gigantic battle axe that was about the same height as he was appeared!

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