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Once the woman heard Su Ming’s cold words, a murderous glare appeared in the her eyes. She already told him her tribe and had even humbled herself because she did not want to offend this person who could marginally be considered to a powerhouse even among the powerful Shamans.

After all, there were not many of those from Eastern Goosefoot in Shaman City. In fact, to her, what she did today could not be considered going too far. She was already being merciful to that Qi Dong boy, and as for that boy and girl, she was only asking for one of their legs to be broken. She was not trying to take their lives.

This man had already killed one of her people, and she even tolerated it, but judging by his words, he was being completely unreasonable. That was going too far.

"Sir, aren’t you being too arrogant?!" the woman demanded coldly, but right when she finished speaking, Su Ming shook his head and moved towards them.

"Kill him!" Murderous intent shone in the woman’s eyes. To her, since Su Ming did not appreciate her good will, then she would have his head stay in this place.

"When I attack you, you are not allowed to strike back…"

When Su Ming walked over, the two Medial Shamans closed in on him quickly. One of them was a Battle Shaman, and the other a Spirit Medium. At that moment, the Spirit Medium bit his tongue and coughed out a mouthful of blood, which turned into a large amount of vengeful spirits. With piercing howls, they pounced on Su Ming.

At the same time, the Battle Shaman took a huge step forward with an incredibly stern countenance, stirring up a violent gust of wind. Golden light shone on his body, and he looked as if he was dressed in golden armor. With an incredibly mighty bearing, he threw a punch at Su Ming.

That one punch instantly caused sounds as if the wind was broken through. There was also a suction force spreading out from the punch, causing the space around them to distort. Clearly, the Battle Shaman’s punch was not any ordinary fist.

However, right when his fist was about to land on Su Ming, Su Ming looked as if he did not intend to dodge and was simply going to let that punch hit him. But right at that instant, he moved slightly, and the Battle Shaman’s fist landed on empty air. At the same time, Su Ming appeared to the Battle Shaman’s right.

"If you strike back, I will strike back heavily," Su Ming stated calmly.

He formed multiple seals with his right hand, and during the instant his Nascent Soul’s power spread from his body, the seals had already changed several times. He pressed his hand on the Battle Shaman’s ribs, and the man shuddered.

His face instantly turned pale, and at the same time, Su Ming retracted his Nascent Soul’s power. The Berserkers’ power that was used to refine the body erupted on his right hand. He clenched his fist and struck.

The Battle Shaman coughed out fresh blood and moved to the side with a groan, unable to stop Su Ming at all. As he moved back, a black bruise appeared on his ribs, and a strange round mark showed up there.

The mark looked as if it could absorb the man’s flesh and blood, causing the man to rapidly wither away as he retreated. Once that black round mark started absorbing his flesh and blood, a large amount of his flesh started rotting away.

The appearance of that mark might have made it seem like it was an easy thing to do, but in truth, it was what Su Ming had obtained when researching the Curse while he was in isolation. Attacking with his Nascent Soul’s power was to cut off the circulation path that was almost like those passages for Qi circulation in his opponent’s body, and that punch filled with the Berserker power was to temporarily stop the recovery of his opponent’s flesh and blood, and it was followed by Su Ming sending out the Curse’s power through his hand.

Just by doing these things, he could cause the person to not have any sort of cultivation circulation. When the blood and flesh started to be unable to recover on their own, they would begin absorbing everything else in the body to aid in their recovery with an explosive force!

Waves of black mist spread out from that round mark, causing the man to scream in pain. With a shocked look filled with terror, he tried to stop that mark under his ribs from rotting away, but it was difficult to do. He could only scream in pain and convey a terror that would strike fear in other people’s hearts.

"If you intend to injure me heavily, I will strike back fatally." Su Ming no longer bothered himself with the man and walked towards the Medial Spirit Medium. The vengeful spirits that had spread out from the Spirit Medium were circling Su Ming, but right at the instant they were about to pounce on him, a bell chime came from within Su Ming’s body.

The bell chime rang mightily, and the instant it rang out, those vengeful spirits instantly let out screams of pain and swiftly retreated in desperation. It was as if there was an existence within Su Ming’s body that terrified them.

However, before they could retreat too far away, they immediately started letting out shrill screams, and as if there was a great suction force from Su Ming’s body, they were sucked towards him. In the span of a breath, they were dragged into Su Ming’s pores, disappearing without a trace.

Su Ming remained as calm as ever, and not a hint of change in expression could be seen on his face. It was as if he knew a long time ago that this would happen. This was the power of the bell he obtained after the sixth head had awakened on Han Mountain Bell. He would need to absorb enough souls to awaken the seventh head.

After Hong Luo passed away and Su Ming subsequently regained his senses, he checked Han Mountain Bell as well. The three heads Hong Luo shocked awake earlier had fallen asleep once again after his death, but Su Ming could feel that even though the three heads went back to sleep, they had become much easier to awaken compared to before.

‘Absorb one hundred million vengeful spirits to attain the power of Han Mountain Bell’s sixth head - One Hundred Million Soul Devouring Heaven…’

When the Spirit Medium saw Su Ming forcefully absorbing those vengeful spirits into his body and even felt the connection between him and them breaking in an instant, his face turned pale. He lifted his right hand abruptly and slapped his own forehead. Immediately, veins popped up there.

This scene made the Spirit Medium look incredibly hideous. He did not look like a person, but was more like a malicious spirit. He let out a piercing howl, and a large amount of black mist seeped out from all over his body.

"If you strike a fatal blow, then I will have your family die with you…" Su Ming’s words were spoken slowly, and when he said them, he had already appeared before the Spirit Medium.

The Spirit Medium shuddered. Su Ming’s words and swift decisiveness when he killed previously rose in his mind instantly. Those words were spoken calmly, but the meaning behind them had a domineering presence so mighty it seemed to be able to shoot straight into the sky and blow apart everything.

That presence was so overbearing that no one could go against it, could not even resist it, or else, they would only die. One of Spirit Medium’s companions corpse was still on the ground, while his second companion was still wailing in pain, most of his body already decayed...

As that black mist completely surrounded that Spirit Medium and veins popped out on his face, he lifted his right hand and swiftly chopped down on his right leg. Immediately, a thud came from his right leg, and it was cut off. Blood poured out of his wound, but it was instantly sealed off by the black mist. His face was bloodless as he held a hand on the wall beside him, then turned to look at Su Ming respectfully.

Su Ming’s eyes remained on the Spirit Medium for a moment before he turned away and looked at the woman, whose eyes were now filled with terror.

"I am the daughter of Eastern Goosefoot’s tribe leader! Our tribe is only slightly smaller than a big tribe, and this time, my tribe uncle is among those who are coming to Shaman City, and he is a Latter Shaman!

"If you dare hurt us, Eastern Goosefoot Tribe will never let you off! You’re dead meat!"

The woman let out a piercing screech. The moment Su Ming looked towards her and she said those words, a strong light flashed in her right hand and turned into a light screen, protecting her along with the boy whose face was now filled with terror and who was trembling in fear.

At the same time that screen of light appeared, an explosive power spread out from it swiftly. The face of the Spirit Medium who had cut off his own right leg changed. Black mist surrounded him and he swiftly flew off, charging out of the shop.

Almost the instant he left, the shop where Su Ming was let out a violent boom. The sound spread through most of Shaman City, causing most of the people to take notice of it.

The shop was ripped apart under that boom, and its parts fell down layer by layer, shattering and exploding into numerous pieces that scattered through the area, causing the street to look as if a pit had appeared in it, and it was a terrifying sight to behold.

Dust flew into the air, and within the dust, the onlookers could faintly see that the woman and boy were protected by a screen of light, and they were completely unscathed. Su Ming stood before them, looking as calm as ever, and nothing much had changed on him. As for the three children, they were surrounded by a ray of dark light, uninjured as the shop crumbled around them.

The woman glared at Su Ming with hatred from behind the screen of light. The gracefulness she possessed was long gone. That hateful look made her seem rather similar to Madam Ji.

As the boom echoed in the air, two long arcs charged over from the sky in the distance, closing in the span of a breath and descending beside Su Ming before turning into a man and a woman.

The man was naturally Nan Gong Hen, and the woman was Nan Gong Shan, who donned a cold demeanor right after she appeared. She stared at Su Ming’s back, immersed in her own thoughts.

Nan Gong Hen swept his gaze past his surroundings with a dark face. When he saw the Medial Shaman who had the center of his brows pierced through, his gaze paused on him for a moment, but when he saw the man who had completely rotted away but was not dead and was lying there wailing weakly, his pupils shrank.

"Brother Mo, this is…" Nan Gong Hen hesitated for a moment. He had naturally seen the hatred filled woman behind that screen of light.

"Nan Gong Hen, this has nothing to do with you! This is a personal grudge between Eastern Goosefoot Tribe and him!"

Once the woman saw Nan Gong Hen, she immediately spoke. She was the daughter of a tribe leader and was very knowledgeable of the world since she was young. At that moment, she immediately deduced that if Nan Gong Hen joined in, then the situation would turn incredibly undesirable for her.

"Mo, if you dare to, then don’t leave Shaman City immediately. Right now, I’ve already activated my screen of light, and my tribe uncle will instantly rush here. I’d like to see whether you will still be as arrogant before a Latter Shaman!

"Even if you want to mitigate the situation, it’s already impossible!" she said, her voice laced with malice.

Nan Gong Hen’s face turned dark and he turned around to cast a look at the boy with the withered right arm. When he promised this boy to help him through his journey to become a Spirit Medium, he already knew about his ties to Eastern Goosefoot Tribe, but he was not bothered by it. He was certain that Eastern Goosefoot Tribe knew of his status in the God of Shamans Temple, and it was not a problem for him.

However, the change in the current situation had Mo Su dragged into play. This gave Nan Gong Hen a massive headache. He could already tell what had transpired with just one glance. If he pulled himself out of this matter, then it would be impossible for him to continue being friends with Su Ming.

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