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Chapter 429: The Might of One Blow!
"This is a misunderstanding…" Nan Gong Hen laughed wryly, but the moment he said those words and before he could even finish his sentence, the woman behind the screen of light immediately barked coldly.
"Nan Gong Hen, he killed three of my guards!"
Nan Gong Hen’s words died in his mouth. He was just racking his brain and thinking of what to say when Su Ming smiled.
"Brother Nan Gong, don’t get involved in this. Help me take care of the two children. Once I’m finished with this, let’s continue drinking." As Su Ming spoke, he looked towards the woman behind the screen of light.
"As for that Latter Shaman from your tribe, I’d like to see just how much stronger he would be if compared to me!"
Su Ming was not lying or exaggerating. He had his Nascent Soul clone, had that Poison Corpse in the Berserker Soul Realm, and had the legacy of the Wind Berserker, he truly wanted to know just how wide was the distance between him and a Latter Shaman!
As for the problem of him exposing his identity… Well, Su Ming’s power was incredibly mixed at the moment. He had with him the power of Immortals, Berserkers, and the Shamans’ Curse. Unless there was an End Shaman around, it would be difficult for anyone to figure out his identity.
After all, Hong Luo’s Path to Life had wiped away Su Ming’s presence, and if even Di Tian found it hard to detect him, it would be much more so for other people.
Su Ming’s words made Nan Gong Hen immediately swallow the words he had thought of to mediate the situation. He looked towards Su Ming with internal shock, and began estimating Su Ming’s power once again. Judging by his look, it seemed like he really intended to fight against a Latter Shaman. If this came out of any other Medial Shaman, Nan Gong Hen would absolutely not believe them.
However, the surprises Su Ming had given him were aplenty. The strange perception he showed all their way here that allowed him to detect danger could be said to be incomprehensible. There was also the matter about the two corpses he saw just now. The first one had clearly died with just one strike.
The strange one was the second corpse. Judging by its look, it seemed like… the Curse. This left Nan Gong Hen in shock, and at the same time, he found himself unable to speak. He nodded instead to Su Ming.
When the woman heard that Su Ming wanted to fight against a Latter Shaman, she looked as if she had just heard a great joke. Derision appeared on her face.
"You boast without shame and act with extreme conceitedness. You’re just a puny Medial Shaman, and you dare say such words? When my tribe uncle comes here, let’s see whether you will still dare say such words!"
The boy beside her let out a huge sigh of relief. With the protection of the light screen, he had become much less afraid. At that moment, he was looking at Su Ming coldly, with hate burning in his eyes.
This incident happened in an incredibly busy street in Shaman City. As things continued unfolding between them, they had already attracted a large amount of attention. The onlookers did not feel any sort of pressure towards these sort of exciting incidents, and most of them were watching around them with the intention to be entertained.
If anyone swept through the place broadly, they would find that there were several hundreds of people watching. There were even some Shamans who were rushing over when they heard their companions sending news to them.
"Isn’t that Madam Zhao from Eastern Goosefoot Tribe? She was the most beautiful woman in Eastern Goosefoot Tribe in the past…"
"Eastern Goosefoot Tribe might not be a big tribe, but it’s already considered one of the bigger tribes. There might be no End Shamans in the tribe, but I heard that they have four Latter Shamans. Who is that masked person? How did he offend Eastern Goosefoot Tribe?"
"Interesting. Madam Zhao was actually forced to bring out the

Light Screen of Protection. I remember that only the core members of these larger tribes have a protective Spell with them. Once that screen of light is activated, the tribe members from all around the area will immediately notice it."
Su Ming placed his hands behind his back and stood there, looking at the sky without a single word.
The three children now looked rather alarmed, but when they saw Su Ming’s relaxed demeanor, they slowly calmed down and their eyes became filled with anticipation, but there was still a hint of anxiety in them.
Time passed by slowly, and half the burning of an incense stick later, the woman behind the screen of light grew anxious. By right, once the screen of light was activated, her tribe uncle from her tribe should arrive quickly, but he was not here, even now.
Su Ming’s relaxed and calm demeanor at the moment also gave her some pressure.
"The time for half the burning of an incense stick has passed by, but your Latter Shaman still isn’t here." Su Ming averted his gaze from the sky and looked at the woman behind the screen of light, speaking in a languid manner.
"If that’s the case, then I won’t wait anymore." As Su Ming spoke, he walked towards the screen of light.
The boy beside the woman immediately became nervous, but the woman only smiled coldly. She did not believe that Su Ming could break this screen of light in a short period of time.
Su Ming walked leisurely towards the screen of light and tapped at it lightly with his right hand. Immediately, a great rebound shot up and bounced his right hand several inches back.
When the woman saw this, she let out a sigh of relief in her heart and said with a cold sneer, "You won’t be able to break this screen of light!"
Su Ming gave the woman a calm look, then turned around, walking in the air towards the distance with his back facing the screen of light.
"Why are you leaving? Could it be that you no longer dare to wait! Even if my tribe uncle is late, what can you do to us?! The protection by this screen of light is not something you can break!
"Didn’t you say you’re going to break our legs?! Didn’t you say you’ll be waiting for my tribe uncle to arrive?! Why are you afraid now?!"
The woman immediately mocked him. She was worried that Su Ming would escape, and her words were filled with provocative intent.
She was not the only one acting this way. The Shamans who were watching around them also laughed. Clearly, they were mocking Su Ming’s departure even though he had been so tough earlier.
However, most of the people agreed to Su Ming’s actions. After all, that Latter Shaman would arrive at any moment, and if he continued waiting, then he would be bringing his own death on his head.
If it was anyone else, they might have run away much earlier.
Su Ming ignored the woman. Once he was one hundred something feet away, he came to an abrupt halt, and as he lifted his right hand, he turned around swiftly. Immediately, a black spiked club appeared in his right hand!
That spiked club was entirely black, and when it appeared, a primal, wild feeling shot out from it. Once Su Ming held that club, he turned around. He then raised that spiked club and dropped it toward the screen of light one hundred something feet away beneath him.
The instant that spiked club was released, its size instantly changed, turning to become one hundred something feet long. The breadth of that club was equally shocking, causing the area to instantly burst into an uproar, and during that moment, the club let out a hum in the sky, bringing with it a sharp howl as it broke through the air.
It was as if the club contained an unimaginable weight, and it drew the line of a black fan as it traveled downwards. The woman widened her eyes, and at the instant shock appeared on her face, it was as if a huge mountain fell down on the screen of light, covering the moon in the sky and forming a long shadow on the ground.
A boom that shook the sky and earth erupted from the screen of light at that instant, and it was so loud that it was deafening. The instant that boom drowned out the uproars from the onlookers, the screen of light shone with a powerful light.
As it flashed violently, the top of the screen of light was pierced through by nine teeth, while the booming sound continued echoing in the air. The entire screen of light let out a cracking sound that screamed that it was no longer able to endure the hit. It shattered, and with a bang, it exploded with the force that drowned the area!
Right then, with the screen’s mighty power still lingering around, that shocking spiked club fell on the ground with a boom, causing the ground to shake a few times. The houses and streets in the area also trembled, and dust flew into the air.
As the ground trembled, a circle of fine cracks appeared. Those cracks spread through the area with rumbling sounds, and they covered around one thousand feet, causing the floor to be in a state where anyone would suck in a sharp breath once they saw it out of terror.
There was not a hint of damage on the gigantic spiked club. As it exuded the primal and wild presence, there was also a cold air around it. At the same time, all the people who witnessed this scene sucked in a sharp breath. They were all shocked to the core, stunned by the sight.
Returning to the ground, Su Ming picked up the club once again, slowly. The spiked club quickly shrank and eventually disappeared from Su Ming’s hand. The woman’s face was stark white. She staggered back a few steps, stared at the ground, then at Su Ming. Her face was filled with shock, and she was staring at him, aghast.
The boy beside her fell to the ground, shivering, so terrified that he was on the verge of a breakdown.
"I can’t break it?" Su Ming asked flatly.
After a short period of silence, a powerful commotion immediately broke out around them. The scene just now was deeply embedded into the minds of those who witnessed what happened, and it would not disappear.
The might of that one blow from the spiked club and the power of that imposing presence was enough to make everyone be unable to even think about resisting when they came face to face with it.
"Who is he?! Just… Just what is that Enchanted Vessel?!"
"Just one blow, and he managed to forcefully break that screen of light. What incredible power!"
"He used the strength of the Enchanted Vessel. I think the spiked club’s weight alone has already reached a terrifying extent, that’s why he only needed to use that strength alone and it’s already enough to make that screen of light shatter…
"But no matter what, a normal Medial Shaman would not have any power to try and strike back when they go against this person!"
As the onlookers continued talking, despair appeared in the woman’s eyes for the first time. She was beginning to feel faint hints of regret for treating the three youths that way earlier…
Nan Gong Hen sucked in a sharp breath. When he saw Su Ming putting away that black spiked club, Su Ming’s power in his estimations increased once again. He knew that even if he could dodge that blow, he would have to pay a heavy price for it. He was originally rather wary of Su Ming to begin with, and that wariness grew deeper at this moment, but at the same time, his desire to befriend him grew more fervent.
A glint appeared in Nan Gong Shan’s eyes. When she looked at Su Ming, uncertainty appeared in her eyes.
As for Lan Lan and Ahu, once they recovered from their shock, they immediately started cheering. They were still children, after all, and it was easy for them to begin idolizing powerful warriors, especially those on their side. In their eyes at that moment, Su Ming’s strength made them so excited that it seemed like they were the ones who just delivered that blow.
As the woman sank into despair, the screen of light exploded, and as her body started trembling, a cold harrumph suddenly came from the sky in the distance. Five long arcs charged towards the commotion from the sky. The person in the lead was an old man with a head full of silver hair. His was steely, and the four people following behind him all possessed extraordinary power!
The five of them had clearly ignored the rule that forbade flying within one hundred lis of Shaman City and were closing in rapidly.
In her despair, the woman looked as if she had just found hope. She stood up swiftly and called out agitatedly, "Tribe uncle!"
A grave look appeared on Su Ming’s face under the mask, but his eyes were overflowing with fighting spirit. He sucked in a deep breath and began circulating his power. Rings of dust started spreading under his feet, and he lifted his head to look over.

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