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Once the boy called Bei Er heard the woman’s words, a hint of cruelty appeared on his lips. Then he looked at the boy with the withered right arm with a smug look on his face.

The right arm of the boy who came with Lan Lan and the others was now withered up so badly that it looked to be only skin and bones. His face turned even paler.

"How could you do this? We’ve never bothered you before, and we already paid for this herb! You’re the ones who’re trying to snatch it from us!

"Your power is great, how could you bully us children?! Don’t you feel ashamed?!" Lan Lan’s face was red from anger. She was terrified, but among the three of them, Qi Dong was keeping silent like a block of wood, and Ahu was being as timid and cowardly as ever.

While Lan Lan was terrified, she was still screaming in rage. When she saw Qi Dong’s pale face, she gritted her teeth!

"Our guardian is Mo Su, and his guardian is Nan Gong Hen. If you dare hurt us, the both of them will never forgive you!"

When she saw that one of the expressionless Medial Shamans started walking towards them, Lan Lan shouted loudly and protected Qi Dong and Ahu as they retreated. Her face was already stark pale, but she continued keeping up a brave front.

"Nan Gong Hen…" The woman who had already turned around to look at the other items frowned slightly when she heard Nan Gong Hen’s name.

"Since it’s Nan Gong Hen, I’ll just take one leg off each of you. As for that little girl, she has a quick mouth. Cut her tongue off."

"Understood, Ma’am." The Medial Shaman who was walking towards Lan Lan and the other two bows was a thin middle-aged man. At that moment, he turned towards the woman and bowed to her while voicing his obedience to her respectfully. Then he turned around and walked towards Lan Lan and the others without any sort of expression.

Under the pressure coming from him as a Medial Shaman, Lan Lan shuddered. Ahu’s eyes were filled with terror, and Qi Dong lowered his head bitterly. It was impossible for the three of them to leave the place. The pressure was like the might of heaven to the three of them.

"Qi Bei, First Mistress, this has nothing to do with the both of them. We only came together to Shaman City because we were heading down the same path. My matter doesn’t concern them. If you truly wanted to deal punishment, you can break my legs and my remaining arm, I will take their place." The boy with the withered right arm lifted his head at the moment, and with a bitter expression on his face, he took a few steps forward.

The boy’s words did not catch the woman’s attention. As if she did not hear them, she picked up a black wooden hair stick in the shop and looked at it with her head lowered. The boy by her side cast Qi Dong a glance with a cold sneer on his face. The smugness and disdain on his face was as clear as day.

The middle-aged Medial Shaman who was walking towards Lan Lan and the other two boys did not stop for even a moment. As he got closer, the cold chill spreading from his body made despair appear in the three teenagers’ eyes.

Qi Dong’s eyes turned red. With a roar, as he moved back, he used his body and knocked Lan Lan and Ahu towards the door to the shop.

"Run! Ahu, take Lan Lan and run!"

Lan Lan hesitated. Ahu grabbed her hand by her side and immediately rushed towards the gate in his anxiety. However, right at the instant he and Lan Lan managed to reach the door, a gust of wind shot out from nowhere and blew against them from before them. It immediately caused Lan Lan and Ahu to shudder before their bodies were forced back against their will, as if they had knocked into a wall. As they moved back, they coughed out a mouthful of blood.

"Our guardian is Mo Su, he won’t forgive you!" Lan Lan wiped away her blood and glared at the Medial Shaman fiercely. Ahu sucked in a deep breath by her side. His face might be pale and his chest hurt, but he stood before Lan Lan with an unwavering determination on his face, just like a mountain.

Qi Dong laughed brokenly, and when he looked at Lan Lan and Ahu, there was a deep, apologetic look on his face. He regretted his actions immensely. He should not have come out. It would have been fine if he alone was harmed, but getting others involved was not his intention.

The middle-aged Medial smiled coldly and did not have the responsibility a person of his status should feel as a high-ranked Shaman. His attacks against the three defenseless children were incredibly brutal.

"Mo Su? I’ve never heard of any powerful Medial Shamans who goes by that name before. I’d like to see just how this person won’t ‘forgive’ me."

The middle-aged Medial Shaman took one step forward and leapt past Qi Dong. With a swing of his arm, he flung Ahu aside, and Ahu was instantly sent tumbling to the side, causing the middle-aged Medial Shaman to arrive at the pale-faced and despair filled Lan Lan.

With a cold sneer, the middle-aged Medial Shaman lifted his right hand swiftly and moved to point towards Lan Lan’s right leg. The moment his finger touched her leg, the it would immediately shatter to pieces, and she would forever be rendered lame.

By the side, Ahu let out a piercing howl as if he had gone mad and was about to charge forward. As for Qi Dong, his heart was pain, but he did not hesitate. He, too, charged forward.

But the two children were not even Fledgling Shamans. It was impossible for them to overtake that middle-aged Medial Shaman, and even if they did manage to pounce on him, they could do nothing against him.

The middle-aged Medial Shaman’s right hand was as quick as lightning, and with a speed that seemed as if there was nothing that could hope to match up to it, he went straight for the despairing Lan Lan’s right leg.

However, it looked as if there was nothing that could match up to his right hand, it was not as if there was truly no one who could stop it. Right at the instant there was only three inches between the middle-aged Medial Shaman’s right index finger and Lan Lan’s right leg, a voice that could chill one right down to the soul traveled forth from the sky outside the shop.

"Don’t you dare!"

The voice echoed in the air, sounding as if it was still coming from the distance, but if anyone listened carefully, they would feel as if that voice was right by their ear. The moment the middle-aged Medial Shaman heard that voice, his index finger was suddenly held by a right hand that suddenly appeared beside him!

It was a cold hand attached to a black sleeve. As the hand appeared, a masked man dressed in black appeared beside the middle-aged Medial Shaman as well.

"Didn’t you want to see how exactly I would ‘not forgive you’? I’ll show you!"

Naturally, that masked man was Su Ming. It only took the span of a breath from the moment he spoke to the moment he appeared. Right when he grabbed the middle-aged Medial Shaman’s right index finger, that man’s expression immediately changed drastically.

However, right when his expression changed, Su Ming crushed his finger with his right hand. A sharp crack rang in the air. The Medial Shaman let out a groan and his face instantly turned pale. His right index finger had been crushed to bits.

His heart trembled, and by instinct, he wanted to retreat, but before he even took two steps back, he saw blood pouring out from the cracks of Su Ming’s fingers. Right before him, Su Ming’s eyes under the mask shone with a profound light and he lifted his right hand to swing it at the Medial Shaman before him.

With that one swing, the gust of wind that this person used to deal with Lan Lan and Ahu appeared out of nowhere with an intensity far greater than before, turning into a whirlwind that swept this person inside. Green light shone at the center of Su Ming’s brows, and the small virescent sword charged out with a sharp whistle, piercing through that whirlwind, and as blood scattered into the air, green light flickered.

The whirlwind disappeared, and what was left on the spot was the middle-aged Medial Shaman with his eyes wide open in disbelief. There was a bloodied wound at the center of his brows that pierced through his entire skull. He fell to the side, convulsing a few times before he breathed his last and died.

All of this, right from the moment Su Ming appeared to the moment the middle-aged Medial Shaman died, only lasted for the span of a few breaths. It happened so fast that it was unbelievable, so quick that no one could react to it.

The woman who was inspecting the black wooden hair stick turned around swiftly. With an electrifying gaze, she looked at Su Ming, and a stern look appeared on her face.

The boy beside her turned pale in the blink of an eye. To him, that span of time that only lasted for a few breaths was only an instant. Yet it was as if the world had turned upside down after that instant. It made his head go off in a bang, and he stood there with his mind in a blank state.

The two Medial Shamans beside the woman were originally expressionless, but both their faces instantly changed at that moment. Their gazes were immediately filled with shock as they stared at Su Ming. They knew it themselves that they could not kill a fellow Shaman at the same level so quickly and clearly. It was as if the middle-aged Medial Shaman was so weak that he could not withstand one blow before this person.

When Lan Lan saw Su Ming, she was also taken aback. This was the first time she saw Su Ming attack, and with just one attack, he had managed to make this person who had made her sink into despair die instantly. That sort of power and that sort of murderous aura made all the doubts she had towards Su Ming disappear without a trace.

At the same time, right after she saw him, she was like a child who had met her parent after she was bullied, and immediately felt hurt and reliant on him.

"Senior…" Lan Lan’s eyes turned red and she sounded almost in tears.

"Senior!" Ahu’s face was filled with excitement as he stood by the side, and he bowed deeply towards Su Ming with a fist wrapped in his palm.

Even Qi Dong came to Su Ming’s side with excited haste. That aloof boy seemed to not know how to convey his emotions, so he could only kneel down towards Su Ming and kowtow several times.

The woman’s face was stern as she stared at Su Ming. After some time, a gentle smile suddenly appeared on her countenance. "Sir, how may I address you? This might perhaps be a misunderstanding. I am a member of Eastern Goosefoot Tribe. We’ve always liked getting to know the powerful Shamans from other tribes, do you have anyone that you may be familiar with in our tribe?"

The woman might no longer be young, but her beauty still remained. When she smiled, she gave off a feeling as if she was charm personified, and with that beauty of hers, she did not look as if she was deliberately doing it. She instead gave others a feeling that this was natural for her. This was completely different from Madam Ji’s charm; they gave off two different kinds of appeal.

"The reason for this is because my son likes this herb and got into a conflict with this boy. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong, you have already punished my guard. This is a misunderstanding, could you let it slide?" the woman asked gently, twirling her hair with a finger.

"It’s not like that! They were being bullies! We already paid for that herb, but they wanted to break our legs, I…" Lan Lan immediately said by the side.

"Enough!" Su Ming’s gaze was calm when he interrupted Lan Lan’s words. Lan Lan immediately fell silent obediently and no longer spoke.

"I don’t care who is right or wrong. You hurt my people, and you want to call it off by saying it’s a misunderstanding? That’s not enough!" Su Ming declared coldly. This was the ninth summit’s principle, and it was also Su Ming’s own principle.

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