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Di Tian

The red-haired Su Ming walked in midair and looked in the direction where the Immortals’ Mountain of Descending was located. He took a deep breath, and his eyes shone with a red glare.

"Di Tian, I’m coming!" He took a step forward, and the instant his foot landed, his body distorted, and in the blink of an eye, that distorted body started gradually disappearing.

Three breaths after Su Ming disappeared, ripples appeared in the air at the spot where he had been previously, and a middle-aged man wearing an Emperor’s robe and crown walked out from within those ripples. His face was as expressionless as ever. He cast a glance at the spot where Su Ming had been, then took one step and disappeared once again.

There was a mountain in the land of the Shamans that could not be seen with the naked eye. Even if the person stood before it, they would still be unable to see it. In fact, even if they ran straight into the mountain, not a hint of impact would be felt. Their bodies would pass straight through it as if there was nothing but air in the mountain.

That mountain was where the mysterious God of Shamans Temple was located in the land of the Shamans. It was also the spot where the Immortals on the Shamans’ side chose to descend every single time.

When Su Ming walked out of thin air, there was a long and fierce river beneath him. The water was very quick and splashing sounds could be heard coming from it. If anyone looked down from the sky, they would find that the river was not too wide, but if that same person looked from one side of the river on the ground to the other, they would find that the river was severals tens of thousands of feet wide.

The water was not very clear but slightly murky. No one could see how deep it was. If they placed their hands into the river and grabbed some of the water, they would find their hands filled with a lot of black sand.

Su Ming stood with his eyes closed and his divine sense spread around him. He saw a gigantic mountain that reached the clouds right in the middle of the long river. It stood erect in the river, causing the river to seem as if it was cut off, but in truth, the river’s waters simply passed through the mountain and continued flowing downstream.

The entire mountain was black and shrouded in fog. There were black halls built in some corners of the mountain, and these halls looked closely packed to each other at first glance. No one knew just how many there were. There were several winding trails built on the mountain, and they were all covered in stone. It was a great contrast to the black hue on the mountain.

The highest number of halls were found near the peak of the mountain, and they surrounded the mountain in a circle. Some of them were even built in the mountain itself, as if someone had simply dug a hole to turn it into a hall.

Su Ming scanned through the mountain with his divine sense and eventually gathered it at the top. There was a tall tower at the summit, and it had eighteen levels. The top was not sharp, but built in an octagonal shape. Those corners were spread out like a person spreading out his fingers, and that person had his hand lifted with his palm turned towards the sky as if he was trying to push against heaven itself.

At the center of the octagonal peak of the tower was an altar like structure. It was flat, and there was a rectangular object placed at the very center of the altar.

That item was built entirely out of black stones and was connected as one with the altar. It looked like a coffin… perhaps more accurately speaking, it was a coffin.

Occasionally, rays of black lightning would spread from the coffin and they would be absorbed by the octagonal peak of the tower. When sizzling sounds started, the bolts of lightning would then shoot out and charge towards the sky, eventually being swallowed by the clouds in the sky.

It could be vaguely seen that the clouds in the sky were very thick and floated heavily up there. However, that was the sight detected by divine sense. If anyone opened their eyes to look, they would find that there were no clouds in the sky, merely stars glowing faintly at dusk.

Su Ming retrieved his divine sense and opened his eyes to take a step forward in the air before him. The instant his foot landed, a layer of ripples suddenly appeared in the air before him. Those ripples fluctuated violently as if they wanted to prevent him from entering, but it only lasted for a moment before Su Ming took a step into those ripples, and his entire being disappeared from above the long river.

Almost the instant Su Ming disappeared, the man wearing the Emperor’s robe and crown appeared in the sky. Without even a hint of hesitation, he took a step in the same direction as where Su Ming went.

When Su Ming reappeared, he was still standing in the sky, but there were now clouds swirling about above his head, and the fiercely running river was no longer beneath him. What laid under him now was the mountain that could not be seen with the naked eye.

The instant he appeared, he found the mountain enveloped in a state of silence, but he noticed multiple anxious sounds of breathing existing within the mountain. He did not bother himself with any of these, instead, with one move, he turned into a long arc that charged towards the tall tower at the peak of the mountain. However, right when he flew over, ripples appeared once again behind him, and the man with the Emperor’s crown, the man who had been chasing him down all this while, walked out with one step.

Su Ming was still standing in midair at that time, but he came to an abrupt halt and turned his head back swiftly to stare at the man with the Emperor’s robe and crown walking out from thin air. His pupils shrank, his red hair danced in the air, and killing intent appeared in his eyes.

"Di Tian!" The red-haired Su Ming’s heart thumped against his chest. He had his divine sense spread around him all the way as he traveled here, but he had never noticed anyone following him. When he saw the appearance of his pursuer clearly, his heart lurched within him, and he was instantly filled with monstrous killing intent.

This person was the one he wanted nothing short but to kill - Di Tian!

There was nothing that was more important to the red-haired Su Ming than the person he wanted to kill suddenly appearing before him. Even if this was just Di Tian’s projection, if he was to compare finding Di Tian in the Realm of the Immortals within a few days to fighting against his projection right at this moment, without a moment of hesitation, Su Ming would choose the second choice!

Even if his logic would not allow him to make such a decision, all his power erupted forth from his body at that moment, causing booming sounds to reverberate in the world around him as if it could not withstand his power.

At that moment, due to Di Tian’s appearance, the red-haired Su Ming did not notice a ray of light flashing through the cracks of the coffin on the altar at the octagonal peak of the tower, located on the tall tower at the peak of the mountain behind him…

Di Tian, who was dressed in the Emperor’s robe and the crown, had an aloof expression on his face, as if he was made of ice itself. There was not a shred of emotion in his eyes, and from the moment he appeared, he did not stop for even an instant and simply walked towards the red-haired Su Ming.

A shocking presence spread from his body. He was like a sovereign descending upon the world, and no matter where he was, the place would end up as his territory. There was no one in the world, no power that could make him stop.

If he wanted to kill someone, then with just one command, that person would definitely die!

If he wanted someone to stay, then he would similarly just need one command, and the world would obey him!

As long as he was there, all the living would tremble, no matter whether they were Shaman or Berserker. That domineering presence was one of utmost dominance and majesty.

"When I lift mine hand, I can repair the defects of the sky and earth. What right dost thou have to call mine name? When I swing my arm, I can submerge the sun and moon. What right dost thou have to not kneel before me?!"

Di Tian spoke flatly. His voice was not loud. However, when his words tumbled out of his mouth, they sounded like thunder and spread in all directions, sounding as if the heavens itself was speaking.

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